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SGG-007414“I would love to become a vegetarian or at least eat very little meat. The way animals are ofted is very brutal. I always struggle with this.”

- Kirstie Alley tweeting about her possible desires to go VEG. Apparently Alley previously attempted to eat a plant-based diet, but didn’t stick with it. We think Kirstie should visit and try their 21-day Vegan Kickstart Program. We’re pretty sure she’d love it? What do you say, Kirstie? Maybe?


  • ASB

    I never understand when people say they would love to try something. What is stopping you? Especially if you are “struggling” with the information.

  • Rachelle

    She’s a huge animal lover like Oprah (they both have many animals in their households)…I hope they both make the connection and then take the plunge into vegetarianism.

  • MichelleGoesGreen

    I hope Kirstie Alley does take the plunge into Vegetarianism for the sake of animals (most important) but for herself as well. I know she’s been up and down when it comes to her weight loss and she’ll find taking on a Vegetarian lifestyle will help her keep the pounds off and stay healthy.

  • Christy

    I am currently working at being a vegetarian. It was one of my New Year’s Eve resolutions. So far this week only one strike against me: a ham sandwich when my partner didn’t have a chance to get groceries. What is shocking is how much more fresh I feel – as opposed to toxic. I will probably still eat chicken now and again though.

    I totally get Kirstie’s struggle. I have wanted to do for so long, but it’s hard when the meat options are everywhere and are often more filing then the veg. options available at the time. I wish more places had a great tofu option.

  • herwin

    good for you Christy ! thumbs up. i am vegan now but before that i was a vegetarian and believe me it was dificult and a transitional transformation. ;-)
    but hey, why leave out the chicken ? the life of these engineered “boilers” are insane cruel, from birth to end, and maybe its hard to imagine but chickens are inteligent and full of feelings and needs just like cows or humans.

    As far as Kristey, that really bugs me these people that fully know all the cruelties of factory farming but never come further then saying how they struggle with all these cruelties but never make any attempt to dish the meat and other animal products, not even for one day. why not start with a meat free monday ? 6 days mindless glutony, and one day a week living the ethical life ?

  • JC

    Check out this informative and inspiring video on why people choose vegan:

    Also see Gary Yourofsky: