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The second (yes, second) Al Gore-inspired ice sculpture was recently erected in Fairbanks, Alaska and is causing quite the controversy!

At the begining of last year, Ecorazzi told you that some folks in Alaska had erected a ice statue of Al Gore to protest his views on global warming. Now, another piece of ice art has been built by two Alaskan climate skeptics and businessmen who “don’t agree with Gore’s theories” surrounding climate change and wish to lure him to a debate in Alaska. Yeah guys, I think that’s really gonna work!


“‘Frozen Gore’ is a dig at Gore’s beliefs about climate change. The first statue went on display last year. This year’s version is hooked up to the exhaust of a pickup truck to make it appear Gore is spouting hot air. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports the smoke drew laughs from a crowd Tuesday as a Gore speech on climate change played over a loudspeaker.”

What’s up with all these nasty Alaskans? Is everyone as ruthless as Sarah Palin up there?

What do you think about this two-ton protest? A good investment or a waste of chime? Chime in and share your thoughts!

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  • Catherine

    Wow, great job guys. Really. I suppose it will still be funny when your fragile Alaskan ecosystems are completely annihilated. Way to expend your energies on something worthwhile. Idiots.

    • Claire

      agree completely!

    • Patrice Lee

      There are many educated, intelligent people in Fairbanks and we are just as frustrated and disgusted as the rest of the informed world with the “know it alls” who may or may not have made it out of the 8th grade. I recently took my life in my hands to go into the liquor store where the 1st Al Gore ice sculpture was parked. I asked the owners how they could be so hypocritical. There they are selling liquor and cigarettes in a hard part of town. We have the highest rates of abuse, domestic violence liver disease, rape, sexually transmitted diseases and alcohol related accidents in the US and its all caused or exacerbated by alcohol. They didn’t connect with their involvement! At least Al Gore is trying to do something honorable.
      By the way, we vote for Sarah to sit down and shut up. 40% or so of Alaskans are Democrats or at least not Republicans or Tea Partyers. We just don’t get much press.