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A new government plan to round up and relocate thousands of wild horses in the West is causing a major stir in Hollywood. The project involves moving 25,000 wild horses from Western areas to pastures in the Midwest and East to help stop an alleged over-population problem. But a few famous animal-advocates aren’t buying it!

Sheryl Crow, Bill Maher and Lily Tomlin have publicly opposed this initiative, claiming that the situation is not as necessary as the government is implying and that the project is inhumane.

“One of the first things he [Secretary Ken Salazar] said was something must be done because the horses are starving. We don’t believe it,” Crow said in an interview with The Associated Press. As you might remember, Ecorazzi reported earlier this year that Crow rescued a wild mustang to help stop a previous government extermination plan.

Ginger Kathrens, executive director of the horse advocacy group Cloud Foundation also opposes the plan and says that the current schedule of roundups would “result in a nail in the coffin for many small herds.”

What do you think about the plan to move the wild horses off their land? Check out the entire piece on and then chime in and share your thoughts!

  • georgina0912

    Yup, the government is in bed with big-time ranchers who claim that these wild horses are eating the grass their cattle should be eating. These ranchers “rent” these great, big expanses for their cattle to roam at bargain-discount prices and then complain about the horses.

    It is nice to see that the government has its priorities in place right?

  • ‘monster

    “Wild” Horses? They are feral, introduced, non-natives that destroy native ecosystems. They don’t belong out there any more than cows do. No non-native grazers should be allowed on public land. Get rid of them and let the deer and the antelope play. I wish celebrities would do a little more research before jumping on a bandwagon.

  • allybarb

    Perhaps those calling wild horses feral need to do a little more research. Please read the following article.

    • Wildlife Biologist

      I didn’t realize these horses had survived and bred for over 13,000 years from the Pleistocene and that Spain reintroduced the same species when they came to North America in more recent years making these horses actually native after all. Seriously? That’s a really far stretch. Not to mention back then they had a lot of space to run around in with natural predators that brought balance. Now there’s people everywhere, limited predation, and we’re fighting like dogs just to keep wildlife healthy in light of other threats out there. They’re feral horses and burros competing with native wildlife for forage at the end of the day. They destroy ultra sensitive habitat recklessly and have no more place on public lands than livestock but at least cows can be controlled.

  • squirrel

    I agree with willife biologist as a wildlife control professional I see the damage that over population can cause. and as for these celebrities if they had to pay for the care of 25000 horses theyed change thier tune in a heart beat. as stuearts of the land we must do whats best for it, and if thats populatins control it should be done.

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