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Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to sign a deal with the devil (aka Carl’s Jr.) and pimp herself out for fast food. Gross me out, why don’t you?

In the ad, Kim eats a Cranberry Apple Walnut Chicken Salad in a low-cut robe and confesses: “I am such a neat freak. Everything has to be clean, fresh and tasty.”

Really? Because the words “clean,” “fresh” and “tasty” are not exactly what comes to mind when I think of fast food dining.

Because Kim is such a “neat-freak,” the commercial ends with her naked in a bathtub. Obviously.

It kind of makes you wonder why that commercial was allowed to air, but PETA’s sexy Super Bowl Ad was banned.  We’ve posted both videos below. Check them out and tell us why you think Carl’s Jr. got the okay while PETA was banned.

  • kelly g.

    So “pimping” oneself out and using (women’s) sex to sell a product or message is only eye-rolling and cliché when you don’t like the product being sold? Gotcha.

  • VeggieTart

    Excellent point, Kelly. I get sick of (female) sex being used to sell both products and ideals. If it’s wrong for Kardashian to pimp herself out for Carl’s Jr. (although take off the chicken and add some grilled tofu, and I could go for that salad), then it’s also wrong and eye-rolling for a “reality” star to pimp herself out for anti-fur ads, although I suspect the PETA models are volunteering and technically aren’t “pimping” themselves.

    But the Razz has a point that it is hypocrisy to suggest that women getting hot for food is not acceptable in a PETA ad, while it is acceptable in an ad for fast food or some other evil product steeped in aniaml cruelty.

  • james

    Ban them both due to exploitation. Not of Kim Kardashian, she’s bought and paid for and happy about it. Whatever price she had has been met.

    Due to exploitation effects for the rest of women, including my daughter growing up in this.

    Most studies show women control the majority of consumer purchasing decisions, don’t they? Start wielding those dollars with some collective force, I’ll help.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Personally (and I’m not saying this is Ecorazzi’s stance) I have no problem with using sex to sell products.

    However, as somebody who’s job it is to point out when people in the entertainment industry act in green and in not so green ways, I felt an obligation to give Kim a slap on the wrist for supporting an unsustainable, cruel industry. I guess, in short, I do believe it’s perfectly okay to “pimp” oneself out for a good cause, but not for crap like Carl’s Jr.

  • LLamar

    Because the Carl’s advert is just a few cleavage shots while the other appeals to my prurient interests because it is so much more? Not only do you get a shot of, well, a lady’s labia (which I can’t seem to pause on! damn YouTube!) but also some suggestive stuff with… Is that bok choi? Flown in from Bangkok no doubt.

  • herwin

    me too, i roll my eyes !
    There is only one way to find out if the Peta add gets banned because of obscenity (rolling eyes) or because its a , well, a Peta add. Dear Peta, next time make a decent sex free add and if it still get banned, its obvious. Also would be cool if ANY Peta add, (a non provocative add) would be shown at the Superbowl.

    • kristin

      they did make a sex free ad – the “Grace” ad for thanksgiving, and that was banned as well. the special interest groups control all major media.

      • herwin

        yeah, you’re so right. Peta gets banned not because of some kind of offense sex thing but because Peta’s adds are offense to the disgusting meat industrie.
        I hope all these sex obsessed veggie Peta Bashers out there take notes and see how many good things Peta does without any nudity. :-)

  • Oscar

    This is a stupid post, obviously the PETA advert is a little or actually far more below the belt.

    Although Kim’s ad does show a little bit of skin it is still clean and at least suitable for all audiences, the PETA video is a pathetic attempt to attract attention.

    And of course Kim is hot, :-)

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  • Dana

    Regardless of what she looks like on the outside, any woman (or person, for that matter) that openly supports a terrible and cruel industry is just plain ugly to me.