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Eli Roth, director of such horror films as Hostel and the “Bear Jew” in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, recently experienced a real life horror story of his own while vacationing in Mexico late last month.

According to updates on his website, the actor was kayaking in the ocean when a sinkhole opened below his boat and started sucking down him down through a whirlpool. “I was about a mile from the shore, behind a huge rocky island,” he wrote. “I had to swim to the island and got pulled under the water and nearly hit it.”

And then things got worse.

“I scrambled up and got about 200 sea urchin pins in the bottom of my feet and my palms,” he continued. “The rock was covered in crabs. It was like a scene out of Starship Troopers. I screamed for help until a fisherman saved me. This was in Mexico. I do not speak much Spanish.”

Once on shore, Roth then went through the grueling process of having the 200 pins removed from his feet and hands — without anesthesia.

“The best part was when I googled “sea urchins” and it said that they are poisonous, but if you get 1 spike, you’ll be fine. I had over 200. Luckily, the crabs were scared of this Bear Jew on their rock and they’d back away. But then a wave would come and displace everyone. My feet and hands were such a mess I couldn’t walk – I had to crab-walk on my butt around the rock to find an opening where I could jump in. Two days later 4 baby sharks were spotted near where I was stranded. And where there are babies… I actually thought to myself “Oh my God – I’m going to get eaten to death by crabs! And I won’t even be around to tell [Harvey Levin].”

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  • georgina0912

    Well, obviously Eli is not bitter about the incident because the recount of the story reads pretty funny. Not that what happened to him is funny, it must have been really painful —take it from a person who went deep-sea diving the week before my wedding and got stung IN THE FACE by the itty-bitty-jellyfish-committee—, but at least he was not seriously injured. In the end, it is a cool story to tell.

  • Nicole

    One tiny little correction to your article. Eli Roth posted the entire story in almost 30 tweets on his personal twitter account. The “According to updates on his website,” part is incorrect as that site will let any user with a livejournal account submit a news story.