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We know The Yes Men are prone to incurring the wrath of organizations and corporations in response to their elaborate pranks, but a whole country?

Back during the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December, the pranksters teamed up with anonymous Canadian activists and used press releases and fake websites to announce that Canada would adopt science-based emission targets – reducing emissions by 40% over 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050. The news received enormous media attention across Canada and, according to The Greener Pages, caused at least two embarrassing media moments for Canadian high officials. In response, the government strong armed an ISP into taking down the two fake sites — and simultaneously knocking out 4500 others in the process. From the article,

“In a remarkable overstepping of bounds, [they] also asked the ISP to “make every effort to prevent any further attempts concerning other environment-related domains (enviro, ec-gc, etc.) originating from your servers. In response to Environment Canada’s request, Serverloft immediately turned off a whole block of IP addresses, knocking out more than 4500 websites that had nothing to do with the parody sites or the activists who created them. Serverloft was shown no warrant, and never called the web hosting company about the shutdown.”

Nice job, ass clowns.

“We are sorry to see that the Canadian government will not ‘take certain actions’ that could help stave off catastrophic climate change,” said Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men. “And we are also sorry to see that they don’t care so much for free speech.”

“Surely the Canadian government has better things to do than shut down thousands of websites, beg the US for photo ops, and berate NGOs for things they haven’t done,” said Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men. “They could instead figure out reasonable ways of responding to their growing legion of critics.”

Canada, whose climate change policy has been woefully lacking, was awarded the “Colossal Fossil” prize by the Climate Action Network for worst behavior in the COP-15 negotiations.

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  • Btok

    Do these dam clowns realize that they were playing with Canadian citizens Sovereignty and freedoms?
    Do they realize had Harper signed that damned Fraud Science Copenhagen Treaty – we would be out of a country and under the Communistic rule of the United Nations?

    If you dam idiots wanrt to play – play with your own dam lives not the Citizen’s of Canada!

    Are you so stupid that you think that Copenhagen Conference had anything to do with climate?

    Do you not realize that it was a scam wherby, the United Nations and International Monetary Fund and it’s organizations was and is working to set up a “One World Communist Government”?

    If it were up to me your organization would be fined to the point o being put out of business for malicious mischief and each one of the participants would get a non – pardonable jail sentence of at least two years each!
    Anytime I see a chance to do in your stupid dangerous prankster organization in the future I will and I encourage other Canadians’ to do the same! You don’t help a dam bit – your just in it for the attention!

    All the worst to you in the future Dogs!

    • Rose Monzas

      It is interesting that so many of the people who believe in the imminent formation of a one-world government also believe in the world ending December, 2012. I wonder which will come first?

      This is the first I have heard, however, of a communist one-world government.

      So let’s see, the capitalist pigs of the WHO were plotting in Copenhagen (under the cover of a global climate change conference) with other capitalist governments like the US, France and UK to lay down the details of pulling the plug on capitalism and turning us all into slaves for their sinister evil empire building. Secretly, they have also hired Bernard Madoff to scam the Chinese and Russians into their fold because this group of men sitting around a table smoking long cigars need expertise in communism. It is becoming clear now.

      Hmmm… sounds like we need The Yes Men more than ever, don’t you think?

      The Yes Men could actually be plotting, right now, to create hundreds of fake OneWorldGovernment (OWG) info websites all over the world, give speeches at the OWG conference disrupting their meetings with the goal of exposing their treacherous plans.

      Unless, of course, The Yes Men are a front for the OWG and kind of acting like a double-agent, sort of. This is something that must be watched.

      I don’t know, I have to think this through, but I think you’re onto something.


  • Btox


    Dude, the sovereignty of Canadian citizens belongs to the Queen of England – don’t you know that? You should be so lucky to have communist government!

  • Scram

    Hey Btok,

    You know Elvis is still alive, right?

    And that we never landed on the moon?

    And that aliens were behind the Kennedy assassination?