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Barack Obama Capitol 04_27012009The end of the year is just days away and you know what that means: time to pass out report cards.

Of course, we give all of our Ecorazzi readers straight A’s. Keep up the good work! But hey, not everyone can be such easy graders.

The Humane Society of the United States recently published “President Obama’s Administration: First Year Report Card on Animal Protection.” How did he do? Obama scored a solid B minus. Let’s check out some of his accomplishments and failures for the first year:

On the nice list: proposed a pending rule that would close the loophole in the downed cow bill, posted inspection reports for animal dealers online, requested the USDA be given more money to enforce the Animal Welfare Act.

On the naughty list: removed grey wolves from the Endangered Species Act in Idaho and Montana, allowed private sport hunters to target elk in Rocky Mountain National Park, gave millions of dollars to the meat industry in subsidies without requiring any animal welfare reforms.

Those are just a scattering of the many issues covered on the review. Wanna see what else Obama has done this year? Stop on by and check it out!

Now go home and show your parents your report cards. We want them signed and on our desk by tomorrow morning!

  • Sara

    I never cease to be amazed. Why is Barack Obama trying to institute a bail out tax on companies that didn’t receive bail out money? These companies should have been allowed to fail. Why should companies that took no money have to pay the price for GM and Chrysler? This is terrible policy.

  • sam

    This is foolish public policy. The bail outs were a bad idea from the start. Now companies that took no money are expected to pay it back. They should not have to pay for what they did not receive. The tax payers will never see that money again.