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bush_tiredThere are no words. None. On second thought, I suppose there are words, but few that are Ecorazzi-appropriate.

Karl Rove appeared on The O’Reilly Factor this week to discuss the many ways in which President George W. Bush was an excellent green leader. Yes, you read that correctly: President Bush was a green leader. What the? In the interview, Rove said:

“Look, here’s the dirty little secret. Under Bush, under Bush for seven years, Bush pursued a policy of using technology and technological advancements and their sharing around the world in order to advance an environmentally sensitive program aimed at an insurance policy, if global warming is real. And as a result, in 2006 for example, there was only one major industrialized economy in the world that grew its economy that year and reduced the absolute amount of greenhouse gases, and that was the United States of America.”

Good Lord!

Wanna know the truth about Bush’s environmental record? Visit and get a rundown of everything Bush did to help slaughter Mother Earth.

Check out the video with Rove and O’Reilly below.

  • don miguelo

    “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter.” G.W.Bush, July 2008 to Japan at the G*.

    Bush gets it, why don’t Rover and O’Really?

    • Joe

      LOL! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Katherine Lopez

    are you Kidding me ? Wait, let me pick up my jaw.

  • VeggieTart

    The only green Dubya cares about is m-o-n-e-y.

    And was Bill Orally making fun of that video? Okay, it’s a little cheesy, but really.