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By now you should know that Ecorazzi has a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to anything fur…and so does R&B star Mario.

The well-known singer is a lifelong animal lover and has teamed up with PETA to record a very fancy ‘Ink, Not Mink’ fur-free ad. In the video, Mario says:

“[For] every piece of fur that you see out there…there’s an animal that’s lost his or her life. Hopefully we can get more people involved with not wearing fur and not killing animals. They have hearts, they have emotions.”

Wanna hear what else Mario has to say? Check out the video below and visit to learn more!

  • jp

    He’s adorable!!

  • Emily

    Before you give PETA too much credit for it’s fur-free ads, enjoy this well known blind item:

    “This anti-fur PETA spokesperson owns several fur-trimmed leather coats. He/She has helped his/her spouse buy many genuine fur coats, “some of which have been purchased quite enthusiastically in recent seasons,” according to one fur retailer who has sold the couple lots of expensive outerwear. These are coats that PETA knows about but doesn’t seem to mind, as long as the resulting publicity is good.

    A Los Angeles publicist who supports animal rights groups instructed this celeb, who appears on television more than a dozen times each year, to participate in a 2009 anti-fur promotion with PETA. The spouse was recently overheard telling one friend over the phone: “It’s no big deal. They just told us we couldn’t wear our coats this year.”

    For the past six years, both celeb and spouse have actively courted a prominent fur retailer, seeking support for a children’s charity for which this celebrity serves as Honorary Chairman. The charity’s top sponsor is a pharmaceutical company that tests its products on lab animals, a fact that also doesn’t appear to bother PETA.”

  • herwin

    very very cool add. :-)

  • deena

    Finally. Can he please get through to J-Z and Diddy?

  • Taylor

    Look at Mario’s quote. Replace the word fur with burger. Is Mario vegetarian or vegan? I would love to think so, but I doubt it. I’m sick of people who are anti-fur but still eat meat. It’s absolutely ludicrous and hypocritical.

    • reg

      it’s not ludicrous or hypocritical at all. i’m sick of people like you, who can’t appreciate when someone has good intentions because it’s still not good enough for you.

  • MM

    Thanks Mario….you just guaranteed my kids will never listen to your music or buy anything related to you.

  • JED

    P eaple
    E ating
    T asty
    A nimals

  • deena

    anyone anti-fur is a friend of mine. at least they can see the cruelty there. most people don’t even think about where meat comes from in the supermarket.
    that book ‘eating animals’ should become mandatory human race reading.

  • Veronika

    PETA = People for Extortion, Terrorism, and Anarchy