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Photo: Sea Shepherd

Here he is folks — the latest addition to the Sea Shepherd fleet, the MV Bob Barker. did a bit more digging and found out that Mr. Price is Right donated over $5 million dollars to the anti-whaling org to retrofit this icebreaker. The new (and very secret) ship was the first of the Sea Shepherd fleet to discover the location of the Japanese whaling fleet. Word is, Barker kicked some ass and made the Japanese relocate, thwarting plans for any kills.

You don’t mess with Barker, Japan. You just don’t.

[UPDATE] Check out the Sea Shepherd’s account of the Barker intercepting the Japanese fleet after the jump. Nice surprise!

The 1,200-ton Norwegian built Antarctic harpoon vessel caught up with the Japanese whaling fleet at 0300 Hours on Wednesday, January 6th, in the area of Commonwealth Bay off the Adelie Coast at 143 Degrees 17 Minutes East and 66 Degrees 43 Minutes South. The Norwegian flag cracked in the chill Antarctic air as the silhouette of the whaler gave every indication that the ship was sent to support the Japanese whalers.

The Japanese could be forgiven for thinking that the pro-whaling Norwegians had sent a ship to support their illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. But any excitement turned to disappointment quickly as the Norwegian flag was hauled down and the black and white skull with crossed Trident and Shepherd’s crook was raised to announce the arrival of the Bob Barker, the latest ship acquired for the Sea Shepherd ocean defense fleet.

Thanks to a $5,000,000 contribution from American television personality and icon Bob Barker, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was able to quietly purchase and refit the former Norwegian whaler in Africa. The ice strengthened fast chaser boat quietly departed from Mauritius on December 18th to join up with the Sea Shepherd ships Steve Irwin and Ady Gil in the Southern Ocean.

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  • don miguelo

    Good form and well-played Sea Shepard team!

    • Kathy

      Great work!! Lets stop the Japanese once and for all. We all over the world are behind you!!! GO get them and a big thank you to Bob Barker!

  • Harald

    Way to GOooo, Paul! NICE moove! Best of luck!

  • rose

    well played i do say so myself but not what i was looking for

  • Rex

    Hooray! Ya know Sea Shepherds, I still have a crew application in (wink wink). And for everyone else, this is a good opportunity to pop over to the website and make a donation! (which I am about to do right now) The SSCS has proven time and time again that they use members donations more responsibly than most other nonprofits in the same field. Lets continue growing Neptune’s Navy so we can tackle the huge problem of marine habitat destruction!

    Bob Barker: you continue to be my hero. :)

  • steph

    this is just AMAZING! Go Sea Shepard! Thanks Bob Barker!@!

  • Matt

    Great strategy! What a shock to see this! Go Sea Shepherd!

  • earth first

    Paul is brilliant. If we ever had to go to war, I want to be on Paul’s ship. The Australian navy can learn so much from this amazing man. He runs rings around the Japanese security vessels and Japanese coast guard.

    He is the most superb strategist on the high sea I am just in awe. The Australian government is looking very weak and inept indeed. More power to the sea shepherd.

    • Sasquash

      Seriously? you have never been on a work boat,I spent 9 years working at sea. Capt. Paul is a joke. Poor ship handling, doesn’t know how to launch a dingy at speed, remember episode 1 season 1, doesn’t know the proper way to quickly pull a man out of the water. I pray for the safety of his crew, he is going to do something stupid that will get a lot of people needlessly hurt one day.

      • JR

        Although I agree with the Seashepards intentions, Sasquash is apsolutly right. Capt. Paul has good intentions and has experence in harrasment and media fenzies, but he could use a lil help in the seamanship department!

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Sigh, such is the evolving nature of terrorism I suppose.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese mariners who will now come under attack from these criminal terrorists.

    May Japan respond quickly and firmly by sending her Maritime Self Defence Force to uphold international law.

    • Minerva

      Japan will be stopped, be sure of that! Japan is breaking the law! Fishing in a whale sanctuary. Not only are the Sea Shepherds going to sink Japan economically but there is an increasing group of people all over the world who will not buy anything made in Japan as long as they continue to kill whales and bottle nose dolphins. So it is not just the sea shepherds Japan needs to worry about.

      We have seen what the people of Japan are like and we do not support Japan in anyway. The Japanese Mariners have no business being where they are!

    • boycott

      To all Green Peace supporters, pull your account from them and put it where a real organization is doing what it supposed to do. Pirates (terrorists) steal treasures, and destroys. It seems like only the WHALERS are stealing natural treasures from an Autralian Territory. In consequence, these WHALERS are destroying the ecological balance of our oceans. This goes as well to other pro whaling countries. We will prevail.

    • lanny vaught

      The Sea Shepards are exactly what they say they are SHEPARDS OF THE SEA!!!!! PROTECTORS, not KILLERS!! look up the meaning of a terrorist. Idiot

    • Obvious

      FOOLS! I’m rolling on the floor laughing. I can’t believe you people think that the post above from ” Hideyoshi Toyotomi, January 5, 2010 at 10:39 pm” is a real post.

      I’m all for supporting good deeds, but using false posts to stir up support and generate comments is simpe propoganda. More power to the the Sea SHepard feet! However, the naive should instead put their efforts as raising money for them.

    • katherine koch

      If Japan would respect international law, they would not be in this situation, so they are the criminals. Japan makes a mockery of the IWC and international law, but this is a silly cross to die on, especially when Japan’s economy is in such ruins. A worldwide boycott of Japanese products by nations who understand the importance of respect for animal life and the environment, would really be the icing on the cake for the Japanese government. I support the Sea Shepherds!

    • ha adolfo

      Hey: Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Japanese mariners are the criminal terrorists to the whales! The whales finally have some voice in this. Hurray to the Sea Shepherd.

  • From MN, with hope…

    Sure, send the Japanese Maritime Defense(Navy) to arrest some unarmed, un-previously prosecuted, vegan voluteers whom you call terrorists. Three ships to combat these terrors against nature which is called whaling.

    Dude, give up. You aint doing a thing to demoralize us. I feel much more confident in my support of the SSCS now. Thanks.

    Now lets see those pictures of the whaling fleet running from the (mighty) Bob Barker!

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Unarmed? That is factually incorrect and you know it.

    Unprosecuted? Another lie. Watson and other members of the Sea Shepherd cell have been prosecuted and convicted of serious crimes. They are criminals.

    Vegan? I don’t remember Bin Laden’s diet being an issue.

    Volunteers? Terrorists generally are.

    But here’s some interesting information about Paul Watson’s ongoing fraud:

    • From MN, with hope…

      Oh I’m sorry I forgot about their bottles of rotten butter, cellulose powder, and water cannon. Right. What proof do you have that they have dealy weapons onboard any of their ships?

      Only one or two members have been prosecuted and actually sent to jail. Paul Watson has never had any charges pressed against him in court.

      THEY ARENT TERRORISTS. Who have they killed? What have they ruined? Why isnt Homeland security worried about the SSCS attacking America? I’m calling your bluff. How are they terrorists. Give me several reasons.

      That link is financial information. Thats not relating to anything.

      I am solid in what I think about the SSCS and ICR. Obviously are trying to either demoralize us, or try to get us onto the side of the ICR. Guess what! You havent done anything other than whine about the SSCS and call them terrorists. You are as innefective as taking an asprin for a broken arm. Get over the fact that you will never demoralize the fans of the SSCS, and go to where you’re wanted, because it aint here…

      • Dan

        You have got to be kidding right? Do you know what the definition of “terrorist” is?

        Websters defines terrorism as:
        1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
        2.the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
        3.a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

        When you ram a ship, throw projectiles, use pyrotechnics, while committing acts that are denounced by the IWC, and international law, that is terrorism.

        The Japanese have PERMITS, so their activities are not illegal, unless and until they exceed the quota allotted them for each species of whale. To take 935 whales, in a species at 470,000 is not going to have a net negative impact on that species.

        Get a clue, stop drinking the kool-aid, and actually read international law as it relates to whaling, and piracy. Although why I bother to use reason, law, and logic with radical fanatics is beyond me…

    • Lilly

      Hideyoshi Toyotomi, you pathetic crybaby, tell someone who cares. SEA SHEPHERD, CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON FOREVER!

    • Bucky Goldstein

      If the SSCS were terrorists, all of the japans cowardly whale slaughtering fleet would have been sunk years ago. You, who goes by the name “Hideyoshi Toyotomi”, are a moron!

  • herwin

    wow, thats great news and its not a secret its an unexpected blow to these murderous cowards called whalers

  • Brendan

    I have a NEW respect for Bob Barker, He is putting his money towards something worth while. Good Work! Keep up the good work sea shepherd and thanks again to Bob Barker!

  • Julie Farrell

    Well done Bob Barker for supporting SSCS now we have an ice breaker, fantastic!!!! Very sorry to hear that the murdering Japanese security boat has rammed the Ady Gill and apparently has sliced it in 2 and has sunk it!!!! Now our goverment must intervene, I would call that piracy!!!!

    • Anders

      First of all, the boat isn’t primaraly an icebreaker, rather an ice-classed vessel. Regarding the Ady Gil, I strongly advise you to think before you speak the next time. I’m sure I have a little more knowledge than you in this field, being that it’s my profession, but I’m also pretty sure you understand that a vessel with over twice the speed, and possibly 30-40(or more) times the manouverability easily could avoid a situation like that. It wasn’t an accident, I agree on that. But I really think it’s a bit over the line to damage a two million dollar boat, and possibly injure japanese mariners trying to feed their family, for what? Just a PR-stunt.. Even if, and I must agree here, it was original as hell.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Good riddance to the Adi Gil. This is a positive development in the global battle against terrorism and piracy, and will assist restoring peace and security to the high seas.

    May the rest of the Sea Shepherd terror vessels join the Adi Gil on the ocean floor.

    • Andy

      F–k you, you little whaling-supporting prick. May all the whalers die slow and agonizing deaths and may Japan join 2010.

      • whaletastesgood

        Have you ever tasted whale before? It is mighty tasty.


      Said it before, and I’ll say it again:
      F–K YOU.

      • Dan

        What a tough guy, from the annonimoty of a blog post.

        Back up your statements. What the Japanese are doing is 100% legal. Just because you don’t agree with something, doesn’t make it illegal, it just makes you ignorant.

    • RabbitInTheMoon

      If the Japanese weren’t whaling illegally in the first place then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Are you actually serious about your argument or are you simply having fun making the rest of us pissed off? Personally, I think you’re full of s–t because anyone with commonsense can see that your arguments are unfounded.

      Actually, I bet that you do believe what you are saying and clearly haven’t done any research at all. You only pay attention to the news that Japan spits out and lets people see. You don’t think they don’t spin this in their favor?

      Who has the most to lose in this case? Sea Shepherd or the whaling fleet? Do your self a favor and do some f—–g research before you open your mouth next time!!!!

    • lanny

      Thanks for restoring peace?? You wish the crew would sink to the bottom of the sea! Thats peaceful????? typical comment from a real terrorist!

  • boycott

    I have made a comment on the other article about doing an international boycott of Japanese products until they stop whaling in the southern ocean. If Japan wants to continue whaling, they should do so in their own territorial waters and in limited numbers. Less than 10.

    Again, I feel strongly about this boycott. Japan has a lot of whale meat surplus and they still keep on hunting whales in the number of thousands. Just think, even those undistinguishable food from Japan may contain whale meat.

    • Dan

      You are sincerely mis-informed. The Japanese whaling fleet is able to harvest less than 1100 specimens, specifically for scientific research. In fact, the Japanese have contributed more to cetacean research and knowledge than the rest of the world community combined. It is their specialty. Why aren’t the Sea Shepherds, this glorious saviour of whales, out in Norway, where the Noregians actually hunt whale for the specific purpose of human consumption.

      Ignorance is bliss when it comes to eco-terrorism.

  • Alastair UK

    All the above comments aside,

    I wish the crew of the Adi Gil a safe return to the Bob Barker, make a speedy recovery and I hope you hit those Japanese bastards harder than ever before. I am sure the Sea Shepherd crew will come back ever more determined, I severely hope so.

    Mr. Toyotomi – What a utterly brain washed individual you are, you quite obviously reek of your own government’s propaganda (bull shit). I am sure your taking most your responses from their very own websites that cover these topics. Ah well, I will donate an extra 500 pounds to the sea shepherds in honor of you and of course the hundreds of whales your country continues murder.

  • Frumious

    Looks like the Japanese 25kph Shonan Maru 2 took down Sea Shepherd’s new 92kph Ady Gil. See the video at:

    The video, taken from the Maru 2 shows the Ady Gil quiet in the water ahead and off the starboard of the Maru 2. The Maru 2, moving forward at about 15 knots, slowly turns towards the Ady Gil. It looks like the Maru 2 would have come harassingly close but not hit the Ady Gil. But at the last moment before the Maru 2 passes, the Ady Gil guns its engines and surges forward, right into the path of the Maru 2. Suicide. The Maru 2 shears off the point of the Ady Gil. It is a wonder no one was injured. Both parties clearly share blame here; the Maru 2 for its aggressive navigation and the Ady Gil for suicidal endangerment of its crew.

    Absolute craziness.

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  • Mick

    It is amazing how stupid people can be with money. 5 million wasted on eco-terrorist who are going to get some one killed. what a bunch of panty-watse losers who think ramming a meatl ship with one made of plastic is a good idea. Here is another one; go back to your mom’s house and just stick to playing D&D. Hoe you losers know that Obamacare proabably won’t cover stupidity and harm caused by reckless behaviour. Oh well, one crappy boat down, two to go. Haha, eco-morons.

    • savethewhales

      Hey Mick the prick, or should I say Mick the dick-less prick. I bet you are sitting at your mommy’s now. Obviously not doing anything usefull with your miserable life. Wish I could end it for you and save the planet’ oxygen

      • lara

        well said Save the whales.

  • extractorks

    One eco terrorist down, two to go. Hope these liberal losers go back to living in moms basement.

    what a joke.

    • Karen Osgood

      Eco-terrorism huh? Just who are the terrorists here, when you watch these killers take 20 minutes to kill and animal in agony?

    • Rawry

      Aw, sounds like you’re lonely in the basement. Don’t worry, cry enough and someone will hear you.

  • Karen Osgood

    At last someone stepped forward. I have been bemoaning the lack of support on the seas for a while. Thank you, Bob Barker. Well done!

  • Mick

    My greatest hope now is to see the Sea Morons have their flag yanked and some dandy chaps in real ships say the aussie navy take them away. Or better yet, go ram one of the Alaskan crab boats and watch the eco-morons get their ass kicked. Watson is not saving anyone or anything, it is al about money and publicity. If you think otherwise you are as stupid as Bob Barker.

  • Me

    After what jump???

  • Ice-B

    I would try to keep my head cool here, some guys has spoken faster than their brains can actually cope with..

    First of all, this:
    Only one or two members have been prosecuted and actually sent to jail. Paul Watson has never had any charges pressed against him in court.
    Is NOT correct!

    Paul Watson was charged with the sinking of a whaling boat in Norway a few years back, while claiming that he had every intention of defending himself in a court of law, he never showed up and was consequently sentenced in absentia.
    There’s an arrest order out for him, which the Dutch government failed to recognice when ha was arrested there, and he was therefore released without being extradicted to Norway in order to serve his sentence.

    In the case of the MV. Bob Barker the SSOC has stated on their web-site that they sailed the vessel under Norwegian flag in order to create confusion amongst the Japanese…
    As long as the ex-Norwegian whaling vessel is not registered in Norway that would be a violation of international maritime counduite, maybe even international maritime law.

    So…..not that innocent after all?

    • Fisherman

      Gotta repost didn’t seem to stick ?
      For all those who don’t remember, we almost hunted a vast number of whale species to extinction. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a vegetarian (although some friends and family members are). I think that conservation and proper management of fisheries is not just a moral imperative but also its just using your head! If you wipe out species – including others ie. tuna,cod,salmon the list here could go on for a bit… you not only may never see them on earth again (such a shame), but you also wipe out your means to an income, and food for your and others families and communities. We owe the whales after the slaughter that nearly destroyed them, a long period to repopulate and restock their numbers. I have seen communities that overfished their stocks, and its pretty amazing how quickly these – tough mouthy, its all about me and my money – environmentalists be damned fishermen turn into – quivering oops I guess they were right lets not f-up the damned place again, nature loving good guys. And power to them, its okay to make mistakes, but its not okay to repeat them. The guys (and gals) who really are invested in the ocean have your back Paul (and Bob). My crew sees you as a hero, carry on! Good luck and good health to you and your crew.

  • Anders

    Thinking that a Norwegian flag would fool anyone is literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard, why would Norwegian authorities or a Norwegian company send a support vessel unannounced? And if you, or Sea Sheperd, had ANY knowledge of the shipping industry today, you’d know that it’s highly unlikely for a Norwegian vessel of this type, in this area, to be sailing under the Norwegian flag, with the exceptions of military vessels(and the presence of that type of ship is even more unlikely).

    So, at this point I guess we’ve established that Sea Sheperds are mostly incompetent juveniles who never really stopped harrassing the other kids on the playground, and now fool the world into giving them money, so they can buy new toys to beat the other kids in the head. And YOU, are a fool for believing in them, and not realise that whale meat is the commercial meat with the lowest carbon footprint(and yes, global warming could potentially, and probably will eventually kill/extingiush alot more species, including the whales).

    Then there’s me, a proud Norwegian from a family of hard working patriots, working as an engineer on a ro-ro vessel. Have I ever done you wrong? Other than being Norwegian? Or my grandfather, who was an XU-agent and fought for his country during World War II, and than later rebuilt it, has he ever done you wrong? I have a hard time believing that we have.

    So why would you disrespect our beloved flag in this way? If you had any honour, which you’ve clearly convinced me you doesn’t, would it be okay for me to take a dump over yours? Or burn the flag probably many of your ancestors fought for?

    I realise that I’m putting you in a hard position, being that you have to think a little outside your comfy box of propaganda and all.. But really, try thinking..

    It could do you some good.

    • Bucky Goldstein

      OHHhh Pahleeeeeeeeeese! Do you kiss your Norwegian mother with that manusha spewing mouth of yours?

  • Fisherman

    For all those who don’t remember, we almost hunted a vast number of whale species to extinction. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a vegetarian (although some friends and family members are). I think that conservation and proper management of fisheries is not just a moral imperative but also its just using your head! If you wipe out species – including others ie. tuna,cod,salmon the list here could go on for a bit… you not only may never see them on earth again (such a shame), but you also wipe out your means to an income, and food for your and others families and communities. We owe the whales after the slaughter that nearly destroyed them, a long period to repopulate and restock their numbers. I have seen communities that overfished their stocks, and its pretty amazing how quickly these – tough mouthy, its all about me and my money – environmentalists be damned fishermen turn into – quivering oops I guess they were right lets not f-up the damned place again, nature loving good guys. And power to them, its okay to make mistakes, but its not okay to repeat them. The guys (and gals) who really are invested in the ocean have your back Paul (and Bob). My crew sees you as a hero, carry on! Good luck and good health to you and your crew.

  • Gavin MacQueen

    May I suggest to all the sea shepherd supporters. Please do not respond to the sushi breath (and probably whale breath) japanese whaler Sympathizers. It should be noted that these cowards (and that’s just what they are) are just trying to stir things up. These are the same individuals who yell at, and flip off other drivers from the safety of their cars. Yet the moment they discover that the other driver is following them home, they crap their pants and cry for their mommy! They are very sad and angry people that search for venues like this to vent their frustration…and they can only do this from the safety of their home computer. Why? Because they are cowards So, PLEASE…EVERYBODY….STOP responding to their sophomoric comments and please ignore them. Trust me, if you want to really piss them off, ignoring them will do the trick. The more pissed off you sound with your responses, the more satisfaction you give them.

    I’m reminded of something a wise man told me “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference”

    In closing, I want to give Bob Barker his due props. Thanks Bob!!!

    • Minketastesgood

      Minke tastes very good, here’s a good recipe:
      Whale Steak
      (serves 4)
      4 slices of whale meat, 3/4 pound each
      Salt and pepper, preferably freshly ground
      4 onion rings
      2 teaspoons finely diced green or red peppers
      1 teaspoon finely diced parsley
      1 teaspoon finely diced gherkins
      Carve the meat into slices, about one to two inches thick, and beat them with your hands until tender (this usually takes about 3 hours). Press steaks into desired shape. Preheat a frying pan and melt some butter in it. Brown the butter before adding the meat. Fry the steaks for 4 to 5 minutes on each side. Whale steaks taste best when they are medium rare, but they should always be warmed through and not eaten raw. Cooked steaks should be smartly arranged on your favorite servingware, and topped with an onion ring. For an especially decorative and delicious touch, fill each onion ring with peppers, parsley, and the chopped gherkins. Suggested accompaniment: scalloped potatoes and a crisp lettuce salad.

    • Anders

      Thank you, I will remind myself never to argue with you. As for the onlookers, I don’t think you have to be very smart to recognize a fool. It’s really quite easy, especially on the internet, the most common characteristics of a textbook internet-fool is excessive use of uppercase, exclamation points, dots, commas, and questionmarks.

      Let me give you an example:

      “PLEASE…EVERYBODY….STOP responding to their sophomoric comments”

      Glad I could help you better recognize a internet-fool! In our next lesson we’re going to learn a few tricks on how to recognize a fool out in the real world, please bring a mirror.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        Anders, or is it “Slanders”,

        Congratulations! you have won the “Biggest Internet-fool of the Year Award”.

        I got to say, you sounded extremely desperate in your attempt to try to one-up Gavin MacQueen. LOL, Gavin must have struck a nerve with you, not to mention the fact that you sound just like one of the “cowards” he described in his comment.

        I love the way you exaggerated how he uses “excessive use of uppercase, exclamation points, dots, commas, and questionmarks.” When I reread what he wrote, I expected to see about 50 percent of his comments the way you described it, only to discover he barely used them at all. I wonder how many times you had to read his comment to find the one “question mark” he used…lol.

        May I suggest that you look up the phrase, “Argumentum ad hominem”, and learn it. That way you might avoid making a fool of yourself in the future when ingaging in an argument, a comment, or a discussion.

        Also, if I was to be as petty as you, I might mention how you wrote “questionmarks” as one word, or how you wrote, “… recognize ‘a’ internet-fool!” when the correct way to word it is, “…’an’ internet-fool!”


  • John May

    Is it not piracy to fly the flag of a nation to deceive another boat to get close and then change to the jolly roger piracy?

    • Anders

      By definition, that’s not piracy, no. It is, however, a well-known technique used by pirates. Why that is surprising to you, I have a hard time understanding, it is to me quite obvious that “piracy” is the image your going for, when you sail a black ship with a Jolly Roger.

      I realise that most of us found it entertaining to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and that many of us dressed up as pirates when we were kids. I just don’t understand why a organization that claims to be serious would think it’s cool and fun to honor such a brutal profession. Pirates have, and still are, terrorising the seas, putting the lifes of innocent mariners at risk, theese mariners are husbands and wives, fathers, mothers, and someones child! Why honour them?

      You wouldn’t try to save the whales wearing a nazi uniform, would you?

    • Bucky Goldstein

      Hi John,

      Don’t listen to Anders, as she is what we call a pseudo intellect.

      As for Piracy, not all “pirates” are considered bad. The word “Pirate” is subjective. Just as witches have gotten a bad rap from people like Anders, I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that there are good witches too. People like Anders will have you thinking that all bikers and people with tattoos are bad as well. She might also have you thinking twice about becoming a “Pittsburgh Pirates” fan.

      The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has embraced the “pirate” theme since, yes, many of their attributes are pirate like, but minus the “bad pirate” characteristics.

      Is Paul Watson and his crew “Robbers”? You could argue that they are, and I’m sure Paul wouldn’t deny it since their objective is to rob the Japanese of their ability to make a profit by illegal whaling. Is this bad? I suppose it depends on what side of the issue you’re on.

      If you look at their “Jolly Roger” flag, you will notice that it’s not exactly the same flag the bad pirates were known to fly. The Sea Shepherd’s flag does not render “Skull and bones”, but renders a skull, a trident spear, and a shepherd’s staff. Just one of the things that sets them apart from the “bad pirates”.

      To learn more about “Pirates” visit these sites:

      Learn about the good pirates:

  • Fisherman

    Yeah I’m seeing a really unfortunate polarization on this blog – Its funny how a handful of immature people can ruin things. I have many Japanese friends and colleagues, they are an amazing people with a proud history (perhaps a few mistakes here and there like any great culture). The one thing that always struck me was that the Japanese are incredibly intelligent people, and also very conservative with resources, I guess living on an island – all be it a large one, with a set amount of resources would make this natural – Nothing wasted. Japan has the second largest economy on earth and with this also has a responsiblity to be a steward of these resources. There is a reason why almost the entire world has ceased and banned whaling. It is not because they are a bunch of crank pot enviro-nazis, its because it is not sustainable, and nearly destroyed a vast number of whale species. Believe me all countries who stopped whaling lost money, jobs, and whale based resources but it was the right thing to do. Now with the Japanese ‘Research’ going on I think they should call it what it is – there is no good reason to eat ‘research’ whales perhaps they should be in fermaldehyde in a lab somewhere. And the massive numbers being caught is obviously a commercial fishery. They are enlarging the quota every year! Japan already agreed to halt all commercial whale fishing. So why don’t they call it what it is – they are breaking international law and need to cease what they are doing immediately. Why is the international community not dealing with this? Should it not be a shared responsiblity of all nations to stop this blatant illegal activity? Well until such time as they do I comes down to concerned citizens of any nation to stop this activity – and Paul Watson is the go to guy he is out there putting his life on the line to get it done. BTW there are alot of Japanese who are disgusted with their governments transgressions, including some who actually join Paul out in the Antarctic to try and stop the commercial whaling fleet.