Sea Shepherd Ady Gil damaged after collision with Japanese Whaling vessel
by Michael dEstries
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Photo: JOANNE MCARTHUR/Sea Shepherd

Go ahead and call today’s collision between a Japanese whaling vessel and the Sea Shepherd Ady Gil a best case scenario.

Of all the possible ways it could have happened, shearing off the front 8-feet of the sleek vessel was probably the one that gave it the best shot at survival. Had the Shonan Maru No.2 split the Gil closer to the middle or even backside, there might zero leftover to ponder salvaging — not to mention the increased danger that would have befallen the crew.

As it is, the inflicted rhinoplasty may have bought Ady Gil Captain Pete Bethune some time to figure out how to recover his ship. If there’s a bright side to this, it’s that the ship’s two powerful 540hp engines and electronics appear to have been left relatively unscathed. Granted, as the Sea Shepherd have repeatedly said the boat is taking on water, there’s no way of knowing if that alone has already ruined the gear on board.

Even if we assume that the Ady Gil is still afloat and in one piece with the exception of its nose, there are a bunch of forces at work that might cause her to be scuttled. One, yesterday’s incident took place in relatively calm seas. Since this area of the world is known for wickedly unpredictable weather, any change for the worse in ocean swells might quickly swamp the vessel and flood through the open hole. If that doesn’t happen, Bethune still needs to figure out a.) a way to plug the hole in the front and b.) how to tow her home. As Paul Watson mentioned yesterday after the incident, the Sea Shepherd are committed to remaining engaged against the Japanese whaling fleet — so that leaves support from either the MV Steve Irwin or MV Bob Barker out the question. (Or not: Good to see the SS taking care of one of their own. Check out the updates below)

More likely would be for either an Australian or New Zealand vessel to lend a hand. Also a possibility would be support from the French research base the SS visited a few weeks back — though it’s anyone’s guess if they have the capability to assist. In any case, it would be several days before any vessel could be on site, a grim prospect with regards to the weather mentioned earlier.

The last scenario would be for Bethune to somehow plug the hole and, should the engines continue working, slowly glide back to a safe port or sheltered bay off the Antarctic coast.

Either way, the odds are stacked against the Ady Gil. We’re just glad everyone is safe — and that the best case scenario is the one we’re talking about today rather than something more tragic.

[UPDATE] The crew of the world record-breaking speed boat were currently salvaging all the diesel, lest it spill into the Antarctic waters. Swift said they were planning to winch the front of the severed bow onto the Bob Barker, and tow the stricken vessel to port, and repairs, in Hobart, Australia, or to New Zealand. via

[UPDATE #2] Looks like things are getting grim:

“They basically stayed up for 36 hours alongside the Ady Gil retrieving as much as they could,” said Locky Maclean, first mate of the Steve Irwin anti-whaling ship. “The central hull is flooded. The nose of the vessel, the front four-and-a-half metres (15 feet) has sunk.” Maclean said the Bob Barker, another anti-whaling ship operated by the Sea Shepherd group, had tried and failed to tow the two million US dollar craft from the area. “She can’t tow it forward because there’s no front of the boat, if they start towing it frontwards it’ll just fill with water,” he said. “They’re trying to tow it backwards and it’s proving very, very difficult and there’s still water coming in. “So at the moment they’re getting all of the fuel, the batteries, the oil and all those types of things pumped out of the Ady Gil as quickly as possible to ensure that if they do have to abandon the vessel because it sinks there won’t be anything inside to cause any pollution.”

via AFP

[UPDATE #3] She’s gone.

More pics of the damage below:

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  • Mike D.

    I just went online and donated $50 to Sea Shepherd because of this. I hope others will do the same and then they could build two or three more Ady Gils.

    Mike Depsky

  • Jonas

    perhaps not hitting the throttle last minute and driving into a giant, steel ship would have saved the $1.5M bat-boat. Noble cause undertaken by total dumbasses. The Shepherds have to be the worst “sailors” I’ve ever seen. Whale Wars proves that every episode.

    • HR

      WTF – “The Shepherds have to be the worst “sailors” I’ve ever seen” – Pete Buthine the captain of this vessel managed to set the record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe (60 days, 23 hours, 49 minutes), which was completed in June 2008.
      So you can’t say he fits your description of “the worst sailors you’ve ever seen”.

      • H.B.B.

        Thanks for clarifying, HR. It appears that Jonas is in fact the actual “total dumbass”.

    • Wildcard

      It doesnt matter what they did. If teh Japanese ship wasnt going hard to the starboard and with its engines full back it is at fault. The rules of the road state the vesile comeing from the starboard side is the Stand On vesile and the one to its ports side is the give way. The give way ship is teh one that has to avoid collision at all costs. The spokesmen for the Japanese stated the ship was going to PORT to avoid the Ady Gil, that was the wrong move if they were trying to avoid a collision. If you watch other video you can see them turning port, that the ship rights itself and it than turn starboard, after the impact the captain again tries to go port. If you did that near any coast area you would be at fault, and in this case, regardless of how you feel about Sea Shepherd, the Japanese did the wrong thing.

      • Rob

        Wrong! the smaller vessell must give way to the larger vessell at all times.

  • Trey Walker

    Total idiots. Too bad Paul Watson wasn’t riding on the bow like the hood ornament he has become. This group gives a bad name too us all.

  • Shamu Steak

    Ha Ha Ha!

    These eco-terrorists got exactly what they deserve.

    Anyone know where I can go to donate money to the Shonan Maru No. 2 crew? They should be served a steak (cow or whale) dinner for their valiant efforts figting off these crazy terrorists.

  • George

    the Shepherds provoked this incident. perhaps the will learn from it.

  • dj

    it was obvious from the video the ady gil accelerated right before impact…

    i’ll eat a big juicy steak in honor of the whalers tonight…

    you bought the ticket, you take the ride….

  • james

    These guys all wear black like they think they are a bunch of bad arses. What do they think they are pirates or something. Serves them right.

  • Matt

    I just went online and donated $50 to The Japanese Whaling Research Instiute because of this. I hope others will do the same and then they could sink two or three more Ady Gils.

    • HR

      Matt your just wasting O2 the rest of us can put to better use.

    • H.B.B.

      Jeez, that’s pretty stingy, Matt. I just donated $500.00 to SSCS. No doubt donations will start pouring into SSCS as a result of the Japanese terrorists’ attack on the Ady Gil. Thanks, Japanese terrorists, for showing your true colors/lack of respect for any life including human life, and making your shameful poaching activities front page news worldwide!

    • Matthew

      Matt go f–k yourself. I hope everyone will donate to Sea Shepherd so they can buy a frigate to ram the shit out of whaling ships.

      • gaige

        they should have a aircraft carrier and ram the japanese

  • Mike D.

    Something tells me these people aren’t regular readers.

    • James

      I am not a regular reader. But I may become one now. While the cause may be noble, the ineptitude of the Ady Gil’s crew, and the gall of the SS organization to claim that the Japanese ship intentionally rammed the Ady Gill reflects very porrly on their organization and erodes what credibility they may have with the mainstream public….like me. I am a fomer US Coast Guard Officer and it is very clear that the Ady Gil accelerated directly into the path of the whaler. It may have been an attempt to cross the other ship’s bow that was executed way too late.

      • H.B.B.


        Take a look at the collision from the SS’s camera, and you’ll hopefully see that the Japanese terrorists were in fact the aggressors:

      • Wildcard

        I posted above, the Japanese may not have tried to ram them, but they didnt follow teh rules of the roaf. PLain and simple, the ship to “your” starboard side has the right of way, you are saposed to stop, back up , or move to pass them to their stern, and put them to your port. There is video that shows the Japanese ship moving to port, the wrong way, and the spoksperson for them said they were doing that. But also that video shows the ship moving to port, as you can see by the list, that the ship rights itself, implying no turn right before impact. It looks to me as if the Japanese ship ment to hit them.

  • not a regular reader

    Can you post some pics of the ship just before it sinks to the bottom of the ocean?

    • http://ecorazzi ian


  • Zebra

    Great pics!

  • jmay

    I so love seeing these terrorists get what they deserve. Let’s take down the Steve Irwin next!

  • bill

    The Japanese are killing Minke whales which are approaching endangered status, though by some measures are there already. They are also killing Fin whales which are the second largest animals on the planet. They are endangered. They face extinction if not allowed to reproduce in significant numbers.

    Most Japanese people do not eat whales. Industrial whaling was introduced by Gen. Douglas MacArthur after WW2 to provide protein to starving Japanese.

    The research done by the Japanese is not peer-reviewed and can be done through non-intrusive methods according to marine biologists.

    The slaughter of these whales takes place in a sanctuary. Dig? A sanctuary. There is an international moratorium on whaling in effect, worldwide.

    The Australian government does nothing but bellyache. Those waters are administrated by Australia.

    Sea Shepherd can count the number of whales it saves. These days, every whale saved is critical to their survival and the integrity of the oceanic ecosystems.

    All of the stupid comments above simply illustrate ignorance. Investigate the things you so quickly judge. We share this planet. There is a planetary emergency going on. Direct action is needed.


    • Allison

      Thank you, Bill. :)

    • Adri

      Thanks, Bill, for your post. Some of those posters are just shills.

  • From MN, with hope…

    Lets who the terrorists are:

    SSCS: bottles of rotten butter, and cellulosr powder to the decks of the whalers vessels, and some bent railings. Bent railing incidents left the Steve Irwin with more damage.

    ICR: Rammed $2mil. boat, and hocked off huge chunk of it.

    Hmmmm… I wonder…

    And if you guys hate the SSCS so much why dont you go to a place where you’re welcome, instead of trying to demoralize those of us who support Sea Shepherd, which wont work.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    The Japanese fleet is now in grave danger.

    The Sea Shepherd terror cell will no doubt feel compelled to engage in further violence against the research vessels and will continue to lie and attribute blame to the Japanese.

    Japan must send its naval forces to the area to prove to these fanatical punks that the world is serious about fighting terrorism.

    Australia, New Zealand and Holland ought to fulfil their international obligations in this regard and deny the terrorists use of their ports and flags and arrest the criminals if they set foot in their jurisdictions.

    • From MN, with hope…

      You arent in any way worried about those crewmember who ship was struck and ripped in two. Wow. And you also think the Japanese Navy should go down there to kill the rest. Wow again. If you had any decency you wouldve said something along the lines of “Now the research program can continue without having to worry about another terrorist boat.” but no! You want all of them gone, dead or alive. Wonder why I try. Maybe I care too much for the SSCS.

      • billy

        theres a japanese navy??? didnt the us take care of that back in the 40’s?

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Of course I am not worried for the safety of the terrorists. Do you worry for the poor Jihadists everytime your planes drop bombs in Afghanistan?

      They made a choice to become criminals and violate international laws. They put themselves in harms way (literally) and they must be prepared to reap the whirlwind.

      If these terrorists were attacking US vessels, they would have been dispatched to watery graves a very long time ago. However, my country foolishly tolerates these criminals.

      • From MN, with hope…

        They arent terrorists!! How many times do I have to say that! What proof is there that they are terrorists!?!

        And thats my COUNTRY not me! I’m a conscientious objector, who disapproves of gunning a man down. I’d keep thinking about their families and such… Stop blaming my countries actions on me! If my name implied no location than chances are you wouldne be throwing those “your country” this and “your country” that at me. My countries leaders have done some dumb stuff, so stop blaming me.

        GO somewhere else to spread the hate. This website has its base in things that are good for the environment, and the Sea Shepherd group is good because they are defending the whales from the now terroristic ICR. The Ady Gil was just sitting there, and the Shonan Maru steered into the Ady Gil. No matter what the Ady did, the Japanese are at fault!

        Once again thank you for spending your time wasting oxygen. I have had an unbiased thired party watch both videos, and their opinion is that consisting of this: The Japanese are at fault, Sea Shepherd may take some blame.

        Why do you post here? Honest question. I post here to try and contradict your posts, and get you to stop while making the SSCS look good. Since I have started replying to you I have found firm ground in my supporting of Sea Shepherd. Thank you.

      • Dan 808

        Your country has no Navy jackass. Remember?Japan can only rely on US Naval forces for protection.

      • H.B.B.

        The only terrorists are the thugs who are in an international whale sanctuary destroying life and shedding blood in their lust to poach whales; i.e., it’s the Japanese money-grubbers who are the true eco-terrorists since they are the ones terrorizing the ecosystem. Japan harbors and promotes terrorists!

      • Defiant

        Someone who is being paid by the Yakuza to disemminate their PR does not have much room to lecture the rest of us about choosing to become criminals and international law. You are part of an organized crime syndicate that poaches in another country’s territorial waters, and your nation’s history is drenched in just as much blood as the American’s.

      • Chico Rulez!

        They make a sign on their ships for every vessel sunk. So, you will have to scream “they aren’t terrorists” quite a lot – in vain. Repeating like a spoiled child may have worked with your mom long ago, but it doesn’t anymore.

        Using violence won’t work, besides being inhumane. Both the japanese whalers and the SSCS are the same kind of uncivilized people.

    • Charlie

      Oh yes of course! We must stop the sea shepherd terrorists who are going around ramming stationary whaling ships and cutting them in two!!!! Oh wait! Yeah now it’s coming back to me! The Japanese are the ones who rammed a stationary sea shepherd vessel cutting it in two. How very curious. What shall we make of that? You, just like the whalers are a spineless oaf. You have the nerve to call the Sea Shepherds terrorist’s when they have never injured a single whaler in all the years they have been coming down to Antarctica! The Japanese whalers could have very easily killed six people when they irresponsibly rammed the Ady Gil! Yet you have the nerve to call the Sea Shepherds terrorists. People like you are what is wrong with our world! I bet you are one of those people the Institute of “Bullshit” Cetacean Research pays to spam message boards on sites like this. Even if you aren’t why don’t you stop wasting all of our time because no one here has the time or patience to read the crap you are coating this message board with.

      Sincerely Yours,
      Someone who actually gives a damn about the future of our planet

    • don miguelo

      How dare you dishonor the good name of a cultural and political daimyo with your predictiable and wrong trash?

      …also: “Toyotomi Hideyoshi had been given the nickname Kozaru, meaning “little monkey”, from his lord Oda Nobunaga because his facial features and skinny form resembled that of a monkey.” WIKI

    • don miguelo

      “Toyotomi Hideyoshi had been given the nickname Kozaru, meaning “little monkey”, from his lord Oda Nobunaga because his facial features and skinny form resembled that of a monkey.” WIKI

      How dare you dishonor the good name of a cultural and political daimyo with your predictiable and wrong trash?

  • Allison

    where are all these haters coming from?

    the Sea Shepard is doing something NO ONE ELSE IS: bringing attention to Japanese whaling (which is ILLEGAL not to mention NOT eco).

    I think we can all agree that some kind of collision like this was basically inevitable. That doesn’t mean that these people “deserve” to be rammed or even that the other ship has any kind of license to be at all reckless.

    why is it so radical to DO something about what nearly EVERYONE claims to believe in, “saving the whales”?

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      My dear Allison, you need to understand that violence is not an acceptable means of dispute resolution. Furthermore, it is not for self-styled vigilante groups to enforce what they perceive to be law.

      You say that Japanese whaling is illegal. Do you have any evidence for that? I don’t think you do, for the simple fact that Japanese whaling is in fact completely legal. That is why no legal action has been taken against the Japanese. But do not take it from me, and certainly do not take it from Sea Shepherd. Research the matter for yourself.

      You seem like a passionate person and I believe your heart is in the right place. But I worry that you believe everything that people like Paul Watson say. He is a known liar and is not ashamed of the fact. You should research that point also. Terrorists do not allow for pluraity of argument and truth is their enemy.

      Gather information from sources that are not dedicated to your point of view to gain some perspective. The issue is not nearly as one-sided as the terrorists would have you believe.

      • H.B.B.

        Hey, Hideous Toyotomi,

        First,It’s very sexist, not to mention creepy, referring to Allison as “your dear”. Ugh.

        Second, poaching whales in a whale sanctuary is illegal, and even more importantly, immoral.

        Third, it is the Japanese poachers who are the terrorists. Japan promotes terrorism. Shame on Japan for sending their criminal cells out to rape and destroy the oceans and the magnificent sea life that live in them.

        Fourth, the worldwide disgust over the movie “The Cove” shamed the Japanese terrorists into scuttling their annual dolphin massacre this year. Hopefully the attack on the Ady Gil will bring the same attention to the whale massacre carried out by the same Japanese terrorist cells lamely disguising themselves as “researchers”.

      • don miguelo

        These points are actually much better said than your usual fare. Know your enemy and the laws. Fine, most of us do on both sides. The Japanese do not agree to the moratorium and therfore could be seen as not bound to it under their “Research” header. However, just because someone does not know or has a different understanding of the letter of the law does not mean that their point of view is wrong.

        Still, to lump propeller-disablers in with plane-bombers by using the word terrorist is purposefully subjective to get a reaction, to demonize. I’m not calling you a pro-whaling terrorist, just trying to keep it fair.

      • billy

        you said violence is not an acceptable means of dispute resolution yet in an earlier post you said the pretend japanese navy should protect the whalers from the shepards…how they gonna do that in a non violent way? you sir, are a jackass


    ***And if you guys hate the SSCS so much why dont you go to a place where you’re welcome, instead of trying to demoralize those of us who support Sea Shepherd, which wont work***

    I think that you will find Ginza Glen might have a hand in polluting threads like this with their mad pro whaling / pro violence/ anti sea sheperd rantings. He is running a campaign via his pulblic relations outfit. Omeka Communications located in Wellington, New Zealand, paid for by the Japanese government. Chris Johnston is one of his partners and shared the flight from Albany WA which was seeking out the position of the sea sheprd boats recently.

    A lot of the comments from the pro whaling/ pro violence side resemble a George Dubbya kind of mentality ( lets go get em boys…ra..ra.ra..)

    There are also other groups in Canada for example that are definatly anti Paul watson because he has helped put an end to baby seal bashing in Canada and baby seal fur industries in europe. I think that are known as the Northern alliance. They spend their lioves tapping away at forums like this spreading their hatred and spilling their bile pretending to be concerned rednecks.

    • From MN, with hope…

      I think you may just be right. They’re on the clock, they have to say thins like that. In that case I guess I’m trying to get man(possible teenager) who is getting paid for spreading the word of “ra ra ICR” to stop posting here. Guess that answers that question. I still wont stop posting, I’ll just know the reason behind the post I’m replying to…


        Let’s not feed the misinformed trolls.. the only one we should bother with is toyotomi. That misanthrope is a regular.

    • Moonspeak is madness

      Yes, it looks clear the the Japanese are paying people to make comments under the guise of Australians etc, to sway public opinion.

      A lot of them have the same writing style and they all support Japanese propaganda.

      Uncanny? No, it’s how they plan to gain public approval. Why else, would they only sideline Australia, and white people, deeming them ALL racist?

      Nobody should be surprised. Japan pays trolls to denigrate Australians on You Tube and at one time uploaded 10,000 videos all titles “racist Australia…”, in a week!

      The activity on you Tube became thick as soon as the incident happened.

      It is very hard to respect the position of people who use criminals to do their talking.

  • deena

    I completely support Sea Shepherd. F the japanese and their murderous ways.

  • R

    I’m surprised by the out-pouring of hatred toward the Sea Shepherds. Are you all pro-whaling?

    As for Terrorism, you know Nelson Mandela was a terrorist, don’t you? Look at him now!


    Mark Baker
    January 6, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    on Glen Inwood

    The very ugly (and quite fat) face of the PR industry – and why most of us prefer to call our work “communications”.

    Inwood, like many of his ilk, has a faulty moral compass and probably regards “ethics” as a county in England. I work in comms, and I could NOT bring msyelf to be so blatant a mouthpiece for such wrong-headed and bent organisations – leaving aside the fact that the mission is flawed, the methods used by this guy and his inability to pereceive the wrongness of what he is doing betray his sole personal agenda – the mighty dollar.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Quite frankly, I find your suggestion that I am in any way related to Glenn Inwood to be offensive. He is utterly useless and a waste of the ICR’s resources. He should be dismissed immediately.

    Despite the fact that law, logic and and morality is on the side of the Japanese, Sea Shepherd have managed to run a very effective campaign of misinformation and propaganda to give the impression that their actions are somehow legal and justified. Inwood has failed entirely to convey the point that Sea Shepherd’s violent actions are completely illegal and immoral.

    Inwood has also failed to counter the great many lies of Sea Shepherd. One needs only read the posts on this website to see how effective their lies have been. People actually believe minke whales to be endangered, they actually believe Japan’s whaling is illegal, they actually believe that Sea Shepherd’s violence is legitimate. Inwood is completely ineffective in conveying the truth.

    So please, do not insult me by suggesting any connection with Inwood.

    • Linda Kemp

      Japan’s whaling IS illegal. They break the Antarctic Treaty and get away with it. Look it up – it’s fact not propaganda. Furthermore, Sea Shepherd don’t act in Scandanavian waters because it’s not illegal there! Have you not noticed whilst doing your ill informed and anti SS biased research – they only act against people breaking the law – possibly why they’ve never been prosecuted hmmmm? To put Sea Shepherd in a court would be to show the world the truth of what they are saying – and certain criminals wouldn’t want that would they?

    • Lifetime Mariner

      Toyotomi, you are a complete moron for coming on here and thinking that you will change our minds with your brainwashing ICR bullshit.

      Let’s look at the facts that you refuse to acknowledge:
      1. The law is on the side of SSCS, not only did the SM2 intentionally ram the ADY Gil, but by not giving way to her they broke the international maritime rules of the road. These rules state that the ADY Gil (being on the starboard side of the SM2) is the stand on vessel and the SM2 (regardless of size unless constrained by draft to a marked channel) is the give way vessel that is responsible for AVOIDING a collision (not steering directly into the middle of the stand on vessel).
      2. The UN has made it perfectly clear that the whaling in the southern ocean sanctuary is illegal, and it does not matter weather it is being enforced or not, it is still against the charter for nature, which SSCS has the authority to enforce if no government is doing such.
      3. The alleged “research” is never published or made public, so how does anyone know that it is anything other than what it really is: commercial whaling for the sake of killing whales. We all know it is not profitable, and a very small minority of the Japanese population consumes it, and the quota is incredibly oversized.

      Check your facts rather than just spewing your government’s BS rhetoric around on an eco website.

      By the way, terrorists KILL people, not throw rotten butter and cellulose powder in an effort to save the lives of a majestic and intelligent (not to mention threatened) creature.

    • don miguelo

      awww…”little monkey”.


    If you are not beng paid by Glenn Inwood then you might well be one of Glen Inwoods redneck cousins. I dont see much debate here about wether Minke whales are endangered or not. The point is that wwhaling is just plain wrong for so many reasons, but if you have lost your moral compass somewhere then you will atempt to justify whaling using all sorts of outdated and silly arguements. Do you remember when the Japanese were whaling for research? That lie seems to have bitten the big one recently. Glen Inwood talks only about eating whales.The Japanese dont even bother hold up signs any more trying to pretend that what they are doing is research. That is because what they are doing is commercial whaling…which is in fact banned by the IWC ( yes Japanese have signed up there) …they are violating the Antarctic treaty on may levels ( yes japan has signed the bit of paper there too)..the Japanese are in violation of an Australian court order which has passed judgement on the japanese whalers and found them seriously wanting. Those are the facts my friend, not propoganda. Meanwhile the SS is protected by the United Nations charter for nature. Go look it up, educate yourself, then get back to me.

    • Glenn Inwood

      Hi IMFORTHEWHALES, this is Glenn Inwood (yet seriously, I post comments here at

      I confirm that I am also posting as Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I was lying before when I pretended not to be myself.

      PS, to everyone except for IMFORTHEWHALES who should stop reading here: Ignore this message, it’s just a joke to illustrate the paranoia of anti-whalers like IMFORTHEWHALES.

  • Dirk

    1) Killing whales is wrong.

    2) Saying it’s for scientific purposes is bullshit.

    3) The reason the Australian Governement will do nothing about this is that Japan is our top trading partner.

    4) It’s a cynical world we live in, but blaming it on people who are trying to do something about it is lazy.


  • Roguebull

    It is the mark of a weak mind burdened with a meritless argument to dismiss criticism of one’s pet cause as ‘hate’, yada, yada, ad nauseum.

    There is no hate in holding to richly deserved ridicule the repeated, unequivocal, assinine, juvenile vandalism of some self-impressed save-the-whalees who blunder about the ocean making fools of themselves while uselessly harrassing working seamen.

    There is a way to fight the whaling problem that actually has some positive effect – witness Greenpeace – but the Sheppies are just vacuous, naive kiddies worshipping some self-anointed latter-day Captain Ahab whose psychotic fanaticism is going to get some of those kiddies killed.

    As I wrote the Japanese embassy this morning: knock off the whaling, guys, but sink the rest of the Sheppie eco-brat fleet first.

    • Linda Kemp

      ermmm how many whales have Greenpeace saved in the last few years? How much money have they made off people saying that they’re saving how many whales is it…… in the last few years? Ahhh that’s right – rumour has it that they spent it on a big fancy boat to pose on in the mediterranean! Not many whales to be saved there – not many fish left either apparently! Haven’t seen them in Antarctica near any whales recently – not even for some good photo shots!

  • AC

    “I’m surprised by the out-pouring of hatred toward the Sea Shepherds. Are you all pro-whaling?”

    Meh. So if you don’t agree with SS tactics, you’re pro-whaling?

    Is G W Bush one of your heroes? (“If you’re not with us, you’re against us”).

    I’m anti-whaling, I loathe the Japanese government with a passion largely because of that one thing. And that won’t change.

    I also had a bit of respect for these guys last year. They were out there, in their face, generating huge publicity for the cause.

    But I’m also keen on facts.

    It’s very clear that from both videos from both perspectives that the Ady applied forward power metres from an oncoming 500 ton steel vessel. If SS hadn’t started spouting that “they were rammed” from the get go, public opinion would probably be a little different, but not much.

    The videos show that despite being on a valiant cause, they are just children with expensive toys. And now, based on their reaction to this event, you can through “tantrum throwing” to the front of that label.

    All SS have done here is reminded the world of the underhand whaling problem (win), whilst making complete asses of themselves (fail).

  • Claire

    i love all the people that decided they know better than the Sea Shepherds by just sitting at their computers doing absolutely nothing (talking about the SSCS haters/bashers). until you have actually gone out and even tried what these brave volunteers are doing you have no right to judge. it’s so much easier to judge when you’re sat in the comfort of your home.

  • jack

    Pete Buthine is a big dumbass. He will loose his skipper licences and proberly go jail. And the fattest vegetarian i ever seen, Paul Watson, should go to.
    The M/Y Steve Irwin is a crab boat, i bean on it, and its 100% not suituble for the Antarctica. The Crew is a bunch of unqualified, “brave” or dumb, children with little to zero experiance. This hole operation is highly uncalculatet risk just to put Paul Watson in the spotlight. So people, you just see how they use your money. 1 million USD carbonfibre gone.
    There is no bravery in this. Im against whaling, Im working in the whalewatch industrie. But im aswell against dumbasses

  • ezekiel

    It is obvious that the enlistment of the Ady Gil was a good PR-Move for the SS to have such a more or less famous and extaordinary looking ship at their side. It gave their new campaign that sort of character they were lacking with their renovated trawlers and icebreakers. I mean, come on, who would like to side with, a captain of a run-down trawler or the pilot of an high-tech stealth boat kicking some evil japanese whalehunters ass?


    That kept in mind it sounds funny to say the Sea Sheperds deliberatly wanted their new PR-flagship to be rammed and sunk. They may act as radicals (I personately would call them direct-activists), but their not suicidal. Second they still have limited fundings which are not as big as the the japanese governmental fundings are. So deliberately wasting a 2 Million $ Ship just for PR-Reasons (without knowing if they get a proper replacement) is not reasonable. Third even if You want to waste the ship, You still have people aboard it to be put in danger.

    In both videos You can see the Ady Gil floating still in the water until Capt. Bethune realized the Shonan Maru was heading straight onto a collision course with them – whether to drive his ship trough the activists or to simply drive them away I can’t say. I personately think the Japanese were simply annoyed of the acting and presence of this sleek looking superboat, got into rage and made a go for it – to sort things out later – without thinking of the political and public consequences. Humans are like that!

    After all though Capt Bethune is to blame as well. If You have an 18t highly manauverable speedboad harrassing a 1000t-ship You don’t – never, ever – stay put unless your physically have to (like a broken engine, run out of fuel). That’s basic sea-warfare-tactics. Thinking You can tick of seasoned fishermen without aggressive response sounds a little bit shortbrained to me. To me it looks like he did realize that, when the Shonan Maru was about to ram his ship. Being a civilian in a battle-like situation he waited to long and chose the only direction he could go: Forward, for if he had gone backward the Maru could have simply steered more Starboard to hit his ship nevertheless. It was just to late.

    I think both parties came out lucky out of this situation. The Shepherds can blame the Japanese of deliberatly risking humans lives by ramming or at leats endagering a protest ship intentionally and thus earn public backup for their course – which is good in my opionion!

    The Japanese on their side have put 2 Vessels (the Ady Gil and Bob Barker) of the Shepherd out of business, which could have harrassed their hunting for a while. And got lucky of not killing anyone, which could have happened if they had just steered a little bit more starboard.

  • Timmy john (laughing hard)

    TO ALL
    This is the best. I started following as I called it Greenpeace & The Japanese Whalers in the summer/fall of 2005. I was mistaken when I found out it wasn’t Greenpeace (sorry Greenpeace), but a radical (soon to be murders)offspring. WOW If Greenpeace doesn’t want them then perhaps we need to take a look at what is next (death) as this progresses. I have spoken to the P&I Club (Sea Lawyers) about the right & wrong of what is happening on the high seas…..Well well Sea Sheeperd you are commiting piracy (careful you don’t get hung..Paul)
    I see that there is a great amount of passion on both sides. However if the Japanese were really breaking the law there would’ve been action taken by now by the UN or a coliation of nations…..yes! But no the world isn’t interested are they???

    Paul is out there as well as the rest of the lot! I have to say that I’m looking forward to watching the infamous Sea Sheepards on the TV this spring & following the laughs & tears on the Net. Keep the laughs comming but don’t kill any Humans in the process…Thank you

  • bystander

    “Captain” Bethune needs to be transferred to the original Rainbow Warrior before he gets any more members of his crew hurt, or even killed. If he wants to make an @ss of himself for a TV show, fine, but not at the expense of somebody else.

    This sort of theatrics for the camera reek of a “balloon boy” mentality, which is anything goes to get face time in front of the camera.

    Outside of this website, the vast majority of Americans are forming a negative impression of the whole anti-whaling operation. In fact, on this website, it looks like the “they had it coming” opinion has a slight majority.

    As for Bob Barker, too bad he didn’t show as much concern and empathy for the “Price is Right” female staff as he does animals.

  • Whoever…

    I find it extremely ‘interesting’ that the same idiots (= zombies) who were always accusing SS of putting human lives at risk are the same ones who now are extremely happy that a ship was intentionally rammed to harm human lives.

    Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that the maneuver carried out by Shonan Maru 2 was done so they could actually destroy the Ady Gil and injure the activists.

    So, to all those idiots (your level of ‘zombification’ is extremely high and you don’t even know it – no wonder it’s so easy to control and enslave the human population) who defend this barbaric action I would like to ask you the following: as long as it’s ‘your side’ that’s doing the ramming and putting lives at stake it’s okay to do so, but if it’s an organization which wants to actually save lives (in this case the whales’) and protect the environment, then they’re terrorists…?

    Talk about being biased.
    Therefore if this is only a matter of perspective, what makes your points of view right and mine (anti-whaling, veganism, environmentalism, etc.) wrong?


    Oh, and the population reduction I referred to in some of my comments (as well as human enslavement) is being carried out for a very long time now (but it’s now entering its final phase), by the same people you defend: the CEOs of multinationals, bankers, the owners of pharmaceutical and oil companies, religious and political leaders and so on…
    Why do you think wars are created, viruses appear out of nowhere and financial crises suddenly emerge?

    Everyday I’m more and more appalled by the low level of consciousness of humans!
    What will it take to finally open your eyes?

    I guess we need an unprecedented environmental catastrophe or maybe a WWIII… but if that’s what it’ll take, then that’s what will happen!

    Just one more piece of information to all of those who are trying to make this world a better place – ‘people’ like hideyoshi toyotomi are probably being paid (I think they’re called ‘paid bloggers’ or something) by the same people I mentioned above (and who are desperately trying to create one world order and enslave all of us) to come on-line and spread hate and lies.
    That’s why it’s a waste of time to debate with the likes of him because this is their ‘modus operandi’ – provoke, deny evidences and spread hate and lies. Just ignore them, don’t ‘feed’ them with your energy because that’s what they want.

    And please trust me on this one. This may sound quite a bit lunatic but there’s a lot going on ‘behind the scenes’ people don’t have the slightest clue about…
    Real terrorists are the CEOs of multinationals, bankers, the owners of pharmaceutical and oil companies, religious and political leaders and so on, not some guy who was ‘programmed’ to enter a plane with devices that never put the lives of the people aboard in danger, just so ‘they’ could increase the control over people.
    That’s why you have the ‘Patriot Act’ in the USA for instance… this is just one example.

    Believe what you wish! The evidences are all over…

  • Irish

    Ye people that want to donate are out of ye ever loving minds,my daughter and I were strong supporters of the SSCS and we donated monthly but…after reading a blog by PW where other supporters were calling the whalers JAPS was the end for my daughter and I and the reason we took offense to that were attacked for it is because my daughter is Japanese and after asking pW and his Butt Breath Mia to stop using racial slurs it when it got real ugly on MS,his g/f is today still spewing her hatred of the Japanese,not all Japanese support the whalers but when ye post on ye page that ye wish for all of Japan and all japanese be them in other countries to be killed and bombed to death then thats asking for a war and thats exactly wot is happening,there are now many former supporters of Watson thanks to him and his g/f,this man pockets close to $80,000.00 a yr and he is asking for donations,I think not,btw there are plans in the making to boycott Whale Wars and we will do that by way of not viewing the show cuz then the ratings will go down,since WW’s his ego has grown just like his blubber of a belly,he has attacked supporters for their opinions as well as his g/f and if they don’t like wot ye say then they say were the trouble makers and it makes me gack when he spews his stupid poems about Mia,just makes me want to hurl,but go ahead and donate ye $ because in the end and there will be one ye will see how snowed ye were!

  • Wow

    This is just dumb. maybe they should not be harvesting whales, maybe they should be. either way this is occurring in waters where the U.S. has no say so as to what happens there. If Obama comes out and bans deer hunting in the U.S. I’m sure everyone who is in support of the whales would jump on board even if they aren’t already…even though the population is higher than pre-Columbus. The Sea Sheppard is a sorry operation with a group of folks who like you who support them in charge. If you ever watch the show you realize just how insanely ignorant and just plain not smart they are. Whether you are on the side of the whalers or on the side of the Sea Sheppard, I believe we need to realize that this will only get worse. What is keeping the Whaler fleets from firing back the next time they are attacked? You rattle a dog’s cage long enough and sooner or later you are going to be bitten. Lets just hope they bite with rotten eggs and not bullets…But how much would you take of your boat being incapacitated by ropes in the middle of the frigid waters before you fought back?

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  • Michael d'Estries

    According to Paul Watson, the Ady Gil is no more:

  • http:// BK

    PETER GARRET is AUSTRALIAN EQUIVALENT to LAME DUCK = POTATO HEAD BALL LESS MUPPET = Who just dribbles CRAP with NO ACTION or RESULTS for his DRIBBLE 1) Japanese Government treating their OWN PEOPLE AS IDIOTS expecting them to believe that the footage of the Ady Gil crossing teh Bow of the Shanon Maru 2 if related to the footage of the Ady Gill being mowed down from the right – LOL. 2) Japanese gets away with it becuase Japanese Government supports them – Australian’s PETER GARRET is more concerned about offending JAPANESE than AUSTRALIANS and Will do nothing but dribble – about this issue. 3) Ady Gil Sationary – Engines are on Main Hull off or neautral.4) Position of Ady Gil clearly visible to skipper on approach & from direction of the direction that the for’d water canon was aimed at. 5) Ady Gill to Starboard of Japanese Whaling Vessel – so if Ady Gil was moving – had right of way.4) Japanese Vessel only turned AFTER COLLISION – could have been fatal consequences – see the speed of the Japanese vessel and how Ady Gill Crew could have been swept overboard, struck by their own vessel and/or killed – if alseep in the for’d section of the vessel where the sleeping quarters are. 6) AUSTRALIAN GOVERMENT – DO SOMETHING REAL and PROSECUTE in INTERNATIONAL COURT for this COLLSION @ SEA.

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