by Michael dEstries
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Environmental organization Greenpeace (in association with the TckTckTck campaign) has launched a new series of creative ads showing digitally aged world leaders apologizing in 2020 for their inaction at the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference. The campaign features older versions of President Barack Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and others. Each one carries with it the tagline, “I’m sorry. We could have stopped catastrophic climate change…we didn’t.”

Check out all of the ads below.

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  • Christin

    All the ads aren’t shown below. Where is the one of Stephen Harper (as is shown on Greenpeace’s website)?

  • jeanruss

    There are simple and inexpensive ways to improve the planet. Why does everything have to make a buck? Why carbon credits? Walter Russell gave the world the Hydrogen Engine in the 1940’s along with solar panels and a new periodic table and science for the 21st century. He was friends with FDR and Tesla, yet he has wiped from American history books. He discovered uranium and plutonium and wrote “Atomic Suicide” that explains the terrible dangers of nuclear power. He was told that his Hydrogen engine would ruin the economy. We should have already been in the Hydrogen Age, but it has been hi-jacked by a greedy few who don’t want to lose their power over the world. It is past time that we use this genius’s work to save Earth and ourselves.

  • Wes Hammond

    a lot of people are complaining about the visual quality of the Greenpeace’s ads, but the fact that they are getting so much feedback is an indication that these ads are succeeding at least on some level

    • wesley’s mum

      Wesley. What on earth are you doing? Have you seen what they are writing about you now you silly boy?

      “EXPOSE?WES?HAMMOND! Everywhere I see this set of adverts you are there with the EXACT same comments word for word. Why are you trying to slur this campaign? Old grudge? Nothing better to do? I’m going to follow you and do the same – copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste all over the internet wherever I find you…”

      Now go and take the rubbish out or I’ll unplug the internet. XOX