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alanis-morissette“Kale is my best friend. I eat kale salad. I put kale in my smoothies, kale in my soup. Kale, kale, kale! I feel like Popeye. I love it. I definitely need variety or I get super bored, so I have to mix it up with different sauces and tahini or whatever.”

- Alanis Morissette discussing her kale obsession with Runner’s These days, Morissette considers herself  “90 percent vegan” and can’t get enough of those leafy greens. What’s your favorite plant-based goodness? Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • Tracy Warner

    I’m obsessed with kale too. I like that, unlike spinach, it doesn’t get too limp when you cook it. It still has a crunch. I eat it, for a lazy dinner, on top of mashed potatoes with Field Roast chipotle sausages. Sooooo good!

    • Paul

      Nobody cares dear!

  • GreenerGirl

    Yum – I make Kale and Bean Tacos, as well as Mashed Potato and Mushroom Tacos (I know it sounds crazy but it’s SOOOO good)

  • CA

    you can’t be 90%, and vegan. you either are or you aren’t…

  • tim M

    being 90% vegan is about as possible as being 90% feminist , 90% against child abuse ..

    you do , or you do not consume animal products .

  • herwin

    >sigh< she isnt vegan. If the remaining 10% of her diet is eggs and or milk she is vegetarian. or maybe the remaining 10% also includes meat and or fish ?

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  • phubai71

    let her be – she does better than most

    • Nicoli


  • emma

    she is just trying to largely incorporate vegan meals into her diet. no way is it like being 90% against child abuse, that is ridiculous rhetoric. so by that logic i can’t say that 90% of my clothing is made of natural fibres, either all my clothes are or all of them aren’t? or i can’t say that 90% of my pets are herbivores, either they all are or they all aren’t? what would have been more correct would be to say that her diet includes roughly 90% vegan meals. and while the ideal may be to cut out animal products altogether, simply attacking people for not reaching the ideal is counterproductive and makes people fear trying to work their way into a vegan lifestyle. a better approach would be to offer support and encouragement for further changes. change is a process, not all or nothing. many of us take our time working ways of expressing our values through our lives and don’t just wake up one morning and get it a hundred percent right.

    • ROBBY


    • jill

      nicely said emma… also many people are vegan + bee products or vegan + an occasional piece of fish. Nothing wrong with making up your own personal rules.

    • Stephanie

      Oh My God! Thanks so much!
      I have been feeling like a traitor and asfixiated almost, because I am not completely filling the requirements of being vegan. I love almost everything about it, except, I love fish too much. It’s been hard for me, I have had two fillets of salmon since I became ”vegan” a month ago. I have felt guilty partly because of this huge pressure they put on you. I understand their point, but it’s like, what they criticize the most, is what they become. They judge you and demand you be like them or you’re just not ”in”.
      Thanks so much for saying out loud what I think and haven’t allowed myself to come into. Thanks.

      I adore animals, but I do understand it’s also a process… so, Respect’s the word.

  • Moke Morgan

    What she was saying, if you’re not bright enough to decipher is:
    She maintains a diet that includes a 90% lean towards veganism. Although she doesn’t restrict herself to the full principle. It’s difficult for active people to be strict to such a diet. Besides… it’s NOT a sentence or religion, it’s simply a preference for dietary intake.

  • Drew

    You are whatever you say you are! People are silly and obviously judgeMENTAL. Thanks for the info on Kale! I’m willing to try anything, but I also enjoy meat… And I’ll bite anyone that tells me I shouldn’t!

  • Lisa

    Concerning the Vegan vs Not-Vegan comments! Please stop being so self-riteous, seriously! You don’t even know if she said those words herself, it could have just been the reporter. Maybe she is in transition or maybe she is more of a realist than all of you with your judgements. Drive a car? Then you are not a Vegan because glycerol which contains animal products is found in brake fluid and antifreeze. You all should be happy that such a talented inspirational person is a voice for Veganism, whether it is perfect or not! It could be someone like Tiger Woods! This is an important issue but comparing someone who is making an effort with someone who is fine with child abuse is just outlandish and it is comments like that that alienate the masses and turn them away from these important issues. Maybe being a Vegan means you are kinder to animals, but it doesn’t necessarily make you a better human being!

    • carmen


  • aloy

    yes she isn’t vegan. but 90% vegan is a way to describe your diet. 90% vegan just means 90% of your diet is vegan. i think the other 10% is salmon. she’s allergic to soy i believe.

  • teardrop

    Oh leave her alone! Shes eating right and thats really all that matters. She looks great and fought off an eating disorder, so cut her some slack! She doesnt claim to be 100% vegan. And who wrote the requirements for being able to claim urself as vegan??

    • Stephanie

      OH jesus thanks for that too haha!

  • Mikey

    I like bloody steak

  • p-lo

    So…back to kale…

    What do you do with it? Boil it? Sautee it? Steam it? All of the above?

    • Taylor

      all of the above…it’s also really good seasoned and baked, it becomes crunchy like a chip! you can find a million recipes if you google it : )

  • immeëmosol

    @p-lo , for some way of preparing kale, see:

    As for the other stuff, it’s vegetable,
    (almost) nothing can go wrong… :P

  • CC

    I put it in my smoothies with spinach, bananas, frozen berries and orange juice. Most efficient way I’ve found to get lots of greens down -a perfect morning cleanse.

  • Kat

    She can be whatever she wants to be……good for you Alanis. You inspire. :)

  • Christopher Sorick

    Good for Alanis! I know how hard it is to cut meat, eggs, milk, salmon, ect. completely out of your diet. It’s especially hard for me having a soy allergy. Also, holdays are tough with turkey at Thanksgiving & Christmas, ham at Easter, and MMMMMMM corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day!! I’d say with all the temptation of how good our little friends of the wild taste, Alanis Morissette being 90% Veagan is perfectly fine.

    Christopher Sorick
    Omaha, Nebraska

  • draconian

    I can call myself a martian, but that doesn’t make it true. If you don’t know what a vegan is, go to and look it up.

    Being Vegan is NOT about your diet, it’s a complete lifestyle free from animal suffering. If you want to talk about dietary stuff, then you’re talking about vegetarianism. The vegans posting here are just trying to educate.

    Christopher Sorick: It’s NOT hard to cut meat, eggs, mile etc… out of your diet, soy allergy or no. Why is the suffering in the food any different at Thanksgiving than it it any other time? How is the antibiotics and hormones injected into cows any different at Christmas?

    • Taylor

      thanks for addressing this…veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. it’s more than just food. it’s also avoiding animal testing, leather, silk, wool, and on and on.

    • Alejandra

      Thanks!!!!!!! I was going to say the same thing, but you saved me some time an effort, especially considering that it’s not easy for me to express myself in English.

  • Blackie Lagoon

    Of course it’s not Morissette’s fault that Michael Parrish DuDell didn’t bother to read the entire article he quoted from, where she says she eats “full-blown” yogurt as well as soy yogurt. Or maybe he did read it and doesn’t know what a vegan really is?

    Thanks to the people here who are trying to educate others as to what veganism is. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for it knowing that you will always have to face accusations of self righteousness and moral superiority.

  • Laval Chabon

    We are doing all we can to avoid animals murders. No leather if possible.

  • Sylvia

    Alanis can be whatever she wants to be 100% of the time. If she has decided to cut out meat and dairy 90% of the time, that’s her right. Unlike some of the commentors here, she’s not shoving her lifestyle, or her motivations, down others’ throats. I, like her, have also reduced 90% of animal products out of my diet. I didn’t do it for philosophical reasons, I did it for health reasons. The remaing 10% represents my treats. I won’t hide in a closet, away from everyone, and eat ice cream and claim to be “100% vegan.” Doesn’t mean I have to go overboard and eat half a cow either. Go Alanis!