by Luke Warner
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Out of the news for a little while, Russell Crowe has been filming his new movie “The Next Three Days” in Pittsburgh.  This past week he heard that a homeless fan of his, nicknamed “Radio Man”, had ridden his bike from New York just to see the actor on set.

I can imagine that it’s a fine line for a celebrity when it comes to giving public handouts to individuals but Crowe apparently handed Radio Man a warm coat with a furry hood.

I’m not saying the guy should win a prize or anything but it was a nice gesture.

  • Nick

    That does seem like a nice gesture. Unless it was real fur on the hood, or there was down in the coat or any leather on it.

    • hil

      I hope you’re being sarcastic…

  • Earth Mum

    that’s a good guy- with a big heart – Good on Russel Crowe

  • krissy

    radio man may be homeless but he is a celebrity homeless person. look it up.

  • Hotel Clerk Advocate

    The last time Russell gave anything away was a cell phone in a New York Hotel. He threw it at the desk clerk. If the best this $30 million a film actor can do is give a homeless, hungry man a used coat, then God help the dopes praising him for it. Crowe spends more on cigarettes every day than that coat is worth. Big deal! Wake up infatuated people!

    Injured Hotel Clerks’ Advocate

  • Tim Bit

    Let’s hope that furry hood was real natural fur and not that icky toxic, petro-chemical crap the confused & sanctimonious vegan types keep pimping during a climate change crisis.