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The latest campaign by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to disrupt Japan’s whaling industry in the Antarctic Ocean is underway.

Captain Paul Watson and his crew departed on the Steve Irwin from C-Dock, Victoria Quay in Fremantle at 10 AM with a large crowd of  supporters and local press to wave them off. A surprise visit by Terri, Bindi and Bob Irwin was celebrated — with Bindi chiming in that she hoped the Japanese “would have zero kills” this year.

“We are very close to bankrupting the fleet and I am confident that we will hurt their profits significantly this year and shut down the fleet,” said Watson to the crowd. “Thank you to all for the support we have received from around the world, particularly Australia, to make this all possible.”

Watson also recently left comments on our article explaining why this campaign may be the most dangerous for the organization; calling out those who have made “unsubstantiated posts on issues they know little about.”

“My job is to say things people may not wish to hear, to do things that people may disagree with,” he wrote. “My job is to piss people off, to save as many lives as possible, to rock the boat and make waves. I’m not here to win popularity contests or the frigging Chevron Environmental Award. I’m not here to greenwash anything with false promises and sugar coated criticisms. I’m hear to make a difference and people may dispute the fact that I am or I am not. I don’t care, that is for history to judge.”

We’ll be updating with new information on the Sea Shepherd campaign throughout the season. The organization’s other defense vessel, the Ady Gil, will depart tomorrow from Hobart, Tasmania.

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  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Eco-terrorist filth.

    Japan should send them straight to the bottom with a well placed torpedo.

    • Oh Yeah 1945

      Nice Comment Hideyoshi.

      Perhaps the Enola Gay or Bockscar should pay another visit to Japan? The only way to stop you lot is direct action. Otherwise the whole saving face thing keeps you going at any cost. Huge cost to your countries image and reputation. Sad Really.


        Hell yeah! A little nuclear winter should cool them down. Anything to silence these murderers.

      • Oh Yeah 1941

        An immoral and irrelevant comment befitting the anti-whaling circus. Bravo old chap!

      • Kenichiro Yamashita

        A terrible thing was done to our country in 1945. Some would say we deserved it for our invasions across the Asia/Pacific region. We were starving and needed food. We ate whales.

        Eating whales in 2009 is irrelevant and unnecessary. The Enola Gay and bomb our whaling fleet – but not our home country. You are right though, diplomancy isnt a word in Japanese vocabulary. Direct action is the only thing to stop us. Captain Watson, how much money to do you need? I’m a blank cheque.

    • Iron Chef

      Eco-terrorist filth? Are you for real Hideyosushi?
      And what are you exactly? A hypocrite?

      Too bad the Australian Navy don’t have the balls to protect their Antarctic Terrority and put the Whaling fleet at the bottom of the Southern ocean and jail the crew for environmental terrorism.

      • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

        (a) The RAN would last only minutes if it came to that

        (b) The so-called Australian Antarctic Territory is recognised by a grand total of four countries. Four out of 196. Get a calculator and figure out how legitimate that claim actually is.

        (c) Any claim by Australia to enforce its laws against another country in Antarctica would result in Australia being stripped of its claim under the Antarctic Treaty.

        But please, don’t let reality or facts get in the way of your anti-whaling nonsense.

        Carry on, by all means! :)

    • Yohei


      Are you Japanese or a fraud?

      Are you on the ICR payroll? Because it sure sounds like you are being paid to trump this nonsense.

      Yohei Sengoku

    • Shin Oya

      Dear Hideyoshi,

      I think you need to fall on your sword again. First time didn’t work. Bow out gracefully while you still can because you are making a fool of yourself and our great country. I’m embarassed for you if you are indeed really Japanese.

      Shin Oya

    • Motokyuki Hirabayashi


      You bring great shame to our country. Great shame. Supporting the propaganda machine that is the ICR and it’s “research”.

      Motokyuki Hirabayashi

      • Hiroyasu

        I agree 100%

        The Whaling must stop.


    • ????

      ???? ????????
      You are a faker.

    • Vivienne

      Hideyoshi Toyotomi, with replies and disgusting “eco-filth” attitudes like yours, you certainly confirm our worst fears of Japan! Maybe the suffering of the atom bombs and occupations is something well deserved. You deserve to sink to the bottom of the well of your own stinking excrement and pollution!

  • Kotaro Yamaguchi


    If you are Japanese, then I am ashamed of you. We have done our country great harm by this pointless activity. We need to stop this and join the 21st century. We no longer need whales as food as when we did back then after WW2.


    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Kotaro, you are a traitor and a liar.

      We have done our country great harm? Are you sure it isn’t these animal-rights fanatics who are doing us harm by ramming our merchant navy and spreading their vile propaganda?

      Minke whales are not endangered and are a legitimate source of food. We need not justify their harvest to anyone, let alone animal-liberation idiots.

      What we do need to do is protect our sailors from terrorists and we should use our Maritime Self Defence Force for the purposes. Just like any other country.

      But you, Kotaro, should be put against the wall.

      • Shin Oya


        Why the anger? Why so rude?

        Have you had the wool pulled over your eyes? Our media only reports what they want us to hear. Do you think we have the right to sail anywhere in the world and harvest whatever we like? would you eat whale meat containing high levels of HG (mercury)?

        We don’t need whaling. It is hardly eaten anyway…

        It is time for change in Japan.

        Shin Oya

      • Kotaro Yamaguchi


        A traitor? a liar? Put against the wall?

        Are you human? I think it is you that needs to fall on your sword and bow out gracefully. Futile creature.

        Kotaro Yamaguchi

      • Kotaro


        Put against the wall?
        Can you explain that in more detail please?

        Would you mind if the USA came up to Japan and fished for Tuna in our waters?

        How you think we have the right to Whale is beyond me.


  • Ted

    Why is it that so much attention is being placed specifically on Japan’s whale hunt? People avoid talking about the Norwegian or Icelandic hunts like it was some kind of taboo. The numbers now show that Norway’s exceeds Japan’s quota:

    Minke quotas:
    Japan – 900
    Norway – 1286
    Iceland – 100, 150 fin

    I find the ‘whale pirates’ attacking only Japanese ships to be very biased and bordering on racist. Where is ‘Whale Wars – Europe’? Are European whales ‘not good enough’ to save?

    I am not a fan of whaling; I think far better things can be done with the money invested into the program. That being said, I *would not* endanger anyone’s life for the sake of a whale. The whales should be preserved for future generations, but I am not willing to sacrifice people’s lives to do so.

    • Kenichiro Yamashita


      Where is your head?
      Iceland and Norway get attacked on whaling as well. Do you know how many Norweigan whaling boats have been sunk?
      We are only concentrating on Japan here because of the very first comment by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Or can’t you see past your ego?

  • Rob

    After about 6 nested comments the words get all bunched up and impossible to read.

    • Michael d'Estries

      Rob — Our commenting system is still fresh out of development. Thanks for the input. What browser are you viewing the site through?

  • From MN with hope…

    … and above you will see Paul Watson’s plan going on in a PERFECT manner. As to quote the article:

    “My job is to say things people may not wish to hear, to do things that people may disagree with,” he wrote. “My job is to piss people off…

    This Hideyoshi character is just an unintended pawn. Paul will be reading this debate caused by one person, and smiling. Just in the comments page its around 11 vs 1. And there is PLENTY more passion with the Sea Shepherd supporters. But in the end these are the facts:
    -Sea Shepherd and its members aren’t convicted criminals
    -The Japanese are killing endangered whales
    -The whole “research” thing is obviously bogus. Anybody can see that.
    -There are so many people out there who dont know about this, but who would be outraged if they did see this, thats why Whale Wars has been created
    -That area of the Southern Ocean is indeed a santuary
    -They aren’t terrorists. If so, why are they ALL welcomed into ports, on aircraft, and into any country of their choice?

    Killing Sea Shepherd wont do any good for the Japanese because then they have the Dutch angry, Australian angry, and millions worldwide angry. Sea Shepherd has done nothing wrong. They are doing something good. Besides, whale meat is a delicacy, so its pretty dang unlikely that the Japanese need it for daily sustinance. Delicacy’s in America are foods that we would be better off without, financial-wise. It costs a bit to have that big ‘ol turket for Thanksgiving, which is why we eat it as a special occasion.

    In the end whaling is unnecessary fat that is going to be trimmed. GO SEA SHEPHERD!