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bob_geldof“The tension between the positive and negative changes in Ethiopia is palpable. Which direction wins depends on the choices Ethiopians make, and to some extent upon us. And it’s not all about us having to make sacrifices; there are opportunities too. There’s an inevitability to the way our own economies are adapting – and an economic rationale for us to buy into this change. The inefficiencies of the hydrocarbon economy will be replaced by clean renewables; carbon finance trading will be a major industry in the near future, and ‘green’ jobs are the fastest expanding new source of employment. Growing trees to capture carbon could become a new cash crop for African farmers if the right framework is agreed in Copenhagen.”

-Bob Geldof discussing Ethiopia’s environmental challenges at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. To read Geldof’s entire speech, visit

  • Hart Ryan Noecker

    Viewing some of the comments left around this site by some of the Japanese poaching supporters, it it saddening to see how little they understand their world. You cannot state that humans are more important than animals any more than you can state animals are more important than humans, for homo sapien is an animal, and animals are people.

  • erin

    I like this photo of him 20 years ago sooo much better. He was so much hotter!