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Video has started to emerge of the Ady Gil incident with two perspectives, one from the Sea Shepherd and the Shonan Maru No.2

[UPDATE: We’ve added a new video shot from the Ady Gil. See below.]

In the first video, it’s not entirely clear if the Ady Gil pushes forward at the last minute to cross the path of the Japanese ship intentionally. The wake of the Shonan Maru makes it difficult to discern. (Also, someone got a wicked water cannon blast to the face after impact.) See below:

Shonan Maru No. 2 Video

It’s the Sea Shepherd video that appears to show things more clearly with the Ady Gil definitely attempting to move, probably to make a quick right hand turn and avoid collision.

Sea Shepherd POV Video (From MV Bob Barker)

One thing is clear — the Shonan Maru No. 2 definitely sharply changed course to charge the Ady Gil. For both parties, it looks like a dangerous game of chicken gone wrong.

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  • ady gil

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA Hey Man nice shot, I think your gonna need a bigger boat.

    Japs 1

    Sea Shleps 0

    • onelove

      It looks to me like the Ady Gil didn’t even have their motor on. They were taking the high pressure water guns, and were likely turning their faces away because of that. It looks like the Shonan Maru turned right into them….maybe to continue the water assult? The video from the Shonan Maru is also telling, the mans voice doesn’t sound too surprised or stressed that they have just hit a small boat.

      • Verre

        Hey guys, I’m Japanese so I understood what the whalers were saying. They were saying, “we hit them in the front, yes, that’s correct, we managed to hit them and break the front of their ship”.
        It was definitely intentional!

      • Verre

        Hey guys, I’m Japanese so I understood what the whalers were saying. They were saying, “we hit them in the front, yes, that’s correct, we managed to hit them and break the front of their ship”.

        It was definitely intentional!

      • whale fat

        it runs on fat and oil, perhaps they ran out of whale fat to fuel the boat?

      • Z

        You can see Ady Gil was moving forward if you care to look at the damn wake. And props to the Japs for hitting them. I wish they did it a long time ago.

      • whiplash

        Get lost Z, tosser.

    • Charles

      This is a really silly comment… Adi Gil, former Earthrace is a great loss! No one, regardless of nationalities should be allowed to hunt wales. It is forbidden by law! And those whalers should be brought to court for murder attempt! and illegal fishing!

      • greenies are faggs

        MURDER ATTEMPT? ……and it is not against the law in Japan to hunt whales. Who exactly did they try to murder? you can’t be saying that the scum on the fancy little plastic boat have enough value to society to bring charges of attempted murder on the japs…. I don’t get it. killing eco terrorists is not a bad thing!

      • joe

        japs will kill anything that moves, you call that a law?

      • sb

        To dear “greenies are faggs” As your name suggests your brain is rather smaller than the regular persons. I believe what charles was trying to say is that the Whalers were attemting to kill the Conservationists – by deliberatly ramming their boat and then attempting to shoot water cannons at the crew to push them off the boat into freezing antactic waters. A person can freeze to death in less then 7 mins there. So yes it was an attempted murder what else did they hope was going to happen when the shot the water cannons at them? What you also fail to understand is that The “scum” as you call it care about something far more than you will ever comprehend and yes that does make them a valuable member of the community. What is you contribution to the greater community?

      • beavins

        The inuit have been hunting whales for longer than they’ve been called that. They still do it legally, from canoes, no less. I agree that we shouldn’t hunt whales. We should hunt people that think NO ONE should hunt whales. Nah, that wouldn’t be any fun. That’d be like shooting whales in a barrel.

      • bob

        And what law is it that forbids whaling? If I gave you two years to search for it, you would never find one. Now nobody get your panties twisted, there is no law, period. There is a voluntary moratorium for IWC member nations against COMMERCIAL whaling. There is also a provision in that moratorium that allows for lethal research, even within a whale sanctuary established by the IWC. But remember above all else the IWC is a volunteer organization, you are free to leave at any time and restrictions only apply to member nations that do not object. If you(nation) do not belong to the IWC nothing it does affects your country. Whale hunting could be bad, but it is not against any law. Before anyone responds, Australia can claim all the water it wants, does not make it so. The waters surronding the Antartic are international open to everybody. Paul Watson can shout from the top of his lungs that he is performing a law enforcement action, but he has no more legal authority than I do, were I to ram your car because you are talking on your mobile phone in a school zone.

    • Steve

      It’s time for Godzilla to rise from the ocean and finish leveling that miserable misbegotten race of apes into the stone age.

    • Chiquito

      Aren’t these crimanals to be jugded by any international tribunal? Is
      this felony going to keep unpunished? I can’t believe.

      • Cal

        Yes, Japan has a representative in the International Whaling Commission. However, this commission has no teeth when it comes to charging countries. The commission has declined Japan’s license to collect whales numerous times; yet Japan still goes to Antarctica every year…

    • thehurt100

      So i wonder if anyone noticed in the footage the propwash of the Ady Gil just before impact? It looked like the Shonen Maru altered course a bit (albiet frustration). But, did the Shonen Maru really hit the Ady Gil or did the Ady Gil cause the collision? check out the prop wash! Maritime law: avoid collision at all times! “BTW the hose operator is quite the shot!

    • Steve

      Ady Gil, Sea Sheppard, Bob Barker, All 3 vessels are down there to disable the Japan Whaling fleet.

      Sorry, More power to Japan, IMO they were well within their rights to ram the Vessel, Last week the Ady Gil Dropped the prop fouler(or what every they call it) to disable the Japan boat. Whaaaaa They disabled them first by nipping their nose.

      And last season didn’t the Sea Sheppard crew Illegally board the japan vessel?

      They say on their TV show, “Must be willing to die” But every time it comes down to it, They all cry fool.

  • Stephanie

    It seems VERY clear that the Whalers turned sharply in order to ram the
    Ady Gil (regardless of the propaganda they are spewing out about SSCS being responsible).

    Even though they have destroyed the Ady Gil, the world will now see just how
    ruthless, heartless, dishonest and dishonourable these Whalers and their masters really are.

    I urge every Aussie to write, fax, email and phone PM Rudd and Peter Garrett and tell them that we want the Aus Navy down there now, and we want the Whalers prosecuted for this act, and we demand that they keep their election promises to take the Japanese Government to International Court of Law
    (and for being in breach of the Australian Federal Court order which states that they are not allowed in those waters in the first place).

    Come on people, let us use our collective will (using the momentum of this act) to push our governments into taking the right and moral action needed to bring this slaughter to an end.

    Then these courageous people will not have to put their lives on the line anymore for governments that lack the backbone to do what is necessary to protect the Whales of the world.

    • Silentuz

      The whalers definitely made a sharp course correction and are wrong in this situation.

      Sea shepherd however is not without blame. The gave full throttle forward (clearly seen from the first video, and the second shows sudden movement aswell) which put them directly in the path of the japanese.

      Looking at this image:
      The best course of action for Sea Shepherd is full throttle reverse. Their own mistake cost them their boat. Even though the Japanese instigated and are somewhat to blame, the ultimate fault lies with the faster and more manouvrable Ady Gil.

      • Charlie

        As fast as the Ady Gil is going forward, it is not designed to go very fast in reverse. If they had reversed the Japanese ship still would have been able to turn in on them. It looks like the captain was trying to pull off a hard turn to starboard to get away from the ship (starboard is right by the way.) It seems that, unfortunately, he did not realize the Japanese ship’s intentions until it was to late evidenced by the fact that the Gil did not start it’s engines until they were seconds away from impact. As to your idea that the Ady Gil is to blame I find that quite strange. The Japanese hit the Gil on it’s port side while it was going to starboard, that is a clear violation right of the rules of navigation. Plus, they rammed them on their side when it wasn’t even engaged in harassing the fleet! It was clearly an intentional ramming and I fail to see how any of the blame could be placed on the Ady Gil.

      • TedUK

        An Australian Federal Court Order? They are in International waters and it has sod all to do with Australia or any other country what “research” the Japs are doing there.

        The Australian Antarctic territorial rights are not internationally recognised, only four countries recognise it and they only recognise it because they wanted a piece of Antarctica too.

        They are NOT in Australian jurisdiction and the government have stated that they are NOT in the Australia economic zone.

        Why do you think the Aussie navy isn’t there telling the Japs to keep out of “their” water? Because they can’t, that’s why!

    • whale fat

      not the way i saw it

      • Cal

        You are completely right, a propeller is engineered to push water and propel the craft forward. Even if the Ady Gil had jammed it in reverse, it’s not like driving a car on land, it takes time to get speed in reverse.

        I think that if the Japanese were meaning to go in front of the Ady Gil, they would have left more room. What they did here was completely reckless. A few feet closer to the bridge and they Ady would have gone down in seconds.

        I understand that Maritime Safety rules state that the smaller vessel must yield to the larger vessel; yet when the smaller vessel is at a dead stop, the larger vessel in motion must do all it can to avoid a collision.

    • hot stuff

      It is obvious to any one with any seagoing experience that the Adi Gil was indeed going ahead at the time that the collision occured.It is also obvious that the Adi Gil incresed power in the last seconds before the impact.If the Adi Gil would have come astearn, instead of giving more power ahead, this collision would have been avoided.And before anyone shouts out about right of way or rule of the road it is up to both captains to try to avoid a collision at any time.In the second video it is obvious that the whaler tried to come hard to port to avoid the Adi Gil, but it was not possable as the Adi gil had increased power to try to get out ahead of the whaler.This ridiculous carry on is what can happen when you put very inexperienced people on boats that should’nt really be there.

      • hot stuff

        The smaller vessel was not at a dead stop, it increased power ahead, it didnt even try to come astern.

      • bik

        And its obvious from that comment that you have no seagoing experience what so ever. The Adi Gil powered down. And any one who really did have “any seagoing experience” would tell you that in order for the ship to do anything to get out of the way it need to power back up and build momentum. Back up would have taken so long and the Adi Gil was more limited them most for building up reverse momentum. So it stuck needing to build up foreword momentum to turn to starboard to avoid the collision. Sadly there was no time and it was far to late. Which is clearly shown form the video taken from on the Adi Gil where the crew and captain was top side and did see what was about to happen before its to late at that point it was to late and they just did not know it then.

  • ASB

    Thank goodness the crew is ok. Is it true that the whaling boat then proceeded to hightail it out of there, ignoring the Ady Gil’s distress calls?

    • Blake

      From everything that I’ve read, that is correct. I know on last years campaign, the Japanese whalers lost a crew member overboard, and SSCS offered to assist in the search and/or rescue and their request was denied with silence from the Japanese whalers. Even with life and death matters, all these people care about is turning a profit at any expense to the environment.

      • Z

        No, they responded and said they don’t want help from them because they are eco-terrorists. The SS did it for show. They were about to attack, they didn’t so they could take the high moral ground.

    • hil

      From the video it looks like not only did the Japanese whalers leave but they kept blasting them with their water cannon after ripping off the front of their boat! Way to kick someone when they’re down.

      • Defiant

        The use of the water cannon on the crewmen on tdeck of the Ady Gil after the collision was nothing more or less than an attempt to knock them overboard. Survival time in Antarctic waters, even WITH a Mustang suit and other survival gear is less than 3 minutes. This is a fact well known by anyone that sails on those waters. However you care to assess responsibility for the collision, the use of the water cannon afterwards was nothing more than attempted murder. And remember that the Japanese had a particular fondness for machine-gunning lifeboats in the war that they started back in the 1930s & ’40s. Is that REALLY the path they want to go down again?

    • whale fat

      couldnt understand engrish, duh!

  • Stephanie

    Here are some links and excerpts from aussie newspaper articles to give you some further info….

    The Ady Gil’s skipper, New Zealander Pete Bethune, insisted the vessel was stationary and farewelling fellow activists on the Bob Barker when the incident happened. Mr Bethune told The Age that the 1000-tonne Japanese ship turned toward the 18-tonne Ady Gil from about 75 metres away. ”We thought they were going to turn a water cannon on us and I told my crew to brace for that,” he said. ”Then they T-boned my boat. It was just massive … It’s a miracle we all survived.” ”Today is a clear example of how the Japanese don’t give a shit,” Mr Bethune said. ”But this is the end of whaling. You can’t go around saying you’re trying to conduct scientific research when you’re prepared to drive into other people’s boats.” Fellow crew member Laurens de Groot said: ”They were trying to kill us, ramming us like that in one of the most hostile environments in the world.”

    Sydney-born activist Jason Stewart, who was on board the Ady Gil, said the protest vessel and Japanese factory ship the Nisshin Maru were “having a bit of a skirmish” when the Ady Gil became low on fuel and it was forced to stop its pursuit. “We were basically disengaged and we were waving goodbye to the other Sea Shepherd vessel, the Bob Barker, which was going to continue the pursuit of the Nisshin Maru,” he said. “I was inside the boat at this point and suddenly I could hear one of the Japanese boats coming at us. “I took a look through a window and I could see the bow of the Shonan Maru No. 2 coming straight at us and then it just hit us and there was a big crunch, a hell of a bang. “The next thing I remember was seeing daylight through a big hole.”
    The former policeman, 41, who now lives in New Zealand, made a mayday call and said the Japanese made no effort to help. “We were just sitting ducks and they just took us out,” he said. “I was only 4m from where the hull took the nose off our boat. “It can’t have been anything but a deliberate attack.”

    • whale fat

      perfect day of whale fishing ruined by the ady gil. 2 stroke smoke!

  • Jessleena Suri

    it’d be awesome if someone could translate what the japanese say after it happens! southern ocean hit and run. disgusting.

    • Michael d'Estries

      Rough translation pulled from Sea Shepherd Forum:

      i’m gonna zoom a bit more (times 2)
      we just had collision with Ady Gil
      Ady Gil came in front of our ship and collided (times2)
      Ady Gil tried to interfere our way and came in front

  • Humberto

    Japanese need another hiroshima and nagasaki

    • Steve

      Preach on,. Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jeremy

        Really? You are saying the whales they are catching are worht thousands of human lives? Are you serious? You are condoning nuking people over whales??!?!?! You lot are sick.

    • Supporter

      Escalate or be defeated.

    • bob

      And Australia needs an Aboriginals only policy, then they can rid themselves of the racists that stole their children.

  • Burns

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh NOES, its not a game anymore!

    • smithers

      It was only ever a game to the people who never leave the safety of their keyboard to take action against the things they complain about.

  • Simon

    You play ‘chicken’ in plastic boats you need to understand the consequences. For once the Sea Shepherd people have had their bluff called and now they are crying about it. I am apalled that my donated money has been thrown away by idiots. I will not be making any further donations to this organisation.

    • Stephanie

      mmmm, your posting sounds pretty suspect. Can’t imagine that a
      sincere financial contributor to SSCS would talk about them as ‘idiots’

      And where have all your ‘appalled’ feelings for the death of innocent
      Whales gone by these ruthless Whalers that have no regard for life,
      ( for either human or cetacean)?

      Yep, pretty suspect posting I’d say.

      • Magee

        Anybody that sails an agile multi-million dollar race boat into the path of a cumbersome whaler is an idiot.

        Sea Shepherd have no regard for life, they took a huge risk by getting in front of Maru 2, and have paid the price.

      • whale fat

        innocent whales?? who pays the bills when they wash up on shore and have to be removed by blasting them apart with dynamite cause they’re to freakin big?????

    • Defiant

      You never donated so much as a penny. So your no longer donating will not be much of a statement. Oh, by the way; you are a liar. But you already knew that.

    • ozzymoron

      The crew of Ady Gil only made one mistake, they credited the whalers basic human decency and respect for life. Clearly, the crew of Ady Gil were not expecting the attempted murder. Next time, they won’t be so trusting.

  • GrendelPrime

    Based on the video, the Ady Gil was under power and moving forward at the time of the collision.
    I find it difficult to generate any sympathy for someone willfully putting themselves in harm’s way and lamenting over the consequences.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • Cal

      Consider this, when you watch the video; if you need to turn a vessel 90 degrees, you cannot simply turn the wheel and expect the ship to move the direction you need it to. It does take forward motion to complete a turn. It would have taken even longer to get the Ady moving in reverse (as propellers are made to go primarily forward) and get out of the way.
      I would venture that the captain was attempting to move the ship when the Shonan Maru cut sharply toward the Ady Gil.
      The fault for the collision in on both captians.

      • bob

        NO NO NO every interview given so far be it Peter or Paul or any one of the other fools has stated the Ady Gil was dead in the water, we were not moving. If they were stopped, why is there prop wash behind the Ady? If I cut my engine and drift, I may leave a wake, but no prop wash.

        That boat was under power, but not under command. Bravo they are out there doing something for the whales, but to have so little reguard for your own life, just deserts served.

  • Lew

    If one looks at the stern of the ady gil, you will see the wake as the boat is moving forward at the point of impact. The captain of the smaller boat was at fault. He put his boat in harms way, and thrust forward instead of reverse at the last moment. You people see what you want to see. I hate whalers too, but putting those young lives at risk in order to film a show was stupid. And no the world will not retalliate against Japan. Just because you think you are superior does not make it so. If you don’t want to be run down by big ships, don’t cut accross the bow.

    • James

      I don’t know, in the video shot from the Bob Barker it certainly looks like the Japanese boat takes a drastic turn towards the Ady-gil. The ady-gil barely seems to be moving at all and I think its pretty harsh to suggest they were trying to maneuver in front of the massive whaling ship. There was no call for the Japanese ship to take that turn because, as shown in the other videos, their water cannons were already hitting the ady-gil from greater distances. I’m not saying everything these activists do is right but in this case it definitely seems to me that the Japanese are far more at fault. They can’t have felt intimidated by the pint-size speed boat so I don’t understand their reasons for the aggressive move. Also, as pointed out by another poster, it does not seem that the camera man aboard the Japanese vessel cares, or is even surprised at all, that his boat has just demolished the ady-gil. We really need a translation of what he says.

      • Michael d'Estries

        Supposed translation pulled from Sea Shepherd Forum:

        i’m gonna zoom a bit more (times 2)
        we just had collision with Ady Gil
        Ady Gil came in front of our ship and collided (times2)
        Ady Gil tried to interfere our way and came in front

    • smithers

      that “wake” may very well be caused by the Ady Gil’s wet exhaust system, not by movement… I certainly didn’t see the boat moving much on either video, unlike the Shonan Maru…

      • bob

        Peter himself giving a video tour of the boat said the exhust comes out the tall fins, fairings if you like. They get the air for engine intake from there as well.

        Now would Peter really put himself at risk, you bet. In the same interview he shows his wake board he was taking with him to the Southern Ocean so he could ride along side the Nisshan Maru, in what tempature water? I don’t think it is condusive to water sports down there, even in the middle of summer.

  • James

    “Japanese need another hiroshima and nagasaki”

    Humberto, I’m an American and totally support the anti-whaling crowd but saying something like this is despicable, disgusting and you should taken outside and shot for making a comment like that. Act like a real american and have some class!

    • Steve

      “Despicable and disgusting” Puh-leeze!! Go change your Depends, got outside and hug a tree and get a life…..the Japs are in violation of international law in taking endangered species and everybody on the planet knows it. Where is your “outrage” toward those monkeys???

      • The Objectivist

        Those wales are not endangered, there are so many they stopped counting them.

        The Japanese are following the treaty. They are allowed to harvest those whales.

        The SS themselves admit the Japaneses are following the law, but call the hunting a “loop hole”. Ya, everything is a “loop hole” when you don’t approve.

      • bob

        Steve you sould help the world and go swing in a tree, by a noose. There how’s is that for compasion.

        You should write Paul Watson and tell him after this farce, oops I mean operation he should ask Australians to stop shooting kangaroos and then pulling the babies from its pouch and stomping on their heads.

  • greenies are faggs

    dam that was funny……stupid hemp smokers took an ass kicking by the japs!!!!

    completely fugged their boat up! something that ugly shouldn’t be on the water anyway…..good for the gooks.

    can’t wait for this weekend when i head out snowmobiling so i can run over some cross country skiers for traction!!!!

    • Brendan

      Tool alert!

    • Defiant

      And how did things work out for you in Stalingrad?

    • Zeke

      You’re such a Hard-Man! You’re my Hero! NOT.

    • whale fat

      this guy makes some good points

    • al gore is a liar

      excellent use of the word “fugged”!!!

  • Whoever…

    This definitely proves, once and for all, the scum japanese whalers are!

    I guess it’s a japanese tradition to cowardly attack unprotected ‘enemies’. If the japanese society doesn’t condemn this action, then I will become racist against the ‘japs’…

    They have no respect for any form of life, whether it’s human or non-human. This reminds me of the study carried out by the FBI where it was clearly shown that the majority of the most violent criminals (rapists, murderers, etc.) started committing violent acts against animals.

    I wonder if the idiots (=human zombies, human scum, evil defenders) who defend whaling and whalers and who accuse the members of SS of being terrorists still believe the whalers are nice people and the activists are the bad guys here. If you do, then I say your life is worth so much less than the lives of the innocent whales ‘who’ are murdered by human scum.

    You’re so lucky I don’t belong to an organization like ALF because then I would show you what eco-terrorism really is! I would spare no human scum like whalers!!

    japanese are technologically evolved but their level of evolution is extremely low.
    My country used to be a whaling country but since the moratorium we have never killed a whale again and instead we promoted eco-tourism like whale watching. And where the whaling industry was once based we created a university mainly dedicated to REAL marine research. So as you can see we now profit so much more from the end of whaling than if we had stubbornly perpetuated it. Why can’t japan do the same thing?

    Humans are nothing but a plague, a virus that must be controlled otherwise we’ll end up destroying our only ‘host’ – EARTH. And we could begin by getting rid of trash such as hideyoshi and the likes of him.

    Oh, and BTW I’m being consciously very emotional, because if I wasn’t emotional I wouldn’t be much different from hideyoshi or whalers, murderers, rapists, etc. Those people are emotionally empty and that’s why they think and act the way they do… And I don’t want to be like them at all therefore I am one proud emotional person.

    I can’t wait for the population reduction that’s on the way :) :) :)

    • greenies are faggs


      WHAT A TOOL!

    • The Objectivist

      Please follow your own philosophy, and choke yourself.


    • bob

      You’re already a racist, so go close the garage door start the car and breath deeply. The grass will be greener over your grave.

  • the real jap guy

    huh verre, who commented near the top, is a complete douche, he claims to translate the japanese but its totally flawed. the japanese r only saying “ady gil collided with our vessel”, no sign of any biased remarks in the video.
    there are too many biased assumptions made in this article. there would obviously have been less damage if ady gil wudnt have accelerated, it was a bad decision by the sea shepherd captain.
    also, who would save pirates who have rammed your ship multiple times before!

    and besides, whats bad about feeding the population?

    • Defiant

      Whale meat is strictly a luxury commodity. Your comment is exactly equivalent to suggesting that the the same population would starve if the caviar supply were interrupted.

      • al gore is a liar

        you keep giving input as if anyone on the planet cares what you think………let me guess……47 years old, bald, fat, probably married…but i’m guessing you are the bitch in the relationship. most likely no…or 1 kid, and if you have one, i’m thinking its a boy and he gets the chit beat out of him daily because your too big a puzzy to do anything about it…..i’m guessing from the name defiant that you are in some chithole of a job and this is your one avenue to vent and stick it to the man!!! seriously dude, kill yourself and do everyone a favor….your a puzzy and a waste of space, time, and air!

      • Defiant

        Dammit son, you blew my cover! And I’m sorry about the other kids at school slapping you around again today. I thought for sure that when we made you wear the little helmet and the pink shorts, those Special Ed kids wouldn’t push you around so much. Next week we’ll send your little sister in with you to keep you safe. If she’s not too busy with the football team, of course.

  • Bobby

    I keep reading that Pete put the AG in reverse to try to get out of the way. Does the wash seen in the video support this?

    • greenies are faggs


    • Cal

      He obviously did not. He might have been trying to move the Ady forward and hard to the right.

  • BillS

    The footage was shot from the Bob Barker which, presumably, was moving to harass the Japanese whaler.

    So to me, it’s not apparent whether the whaler turned into the Ady Gil or if the movement of the Bob Barker past the whalers bow made it appear to turn. Certainly the whaler was turning AWAY from the Ady Gil *after* the collision.

    • tvuolo

      Good post Bill. This is the best response I’ve seen on any of the forums. I don’t think we’ll know for sure what happened unless someone got a picture of the wake of the Shonan Maru No. 2. From the videos, it does seem like the Shonan turns right, then veers left immediately after the crash. Both videos seem to support this, however it could be the zooming in the Shonan’s video and the Barker turning giving the illusion of the Shonan turning. Without a stationary view it’s hard to tell.

      Does anyone know if the Discovery team got any video?

    • Ken

      If you look at the video there are three boats involved. The Bob Baker from which the video was taken, the Ady Gil, and the whaler. If the Bob Baker was moving, both the Ady Gil and Whaler would both be moving in the video. However, it appears only the Whaler is moving making it appear to me the Bob Baker and Ady Gil were fairly stationary throught the filming of the Video. If both the Ady Gil and Whaler were moving there would be more directional momement seen on the video from the Ady Gil.

    • NotNews

      You *can* see the wake of all boats involved in the first video if you look closely. The bob barker is at the very beginning and moving quickly with a long wake, supporting your theory. In addition at the very end of the video the camera pans up and you can see the wake of the whaler’s ship. There is no sign of turning right at any point, only turning left to avoid the collision.

      This all seems to directly conflict with everything claimed by the Sea Shephards. Not that it matter much since the Sea Shephards seem to take pride in having intentionally rammed other vessels before.

  • doc

    First off this is not how you resolve legal matters involving laws. You handle it in court. Antartica is a nuetral area not owned by any one country but used for scientific research. There is a treaty that agrees to this and most, but not all countries have signed it. I spent 6 months in Anartica and have seen what Green Peace does there. I would be more concerned about the over harvest of crell (whale’s primary food source) then the harvest of whales. Racial attacks are uncalled for. I also lived in Japan and can tell you they are not violent people. International Meritime law states vessels will stay clear of each other by 3000 meters. If you steer into another vessel and try to foul thier prop or throw chemicals on ther ship they have a right to defend them selves. Aussies will not interven because they have no jurisdiction there. As far as citizens they are serving under a dutch flag. Why not the Australian flag. Again if there is a loop hole in the law then go to court and fix it. Quite risking human life to make a point. It seems Mr. Watson would love to sacrifice a human to effect an international incident. People who leave reply’s should state facts not attacks on either side. Until the law’s are changed Japan has every right to whale. The US still has some whaling going on and no one is saying a thing about that.

    • bob

      Doc agree with most everything you posted except for the loophole comment. A ‘loophole’ is an ambiguity in a law, in this case there is a clear provision in the IWC charter for the whaling the Japanese are conducting. Paul just doesn’t like it.

  • me

    Looks like they could use some donations to fix this crap web site. I can’t even read it with IE 8. Maybe they will have more time since they wrecked their boat.

    • sb

      haha IE 8 … wow.. what a waste of time. use a decent browser.

      • Cal

        Hahaha, never complain about IE online, you’ll get raped by people who know better.

  • MAL W

    First rule of the sea, it is the duty of the Captain of any vessel to take all necessary steps to avoid a collision. Neither did this both are guilty of a serious breach.

    The level of stupidity displayed is breath taking.

    • whale fat

      exactly what i was thinking, but also the captain of the ady gil is at fault

  • Die Dirty Hippies

    The whalers need to ditch the water hoses and mount a couple 50 cals.

    • joe

      jap or redneck?

  • greenies are faggs


    • whale fat

      funny stuff

  • The Objectivist

    Look at the wake carefully. The fist video tells the tale.

    The Bat Boat is under power.

    Bat Boat adds power.


    Bat Boat goes into full reverse.

    The Sea Shepperds ram Japanese ships every season, brag about it, and show it on national TV.

    This is just another media stunt. Anyone suggesting otherwise, needs to be medicated.

    • Defiant

      Yes, DO look at the wake carefully. The props on the “Bat Boat” as you call it are located under the primary hull, NOT the pontoons. The wake you see abaft the pontoons is shear created from the foils on the underside of the pontoons. When a trimaran is under power and going forward, the wake from prop cavitation comes from the primary hull and forms a distinctive hourglass shape abaft the vessel. Anybody who knows anything about what ships under power looks like can see that the trimaran is NOT under forward power. Also, look at the bow wake from the Japanese whaler shown in its own footage. The ship clearly makes a sharp turn to starboard (the bow wake comes close abeam and then fast to the hull). Whether you view this as a media stunt or whatever is certainly your perogative, but you might find it wothwhile to actually know what you’re seeing before you decide to comment about it.

      • al gore is a liar

        i killed a bunny this morning……and chopped down a tree…..does that make you want to cry?

      • Defiant

        Not really. If you had chopped down the tree so that it landed on the bunny, I might be slightly impressed. But be honest, you didn’t actually kill the bunny, you only tried to hump it. And since it wasn’t a stuffed bunny, it kicked your little pink arse as soon as you tried to get behind it. Which is why you’re such an angry little twink, isn’t it? Sad….very sad.

    • Used to be impartial

      The first video certainly does tell the tale. You can clearly see that the ‘bat boat’ as you call it is stationary, but certainly with the engines idling as is normal practice. The change in attitude of the camera comes NOT from the Ady Gil surging forward, but a change in direction of the Shonan Maru 2.

      In addition, you are incorrect about the Ady Gil reversing under power. Rudimenary physics will tell you that the Ady Gil is moving backward as a result of the inertia imparted in the collision, combined with the force of the wake from the Shonan Maru 2.

      I used to think the Japanese were skirting the edge of the law, barely making it legal by labeling the hunt as ‘scientific research’. While I didn’t agree, I was resigned to the fact that the international community would have to accept this at face value.

      Now however, it has been clearly demonstrated that the hunt is certainly not scientific. No scientific expedition is going to endanger human life in such a blatant manner.

      If the Japanese whalers are going to continue to insist that the hunt is for research, then the international community needs to insist that the whalers find another way to conduct this research.

  • http://msn gandre

    The only thing that Japonese understand is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    Boycott their goods for a while ,and let see .
    No hunting we buy …. DEALLLLL?

    • whale fat

      no deal

  • http://Facebook Penny

    The Japanese need to be charged with attempted murder. They deliberately rammed that little boat and continued afterwards with the high powered water canons.

    They absolutely attempted to kill all of those on board and this should NOT go un punished!

    • whale fat

      they had it coming to them, shouldnt have been so close.

      • al gore is a liar

        You are right on…..they should have been moving out of the way instead of driving in front of the bigger, less maneuverable ship. them japs made the ady gil crew their bitches!!!!

    • Last Samurai

      Here’s a 3D model of the collision if you have Sketchup. It says it comes from a bunch of videos he found online. The guy who made it says something like “I don’t believe the media from any place.” He wanted to find out more from the evidence available.

  • killgreenie

    About time. I hope the Sea Shepard is next.

    Paul needs to be dead or in prison.

    • al gore is a liar

      AMEN!!!! i’m going to go cut a tree down and kill a caribou in celebration of this victory

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  • viper217

    For the posters who say that the speedboat cut in front of the Whaler?

    I hope you don’t offer to be witnesses at criminal trials, talk about needing eyes tested!

    The Speedboat is hardly doing 2-3kts for a boat that can do 40kts thats idling with enough power in the swell to counteract the rocking.

    As for the Whaling vessel it turns sharply (+20 starboard wheel down) towards the speedboat, accelerates (you can see it cutting through the swell in the second video) and rolls right over the top of it.

    You can see the majority of the crew on the speedboat out on the back of the boat sitting down, hardly offensive operations.

    To be in charge of a vessel and ram another to the endangerment of human life is reckless, in this case looking at the footage from both vessels the Whaler did this intentionally – a charge of attempted murder is justifiable – as a minimum the skipper or whoever was at the helm of the whaler should be criminally charged and the Japanese Government billed for $2million for the loss of the boat.

    Whether the Australian Government has the bottle to prosecute on the 1st count of attempted murder, and on the second of failing to provide assistance to another vessel in distress is another matter.

    I hope all the Japanese and Norwegian whale meat eaters are happy that human lives have been endangered so that they can eat whale tonight.

    • greenies are faggs

      I am happy! Happy in knowing there are retards like you out there…….happy in knowing that eco-terrorists are on the run and we won’t take your chit sitting down any more…..happy in knowing that all the damage and chaos these organizations have created over the past years is now being repaid. Fabulous!!!! Truly Fabulous!!! I would love to drive that water cannon for a few minutes

      • whale fat

        water cannon is a great use of non lethal force

    • whale fat

      crew of the ady gil need to be tried for pirating then too.arrrr

  • Malcolm

    Most people here have no clue when it comes to regs regardings collisions at sea. Failure to avoid collision is an offence, so both skippers could be found to be at fault. the whaler which was the give way vessel took no action to avoid the collision, didn’t reduce speed or change course in fact seemed to steer a course that contributed to the collision. both skippers could be charged with failure to keep a proper lookout. I had a similar experience where I was stationary and rammed by a vessel on autopilot. Despite the efforts of a very expensive lawyer I still recieved a reprimand, which I was happy with as they initially were going to suspend my ticket. The other skipper had his ticket cancelled. so in my opinion both vessels were at fault but the whaler more so. About a 75-25 split I’d say.

  • Whoever…

    I find it extremely interesting that the same idiots (= zombies) who were always accusing SS of putting human lives at risk are the same ones who now are extremely happy that a ship was intentionally rammed to harm human lives.

    Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that the maneuver carried out by Shonan Maru 2 was done so they could actually destroy the Ady Gil and injure the activists.

    So, to all those idiots (your level of ‘zombification’ is extremely high and you don’t even know it – no wonder it’s so easy to control and enslave the human population) who defend this barbaric action I would like to ask you the following: as long as it’s ‘your side’ that’s doing the ramming and putting lives at stake it’s okay to do so, but if it’s an organization which wants to actually save lives (in this case the whales’) and protect the environment, then they’re terrorists…?

    Talk about being biased.
    Therefore if this is only a matter of perspective, what makes your points of view right and mine wrong?


    Oh, and the population reduction I referred to (as well as human enslavement) is being carried out for a very long time now (but it’s now entering its final phase), by the same people you defend: the CEOs of multinationals, bankers, the owners of pharmaceutical and oil companies, religious and political leaders and so on…
    Why do you think wars are created, viruses appear out of nowhere and financial crises suddenly emerge?

    Everyday I’m more and more appalled by the low level of consciousness of humans!
    What will it take to finally open your eyes?

    I guess we need an unprecedented environmental catastrophe or maybe a WWIII… but if that’s what it’ll take, then that’s what will happen!

    • greenies are faggs


      • Defiant

        Awwww…Pwecious was on Mommy’s computer typing angry things in all caps again, wasn’t Pwecious? I guess Mommy needs to spend more time giving her wittle Pwecious ALL her attention, hmmmm?

    • bob

      And what about the idiots that cried with glee when Paul rammed the Japanese and are now shouting mock outrage, hypocrite.

  • ady gil

    Its Just a shame that they didn’t hit the Ady Gil a little further into the stern, that and it didn’t sink a little faster. Eco Terrorist are not conservationists. All these D-bags are is sensationalists that still believe the Gore Lies. They got what they deserved. I don’t support whale killing but I abhor Eco terrorists. They are just oxygen thieves in my book

  • ady gil

    Furthermore…The whaling ship is classified as a Vessel with a limited ability to maneuver the Ady Gil is a highly maneuverable smaller boat that placed itself in the path of the larger ship. Rules of sea dictate that the collision is primarily the fault of the smaller more maneuverable boat

    • whale fat


      • al gore is a liar


    • Cal

      The Shonan Maru would not be classified as ‘Limited Ability to Maneuver’ it was not fishing at the time. The Ady Gil however could be classified as ‘Limited’ as it was waiting for fuel and supplies from the Bob Barker. The Shonan Maru is also at fault here for not reducing speed to allow for safe assessment of the situation to avoid a collision.

      • bob

        Boy you are so close. The interview on ABC News AU with Peter B. he states they were low on fuel, so they had disengaged and had let three harpoon vessels and the Bob Barker pass. The BB was continuing on with the fleet. They were waiting for the SM#2 to pass before they were going to head back to refuel.

        1. If the BB was going refuel them, why did it go past by atleast a half mile? That is the distance estimated from the Ady Gil when the video was shot.

        2. The SSCS cry foul that the Whaling fleet is refueling below the 60th parallel, are you now telling us that the SSCS was going to refuel a ship in that area?

  • joe blow

    I love whales and I don’t think they should be killed for any reason. Having said that, violence and intimidation is never the answer. When you behave that way you become a terrorist, just like the Islamic fascists. The dangerous situation is being caused by the Sea Sheppard folks. If the Ady Gil is not harassing the whalers it doesn’t go to the bottom of the sea. The Sea Sheppard’s are hurting their case by not taking responsibility and showing no regard for safety. I think they do this to get publicity and make money. I have watched the “whale wars” and was not impressed with the Sea Sheppard’s seaworthiness or their professionalism. They are actually turning me against the “cause” because of there actions.

    • Jenny

      Then instead of voicing your opinion on sites like this, end all of the “whale warring” by voicing your opinion to those that matter, in government. Lack of involvement or concern on the part of the general population is the reason that organizations like Paul Watson’s do what they do. They would rather not be out there. Get involved.

  • Rina Deych, RN

    Shame on those heartless, ignorant whalers who have no respect for sentient life, be it whales or humans. They could have killed the crew of the Ady Gil, and that would have been disastrous. Heaven knows, there are too few people who are compassionate and courageous enough to stand up to the monstrous whalers. Kudos to my heroes, the Sea Shepherds, who protect the defenseless and plant seeds of compassion in our felow humans. If those seeds don’t sprout, we don’t have a chance, as a species.

    Rina Deych, RN

  • objective

    it is bad publicity for the whale hunters. the civilized side of society (which i still would believe is the larger part, even tho many of the replies here have made me doubt it) still considers intentional acts of violence as an offense. On terra firma this would be like trying to run someone over with a tractor because they are filming you harvest, really close. Maybe they’re even throwing eggs sometimes. Its not pleasant for the farmer, but it does not justify attempted murder. Kind of says itself.

    On the other hand, while having their lives put to risk, the crew of the Ady Gil have made a great contribution to their organization in terms of commercial value. Probably not worth the investment of the boat (I dont know the numbers here tho) but at least 1 more person read a little about whale hunting. ‘Raising awareness’, for you who dont know.

    I dont know how the Japanse would want to be perceived, but i wouldnt think the would want anything to do with legal processes. The Prime Minister(s) of the nations that had crew on Ady Gil should call the Japanse Prime Minister and say a few words about the protection of the security of its citizens..

    Wonder if the ‘research’ is funded partly by the government? That would be a funny story unfolding.

    Ps. as far as i am concerned, one or two of the activists could well have died, it would have had extreme news value! The crew on Ady Gil knew what they where doing, they just underestimated their enemy. I would like to try whale sometime.

  • thetoteman

    Congrats on sinking the boat. You would think the famous and rich people behind the eco terrorists would realize that there are more important matters to take care of than a bunch of whales. How about turning your time, talents, and money to helping get America back on the path of Constitution? Leave the japs alone to hunt their whales. I really hope they sink the rest of the terrorist’s boats.

    • Defiant

      As you appear to be someone whom considers himself to be a “conservative”, I would just like to remind you that Ronald Reagan himself was vehemently opposed to whaling of any kind.

  • Max Entropy

    Was JFK at the helm? It was very PT-109-ish.

    I like the water cannon blast at the end. Nice touch.

  • static

    1. Adi Gil arrived that morning and had intentions to harass the whalers and disable them if they could.
    2. Shonan Maru 2 skipper was maneuvering into position to bring the water cannons to bear. You can see this in the video as he turns hard and then bears away.
    3. Adi Gil skipper panics when seeing this and throttle up causing the Adi Gil to move into the path of the Shonan Maru 2.
    4. Water cannon on the back of Shonan Maru 2 could not see the damage to the Adi Gil until the distance between the vessels increased.
    5. Loophole in the moratorium allows for lethal scientific study.
    6. Japanese are exercising their right to perform scientific study.
    7. Japanese do not exceed the quota allowed by the international treaty.
    8. Japanese are utilising the carcass of the whales.
    9. Australia do not own that part of the ocean they only claim it.
    10. Whalers are in international waters perusing a legally sanction scientific cull.

    Japanese have been eating whale meat for centuries. Just because you don’t like it, don’t try to force your belief on to them. It is better to have a cull limit than letting nations have a free for all.

    “Whoever…, January 7, 2010 at 12:36 pm” don’t worry the religious war is coming.

  • Captain Pike

    You people who say the Japanese deliberately rammed the eco-turds are all idiots. The larger vessel clearly veered starboard.
    (like you’re supposed to when a collision is imminent.)
    It would have taken that speedboat absolutely no time to gun it forward and GTFO of the way. When a kiloton ship is heading your way, pay attention and use due caution. The world’s fastest racing boat – wasn’t. You fail.

    • Johnny

      the larger vessel is given right of way, so in that sense I side with you. and yea, you are supposed to veer starboard to avoid another boat….unless that boat is off the starboard to begin with??? my guess is they waited for the boat to pass cause he was not in danger of ramming them originally, and the fact they steered TOWARDS them probably surprised them and they didn’t have time to react, remember that boat is 80 ft long it doest accelerate like a little cigarette boat, so its prob better they just got their bow nicked rather than the cockpit

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  • Michael d'Estries

    We’ve added a new video from the POV of the Ady Gil that clearly shows the Japanese whalers intending to cause harm.


    • whale fat

      c’mon mike, the new vid proves that they didnt give way to the larger vessel, not that there was intent to harm.

  • brandon

    This is Bullshit! and all should be done to stop the japanese whaling in those waters. the captain of that boat should be tried under international law! whaling is an outrage! It is cruel and unusual way for these poor animals to die! thank god no one was hurt during the incedent.

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  • Johnny

    the japanese are killing the whales to do research, don’t you see? the japanese are really just trying to help the whales and learn more about them, by shooting them with harpoons and eating their flesh.

    on a more serious note, these guys on the sea sheperd can’t f%&* with the japanese and expect not to get hit back, if thats so, then they really are total pussies. they only deserve credibility if they can take a hit and not b&#% about it, cause if I remember correctly, they rammed the japanese first at the end of the second season.

    I’m opposed to whaling only because it is so easy to drive them to near extinction, as history has proven, and it’s difficult for the population to recover. Other than that there’s no difference from slaughtering chickens and cows like us “normal” people. thank you southpark.

    • Also a Democrat

      “Other than that there’s no difference from slaughtering chickens and cows like us “normal” people.”

      I don’t know about that Johnny, cows and chickens, at least in the industrial food lines, are killed within a second. The whales take a LOT longer to die (someone one quoted on this site that 98% of whales are killed instantly by the harpoon…insofar as death means inability to move, something I think anyone who has ever recovered from a coma might take offense to). Plus, I also have a large problem with the way we “grow” (for lack of a better term) cows in the industrial chain, but that is not related to this.

    • Jenny

      You really think there is no difference between slaughtering cows/chicken and whales? Cattle can be bred in a controlled environment (in masses), as well as chickens. Otherwise, at the rate we eat them they would defintely be extinct. Your comment leads me to believe that have no idea about whales as a species and what they need in order to breed or survive. I don’t mean to sound offensive, but “lack of education” is the very problem with the general population where environmental issues are concerned.

  • John Stokes

    Why didn’t the Big boat stop before colliding – it seemed to be going at full speed – the small boat had right of way surely? And why were people firing water canon at the smaller boat, even after they’d run it down? Shouldn’t they have tried to implement a rescue and check for casualties rather than trying to cause more harm?

  • CLink

    There’s a lot of unqualified piffle going on here! and I suppose my opinion is of no more value.
    The most telling comment here is this image.
    Thanks Silentuz, although I don’t share your opinion.
    The Ady Gil is some 24 metres LOA and all of that is waterline length. Unlike a yacht which has a centreboard or keel, about which it turns, the Ady Gil must turn it’s whole length. AG has two puny dagger rudders, which are situated on the pontoons. They are not placed directly in the line of the propellers where they might exert more control at low speed. The image shows a vessel very much designed for straight-line high speed. The two props contra-rotate, have a high pitch, and act at the centreline of the boat. The whole configuration is what you need to break a Round- the-World Record.

    So what? Some here suggest the Ady gil is/was speedy AND manoeuvrable. From an idle, as was the case here, the Ady Gil was a sitting duck. The captain was not at the helm (I’m sure the whalers noticed this), and according to the latest video, was heard giving an order to shut down the engines. Starting a diesel takes time and there wasn’t much of that… more later…

  • rodney

    This is not a case of whaling. There were no whales in the area. This was an intentional “ramming” of a much smaller ship. There was a similar accidenton at a lake near me where an older gentleman in a row boat fishing got run over by a drunk in a speed boat. The drunk is in jail for the next 20 Years. I feel the Japanese have now attempted to kill Sea Shepard members twice. Last year when they pointed the L-Rad at the helecopter, and again now. If the international maritime laws do nothing again then it is just proof that Japanese money can pay off anything.

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  • tiredmt

    the japanese were also using the lrad which can be debilitating. if not intentional hy did they use the lrad & water cannons on the ady gil before and after the incident. dont believe in whaling in a sanctuary, believe the japanese shouldnt be able to use force if the sea sheperds can’t. international community should stand up & stop the whaling by any country but thr inuits (per heritage). it’s to bad there is so much rudeness on this site,

  • vds4

    I am a research scientist – microbiologist – and frankly, what PAPERS or RESEARCH is PUBLISHED in peer reviewed scientific journals from all this whaling/research?

    Its disgusting to slaughter a key stone speciess in the name of science and not be able to show that the sacrifice went to reserach that justified such a horrific act. Frankly, unless they show me that they found a super cure for all human aliments in whale organs, etc. there is no excuse. Even then, I would contend the research and examine if a suitable alternative is not viable.

    Bottom line – they “whale” under the veil of scientific reserach. So…..Mr. Japanese Whalers, WHERE O’ WHERE are your research findings published? Also, research has an END it is looking for…..what is your END?

    Let’s put it out to the world – the public – where is this “research” ? Where are the findings that are soooooo amazing that it justifys the continued slaughter of a beautiful and intelligent sea creature? If you remove a key stone species, every scientist knows the price……the whole ecosystem fails….and it will reach even the greedy Japanese…we are all interconnected on this planet. I thought you were “scientists”…..shouldn’t you know this basic principle of biology?

    I would LOVE to have the Japanese show some real scientific findings….not a list of data.

    Did anyone notice that on an episode of Whale Wars, the Japanese slaughter and butcher a whale only to push out of the boat and totally discard the internal organs?

    Again, basic SCIENCE here for the Japanese….if you want to study the whales, the internal organs are more important than the muscle mass….you learn more from PCR and molecular studies on the internal organs, brain, etc….more EVIDENCE that the Japanese are a JOKE.

    They are WHALING for MEAT.

    a) unbelievably irresponsible and immoral – even from a purely scientific stand point – key stone species dumb arses

    b) the Japanese have plenty of other food sources, it is unnecessary for them to eat whales. A call to the Japanese – STOP PURCHASING AND EATING WHALE MEAT – DRY UP THE DEMAND!!!!!


    the Japanese DISGUST me and as a scientist, I am OFFENDED.

    I get soooo angry watching Whales Wars!!!! Oh if they only needed a microbiolgist……I would throw myself in front of a harpoon. The life of a whale is sacred. Just as important as my life. Sickens me these hunters disguise their vile acts in the name of science.


  • Jenny

    Lack of education is a major global problem. There are no winners in this particular scenario. The point that should be focussed on here is that whaling can no longer be looked at in terms of profit or food… any culture, not just the Japanese. Whales are being looked at as a commodity instead of an environmental necessity (which is a result of environmental ignorance). Once the whales are gone they cannot be brought back and the consequence of this would be catastrophic. Ignorance is not an excuse, please please please educate yourselves….its vital to our survival on this planet.

  • nuke um

    lol stupid japs. only country in the world to be nuked by another…fuck if you ask me you retards deserved it..scratch that…you should have gotten a few more bombs reduced that shit heap of a island into a nice big deep lagoon

  • Lenore Rimi

    I can not stop thinking about the Anne image. I love her! Anne Mary style. swoon