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“Real Housewife” Bethenny Frankel is joining the long list of celebrities who are getting nakey for the sakey of fakey! The reality television star recently teamed up with PETA for a new fur-free billboard, which will be on display in Times Square.

About her decision, Frankel said: “I used to wear fur. I went to a cocktail party, walked outside on Fifth Avenue, and a PETA protestor was holding up a skinned animal. I looked at it, and it made me sick. I felt disgusting. That day was a huge change, and since then I’ve really been against fur. I’m cleaning out my closets—trim, everything. I don’t see any reason for cruelty.”

To learn more about why fur is never, ever, ever okay (and certainty NOT green), visit!

  • Adri

    I wish I were famous just so I could do one of these ads (especially because they would airbrush out my spider veins). No, really, I think it’s great that she did this.

  • Christine

    YAY this is wonderful! There has been so much fur promoted in all of the real housewives seasons… it’s wonderful that one of them is finally finding a conscience! Thank you Bethenny! (FYI Bethenny also makes lots of vegan goodies in her skinny girl business!)

  • Richard

    I understand why PETA has been against violence towards animals. I just feel bad that they have to go extreme- as far as being branded ecological terrorist/extremist- because of their way of promoting ecohealthy stuff.

  • Stephanie

    PETA gets more soft core porn like with every ad. I don’t know one person that got interested in animal rights or quit wearing fur because they saw an ad like this. Aren’t most people that wear fur women? I don’t know many women that would be into this ad. Why not show a picture of a sad fox at a fur farm with a fact about fur like how it can take 50 foxes to make one coat or how the animals are anally electrocuted. That would get my attention a lot more than some chick’s ass!

    • herwin

      “chicks ass”, watch your language missy ! a little bit more respect for women !!

    • gia!

      Amen to that! I’ve never seen a guy wear fur. I somehow doubt this will get women to stop wearing fur. Inform people PETA! Half naked people won’t the animals! It’s just nice to look at!

  • herwin

    “nakey for the sakey of fakey” :-P

  • Bertran de Born

    Eww gross… keep your clothes on sweetheart.

    Leave the beauty thing to the shiksas!

  • VeggieTart

    This is so old. I mean, do people really pay attention to a naked woman saying she won’t wear fur? Well, I’m sure some people gawk at the naked woman, but ignore the message.

  • Adri

    I think the ads are fun. Some Peta campaigns look juvenile, I agree. But the “Rather Go Naked” campaign is not one of the IMHO.

  • sheazwest

    i wish i could see the front

  • gen

    Fur shmur, all I see is a nice airbrushed butt. I wish PETA would get away from the sexism.