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Economics has handed a giant victory to animal advocacy groups.

It’s being reported in a Norwegian newspaper that two of the country’s three remaining sealing vessels are being offered for sale. This effectively will send the industry, which once offered seal hunts as a “tourist attraction”, into a giant death spiral. From the article,

The 45 employees of the sealing ships the White Bear and the White Kid have had their jobs terminated. A historic time for the sealing industry is over, according to Signe Korneliussen, the operations manager of the White Bear. With two of the three sealing vessels now being offered for sale, this means in reality a winding up of the Norwegian seal hunting, “said sealing ship owner Jens Petter Kraknes.

Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson also received the news and posted an updated on his MySpace page saying, “Hopefully the third seal killing vessel will be put on the block soon or conveniently sunk for insurance purposes. The tragedy is that sealing is being ended because the fishermen and the sealers have been so ruthlessly efficient at their jobs.”

After urging Canada to follow suit and stop crying over the EU’s ban on seal products, Watson added, “My lifelong ambition has been to rid the world of whaling and sealing and I believe that we will be able to realize that dream and that we will soon be able to drop these two barbaric industries into the rubbish heap of history along with slavery.”

While sealing is effectively over in Norway, the country’s whaling industry is ramping up efforts to bring in even more kills this year. Organizers behind this year’s hunt announced a 45% increase in quotas, raising the goal to some 1286 animals.

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  • Jourdan

    Excited the sealing industry is coming to an end. But now it’s time to tackle the whaling part. Is there any way we can help? Is there a petition or an address to send letters?

    • Rolf Larsen

      Find contact information to your local Norwegian, Icelandic, Japanese, and Danish Embassies, send them mails, call them, send them a letter. :)

  • v-tach

    Good to see. Just need Canada to get with the times and things will be looking up. We also can’t forget Namibia in Africa – suddenly selaing there is fashionable.

    Whaling: Iceland, Norway and Japan. We have to just keep working on them…