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Photo: Institute of Cetacean Research


Looks like the Sea Shepherd have been hiding at least one high-tech weapon from the public.

The organization behind Japan’s whaling program (The Institute of Cetacean Research) released their version of this morning’s conflict with the Sea Shepherd and, as expected, claim that they were the ones attacked. From the release,

At past 1500JST a helicopter took off from the Steve Irwin deck and started circling above the Shonan Maru No. 2. After that, the Steve Irwin changed course and started approaching toward the Japanese vessel. To avoid any dangerous actions by the Steve Irwin, the Japanese vessel continued to maintain its pursuit position behind the Steve Irwin. At this time, the Shonan Maru 2 broadcasted a warning message through a long range acoustic device (LRAD). The Japanese vessel also made use of its water cannons as a preventive measure to make the Steve Irwin desist from any further approaching and harassment.

Obviously, this pretty much conflicts with what Watson said on his blog — but here’s the interesting part:

After that, at around 1600JST, the Steve Irwin deployed from its stern a rope with buoys aimed at the propeller and rudder of the Shonan Maru No. 2. Immediately after that, what appeared to be a green laser device was shot from the Steve Irwin deck against the Shonan Maru No. 2. Neither injuries to the Japanese crew nor damage to the Shonan Maru No. 2 resulted from the Steve Irwin attack.

The Sea Shepherd have a laser ray?! (Well, it’s probably more something like this…)

The Japanese go on to say that given the distance between the two vessels (over 600ft), they can only conclude that the Irwin has a high-powered “laser ray device” that is “extremely dangerous” and “can produce blindness if irradiated to the naked eye.”

If the laser is in fact a Class 2M, like the one I believe the SS are using, the Japanese don’t have much to worry about if they don’t stare at it for long periods of time. Unfortunately, it does become hazardous if viewed through binoculars. I personally think the Sea Shepherd are trying to annoy the crew of the Japanese ship more than blind them — but it’s a potentially dangerous new tactic. It’s safe to say “Laser Safety Goggles” have just been added to everyone’s Christmas lists.

[UPDATE: Paul Watson’s latest blog post confirms use of “photonic laser” to warn Japanese whalers that they were coming to close to the stern of the Steve Irwin. Full details here.]

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  • wegner

    I bet the pictures have been editted. SSCS are not in the habit of harming anyone so would not use anything that could hurt someones eyes

    • Michael d’Estries

      Here’s another photo of the laser ray (top-left). It wouldn’t surprise me if they were edited, but this photo “looks” legit.

      • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

        Your beloved Paul Watson makes no secret of his willingness and determination to lie, and yet it is Japan you accuse of fabricating evidence? –> some interesting quotations there from your man. As you can see, he really gives Joseph Goebbels a run for his money. Really gives you some insight into what kind of filth the Japanese whalers are up against here.

        (Btw Michael, it is very difficult to read posts that are lower in the forum as they become bunched up. Someone pointed this out to you on an earlier page)

      • Michael d'Estries

        Hideyoshi Toyotomi — My apologies on the comments. I’ve had our developer looking into it. In the meantime, would you consider using Firefox? I’ll follow up on this promptly.

        Are you using IE 7?

      • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

        Affirmative, IE 7.

      • Nathan Mutch

        Hideyoshi – Your joking right? The Japanese whaling fleet is the biggest bunch of lying cowards on this planet. COWARDS is the key word. Just like when the Japanese suicide bombed Pearl Harbor. The most cowardly act of all time, besides 9/11. Japan has proven numerous times that it is a nation of cowards. For the last 4 years, the whaling fleet has run like little bitches and they were only up against one boat. Again proving how big of cowards they truly are.

  • Rolf Larsen

    I think you’re right about that Laser Illuminator Michael, I was thinking it was a regular green laser pointer, but the beam is too big for that.

  • Michael Raymer

    It took me a full minute to even find the laser in the icr photo. And Rolf, if you ever watched the Borg on Star Trek, you’ve seen the laser beam look bigger when it’s directed at the camera.
    But who cares? As far as I’m concerned, the gloves can be taken off. What with Japans Foreign Minister admitting publicly that the whaling fleet is poaching instead of conducting research, and now an unprovoked attack on a helicopter that has never attacked any ship of the whaling fleet, I’d say that the Shepherds are fully within their rights to step up their activities a few notches. The Shonan Maru #2 has demonstrated that it is a clear and present danger to the crew of the Steve Irwin, they are in French waters without permission and they have used a potentially lethal weapon. I hope that the Shepherds have other “secret” weapons and that they don’t hesitate to use them.

  • orcalove

    Here is information about the laser Micheal thinks it is :

    Due to the laser beams low divergence, it makes a small bright spot at very long distances. Aiming a laser at aircraft, watercraft, vehicles, law enforcement officials or other situations where vision and situational awareness are critical, can cause disruptions of safe operation of these craft, cause dangerous situations, and could be a criminal offence.

    The laser’s power is quite low, and generally presents a hazard no greater than that of the laser used in a grocery store check-out scanner. The safety rating for both this laser product and grocery store scanners is laser safety “Class 2M”. The US and international safety standards (IEC 60825-1) under which this product is designed and tested, indicates that Class 2M laser products are safe under the following circumstances: 1.) If the laser flashes across your eyes, allow yourself to blink and look away. The normal ‘blink reflex’ is quick enough to prevent a hazardous eye exposure. Never stare into the laser beam or reflection. 2.) Do not view laser directly with optical instruments such as binoculars, telescopes etc. These items collect more light than your bare eye if they look directly into the beam or a bright reflection.

    This Class of laser will not cause skin burns, nor start fires. The only potential hazard is only to the eyes if instructions for use are not followed.

    • andy

      mmmmmm i just hope that the laser was a lasercutter

      • joe

        i wish they could do that.
        actually, i wish they could do somthing else with lazers. lazers that guide somthing…

  • Rolf Larsen

    If you want to help, send of a message to your local French embassy, ask them to act on this illegality.

    French Embassy in USA:

    Phone: (202) 944 6000

    French Embassy in Australia:


    French Embassy in New Zealand:

    (+64) (04) 384 2555
    (+64) (04) 384 2577 (Embassy)
    (+64) (04) 384 2579 (Consulate)
    (+64) (04) 384 2578 (Cultural Department)

    French Embassy in Norway:


    French Embassy in Sweden:

    Tél: +46 8 45 95 300
    Fax: +46 8 45 95 341
    Consular Services opened on week days from 9:00 to 12:30

    French Embassy in London, England

    Phone: [44] (207) 07 31 000
    Fax: [44] (207) 07 31 042
    Web Site:

  • Whoever…

    You’re not so tough now are you, you whalers scum?

    You’re ‘brave’ enough to slaughter innocent whales but you’re not so courageous when someone stands up to you!!

    Too bad that laser ray can’t melt the body of the whaling ships… that would be a cool way to literally sink them :)

    • Michael Elson

      Hey look who’s talking. You’re not even ‘brave’ enough to use your real name. And lets remember that Japan has the laser technology to melt ships. The feeble Shepherd can at best play with a toy laser.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    “The Japanese don’t have much to worry about if they don’t stare at it for long periods of time” – the cynicism of this statement is matched only by its sheer idiocy.

    Today I am utterly ashamed of my country.

    Ashamed because it allows these crimes to be perpetrated upon its citizens and for not offering a military response to these acts of terrorism.

    There is not another country in the world which would allow this nonsense to take place. The French demonstrated a willingness to deal proactively with enviro-fascists in 1985. And now Japan faces a far more dangerous and fanatical enemy but does nothing. Instead we continue to play absurd games with these imbeciles.

    Today, I weep for my nation.

    • The Hague

      Here we go, more jibberish from the one and only Hideyoshi.

      Japan is obviously feeling the need to be agro these days. PROFITS are at stake because they whole whale hunt is BS.

      Funny thing is, they are feeding the meat to their dogs. yeah – dog food.

      I’m sure thats in the history books. Whaling is a Japanese tradition, it’s in our heritage! YEAH right scum bags. Its in our culture to hunt whales for dog food. A cherished tradition.

    • steph

      but yet your nation points an LRAD at a HELICOPTER and you dont think that was way more dangerous and shameful then a glorified FLASHLIGHT.

      God forbid, because i would hate for one of the HEROES of the Sea Sheppard be hurt at your disgusting nations hands…but IF the chopper ever goes down cause of your idiot MURDERING scum.\…i hope it crashes into one of your disgusting ships and takes a few of the TRUE eco terrorists (THE JAPANESES) with them.

      Screw you and screw your beloved planet raping nation.


    • Nathan Mutch

      Today I weep for my country. We should have kept dropping nukes back in 1945 until Japan was no longer even on the map. No one would miss you or your country people and the world would be a better place without your people raping the oceans to extinction.

    • Midnight Rambler

      Yes you should be ashamed of your country Japan. A fleet of 6 ships up against a much smaller group of volunteers, whose only mission is to prevent the Cruel slaughter of innocent animals that are highly intelligent and highly social.

      This cruel pursuit by the Japanese will have serious ethical and more importantly to them economic consequences. I know many who will NOT buy a Japanese car and I would to get a world wide boycott going! I will guarantee that the brave nation of Japan would stop whaling if we put the squeeze on them.
      Midnight Rambler

    • David

      Your right. There isn’t another country in the world that would allow their boats to be attacked. But there also isn’t another country in the world that is so blantantly defying international law and slaughtering whales for food. FOR FOOD! Don’t you Nips eat enough stuff? Have a sea cucumber sandwich with some poorly cut fugu and shut the hell up.

      • ddpalmer

        Nice racist rant.

        Too bad they aren’t defying international law.

  • Ecocht Wills

    And I am ashamed of you, “Hideyoshi”, for narrow-mindedly following in lockstep with the your country’s brutal killing campaign against the world’s most gentle, awe-inspiring mammals, a campaign by the way that is marketed as ‘research’ to an utterly gullible japanese public. So you tell me what is utter nonsense! Cetacean ‘research’? Talk about absurd games! But the agonizing deaths those animals suffer at the end of the exploding japanese harpoons are not a game for the whales victimized by those japanese whalers. By the way, the French ‘assualt’ was aimed at opponents of atmospheric nuclear testing in our environment, testing that the japanese public have abhorred for decades. The only terrorists in the Southern Ocean are the ones firing death-inducing exploding harpoons.

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      World’s most gentle and awe-inspiring mammals?

      What about the cow? Very gentle and has been inspiring awe in Hindus for thousands of years.

      As opposed to whales, which have commanded the sentimental anthromophism from clapped-out hippies for what, 20 years?

      The cow and the whale – both docile and tasty creatures for which we should be most grateful.

      • Beverley Bailey

        The difference is that cows are bred specifically to produce food product. As far as I know, whale farming has not taken off yet?

      • Natasha

        What you fail to recognize Mr. Toyotomi,is that the whales being hunted are considered by most reasonably intelligent people to be endangered or seriously threatened. I realize that the Japanese government chooses to ignore this fact, but that doesn’t change things. Cows, on the other hand, are neither endangered nor threatened. And for the record, I don’t eat cow meat, either.

    • Tolana

      “Research” is correct. I’ve worked in biological research and I would like to know what kind of “research” involves killing hundreds of animals each year? The only research I know that involves that much killing is in entomology, in other words, insects. Scientists studying mammals, especially large mammals whose breeding cycle is longer than a few weeks, do not kill massive numbers of animals. I don’t know any biologists studying small rodents that kill that many per year. It is ludicrous.

  • sidewinder

    Japs are brutal butchers illegally whaling in a sanctuary. That is up there with poaching. Its high crime on the high seas what they are doing.

    Using military weapons now? Wow they have steeped to an all time new LOW

  • Agent blue

    - Japanese whalers are defying a global moratorium on whaling
    – They are commericially whaling under the guise of science
    – They are in the Australian Antarctic Territory without permission
    – They are illegally taking whales from a declared whale sanctuary
    – They are in the Antarctic zone operating illegally because they are carrying weapons and are refuelling & dumping waste into the ocean
    – They are in contempt of an Austrlian High court injunction on whaling in the Whale sanctuary
    – The killing methods are slow, brutal and highly cruel
    – They are taking threatended and endangered whales. Minke numbers are an estimate & no one really knows how many of them there are.
    – Using military grade weapons is illegal

    HIDEYOSHI, you fake artist. People are growing tired of your crap dude…

    • Jorge

      He won’t respond to logical arguments Blue, for the Japanese it’s always “Culture and the hypocrisy of critics”, never acceptance of the dishonourable actions and motives of their own people.

      Everything you said will be brushed off, just like the facts that:

      – Less than 5% of Japanese people eat whale meat, and this number is dropping.
      – The programme is heavily subsidized by taxpayers for the benefit of bureaucrats who have been parachuted into high-paying low-responsibility jobs, and little else.
      – There’s nothing traditional about factory whaling, and the crews on the ships are largely made up of international workers these days, despite this being a supposed “nationalist” industry.
      – Japan is hunting Fin whales (and is threatening to hunt humpbacks if it doesn’t get its way at the IWC), which are endangered (and threatened respectively), blatantly going against its own agreement under the 1986 moratorium.
      – Cancerous tumours are often found when the whales are processed, but these are simply cut off and the meat processed for sale as usual. This would be the only useful scientific data that would come out of this lethal hunt, but it does not show up in any of Japan’s reports. Why? Because that would risk already low sales of the meat…

      There’s a lot more, but this is exactly why the argument is always dragged back to “you must respect our culture” arguments. They simply have no legs to stand on.

  • Enola Gay

    Bomb Japan again like they did in WW2 – that will stop them. scum bags.

  • ChimmyChunga

    “Last season the Japanese fleet captured over 300 female whales, 63 percent of which were pregnant”

    Brutal killers!

    Man, someone has to stop them. Since they are using weapons now, perhaps a torpedo to the side of the Shonan Maru is an appropriate and justified response.

  • Billy Jean is my lover

    The Japanese lied to the world on December 6, 1941

    In 1945, and appropriate repsonse was made to these lies ending WW2.

    It feels like a response like this is needed again.

    BTW – Hideyoshi Toyotomi (February 2, 1536 – September 18, 1598) You died a long time ago, so get lost loser.

  • dogma

    Paul Watson should take a leaf out of the French book of negotiation and give these whaling scum bags the Rainbow Warrior treatment. Either that or a well placed torpedo and put this fleet at the bottom of the Southern ocean. I’m sure they would save face and refuse to be rescued.

    • Jorge

      Yeah that’s nice. Let’s legitimise the actions of the French killing an innocent photographer because they didn’t like peaceful protesting.

  • timmy

    Okada never said the Japanese operation was not research.

    His comments about Japan having a culture that includes whale as a type of food was a general statement, and he thinks countries such be tolerant of the food cultures of others.

    As for the research, one can’t sustainably utilise whales without appropriate knowledge, that’s why the Japanese are doing research. It’s entirely legal under the international convention for the regulation of whaling.

    It’s a whaling convention remember. It is supposed to suit the whalers, not the anti-whalers (who didn’t even exist when the convention was drafted).

    • Tideyoshi Hoyotomi


      What on earth are you talking about?

      Ok, so it’s appropriate to butcher 1000+ whales a year in order to carry out research and science? The world knows this is a farce.

      They don’t need to be slaughtered in order to study this. This is a no brainer!

      Pretty impressive is the money they pour into this operation. Unbelievable actually, given the economic state the country is in and as it enters the second “lost decade”. Japan’s empire has indeed fallen and faced HUGE shame and embarrasment on more than one occasion.

      I enjoy the footage of them surrendering in 1945.

      • timmy

        Tideyoshi Hoyotomi,

        “The world knows this is a farce.”

        Well, in places where they farm cows and sheep it may be viewed as a “farce”, but in places where people have an emphasis on marine resources for food people have a much better understanding of what goes on. 850 minke whales out of several hundred thousand is what is called a “statistically relevant sample size”. It’s like what they do with opinion polls – can’t ask everyone so take a sample, and extrapolate using those results. The fact is that precise numbers of whales, unlike cows, can’t be counted, so the methods for marine resource use naturally involve determining the status of the population from the biological traits (e.g. age) of samples from the population.

        The exact same thing is done in fisheries science with fish stocks as well.

        I think people who don’t like whaling (whether it’s directly for food in indirectly via research) are just desperate to justify what is essentially an irrational position to themselves. I’m not impressed though.

        “Japan’s empire has indeed fallen and faced HUGE shame and embarrasment on more than one occasion. I enjoy the footage of them surrendering in 1945.”

        What does the war have to do with whaling? Norway, Iceland, even the US has people killing whales, why make statements like that and run the risk of coming across as a redneck racist?

    • Jorge

      He didn’t explicitly say “this is about commercial whaling, not science”, but his comments make it obvious that the Japanese do not believe this is science and KNOW that this is a commercial opearation in disguise, whatever the excuse.

      He can say whatever he wants about cultural respect, but this is not about culture, and the people protesting this are not doing it because they do not agree with Japanese culture, they do it because they are hunting endangered species in an internationally recognised whale sanctuary. Less than 5% of Japanese people continue to eat whale meat, and this is dropping by the year, so any argument that this is an important part of their culture is moot.

      As for research, you do not need to hunt whales to research them. Whales can just as well be studied non-lethally (as Australia has suggested), and besides this, how many thousands of whales need to be killed before we know what they eat? None of the research Japan has produced has been useful. Any argument that “we need to hunt whales to ascertain that there are enough of them to hunt” is absolutely ridiculous.

  • scientist

    “With well over 9,000 minke whales killed in 22 years and no useful data produced, Japan’s so-called ‘research’ in the Antarctic is an international embarrassment.”

    • timmy

      Anti-whaling propaganda! Of course the data is not of use to anti-whalers. The data is useful for people who want to use whales as a sustainable resource – the whalers. That’s why Norway, Iceland and others constantly commend Japan for it’s programs.

      • Jorge

        The data is of no use to ANYONE, and any suggestion that this is about science in the first place is laughable. The last Japanese Prime Minister laughed when he was asked if this programme was about science.

        Of course Norway and Iceland commend Japan, they want to continue whaling themselves. The funny thing is, Norway is increasing its hunt, but there is no market for its whale meat either. It sold last year’s haul to Japan, but Japan only bought it as a favour to its whaling ally at the IWC. The meat went straight into cold storage where it is still sitting last I heard.

  • skiff

    Dear Michael d’Estries,

    Can you fix this comment thing dude… we can’t even a debate without it going to the dogs (haha sadly – just like whale meat)

    • Michael d'Estries

      Skiff, I’m trying.

      The only browser that appears to be having trouble with the comments is IE7. As far as I know, all other browsers are displaying the site properly. We’re trying to get to the bottom of the error fast.

      Everyone has their own taste when it comes to browsing the web, but might I suggest an upgrade to IE8? Or a shot at using Firefox or Google Chrome?

      Either way, we’re working to fix the issue. My apologies.

  • SabreTooth

    The only red-neck-racist around here is you tiny timmy.

    Good thing no one can read your last post (sidelined in the brown area) because theres nothing really staggering about what you have said.

    If you are on the side of the Japanese, fine, but I still cant’t see any clear arguments from you as to why they should keep doing what they are doing…

    “hundreds of thousands” of minkes says who?

    What about the other whales they brutally slaughter? Fin, Blue, Bow Head etc. They all have been discovered in meat markets in Tokyo.

    • timmy

      Simple – Japanese people regard whale meat as a type of food, and thus they are continuing to hunt whales. As they have been doing since long ago. The onus is not on them to give you reasons why they should continue, it’s on you to give them reasons why they should stop, and given that it’s sustainable and they are now able to kill whales more quickly than any point in the past, conservation and animal welfare are at best very flimsy grounds to oppose whaling on.

      The “hundreds of thousands” of minkes number is consistent with recent estimates produced at the IWC by Australian scientists. Japanese scientists also come up with estimates in the hundreds of thousands. Obviously catching 850 a year is doing no damage, whether you use either the Australia estimate or the Japanese one.

      For whales that strand or entangle in fishing nets and die the Japanese government permits these whales to be sold, providing the DNA is registered with the government, to enable market monitoring. As for reports in the western media, they seem to be more for propaganda purposes than anything. If they truly found illegally sourced whale meat on sale, they would report it to the authorities to ensure the people selling it got busted (it is illegal to do so, with prison sentences and hefty fines as deterrents)

      • Jorge

        Sigh. It would be nice if you knew something about this issue.

        5% of Japanese people eat whale meat, and this number is dropping. People simply do not like it anymore. 5000 tonnes of whale meat from Japan’s hunts sits unsold in warehouses, and this number is going to jump after this season.

        There are plenty of reasons why it should stop – the Moratorium it AGREED TO is one of them. The fact that they are hunting endangered species in an international sanctuary that they agreed not to hunt is worse. It’s akin to them coming to the US to hunt bald eagles because “they have a history of eating eagle in Japan, but there are none left there”.

        Do you have a link to this study by Australian scientists? Minke numbers are currently considered “data deficient” by the IUCN. The IWC has withdrawn its figure of 700,000 as new studies put their numbers at less than half that, but their actual numbers are not currently known with any real certainty as far as i know. And no, a lethal hunt is not required to ascertain their actual numbers.

        There has been plenty of illegal whale meat found on sale. DNA samples have shown meat from endangered species are routinely sold in Japan, while toxic Dolphin meat has been substituted for whale meat in some places. Read up on the Tokyo Two for more information on illegal activities by whalers when it comes to illegally obtained whale meat.

  • pilot

    Somebody should have painted ‘Research’ onto the Enola Gay ahead of its experimentation over Japan

    • joe


  • Larry

    Does the fact that these animals have brains larger than our own mean nothing to you?

    brain sizes:

    The brain vs. body size myth debunked:

    Would a hunt of humans be ok if it was sustainable?

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      The naivity of you people is actually kind of touching… you think whales are just like people… awww… You know it’d be quite cute in a 5 yr old… but perhaps a bit disturbing from anyone older than that.

      You should remember that whales are animals. Just like cows, chickens and pigs. They are not humans. Keep that in mind.

      Minke, humpback and fin whales are baleen whales – basically giant vacuum cleaners. Unlike dolphins and killer whales which hunt fish and other animals, baleen feeders have no need for intelligence and have small brains. Like sheep and cows.

      Anyway, intelligence may not be a desirable measure of the value of life. After all, I’m not sure how well you anti-whaling types would fare if we went down that path…!

      • taco



        At it again. Mr Spin doctor.

        “Whales need to be culled because they are eating our fish” – remember that which came from the Japanese?

        Enough talk about cows, chickens etc. We are talking about brutally harpooning huge mammals which are not in plague proportions.


        Cases of whales and dolphins saving human lives have been recorded for thousands of years. A dolphin will save a drowning human from a certain death, and expect nothing in return. They stand to gain nothing from doing this; in fact, the dolphin often puts itself at risk. The only conceivable motivation for it is altruism. They see a being in distress, and they go out of their way to save them. If that is not proof of at least some limited degree of consciousness, I really don’t know what is.

      • Jorge

        How about you respond to some of the other arguments instead of just the “intelligent animal” and “cultural” ones?

  • Jacosia

    Yes we may eat cows, but unlike you ignorant, callous, Japanese scumbags we are a civilised nation and ensure that any animal killed for meat is stunned and unconscious, feeling no pain before it is killed, unlike the screaming whales and dolphins whom your nation deems it acceptable to hack to pieces. Sea Shepherd are not terrorists they are heroes, out of the whole world they are the only people trying to put a stop to your vicious slaughter.

  • Whoever…

    Ok, so much rubbish around here…

    First, let’s get one fact straight – there is no valid scientific research being carried out by those murderers:

    With that said, I would like to ask all those idiots who believe humans are the superior species on the planet what you think an evolved alien species that would arrive on our planet would think of us: we kill each other and make wars for no logical reasons, we deplete the very resources that keep us alive, we consider pieces of paper, metal and plastic (money in its different forms) more important than other humans, we enslave other humans, we rape women and children, some of us live in mansions while others don’t even have a bed to sleep on, we spend most of our lives working our buts off to make and save some money and when we get old we spend that money trying to recover our health which we damaged working all our lives to save that same money, and I could go on…
    Well, that doesn’t seem very intelligent to me. Let me tell you that if I was an alien species arriving for the first time on Earth I would regard humans as viruses that should be eliminated!!!

    We are not superior to other species and when I ‘hear’ people like that hideyoshi character, I definitely believe that many animals are so much more intelligent than some humans.
    So, does that mean it would be okay to kill hideyoshi? I’m just saying…
    hitler also believed Jews were an inferior race and he so killed them, enslaved them, tested on them and even used parts of their bodies to make products (for instance soap)… Does that sound familiar? People who think animals are here to serve us and that we can use them as we see fit are not so different from what the nazis thought about Jews and did to them.
    Shocking? Sure it is! It’s also very shocking to me watching an animal being skinned alive for his/her fur or a whale being slaughtered by cruel murderers!!

    Oh, and to all those who rightfully oppose whaling, if you eat animals you’re not very different from whalers.
    Do you want to know why? Go to earthlings dot com or click on my nickname and you will understand it.

    Thank you :)

  • Andrew

    Ok we eat cows, chickens, and pigs. However the big difference is, we raise and breed them. We do not go to asia and take them while they are running around on free land. They are not in danger or have ever been close to being in danger of becoming extinct. Whearas on the other hand the japanese travel thousands of miles to steal animals that should belong to no one. Why don’t you set up a farm close to japan so you don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks, where the “pirates” cant get you.

    It is a tradition? Really? What was it your ancestors did? They would hunt whales in wooden boats, close to safety. So by using giant ships and traveling thousands of miles don’t you think you broke that tradition? Why don’t you stick to tradition then? If it is truly a tradition issue for you, make up some traditional wooden hulled, wind driven boats and head on down to the antarctic to do some fishing.

    The excuse of “Research” is absurd. The japanese need to kill 800+ whales to do research? I could understand 1 maybe even up to 10, to study inside organs and such, but 800? What is it that you learn killing 800 whales that you don’t learn from killing 50? Or are your research methods off that much. Your excuse for research is the same reason the Nazi’s gave for doing research on the Jewish population. Not surprising really, seeing as the japanese were their allies, maybe learned a little something from them.

    If the US set up a “Research” center in japan, and was killing “only” 800 japanese people a year would it be ok? We just need to see why you are different from us. After all there is a “large supply” of them so it must be ok right?

    I’ll grant you, the US has made its fare share of mistakes, and we have been at the shooting end of the gun at times, getting close to or making some animals extinct. Believe me most of America is sorry for what our ancestors did, because now we wish we still had the animals to admire in their natural habitat in their natural numbers. In most cases we have learned from our mistakes. Don’t let the sins of your father become your sins as well.

  • msk

    Anti-whalers tend to change topics before they get defeated.

    “Whales are special.”
    -Cows are special too.
    “But whales can’t be bred.”
    -You breed kangaroos?
    “But whales are special.”

    Too much!

  • joe

    “broadcasted a warning message through a long range acoustic device (LRAD).”

    do they know anything about there own weapons? those things just make a crazy high pitched noise, like that iphone app, just way more powerfull+ millitary grade. and they flip out about a lazer?
    not too mentione the fact there now putting 2 “security boats” out with the whalers.

    and you know the japense arnt even supposed to have a military, it’s all called the “self deffense force”. they sneak around evry law they can, it sems

    • steph

      I felt the same way exactly. They want to piss and moan about a stupid “lazer” but they point that LRAD at a helicopter. Morons….

  • Kiroo

    Thankfully the French can see the truth behind the Japanese humbugs and are fully supporting Sea Shepherd … check out the latest media release posted on Sea Shepherd’s website.


  • GoShepherds

    I hope Ady Gil bought 10 – 20 more of these lasers and just have them point 5 or more of them on the Whaling boat and lead them to an ice burg so they can sink in the bottom of the sea.

    These sissy whalers are just whiners.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    For those of you who ask me to respond to your so-called “logic” – I have done so many times. I have accounted for your every logical fallacy and exposed your tremendous hypocrisy.

    But this task is like ramming one’s head against a brick wall. You people have a quasi-religious view of whales and you are not interested in fact or reason that undermines your delusions. You cling to you bunk arguments to justify what you erroneously feel to be a morally superior position. It seems there is no possibility of penetrating your armour of fanaticism and smugness.

    I will note, however, that many of you display a strong tendency towards misanthropy. That is, a hatred of human kind. You place the value of animal life on par or above human life which I believe is a signifier of mental illness. You also bring up the Nazis which is regrettable, but while we’re on the topic I will note that Hitler and Himmler and friends also believed animals to be superior to [certain] humans. They also used “animal rights” as a pretext for attacking Jewish culture and traditions (Kosher killing methods etc).

    Perhaps the issue of whaling is likewise a pretext for you people to manifest your hatred of Japanese people? There are some pretty dispicable comments being made here… many favourable references to the nuclear massacre of Japanese civilians etc.

    Just shows the calibre of people who are attracted to the anti-whaling agenda.

    • Michael Raymer

      “Great to see Japan taking a harder line, but still pathetic that Japan has not yet militarised this abysmal situation.

      Pray, Michael, can you think of any other reason why they (the Australian Navy, [clarification]) might be avoiding a military confrontation with Japan? Hmm?I’ll give you a little hint… It starts with “O” and ends with “BLITERATION”.

      Today I am utterly ashamed of my country. Ashamed because it allows these crimes to be perpetrated upon its citizens and for not offering a military response to these acts of terrorism.”

      These are your un-edited comments Hideyoshi. You, yourself have advocated violence, so how about climbing off your high horse. As far as “I have accounted for your every logical fallacy and exposed your tremendous hypocrisy.” no, you really haven’t. You have put your own singular spin on the issue. Don’t get me wrong, as a fellow literate, I think you are doing a fairly good job. But, your post of December 17, 2009 at 7:23 pm ruined your credibility:

      “3. You say it takes 20 mins to kill a whale. You are factually mistaken. The IWC stated that in 80% of cases, death for whales was INSTANTANEOUS. The idea of a lengthy and painful death is just another lie from issued by the eco-terrorism industry.”

      “4. You say whales are capable of feeling pain, fear, despair and remorse. This is completely without scientific foundation. You simply arrived at this bizarre conclusion through a process of anthromorphism – that is, projecting human qualities upon animals.”

      I could have copy/pasted your entire post as it was all in the same ridiculous vein, but the moderator probably would take issue (for those who haven’t seen it, “Sea Shepherd And Japanese Whalers Engage In Water Gun Fight”.) The point being, you are a spin artist. And that is your right. But don’t think that you are on some higher level. Some of us on the other side are literate too.

  • sea shepherd supporter


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  • vine

    The beam of green 20mW lasers are not typically daylight visible.

    Examples of 20mw laser pointers

    Couldn’t find that laser genetics one but most of the site’s simulated photos are at night.

    At night we use 5 mW lasers for astronomy so a 20 mW should work well for signaling. What’s seen looks a lot brighter. 95 mW or higher. At a guess 200 mW since there’s a nice waterproof one that’s been popular.

  • stop it

    the japs are just pathetic. end of story. Timmy – you are uneducated and downright stupid. Go join the tool academy.

  • Al

    Wow,some of you need to look up the definition of racism?

    You might be ashamed of yourself, your inplying that all Japanese hunt, kill, and eat whales. And using unflattering terms.

    Sad too, everyone cheers the escalation but that will end in tragedy oneday.

    I am predicting that at some point, someone will die – Whaler or Anti-Whaler? a life will be lost, and it wont matter what side. Worse case a ship will sink, with many lives lost.

    Violence to support a cause – has never worked!

    I used to think it was cool to run up in a Zodiac throw stinky shit on baord, shield whales with the zodiac, but now, its getting to a point where the intent on both sides is to damage one another ships, it only takes one whole to sink a ship, and 10 minutes in that water to die?

  • Al Davenport

    All the politics and emotions aside, using a laser in this manner is highly illegal. There are some non-lethal lasers that exist, but those are things that requires a lot of EOF knowledge and training. The laser pictured is clearly more than the presumed 2M rating… it looks a lot more like a 3B or most likely higher. Whomever was using that laser needs to be arrested. This is no different than when some nut case points a laser at a landing aircraft. If you don’t like who’s on the plane, is that supposed to justify craching the plane? Obviously not! If the claim is that the Japanese are illegally whaling, but then the opposition performs illegal activities to counter, that make no one side better than the other. Lasers are not toys. If someone were to point a laser at me in this manner, I would immediate fire back with lethal force, and I am talking large-bore ordnance.

    • Amy Malko

      isnt it international waters..?

      whales are being MURDERED!!

      if there were terroists on a plane by themeselves flying straight torward some other innocent people and the only tool you had to defend them was a laser you woult use it??? SAD!!!