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Can’t say we’re surprised.

Ellen DeGeneres has capped off a banner year for recognition of her new vegan diet with PETA’s prestigious “Woman of the Year” award. In the men’s category, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn took home the honor.

“Tim Gunn and Ellen DeGeneres show us that one person really can make a difference in the world by rejecting cruel deeds in favor of compassionate acts,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. “Their message that animals must be treated kindly and respectfully has reached scores of people, and many of them have changed their buying habits, all because Gunn and DeGeneres spoke up for the voiceless.”

Gunn’s popular reality television series Project Runway is completely fur-free and he recently narrated a video for PETA detailing the abuses suffered by animals killed in the name of fashion.

As for Ellen, well there’s plenty to say. Since declaring that she would be joining wife Portia de Rossi in going vegan and supporting animal rights, she’s been a force in drawing attention the scene. The couple also this year won the HSUS Wyler Award for their leadership in making news on behalf of animals.

We’d be remiss, however, if we didn’t mention one big “but” to all the praise DeGeneres has received. Since Jan ’09, she’s been the face of Covergirl cosmetics, one of the largest companies conducting animal testing in the United States. It’s incredibly wonderful that she’s helped raise the level on animal rights awareness and support, but we think one New Year’s resolution for ’10 would be to drop this campaign. That, or work with Covergirl’s parent company P&G, to phase out animal testing completely. Enough of this “We’ve discontinued animal testing on 80% of our products” BS.

No number but 100% should sit well with DeGeneres while she collects these awards.

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  • Runner

    Ellen doesn’t eat anything with a face – except Portia.

  • deena

    lol Runner.

    This is why I come here. I had no idea Cover Girl tested on animals. If I buy makeup in the drugstore I’ll be sure to NOT buy CG.

  • skippy

    If PETA REALLY cared about animals how come they collect dogs from shelters hundreds of miles away from the PETA home then kill them? According to a government report PETA kills allmost 3,000 dogs a year. I will not watch Ellen support PETA killing dogs.

  • Adri

    I agree with Peta’s choices. There are not very many influential people in fashion who care about animals, believe me. That is why Tim’s message to his fashion peers is especially praiseworthy. Ellen and Portia did so much to pass Prop. 2 here in California, that alone should earn them this honor.

  • Megan

    Even though CoverGirl conducts animal testing (and I’m sure their products are loaded with parabans and other fun cancer loving stuff) It is admirable that the company has a homosexual spokesperson. Remember when she first came out, everyone thought her career was over, her show was canceled etc., and now she is everywhere! I think it’s good that she is a rolemodel to help change the heterosexual perfect female that was normally idolized.

  • georgina0912

    If anyone is not sure where to get their cruelty free stuff (that means no animal ingredients used and no animal testing either commissioned or during any stage of the product making) visit: or

    I discovered them when my husband and i decided to go veg* about 13 months ago and i swear by it.

    So many cosmetics brands, as well as cleaners, soaps, conditioners, floor cleaners…etc, etc, etc, that you can find there it will make your lives easier in choosing cruelty-free products.

    I do not buy anything that is not listed in those sites…and of course i make sure everything i buy is bunny approved with the bunny logo.

  • georgina0912

    Oh, and about Elle and Tim, YEAH!

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