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pinkPink has received a response to a letter she sent Prince William regarding fox hunting — and the rocker claims its contents prove the young royal is nothing but a ‘redneck’.

The singer told Q magazine that she wrote a letter to the Prince several years ago to complain about his treatment of animals.

“I wrote to him to protest about foxhunting and I figured he would be this stuffy, privileged asshole,” she explained. “But he’s like a redneck from the south. If you’re brought up shooting and hunting animals, if you really think it’s second nature and you’re blasting away then it’s hard to see the other point of view. You need educating.”

So I guess William upheld the sport as an age-old tradition in the royal family? Pink, show us the letter!

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  • matt

    Well he is massively inbred so she has a point

  • ratking

    thank you soooooooooo much Pink for your courage! you are my hero!!!

  • Adri

    Well done, Pink!

  • Jaclynne

    Who is Pink to pass judgement on ANYONE. Her life is not exactly perfect or without fault.

    • JayP

      Jaclynne…did you not just pass judgement on Pink with your comment about her life not being perfect etc???

      Who are YOU to pass judgement on ANYONE?

      • Amanda

        Wow. stop nit picking, Jay.

      • Dgredy

        hahaha jay is so right!!

  • Mad Mark

    Fox murdering royalty! How regal……:(

  • Mad Mark

    BTW: Good job pink…tell it like it REALLY is.

  • VeggieTart

    I’d like to see both letters.

  • michelle

    Rock on Pink.The guy’s an idiot.No….The whole royal British family are a bunch of idiots

  • gen

    Inbred royalty is right!

  • Chris

    Lock & Load
    It’s survival of the fittest

  • Tim

    Lets put this pompass balding Royal in a field and hunt him down mercessly, after all, its no different than sleeping on a street to see what it is like to be homeless. Let him see what it is like to be a helpless animal. Pink Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bamafan

    pink, i agree with you 1000 percent with regards to hunting-killing for fun- but as a southerner, please understand, there are many good people down here who care about animals whom are not rednecks.
    there are ‘redneck’ mentalities all over the world as you have just acknowledged.