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“Jonathan Safran Foer irritates the shit out of me, but he’s right. He and I are really together in that what we’re trying to come to a decision about what we feel like we can eat. There’s got to be some middle ground between the industrial farming system and all the ways that’s broken and the various privileged ways people like me.”

- Julie Powell discussing her thought on Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer. We had the chance to chat with Foer at a recent Farm Sanctuary event and he shared some pretty inspiring words. Check our exclusive interview.


  • VeggieTart

    The book (and movie) are actually “Julie and Julia”.

  • The Vegan Good Life

    Not surprising, as she has a new book to promote called “Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat and Obsession” on her experiences with butchers. Powell has lashed out at vegans before. In 2003, she wrote:

    “I am also eating like a f***ing vegan with a wheat allergy and a weakness for skinless boneless chicken breasts, and…while I have always found vegetarians a bit silly, since I have been eating like one my contempt for them is boundless. Jesus, what a boring, sad life it is. Wouldn’t be so bad, if you’d just throw in some f***ing bacon. Or a steak.”

    She doesn’t even like greenmarkets!

    “I’ve always been a greenmarket naysayer, and I still am annoyed by some of the smug foodies who shop there.”…+Vegan%3F+

    I researched this for my own blog entry on a vegan perspective of the film:

    I cannot believe her blog got a book deal, but I think she simply had a gimmick that resonated.

    • Adri

      It isn’t a new idea that vegans and vegetarians are deluded ascetics who, misguided as they are, do not permit themselves the rich, sensual pleasure of food. I think some people believe only meat eaters are attuned with nature (and our fellow omnivores) and silly vegans have cast themselves into a sterile, intellectualized, and pleasureless wasteland and are to be pitied for it. And vegans are considered not only out of touch but somehow less sexual, too; look at all the imagery associating sexuality and people eating undercooked meat like randy vampires.

      It’s pretty ridiculous, though. Vegetarian and vegan food is pleasurable and so is feeling clean, physically and morally.

      • kristin

        wow. that was the best-written comment ever.

        nice job!

      • Adri

        Aww..shucks! Thanks!

    • VeggieTart

      Oh, I have bacon–tempeh bacon! And I have steaks–seitan steaks! Or tofu steaks smothered in onions and mushrooms. I enjoy food. I can talk about it obsessively.

      So Julie Powell can bite my cute vegan ass.

      • emma

        can I hug you? excellent quotes here.