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bonnie wrightYou may not recognize the name Bonnie Wright, but for Harry Potter fans, her character of Ginny Weasley in the films is one lucky lady. Not only does she eventually end up marrying the boy-wizard, but in the lastest movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, she got to steal a kiss too.

In a new interview with the UK Mail Online, the 18-year-old actress reveals she’s becoming an ambassador for Made-By, a not-for-profit labeling initiative which aims to trace the origins of clothes to ensure that they are manufactured in a sustainable way and without exploitation.

“I think many people think of ethical fashion as a bit kooky-looking, but the great thing about Made-By is that it shows that it can be really on-trend and use gorgeous materials,’ she told he paper. ‘So many people are doing these quick-fix ethical ideas – like one T-shirt made from organic cotton,” she adds dismissively, “but with Made-By you’ve got to commit to the process through and through, which is the only thing that’s going to break the cycle of cheap labor and unsustainable materials.”

“In my family we’ve always been into ethical stuff and recycling,” she explains. “I think it’s very important for the awareness to begin at a young age, so that it sets in and becomes a habit. It’s been great to find something I can be a part of that joins my interests in fashion and sustainability, and I’m hoping that as a younger spokeswoman I can encourage my generation to embrace this idea.”

Wright’s co-star Emma Watson (who plays Hermione), is also a green fashion gal. For 2010, she’s partnering with Tree People on an eco-friendly range of  jersey t-shirts, dresses, woven skirts, trousers, shorts and knitwear for both men and women.

Check out the full interview with Bonnie here.

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  • Nancy

    Those photos are horrid. She looks old! Who would want to wear those clothes if you look that bad in it? Those have to be nominated for worst photos of the year.

    • Michael d'Estries

      I have to agree, Nancy. Those shots are pretty awful — and she definitely looks way beyond 18!

      • Heather

        I can’t figure out what the photographer was thinking. I would hate to see the outtakes.

  • Stevie

    She just wants attention. Her first car was a Mercedes and when does she wear sustainable clothing in public?

    There are people out there who are serious about being green. Attention seeking wanna be celebs need to be outed for what they are! Walk the walk or shut up!

    • m

      MadMary/Jopley/Stevie/Chris, keep showing your true colors, lulz.

  • Chris

    I agree. I couldn’t get past the face and hair to see the clothes. I guess this must be the popular band wagon to jump on now. Go green, get press coverage.

  • Ramsey

    It just sounds like whatever Bonnie wants her rich mum gets it for her.

    • m

      Do you even know their family? They donate to charities all the time. Do your research before you judge.

  • Michael

    She said she was doing that for free. How is that attention seeking? Jeeze people, read the article before you say things. It obviously means a lot to the girl, or else she’d be asking for money.

    The pictures aren’t bad either, I think they’re rather creative and I like the clothes.

  • Merri

    I did a fact check. She does drive a Mercedes. This girl isn’t green in any shape or form. It’s a shame that people use good causes to elevate their own fame. It makes being green a stereotypical joke.

    • Cathy

      Her parents just donated jewerly to Oxfam. That’s how you get your daughter a job.

    • m

      She’s never once released information she drives a Mercedes, for you to do a “fact check” you had to be stalking her personal information. That makes you creepy.

      Jopley, tsk tsk.