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Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone. Rumor on the internet is that Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Oliver are teaming up to write a healthy cookbook.

“Jen and Jamie have been bashing around ideas for ages,” a source tells UK’s Daily Star. “They like the idea of combining healthy eating with traditional family dinners.”

Now, we’re pretty sure this cookbook will be centered around a Standard American Diet, but who knows! Maybe they’ll surprise us with some lean, green, plant-based cuisine!

Oliver is famous for his show The Naked Chef and for promoting fresh, organic foods. About Aniston, fitness trainer Mandy Ingber says:

“Jennifer Aniston is the poster child for health and wellness. She’s very natural. Who has a better body than Jennifer Aniston?”

Well, if you don’t count all those cigarettes, I suppose…

Will this cookbook happen or is it all just a rumor? Stay tuned to Ecorazzi to find out!

  • Christy

    Bull. Jennifer may have a fit looking body, but that does not mean she is a healthy eater and can provide great advise on eating healthy. It is just like how Russell Crowe can smoke and packdown meat, while still looking physically fit:

    • herwin

      yeah, what makes Jenny suddenly an authority on organic and healthy foods ? just some other famo’s looking for a greenwash i guess. its so depressing to see these really GREAT concepts/movements like Organic being hijacked , watered down, and exploited by people who are in it for cashing in or some PR. i bet one of these day these people will come up with “organic cigarettes” or another “brillaint” idea..:-(

  • DonegalVeg

    Jamie Oliver is a hypocrite. Yeah, he might promote “organic and fresh” but that also includes the promotion of rotting corpses in his dishes and so called “freedom foods”, which are every bit as unethical as non-certified, factory farmed rotting flesh. Healthy? No. At least not for the animals (including humans) or the environment (animal agriculture – #1 cause of climate change) !

    Vegan = Healthy = good for the animals & people = good for the environment = good for the planet.

  • Dulce Navarro

    Felicidades a Jennifer Aniston y a su companero Jamie Oliver por darse el tiempo de crear un libro de recetas de cocina americana anglosajona. Creo en la riqueza de la cultura diversa y en la riqueza cuando personas famosas como Jennifer Aniston en compartir en algo universal como es el alimento. Tengan por seguro que comprare el libro cuando llegue al mercado; mi admiracion a una dama como Aniston en donde el idioma no tiene fronteras.

  • robert

    may be she is correct, but the best way to keep a good figure is to work, which will make you looks healthy. Good work, good rest, good dinner, good relationship is what a healthy guy needs.

  • Chris

    great info on the diet industry’s dirty little secrets!