Sea Shepherd Ady Gil
by Michael dEstries
Categories: Animals, Causes.

In our list of forces working against the Sea Shepherd’s desperate struggle to save the foundering Ady Gil, weather was the number one concern.

Unfortunately, it now appears that Mother Nature has claimed the stealth boat.

A poster on a Sea Shepherd forum was listening to Captain Paul Watson being interviewed on an Australian morning television show when the bad news was revealed.

“Paul Watson just said on ABC News Breakfast Australia that the Ady Gil has sunk, they (not sure which ship) had been towing her for 6-7 hours towards the French base but the weather picked up, she took on water and sunk. He confirmed that all fuel and oil had been taken off the vessel.”

Earlier, the MV Bob Barker attempted to tow the Ady Gil — but quickly discovered that she was taking on too much water when moved. There were hopes that a French vessel with a crane might come to assist, but we’ve no idea if they ever showed up. Either way, it’s an unfortunate end to such a beautiful vessel. In memory, we’ve added some of our favorite pics below.

[UPDATE] Confirmed. Watson says the ship went down shortly before 8:30am AEDT today while it was being towed to an island. [Link]

[UPDATE #2] According to reports, the Ady Gil snapped its tow lines after taking on too much water. Sea Shepherd reported the last known position of the ship to Australian authorities, warning them that it could pose a navigation hazard for three hours after the sinking. The ICR Whaling organization has posted photos of the abandoned Ady Gil drifting; presumably before she sank some time later.

“We spent the greater part of yesterday transferring all of the fuel, oil and batteries and any other contaminates,” said Peter Hammarstedt, the Bob Barker’s first officer. Japanese whalers say an oil slick is following the Gil, but we imagine that it would be minor considering a.) the SS claim the boat was low on fuel when it was struck and b.) the efforts made afterwards to reduce environmental impact of its sinking.

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  • don miguelo


    Purpose served: distraction from the Bob Barker being made, international attention, and another slowed set of days for the Japanese whalers.

    Ships can be rebuilt, whales don’t come back.
    More importantly–

    “What goes around, comes back stronger…”

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Actually, whales do come back. Under a sustainable harvesting programme (as carried out by Japan, Iceland and Norway) whale numbers remain stable and even rise. Hence, sustainable.

      • straightedge

        Is that you Glenn?

      • James Johnson

        The whales don’t come back. Do humans if they are killed come back?

        Kinda like saying if you were killed in some bombing of sorts ‘Houses can be rebulit, humans don’t come back’.

      • Paul

        hey dude – the mercury has really messed you guys up already.

        how can a culture that had developed some of most innovative technologies of the 20th century can be so arrogant and primitive, i wonder…

        the boat is lost, but the mission goes on… no doubt they will prevail! best of luck to Paul Watson and his group!

      • Glenn Inwood

        Hideyoshi is not Glenn. I am Glenn.

      • don miguelo

        For the pea-brained among us:

        Those SPECIFIC whales don’t come back (from death).
        Thank you James Johnson for clearing this point up earlier.

        How dare you dishonor the good name of a cultural and political daimyo with your “posts”.
        –fittingly : “Toyotomi Hideyoshi had been given the nickname Kozaru, meaning “little monkey”, from his lord Oda Nobunaga because his facial features and skinny form resembled that of a monkey.” -WIKI

    • Kathy

      Yes I agree, it is a shame that the Ady Gil was damaged and sunk, but she stayed strong long enough to keep her passengers safe so they can fight to stop the Japanese from killing whales, and now we also need to make sure they don’t kill us.

      • Linda Kemp

        WOW – is this an actual forum where one can return verbal fire at you Mr Inwood? I would love a debate with you on the subject!

    • Dementor

      Ah, whales do come back – its called reproduction.

      I despise ’cause celeb’ conservation. Polar Bears & Whales, Koalas – emotional clap trap that works well on teenage girls & those with the emotional lives of them.

      Minkes are not endangered & a thousand a year being taken is nothing. Better to use resources on habit preservation of the REALLY ENDANGERED but not so sickly & manipulatively PR worthy.

    • Scott

      I bet a better version of the Ady Gil will come out in the very near future.

    • Ram It

      Maybe if the morons piloting the Ady Gil hadn’t drove under the bow of
      the ship, it would still be afloat! If you morons wanna fight against
      whaling, fight the government to make it illegal, not the people out
      doing their job that puts food on their families table!

      • Tom

        I propose you do your homework rather than just offending people, I also propose you have a look at the video footage on the web. The Ady Gil did not move and was soaked by water canons from the security boat. Environmental polution in many areas, e.g. the North Sea got reduced based on pressure being put on the companies dumping waste there rather than by the governments.

      • Rick

        I think most people would like to fight you after your idiotic statement. It is sad that a MORON such as you is given a forum when you lack knowledge and facts to comment on what occured. I can see you goose stepping across Poland in 1939 saying that we were invited.

      • barry

        This remark has been removed due to a violation of our commenting policy.

  • Ady Gil the Second

    “We can’t allow a piece of seagoing history like this to go down,” Gil said. “Maybe we’ll build my boat a little sister and call it Ady Gil II

    Source :

  • Hart Ryan Noecker

    Time for revenge. Sink the terrorist Japanese and let them swim for their lives.

    • Haris Tweed

      Hart – I see that you are spreading hatred where ever you go. Violence is never the solution.

    • JaJa

      Better yet, let them be eaten by sharks!

  • Claire

    it hasn’t sunk in vain. it’s loss will be avenged. and now the Bob Barker can fully focus on relocating the whaling fleet along with the Steve Irwin. such an unfortunate loss of a great boat. glad they were able to take out all the fuel/oil/other pollutants and as much of the equipment as possible. someone needs to make a “remembrance” video. lol.

    • Timmy john (laughing hard)

      That’s great so we can watch them cry again as the whalers harpoon & process whales. This time we get two ships crew crying as AGAIN the Sea Sheeperds do nothing…ha ha

      • Kyle

        They do a lot more than you though. So you’re in no position to make that type of comment.

      • uncmark

        TJ, First of all , learn how to spell the name of group you insult. It is people exactly like you that i 100% guarantee if i were to propose a charity 3 round boxing match ….i win funds go to SS, you win ( i would love the odds on that ) you get a brand new computer to hide behind and make idiotic remarks like these.

        You need to open a window , take a walk , a hike , stop having cartons of pall mall 100
        ‘s delivered to your doorstep and find a cause other than inventing a better x box to stand for and get real.

        how can it make you feel good at all ?????????/to watch whales die in a sanctuary … it would equal your sadness at losing frodos ring replica taking your monthly shower, unreal .. get off this site.

        i think you are missing a comic book signing somewhere?

  • From MN, with hope…

    So long Ady Gil. You were an awsome ship, who was struck down innocently. I think someone owes Sea Shepherd about $2mil. for their world record holding stealth boat!

    The Ady Gil didnt move in front of the Shonan Maru. It was obviously not moving. Maybe drifting forward on a wave or inertia, but no way can the Japanese shirk their way out of this situation.

    • Claire

      yeah, do the Japanese actually think that Pete Bethune purposefully moved the boat, the one he worked so hard on designing, creating, and sailing around the world, in front of a MUCH larger ship? he isn’t that stupid. the Ady Gil most likely got sucked into the wake of the larger Japanese ship and that is why it may have appeared that it was moving toward the Japanese ship. i wonder if Pete still has the blueprints for the Earthrace/Ady Gil? maybe they can make another one! that’ll really piss off the Japanese (assuming that SSCS doesn’t shut down the Japanese fleet for good this season).

    • tc

      true!those whalers aboard the shonan maru 2 wont know what’s going on when they see a solid black stealth speed boat come at them that says ADY GIL II on the side of it!-hopefully they’ll make another one.

  • FU Paul

    Not stealthy enough, MN. Haha. I’d like to point out the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for butyric acid (the “rotten butter” that the SS uses to ‘harmlessly’ assault the Japanese. Please note that this chemical can cause severe burns to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, as well as damage the respiratory tract. The SS crew are terrorists. They are illegally attempting to debunk a law that clearly points out that the Japanese are allowed to take a certain number of whales every year.

    • hil

      The MSDS is for bottled butyric acid which is typically 100% butyric acid. All acids are corrosive and irritating to the skin and body, but that does not mean that in lower concentrations they are not safe. For example bottled citric acid will burn you instantly (I have the scars from my lab days to prove it) yet the amount in fruit juice does nothing more than make your mouth pucker. MSDSs are very informative if you know what you are looking at, and fear inducing if you don’t.

    • Kathy

      and the whalers are murderers of whales and attempted of humans. . .

    • uncmark

      not true , you should dig deeper ….look at concentration of what they throw and also howit reacts in severe cold…..chemist here , cant fool me , nor quality supporters of SS on this site .

  • Vivian M DeWeese

    I`m sorry about the boat,but so proud of th crew & how they are handleing it. keep up the fight,they need to be stop!it would be a sad thing if all the whales dissapeared because of greed.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    So long Ady, you lived by the sword and – who’d have thought it? – you died by it also.

    Thankfully, you met with your end before you were able to inflict serious damage upon the research mission or save any whales for that matter.

    May you stand forever as a warning to terrorists the world over that crime does not pay.

    • Used to be impartial

      Hideyoshi, you said it correctly – ‘save any whales’.

      While I think SSCS go too far, what else can be done to stop a greedy, lieing, violent, arrogant group of poachers from skirting the law? Yes, the other governments of the IWC have capitulated (mainly because the Japanese goverment corruptly bribes the small pacific nations to vote the way the Japanese want).

      Yes, the Australian government has failed to do as it promised and take the whalers to the international court – economics and greed wins again.

      It just goes to show how morally bankrupt the Japanese government is when they will go to ANY lengths, including intentionally sinking another vessel in a hostile environment.

      When will the Japanese stop the lies? Just come out and admit that you ONLY want the whales to sell the meat. It is not researching, it is poaching. The Japanese in this case have no respect for anyone other then themselves – yet they demand that we respect their culture? No way.

    • straightedge

      Research hahahahaha rolfomgbrbftwfml you are one funny person, rookie.

      Show me one relevant piece of published and peer reviewed research from 25 years of ICR “scientific research” and I will shut up.

      • Glenn Inwood

        Hi this is Glenn. You can see the peer reviewed paper list at the ICR homepage. So will you shut up now, or start with new excuses?

      • straightedge

        HAHAHA that’s gold. Seems like you don’t know the meaning of ‘peer reviewed’ and ‘relevant’.
        Sorry but nothing shown on the icr website meets minimum standards for credible science. The JARPA programs haven’t answered the necessary scientific questions relevant in the management of whales. Come on mate, everyone knows that.
        And peer reviewed doesn’t mean, reviewed by more Japanese. It means releasing data to be available for independent review. You know, real science.

        You’re really bad at this game…
        So as I said before…….. still waiting.

    • straightedge

      Still waiting…

      • Glenn Inwood


        Hi, this is Glenn again.

        The IWC Scientific Committee said, for example, this of the Japanese research program:

        “the results from the research program have the potential to improve management of minke whales in the Southern Hemisphere”

        So, you are talking out your rear end. Next excuse please?

      • Rick

        You are the classic example of a little “knowledge” is dangerous! If you are in south Florida look me up. I would be happy to educate you in the art of war!

      • straightedge

        AAAAHAHAHAH you’re the funniest man alive! You’re a barrel of laughs mate, you should really become a comedian.

        You conveniently missed the next few lines and paragraph below…

        Taken from the IWC website:
        (Talking of JARPA I)

        “Commission Review
        In the discussion of these permits in the Commission, an additional factor raised is that the catches take place within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary declared by the IWC in 1994 (to which Japan lodged an objection with respect to minke whales). If a Sanctuary is in place, it can be argued that information on improving management of whaling in that region is unnecessary.”

        (And said of JARPA II)
        “At the 2007 Annual meeting there was considerable disagreement over the value of this research both within the Scientific Committee and the Commission. As in previous years, there was severe disagreement within the Committee regarding advice that should be provided on a number of issues, including: the relevance of the proposed research to management, appropriate sample sizes and applicability of alternate (non-lethal) research methods.

        In 2005 a Resolution was passed (30 votes to 27 votes with 1 abstention) that strongly urged the Government of Japan to withdraw its JARPA II proposal or to revise it so that any information needed to meet the stated objectives of the proposal is obtained using non-lethal means. Japan withdrew a proposed resolution in favour of the research programmes.”

      • straightedge

        Glenn, you pretty much fail at life.
        Off subject now, when are you coming back to Australia next? I know plenty of people who’d love to say g’day.

      • straightedge

        You should go on tour with some other comedians. Just a thought…

      • straightedge

        Just as I thought. The silence is deafening…

    • straightedge

      Oi Glenn, you chose one of the most famous names in Japanese history… not much of a cover. maybe i should start calling myself Don Bradman or Ned Kelly and pretend it’s my real name.

      “Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598) – One of the most remarkable men in Japanese history, he was born a peasant and yet rose to finally end the Sengoku Period.”

      All your points are mute. And SHUT UP about the ICR… No one cares what they have to say, everyone knows they have no integrity. They’ve had 23 years to get it right.

      You need a new career, rookie.

    • don miguelo

      Aww…’little monkey’ strikes (out) again!

      There’s that phrase again “Research Mission”–sounds like propaganda to me — and you know who uses propaganda–(gasp) Terrorists!!! Are you with those disgusting, Research Terrorists, HIDEyoshi!?!?!?! Stop drinking the whale-blood soaked, Research Kool-Aid, man! OH YEAH!!!

    • Disappointed Person

      Who do you think you are? They were doing a great service but, y’all destroyed the Ady Gil!

  • Timmy john (laughing hard)

    Paul still looking for more drama sorry about the boat(thankfully your dumbass skipper didn’t get anyone killed…..I’ll bet good money you would let someone or know about a paln of yours in which someone would be killed.

    Sadly I’m sure that your going to have many clueless more folks send you more money.


  • Claire

    wow, this Hideyoshi guy must not have a life. he comments on everything by repeating the same stuff over and over (it’s quite entertaining). how much are the whalers paying you to do this??

  • Terri

    Luckily no one got killed when the stupid Japanese rammed the Andy Gil. They should be prosecuted somehow, but they probably won’t, but I think something should be done to them since the Andy Gil was just sitting there not doing anything. I am on your side Paul Watson.

    • ddpalmer

      Can you people please get the boats name right? I know you are busy repeating what Paul Watson says while keeping your hands over your ears. But the boats name is A-D-Y Gil, no “N”. I am sure the guy who donated almost $2million for the boat would appreciate you getting his and the boats name right.

  • Joe Mama

    HA HA HA HA!! Death to the sea hippies!

  • foxx

    It is truly sad how a great cause is turned into a farce becuase of the dishonest actions of a group supported by many well-meaning environmentalists. Ecowarriers are now seen as ecoterrorists and the general public becomes very sceptical of the whole process. The videos clearly show that the Ady Gil going from idle to full speed as the Japanese boat approached. It is also patently clear in the video that the Japanese boat turned to the port as Ady Gil moved directly in front of the Japanese. If this port turn had not taken place it is possible that the collision could have occured in the cockpit area where the crew was assembled. Ask any experienced sea goer if the videos show anything different. Go to the huge effort of taking a piece of paper and a pencil and plot the positions of both boats over time. It will all be clear that the Gil skipper was grossly incompetent or very stupid to have put his crew in such danger. Certainly protest but engage the brain first. Also any claims that the Japanese left the scene leaving the Gil crew in danger is totally untrue- look at the SSC video shown the Japanese boat standing by a few hundre metres off. Oh and we now hear that the Ady Gil has sunk! The sheared off bow section was not a hopeless risk to the boat. Built of foam and compsites, it would have been relatively easy to reduce and water egress forward- remove equipment to lighten the craft and tow the boat to a salvage area. While the fuel (biodegradable?) could have been easily removed- was the lubricating oil removed? Betcha it didn’t get removed! Oh yeah, one other point- I understand that the boat is unsinkable and if flooded it should have reached a floating equilibrium unless the idiots towed it until they destroyed it, it which case the pristeen ocean is littered with floating debris. How to lose credibilty eh?

    • ddpalmer

      Pete Bethune, the captain of the Ady Gil. Now admits that the pilot did gun the Ady Gil’s engines and try and make a starboard turn just before the collision.

      Also a Royal Austarlian Navy veteran and maritime expert is quoted as saying even though the Japanese have some fault for coming that close to the Ady Gil, the Ady Gil should have been aware of other ships in the area and made better efforts to avoid a collision.

      If the Ady Gil crew had been keeping watch rather than BSing and waving to the Bob Barker, they would have seen the Japanese in plenty of time to avoid the collision.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Kinda hard to react cognitively to a dangerous situation when you have an L-RAD blaring directly at you. Do some research on the effects of L-RADs.

  • brittany jean

    i was deeply saddened when i found out about ady gil, i was so psyched when i found out earlier this summer that you guys were finally going to start building an armada. thank you for keeping strong and continuing to protect the immaculate wildlife out there. & to the crew on the bob barker, you are truly amazing.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    For goodness sakes, please stop suggesting that I am somehow associated with Glenn Inwood. As I have said, that man is a joke and a waste of the ICR’s money. He is losing the PR battle against Sea Shepherd despite having truth, reason, law and morality on his side. Utterly pathetic.

    I will point out, however, the general tendency here to assume that anyone with a different opinion is somehow motivated by monetary gain. Are you all so completely brainwashed by Sea Shepherd’s lies that you won’t even contemplate that there exists a valid alternative point of view? I continue to debunk their propaganda and offer fact and reason as an alternative and yet you cling to Watson’s lies. What’s with that?

    I suppose it is the hallmark of extremist and terrorist groups to disallow plurality of ideas. And the Sea Shepherd’s propaganda machine is remarkable, it cannot be denied. Watson’s public relations and propaganda ability rivals that of Joseph Goebbels.

    Speaking of plurality of ideas, however, I commend the administrators of this website for allowing a variety of views to be published. For this you have my thanks. However, I do wonder of the level of racial slurs permitted on these pages – it’s rather grotesque. Otherwise, jolly good show Michael.

    But please, fix this bunching problem. It’s almost as unbearable as Paul Watson’s sense of self-righteousness.

    • Glenn Inwood

      Hey man, I do the best I can.

    • don miguelo

      Little Monkey, Little Monkey, Little Self Righteous Monkey…
      which do you prefer?

      “Toyotomi Inwood the Terrible” or
      “Glenn Hideyoshi the Research Terrorist”?

      (notice no racial slurs, which we should all be above at this point)

      Just a question here:
      Do the Japanese allow a plurality of ideas in terms of whaling? (the answer is NO).
      By your own words, doesn’t that show “the hallmarks of a extremist and terrorist group”? (the answer is YES)

      And before you get off your high horse equating the Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson to prominent Nazi’s, I would say you check your own and the Japanese govt’s pro-whaling propaganda at the blog’s door.

  • Kathy

    When will this all this creulty and hatred and death of the animals and environment stop! Keep up the fight Sea Shepherds! There are many behind you supporting you. IF the Governments will not stop the evil Japanese then we will.

    Go here to see picture

    Tears of Mother Earth Illusion

    A dramatic picture taken by Michael Nolan has been dubbed the face of Mother Nature crying on a canvas of melting ice and cascading water on a Norwegian Glacier. Randy Schutt discovered this amazing photo which shows a crying face in an ice cap located on Nordaustlandet, in the Svalbard archipelago of Norway. The tears of this natural sculpture were created by a waterfall of glacial water cascading from one of the face’s eyes, thus painting an alarming picture warning the world about the effects of global warming. Michael Nolan is a marine photographer and environmental lecturer.

    • Dementor

      My God, deal with your angst – mother earth weeping!

      How Grandose the faux-conservationists have become.

      If you loved nature would would know her power, in the last tsunami, more reef were totally destroyed than all by man in total.
      Even a medium – large (but not super) volcanic eruption ( & there have been thousands of them ) can spew more toxic pollution into the atmosphere than mankind has since he harvested fire e.g. Krakatoa.

      Magnitudes more land was destroyed & eroded by the collapse of the ice-dam of the melting Nth American ice sheet, than mankind has by mining, erosion, earthworks etc.

      2,000 years ago the Congo rainforest did not exist – it was savannah – 10,000 years ago the Amazon rainforest did not exist – it was grasslands & will be again soon , as we are due to return to ice-age & when it returns the Nth American eco-system will again be totally destroyed by being buried under a mile of ice.

      Nature causes 80% of all oil pollution through natural seepage. in the gulf of Mexico alone she discharges more oil annually than did the Exxon Valdise spill.

      There have been 5 major extinction events that have nearly destroyed all life ( & the first may have except for some bacteria – mass hydrogen sulphide poisoning of the planet from an equatorial super volcano) 99.9999 recurring of ALL SPECIES have been KILLED OFF BY WEEPING MOTHER NATURE – not us!

      Remember too, that as the Sun becomes unsustainable (half its life is over) its gravity will lessen & expand to burn us to a crisp then consume every last atom of this Earth as fuel.

  • jack

    Im working on boats all size since 25 years.
    Im sure neither one of the party wanted to ramm the other boat. The Ady Gil was in forward/idle blindet by the watercannons. The japs try to avoid collision, go hard to starboard because they think the AG would accelerate (the fastest boat on earth?!?!…) and cross ther bow. The AG blindet dident sea that coming. The japs see that the AG dont move and turn hard to port. Unfortually the AG accelerate in the that same moment and they crash. Extreamly silli is to put 10times smaller carbonfiber boat in front of full powered steelboat in reach of there watercannons. Pete Bethune is resposible for this accident and will be prosecuted. And i hope the fattest vegan on the planet aswell. This little war dont help the whales, it only helps fatt vegean to be in the spotlight. The biggest enemy of the southern whales at the time is pollution and overfishing of there feeding/breeding grounds. For example the ddt and other highly poisonus chemicals do accumulate in the antarctica, poison the whole ecosystem. The Ag releases there exaust trough the water, probarly the 2other ships two. Every power boat down there should be forbitten. Focus on that ss

    • really-really

      hey if the japanese were shooting the water cannons at them and blinding them, how WASNT it the Japs fault for ramming them??? i wish people would actually THINK before posting something like that…

  • KumikoYoneK

    I was looking for update and found this page. I am Japanese and ashamed of ways to hunt whale is used by deceptive practice. If you hunt whale for food don’t lie, tell truth. Killing not RESEARCH!! Japanese boat is wrong by using big steel ship for attack on wood carbon boat. Japan try attempted murder I feel very angry. Prior, Japanese are attacked by eco terrorist now I support by giving pay to Sea Shepherd for wrong doing by whalers.

    • don miguelo

      Japanese people represent!
      I feel the support!
      Thanks, KumikoYoneK, your opinion here needs to be heard!!!

  • David in Ohio

    Leave the Japanese whaling fleet alone already. The Sea Shepherd are not animal rights activists, they are animal rights terrorists. The work Japan is doing is legal, responsible and what they do with the remaining whale meat is part of their culture. I love whales. I also respect other cultures. If what they were doing were putting the whale population and existence at risk, I would join you to help stop them. If what they were doing was cruel and torture I would join you. But they are not doing any of those things. Leave them alone.

    I do not buy Gorton’s fish because they whale. I would not buy or eat whale. I would have to be a pretty big self-centered egotistical sanctimonious pompous douche to impose my beliefs and culture onto another and try to claim some moral high ground from it.

    • don miguelo

      international waters.

      international moratorium.

      traditional cultures should never be forced to a stop,

      However, COMMERCIAL-LEVEL destruction in the disguise of tradition should always be met with resistance.

      But we all have our own viewpoints, thanks for boycotting Gorton’s.

  • boat accessories

    I saw the original version of this video (before it was removed and this version put up) which clearly shows the whaling boat turning into the Ady Gil. The Japanese have taken the original and changed it now to make it look more like the Ady Gils fault. It most certainly was not.

    If you think I sound like some conspiracy theorist, look at around the 5 second mark in the video, where the video is suddenly zoomed in. This did not happen in the original. The video become MORE still than it was when it was zoomed out. If you have used a video camera before, you will realise the picture becomes a lot bumpier if you zoom while moving. Then, at around the 18 second mark, just as the boat turns in towards the Ady Gil, the video is zoomed back which has the affect of hiding the sudden course change. I can’t believe the Japanese have tampered with the evidence to such a degree.

  • Glenn Inwood

    Hi, this is Glenn again.

    Please be informed that the Ady Gil is still floating in the Antarctic, leaking lots of oil, contrary to claims from Sea Shepherd that the boat had or was about to sink.

    Latest images are up!

    Sea Shepherd are a bunch of liars, and wrecking the environment.

    • don miguelo

      “Lots of oil”? relative to what exactly, the Exxon Valdez?
      “Wrecking the environment”? Yeah- no boat has ever sunk before, certainly not nuclear subs or anything.

      Sorry Glenn “Beck” Inwood, not buying it.

    • straightedge

      Hold on… One minute you accuse the SS of lying about the AG sinking and the next you’re telling us, it is not only sinking but is leaking and conveniently happens to have a few arrows floating around it. Hrrrrmmmmm which one will I believe????? Hey you should add this to your comedy routine… it’s all gold mate.

      Glenn I can see you’re stuggeling, so here’s a hint for your next lie release… sorry, I meant media release.
      Obviously you’re not smart enough to keep 2 lies going at once… so try this.
      It’s easier to stick to one lie at a time than it is to dribble some complete horse shit and realise no one is buying it, so you make another blatently set up lie to distract from the first one.
      Just keep it simple dickhead, most people who buy into your shit already have rocks in their head as it is.
      Hope this helps :)

  • Kathleen

    From the mouth of Japan’s Foreign Minister, Katsuya Okada, admitting that they hunt whales for food, not research:

    First of all, with regards to this issue, I think we should try to discuss this issue in calm, not emotional way. Because our ancestors, we have a tradition here in Japan where we have been eating whale meat. Of course it would be a different story if it were endangered species which are on the verge of extinction. But if not, I think the average Japanese would like to consume whale meat into the future.

    Meanwhile in the West you might not have a culture to consume whale meat, but I think food is an important element of cultures and therefore there is a need to mutually respect and recognize each others’ culture.

    There might be some things that the Australians would eat but the Japanese don’t, so this again is the culture of yours and European nations that should be respected. I think we should mutually respect that point and from there start this type of discussion.

    (Mr. Okada is wrong when he says there is a Japanese tradition of eating whale meat. A few villages did eat whale for centuries but the average Japanese did not.
    The West did have a culture of killing whales. The Yankee whaling fleet was the largest whaling fleet in the world yet America is now passionately opposed to the killing of whales.)

    • James Johnson

      Australia used to kill whales as well, so it was part of Australia’s culture too at some stage.

  • Andy Gill

    How can a fast, light vessle be hit by a big, slow one? By being in front of it deliberately, perhaps.
    And how come activists get furious over a few hundred whales being killed, while say 70000 moose are hunted each year in Sweden alone? Maybe anti-whaling is sexier than anti-hunting on land? Do you think the animals on land suffer less when they are wounded but not killed? And bullfighting… Best not to mention. Fundraising for pirates is easier than most fundraising too, isn’t it? My opinion

    • James Johnson

      Sea Shepherd would most likely be against the wildlife (Moose) being killed in Sweden, as I know they are about many other issues such as the killing of Kangaroos in Australia.

      The thing is though their organisation is pretty much ocean related, as their name says ‘SEA Shepherd’. There are other organisations who would be better suited to help moose and so on.

  • Michael d'Estries

    We’ve added a new video from the POV of the Ady Gil that clearly shows the Japanese whalers intent to cause harm.


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  • Whoever…

    Many of the anti-SS comments (some of them filled with hatred) only show what kind of people are the ones who defend whalers at all cost.

    People who defend torture and the death of animals are usually the same people who are glad when activists are hurt or killed! This says a lot about your character… evil people who, when your lifestyle and vision of the world are questioned, attack all of those who think outside the box and truly want to change this world into a better place.

    Sooner or later, you’ll realize that the people who you’re defending are the same people who wish to enslave you and have no problem whatsoever killing you or your family in order to carry out their plans. (= create fake terrorism so they can put into practice things like ‘the patriot act’ or make wars, create H1N1 to psychologically ‘force’ people to be massively vaccinated and thus destroy their immune system and carry out population reduction, create financial crises so they can make a huge profit, etc.)

    You obviously don’t understand what I’m writing about because your level of consciousness and awareness are extremely low. Too bad! You’ll soon pay the price for that.

    What really ‘shocks’ me though is that most of you truly think activists are terrorists (you’ve been so well brainwashed by the Illuminati that everything is terrorism to you now – the real terrorists are the bankers, religious and political leaders, CEOs of multinationals and oil companies, owners of pharmaceutical companies, the members of the Bilderberg group, and so on… the same people who are creating terrorism in order to control you with lies; and apparently they’re being very successful!) and that it’s okay to kill them, while at the same time you defend whalers who are nothing but murderers (they have no respect whatsoever for human and non-human life).
    Isn’t that a paradox? Where’s the ‘there is no excuse for violence’ argument now?

    Besides being hypocrites, zombies and liars, your level of evolution is very, very low!!

    Oh, and to everyone else, please just ignore the hideyoshi toyotomi character (who is not even a real japanese citizen – (s)he is a fake) because (s)he is obviously on the payroll of the whaling industry or the Illuminati! People are so oblivious to the ‘real truth’…

    I fear our future will not be a bright one at all if we don’t open our eyes once and for all…

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  • MacGyver

    It is sad that the Ady Gil is gone. but it was a stupid investment. If the Sea Shepards really want to scare the japanese whalers, add a WW2 submarine to the fleet. Just the fact you have it will scare the japs. It would also force them to spend alot more resources to defend from it. Money is the issue, if you make it too expensive for them to operate, the whales will be saved.
    I am with Paul on this one even though I disagree with all passifist resistance. (IE load the sub with a few torpedoes)

  • Heather

    I love and support the sea shepherds. They’re passionate about whales and are doing what they can to protect them. I don’t agree with everything they do but for the most part I’m glad they do what few people would do.

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