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Get those guns warmed up PETA!

The new rumor mill that is Twitter hooked a bloody one yesterday with news that Victoria Beckham is in talks with Marc Jacobs to launch a new fashion collection with fur. While visiting in Paris last week, Posh met up with Jacobs to discuss the new collaboration — or so tweeted LVMH exec Edo Jao.

“Well hanging with Vic B and MJ is going real well, I think they’re talking about a line with fur. Launching pre-emptive PETA strike now.”

There are a couple ways to approach this rumor — but the only good way is to revisit Posh’s furry past. Or anti-furry past. Back in 2005, she had a brush with PETA who accused her of wearing an animal pelt. Becks turned the tables and said it wasn’t true and that she’s “supportive of its high-profile anti-fur campaigns, she has pledged never to work with fur in any of her own fashion collections.”

Fast-forward to earlier this year — did a little digging on a faux-fox number Posh was wearing and, after calling some furriers, settled on it being the real deal. Was Posh just using her anti-fur stance as a cover-up for her love of the real thing?

Then last month, in what may be indicative of her direction with Jacobs, Posh was yet again accused of “turning to the dark side” after she was spotted with the latest Louis Vuitton handbag — which is usually adorned with a real fox tail as an accessory. According to an aide, however, that too was faux. “It was a one-off faux fur gift made especially for Victoria by designer Marc Jacobs,” she explained.

Ah ha! So even though Edo Jao may have overheard discussions of fur between Jacobs and Posh, we’re feeling good that it’s most likely of the faux variety. That, or she’s been completely full of shit this entire time.


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  • Richard

    I bet PETA would be outraged! Anyway, I hope something’s done about this “fur” business and the involvement of classy people.

  • Bunty

    What’s wrong with real fur? It is very sustainable, and yes, mrs. Becks is wearing real fur, that is quite obvious from many pictures!

    • Stephanie

      What is wrong with fur? Are you serious? First of all, fur is extremely cruel. The animals are kept in tiny cages their entire lives and are anally electrocuted or skinned alive. It can take 50 foxes or rabbits to make one coat. Is fashion worth the lives of all those animals? Secondly, fur is not sustainable. Fur farms are bad for the environment, just like factory farms, and fur is treated with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde to prevent it from decaying (like all dead animals do). If you don’t want to wear fake fur because it’s synthetic then there are plenty of other fabrics out there besides real fur. Check out this link:

      • Good luck to you

        Interestingly most of these facts are actually innaccurate reflection of the fur trade as a whole. It’s unfortunate a large number of people today are ready to believe anything they here on the net – just don’t expect everyone to share your blind anti-fur stance or be so easily fooled. And best wishes to you.

      • Claire

        Stephanie why do you insist on just listening to the messages put out by the anti fur organisations who put out the worst case scenarios to play on people’s emotions as opposed to the facts that are readily available from those who are expert in the fur trade’

        Animals are not treated cruelly or skinned alive by the reponsible fur trade, that is just plain ridiculous.A few unscrupulous operators are indeed unethical, but these are the tiny exception.

        Fur is sustainable. You or I , or anybody could go out tomorrow and make a fur coat, just using time and completely natural chemicals, and from sustainable animals. When we’ve finished with it it would completely rot down back into the soil. You can’t do that with synthetic clothing ot faux fur.

        The formaldehyde thing is a complete misdirection. It is toxic in concentration yes, but tanneries (not fur farms) use far less of the stuff than a lot of the other stuff we sorround ouselves with in our lives. Many many production methods use formaldehyde. An the production of synthetic fibres is far more damaging and destructive to the environment, AND never rots!

        You’re entitled to your views, but so are others theirs. Don’t condem others just because they dont agree with you. There are ALWAYS other sides to a story

      • dkat

        You’re so right babe! All the furriers I know use a perfectly delightful drug cocktail to relax the little beasts before they rip the skin right off their backs! Keep on living that fairytale girl!

      • nikki


  • VeggieTart

    Richard, if one is invovled with fur, then by definition, s/he is not classy. And lying about whether or not one is wearing real or faux is also the very opposite of classy.

  • emma lee

    fur or no, she’s definitely full of sh*t.

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  • Judith

    Anyone that wears fur or eats meat has a dark heart and an even darker soul…

    • pat

      thanks for saying the truth judith

  • Judith

    Looks as if she’s been hit with an ugly stick!

  • Whoever…

    To all the idiots who are in favor of fur, try cutting a bit of your own skin and then you’ll feel just a little of what animals suffer when they are skinned alive so that human scum can wear their fur!

    Yes, people who wear fur (and I’m not referring to remote native tribes who don’t have malls around each corner or the internet to buy clothes on-line) are scum and do not deserve the air they breath!!

    And if I had to choose between saving those animals’ lives or the lives of the human scum who wear fur, guess who I would save…


    • Claire

      “Whoever”, you really show yourself up as being the idiot here. Do you REALLY believe that the animals used for fur in the fur trade are skinned alive? That’s just plain ridiculous. Don’t go quoting those Peta vids at me. As someone said above, don’t believe everything you see on the net. They are totally discredited as being misrepresentative of the fur trade, and produced purely to arouse emotion and anger. It seems to have worked with you, have some sense and look deeper man!.

      If you really think that shopping at malls, for clothes that are synthetically produced, or grown by monocultured resources does less damage to animals and the environment than the fur trade, then you just haven’t understood ANYTHING about this modern world and what we do to the Planet.

      And I’m sorry, but if you prefer the death of another person just because they don’t agree with your views before the death of a mink, then you are in serious need of some treatment.

      • Whoever…

        By defending the fur industry you’re the one who is showing what an ignorant idiot you are!!

        Are you on the payroll of those murderers or something?

        Have you ever watched a video of an animal being skinned alive for their fur? What, you think they are fake? “As someone said above, don’t believe everything you see on the net.” “then you just haven’t understood ANYTHING about this modern world” Apparently you’re the one who doesn’t understand this modern world, when you can’t even tell the difference between real video footage and a fake one.

        Instead of coming here showing how ignorant you are about this whole issue, please watch ‘Earthlings’ (by clicking on my nickname) and then come back again to discuss this with me, okay?

        “but if you prefer the death of another person just because they don’t agree with your views before the death of a mink, then you are in serious need of some treatment.”
        It’s not a matter of different views… You really need to grow up!! Murderers and rapists don’t believe that what they do is wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t do it, therefore their views are different from the majority of people. Does that mean their views are valid?

        Do you have pets? Do you know that chinese eat cats and dogs? Therefore you agree that (assuming you’re American) restaurants should be allowed to serve cats and dogs in American restaurants.

        Do you even understand the analogy I’m making?

        What you are is a ‘speciesist’!! Yes, if I had to chose between saving the lives of the animals killed for their fur or the lives of the humans who buy fur, I would save the animals.

        You see, contrary to you I don’t believe humans are superior to other species or more special. What we are is just another species on the planet… unfortunately the most arrogant and destructive one.

      • christine harris

        Not only are animals skinned alive, but also an electrode is introduced to their anus so as not to spoil the fur. Believe me this is true. Wearing fur stinks as much as the rotting body of the skinless animal. Those who wear real fur also stink. Don’t go down the route of saying that fur is biodegradeable and faux ruins the planet, that’s a person associated with the fur trade or wears fur that’s talking. We can all care for the planet by following the rules that we all now know about carbon footprints. Don’t listen to devious arguments about real fur being bio. To treat an animal in the way they are treated by the fur trade is totally inhumane and desensitises. The next step is how they treat people. If Victoria Beckham is wearing real fur and intends setting up new fashion lines with it she should be ashamed of herself. I’m just hoping she’s into faux.

  • Pema


  • JammaBeanz

    Honey, I will wear fur, trap it and tan it myself if I have to.

    We just endured a week long -35 cold snap, -50 with the wind chill, and people up here have worn fur and skins forever, black, brown, white, whoever. Ain’t nothing going to change that.

    Look how scrawny and unhealthy that Beckham woman is. Apparently she can’t afford to sit down to a decent meal, but she can afford fur. *smirk*.

    Synthetic clothing is not an option for many of us, it stinks, it’s itchy, uncomfortable, expensive and unreliable. You can’t hand it down, and as someone else pointed out, it doesn’t break down. It burns nasty as well.

    Wonder how many people against fur think that the falling polar bears video is ‘brilliant’ and ‘ground breaking’?


    • Em


      I agree with JammaBeanz regarding the trap it and make it stance.

      I don’t want to wear anything thats come from a dark heart either.

      The balance as Jamma said is surely having sturdy, biodegradable, comfortable, ergonomic clothes that won’t burn faster than a firework and that can be cared for, respected and handed down. Unlike the mass marketed crap made by poor children and sold but the truck load to people that treat them as disposable items.

      I am so against suffering and wish we could find a way to utilize this fragile planets resources in a way that virtually negates this shameful and constant need to consume.

  • Victoria

    You people are crazy! FUR IS FASHION leave her alone obviously you guys don’t understand the fashion business and never will! Let her do what she wants Marc Jacobs is a great designer and this is a great opportunity for her! Stop complaining about her and the fur do something useful and donate to people on Haiti who really need our HELP!

  • mary

    forget freedom of choice, that’s a human privelege! Take an eduacated look at the fur industry as per the chinese view! Then come back and try to jusify fur is a fashion statement!!!

    • smarty p

      Mary, how can you claim to have an “educated” view of the fur industry based on a source from one country. I would hazard to guess most Chinese industries are rife with horrors, but it seems unfair to apply that standard to the rest of the world. China is a communist country that does not have the same laws and standards the western world has. The fur industry is heavily regulated in the U.S. and other western nations, to help control wild animal populations in as humane a way as possible–while still allowing trappers to earn a living and using the animal for something. This is as opposed to letting wild animal populations expans on their own, and then the government has to hire hunters to go out and shoot them, leaving their carcasses to waste. Animals raised on fur farms in the west are actually well cared for (it is in the ranchers best interest to care well for them) and they actually live longer than if they were born in the wild. Many pet foods come as a by-product of the fur industry; that’s right, many anti-fur people are feeding meat from fur-bred animals to Fido and Spot or Frisky. Mary, it is you who needs to “educate” yourself on another side of the story. If you get all of you information from PETA, you are getting half of the story. PETA has no incentive to tell you the absolute truth about anything; they are not perveyors of all that is right.

      • mary

        Yes I agree smarty p maybe “most chinese industries are rife with horrors” but that wasn’t my point! I just referred to that country as a seemingly ‘popular’ approach in the fur industry. (check out %’s)It wasn’t an attack on them as a Nation…..and NO PETA is not my only source of information or research! I am an open minded person and will always consider all angles of lifes happenings or atrocities, whatever you want to call them. Do you really consider that pointing out animal food is a BI!!product (secondary!..meaning for those in doubt the animal will be skinned regardless of whether their carcasses are eaten but it’s called maximising PROFIT!….) can really be considered as a credited reason for killing animals for their fur??? This is all about financial gain, greed, deceit and ignorance If rex or fifi’s owners were given a truly informed choice they would likely choose another brand of food for their pet! Your other ‘claim’ that the fur trade is controlling the wild life population is UTTER NONENSE!! Mother nature, though cruel sometimes ensures NOTHING goes to waste. Have you ever watched National Geogroaphic or the other numerous very informative channels on sky tv?? In the wild these animals have a chance of to enjoy their freedom even if sometimes it’s not for too long but after all in their world it’s down to the survival of the fitest NOT WHO IS WEARING THE BEST FUR COAT!!!!

  • mary

    No reply! Am I to assume this is last years news! ! Not so for the foxes, dogs, cats involved! but hey ho such is the fashion industry!!!!

  • carlotta

    my dream since I was a child is too see a fur becoming again a wild poor animal and eat the idiot that is wearing it. furs are disgusting wearing a dead animal to show the world you’ve money it’s disgusting..people that wear furs must be banned from our earth. vic beckham is enough disgusting like that

  • smarty p

    VB definitely wears real fur. It is a PR move to claim all her furs are fake, to keep the PETA nazis off her back. It is also interesting how many of the anti-fur types, including those posting here, make broad generalizations about ANYBODY who does not endorse their viewpoint. “If you’re not against fur you must be….” These people do not realize how idiotic they come across. Some of the nicest most generous and giving people I’ve known wear real fur, eat meat and wear leather. And some of the most selfish claim to be animal rights activists. I wonder how many of these anti-fur fools get as upset over abortion. I mean, if it is wrong to kill an animal to wear it, is it okay to kill an unborn baby for the convenience of the mother? If it is okay to do this, then maybe it’s convenient for that same woman to wear fur. You can’t have it both ways; yet I know most anti-fur people are also pro-choice on abortion. And now, tell me how it is “two different things” I’ve heard it before. If a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body, then she has the right to adorn it with real fur.

    • mary


    • Ginette

      smarty p

      You say “I wonder how many of these anti fur fools get as upset over abortion!”

      With this statement alone, you already showing how little respect you have for anyone who challenges you. You can only response with calling people “fools”! Usully when name calling replaces intelligent debate, it means you really are ignorant. You acuse anti fur people of being emotional but yet by calling us fools you show just how emotional you are. You are driven by anger. BTW just as you may not want to be called an “Anti Abortion Activist” which has a negative connotation, I do not want to be called an “Anti Fur Activist”. I prefer to be called a “Pro Life Activist” and yes THAT INCLUDES ALL LIFE! I LOVE LIFE and I Love Living beings… all living beings. And I wish we could simply start to rejoice in LIFE and stop killing for no good reason. Trinkets and furs are not good reasons. There is too much suffering and blood being spilled all in the name of greed and vanity!

      If you stopped and cleared your mind of your anger and prejudice you may actaully learn something about us.

  • Veronika

    I personally love fur and have little regard for emotional, anti-fur hysterics. The same tired, programmed mantra is always recited like some sectarian litany about neck-breaking, anal electrocution, animals skinned alive, chewed off limbs,”fur is evil” or “fur is murder”, yada, yada, yada. These folks who emote so tearfully over “innocent” animals and exude such “compassion” for cute, fuzzy critters tend to be rather cruel, even murderously so, when referencing those of their own species who are in disagreement with their world view. It’s obvious that if their fantasy animal-friendly society were to be realized, it would have to be maintained by heavy-handed force because such a society would be immensely unpopular with the vast majority of people. Let’s get emotional over real issues like the Haiti earthquake, home foreclosures, unemployment and the economy, expanding military conflicts, child and elder abuse, and the like rather than this non-issue thrust upon us by an obvious cult of spiteful, clueless cranks.

    • mary

      Clueless cranks??….I thought this particular site was discussing the justification of wearing real fur??. You have little understanding aswell as little regard for the world as a whole!!

    • Ginette

      Veronica dear you come across narrow minded and ignorant. You seem to believe that loving animal and defending the right to live of all living beings, which is what many animal activist do somehow means that we can not care about Haiti and human suffering. I can care about many issues at the same time. Can you? You spout these self gratifying excuses, to make sure when you look in the mirror, you feel good about sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the suffering of all God’s creatures. In the future challenge yourself and try to include all those are CAN SUFFER in your prayers! Take a few biology classes to learn about nerves, and nervous systems and how EVEN ANIMALS other then the Human Animal, can feel pain, suffer from being caged, isolated, not allowed to run, not allowed to live to it’s natural needs. They are very SUFFER just as humans do and in many ways, they are much like children, helpless and deserve compassion and respect! If you learned about animals other then what they can be USED for you may find out you have a heart!

    • Filio Tsami

      I bet you look like an asshole in fur

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      All I can tell you is to read my post about my NDE and what you will experience when you die and face God during your life review. I hope you can handle it. It’s not going to be fun, sweetie.

  • an v.b hater

    v.b needs some of the same treatment locking up in a cage for days proberly weeks in fact NO FOOD OR WATER but she wouldnt have a problem doing that because she dont eat any way with her trying to keep up with the fashion statement crap or maybe locking her kids in a cage see how much she enjures that and then she would have a different insite to things because thats how strongly some people think about animals because thats how strongly i feel about animal rights!! YOU WOULDNT DO TO A LIVING BREATHING THING WHAT YOU WOULDNT DO TO YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!

  • an v.b hater

    v.b will kill any thing for its FUR purely a FASHION STATEMENT AND GREED!!!! NO HEART by the mother of 3 just whats left of the poor inocent ones thats on her back!!!!

  • Ginette

    There is NO EXCUSE for killing animals for vanity.

    Fashions that are mostly unfordable anyway, are all about making a handful of gaudy people rich, and the wearer feel less inadequate, fur fashions today are unnecessary for survival and require captivity and killing of animal who have just as much right to live as you. Killing is a mortal sin. Thou Shalt NOT Kill!

    It is not a right to kill anything. It may sometimes be a necessity for pure survival (self defense or if there is no other food around and starvation requires the sacrifice of an animals for food) but fashions and vanity objects and trinkets are not good enough a reason. God will punish all those that keep making excuses and promote senseless killing! There will never be peace as long as we engage in cruel and unnecessary behavior toward living beings!

    Grow a heart!

    • mary

      I really appreciate your input Ginette, I only hope that the powers that be can also grow a heart outside their bank balance!!!!!

      • smarty p

        Mary, everything is not about a bank balance. Sometimes it is about survival. You are entitled to your views, but they are inconsistent and not entirely “educated” as you may think. The anit-fur argument is almost entirely an emotional one, which means it cannot be debated in your mind. Hint: Any argument that starts with “We shouldn’t…” or “We should… is emotional and relative, because who is to say what anybody should and should not do?

        Some people are for wearing fur and eating meat; others draw tha line at eating meat and just using the byproducts of that meat industry. Still others will only eat certain kinds of meat. Interestingly enough, I know people who won’t eat veal, due to its “intherent cruelty,” yet they have no problem wearing calfskin shoes, boots, purses, etc. Anyway, with all of these disparate views, who exactly says what is right and wrong? Someone who feels that fur is wrong, can just as easily offend someone who thinks wearing any animal skin is wrong–just by wearing leather shoes. Non-hunters always question the movives of those who hunt; the problem is, they do this from a biased perspective. It’s like asking someone who hates science fiction movies how they liked “Avatar”. In short, I don’t care what an animal rights fanatic thinks about what I eat or wear, and that’s the way it should be.

  • mary

    I have taken the time to watch EARTHLINGS!!!. HOW DARE WE TREAT ANIMALS THIS WAY!!! From the fur trade there after and before!!Shame on us!!! PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT UNTILL YOU HAVE WATCHED THE SAME!!!!

  • Aimee

    I Love Fur!!!
    If I have to kill the animal myself for it’s fur, I surely would. You people need to understand the bigger picture about life. It’s either you kill or be killed. There are a lot of things in this world to be sorry for, and trust me…FUR is the least of my concerns.

    • Filio Tsami

      People like you are just psychopaths

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Let me tell you something, Aimee. I have experienced an NDE – a near-death experience, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that when you cross over – whether you believe it or not, it’s true – you will experience something referred to as a “life review” (Google it) and it will consist of you feeling every hurtful thing you have ever done to a living thing, human or animal. The difference is you will feel it from the other’s point of view. If you killed an animal for its fur – for pure vanity – you will literally FEEL the physical and emotional pain that animal suffered as its skin was being ripped from its body so that YOU could look good in it. Understand this – God did not put animals here on earth for us to use and abuse. They were put here to teach us empathy, love and compassion for our fellow living beings. You can dismiss me as nuts – people who don’t want to face the reality of an NDE usually do – but this is what you will experience when you die. It’s in your own best interest as well as the animals for you to re-evaluate your pro-animal abuse stance before it’s too late. Trust me on this.