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Seems that lasers weren’t the only secret weapon the Sea Shepherd were keeping under wraps.

The anti-whaling organization let loose today that a brand-new third ship, the MV BOB BARKER, has discovered the Japanese whaling fleet. Said one member of the Sea Shepherd’s shore crew, “We have had to keep the secret, Bob Barker, for eons! We had to squirm out of so many situations and questions to keep the secret!! This is pretty big news, the Bob Barker is a Ice Breaker!! Whoo Hoo!! Imagine the surprise from the Whalers!”

No kidding.

Now, the Sea Shepherd have one more boat — and a big one at that — to disrupt the whaling; something the Japanese probably did not count on when coming up with strategies to keep interference to a minimum. With the fleet now located, the Barker can keep tabs on their every move while it waits for the rest of the SS boats to arrive. According to the latest update, the Irwin is approx 700 miles away and should rendezvous with the Bob Barker and the Japanese fleet in three days. The Ady Gil is only about 50 miles from the Japanese whaling fleet. (For those playing along at home, the whaling fleet is currently located in the Commonwealth Bay off the Adelie Coast at 143 Degrees 17 Minutes East and 66 Degrees 43 Minutes South.)

As an aside, nice choice SS on naming the new boat after Bob Barker, a tireless advocate for animal welfare and a generous soul to boot.

Pics to come soon. (And ain’t it nice knowing that the Japanese just wasted an incredible amount of money tailing the Irwin while the Barker was out there doing the real searching? Beautiful work, SS)

UPDATE: Photo is up!

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  • Hart Ryan Noecker

    This is incredible. I remember in this summer there was talk of three ships, then suddenly only mention of the Ady Gil. And when I noticed that Peter Hammerstadt was no longer the 1st mate of the MYSI, I knew for sure he was on another boat out there somewhere.

    • Omar Todd

      yeah hard to keep the big personalities a secret, like “where have they gone?”. ;-) We focused on the Ady Gil and used that as excellent cover.

  • Joanne Siddall

    Yeah !! This is great news . Made my day.

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  • 2wheeldeal

    Remember that scene in Happy Gilmour when Bob Barker kicks Adam Sandler’s ass?

  • Cate

    Fantastic news! This is wonderful! Go Sea Shepherd, go!

  • don miguelo

    Bob Barker is THE MAN!

    (and now he is also… THE SHIP!)

  • Marie

    C’est une super nouvelle !! GO Sea Seashepherd !

  • tanale

    I will be torturing and killing cute little puppies and kittens until the terrorist ship Bob Barker stops it’s interference with the whaling ships and leaves the area they are operating in. I mean it. Some are already dead after suffering a LOT. It wasn’t pretty. Want to help save these beautiful innocent animals from a horrible, painful death? Let Sea Shepherd know what they have to to save them.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Why didn’t this old fool Bob Barker spend his money on a real environmental issue instead of this anti-whaling rubbish? His country is vandalising the global environment at record pace and this sentimental whale nonsense is all he can think of?

    This is the real danger with the anti-whaling crusade. It elevates a complete conservational non-issue to the forefront of the minds of Americans and allows them to continue to ravage the enviroment while feeling themselves to be enviromental do-gooders.

    As a website supposedly dedicated to conservation, could I suggest that whaling matters not be given such prominence here? I suspect it is distracting many well-intended Americans from tackling the true environmental issues (of which they are at the centre).

    • Defiant

      It’s always interesting to hear what the Yakuza have to say. Whaling is a “complete conservational non-issue”? Riiiiiight! Straight from th ICR’s list of talking points. Incidentally, Japan’s record on environmental damage is not particularly shining either. And with stated policy of “extracting the maximimum profit before the resources become extinct”, I can’t say much about your ideas of “convervation, either.

  • From MN, with hope…

    We are damaging the environment, but then again we are also putting in one of the biggest efforts to reduce global emissions. China is also doing major harm, AND they arent doing a thing about it!

    It brings it to the forfront of the minds of Americans, so it raises awareness of this, thus more outrage. Guess you got more enemies Hideyoshi!

  • Tom Masty

    I am against whaling but also against the methods being used by the Sea Shephard.

    This radical environmentalism may be the only alternative in some people’s mind but I would think there are other options.

    Maybe we need more political pressure?

    • don miguelo

      “Radical environmentalism” isn’t the 1st response, it occurs AFTER other options have been pursued to no avail. That is the case here. Direct Actions are the only thing at the moment between the whales and this lethal facet of the human species.

      Feel free to keep trying political pressure, boycotts, letters, celeb exposure, etc– but none of that has worked enough to derail this practice from finally being stamped out.

      Hopefully most of us will not wait for politics to decide things because that road we, and these whales, don’t have time for.

  • Rcon1

    What a fantastic move by Mr barker and the SS. Hes put his money were his mouth is..god bless the Sea Sheperd and Bob Barker! Ramming speeeeed.

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  • Wowza

    the Sea sheaperds should buy a ship just like the jappenese whaleing ships and dress up like them too and pretend to be a whaling vessel..then they can be like spies and help the sea sheaperd crew for tracking the fleet down..the should have it painted like the nassu maru harpoon ships.. but they shouldn’t show the ship on the T.V or to the world they can say we have a new ship but should keep the ship confidential to the world because if they show it to the world then obviously if the jappenese are spying on them by watching there shows then they will see how the sea sheperds handle things…

    They can afford the ship because the’re association is being paid for having a T.V show on it..