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The celebrity-fueled Summit on the Summit campaign to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro kicks off this week — and actor Emile Hirsch has announced he’ll be joining the effort. The 24-year-old is looking forward to tackling the climb, branding it “an epic adventure with an educational process on the global water crisis”, and he’s determined to reach the mountain’s highest point. He adds, “Put this on the books: I’m making it to the top.”

Hirsch is joining Jessica Biel, Lupe Fiasco, Isabel Lucas, Elizabeth Gore, and others for a week-long trek that will cover over 50 miles as they make their way to the top of the 19,341-foot African peak. The expedition is the brainchild of singer and producer Kenna; whose own father suffered from waterborne diseases as a child in Ethiopia.

Back in April, it was Biel’s boyfriend, singer Justin Timberlake, who first announced the project in an interview with GQ. “I’ve been training four times a week to get my VO2 [oxygen consumption] levels up to expand my lungs,” Timberlake said. “We’ll climb for a week straight, carrying 30 pounds on our backs. It’s going to be intense.” Unfortunately, it now looks like the singer won’t be involved. According to one source, by the time the expedition was scheduled, Justin had already committed to making a new movie, “Social Network.”

Using the slick website for the campaign, you’ll be able to follow the eco-adventurers as they make their way to the top. You can also sponsor a foot of the climb on the Summit on the Summit website by donating directly to the cause. All the funds raised will go towards The Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and Water For People’s Playpump Technology.

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