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In a timely show of support, Hollywood star and anti-whaling activist Isabel Lucas has recorded a new ad for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society encouraging people to donate to the group. The ad is scheduled to air on Australian television networks tonight.

Sea Shepherd’s Australian director Jeff Hansen told The Daily Telegraph that the ad was filmed in Melbourne last winter but needed a high-profile supporter to do a voice-over and appear at the end. “Isabel was out here late last year and appeared on Rove and said she would love to support us,” he said.

Hansen added that the ad had not cost the group “a cent” – because Lucas and its creators had given their time for free.

The 24-year-old actress is currently with Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch, and other celebrities on a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the worldwide water crisis.


Ady Gil, the benefactor that helped the Sea Shepherd purchase the stealth boat, has reportedly pledged $1 million of his own money to help rebuild a new one. Before the offer was made, Sea Shepherd’s Peter Hammarstedt said the stealth boat was “simply too effective at shutting down [Japan's] operations, so we’ll certainly exploring the possibility of maybe building a second Ady Gil, and we may see the reincarnation of that ship in the future.”

In another show of support, the Australian political party, the “Australian Greens” have sent the Japanese Ambassador a bill for $2 million to have the Ady Gil replaced. “The bill should be coming from the Australian and New Zealand governments. However, the Rudd government has left it to the Japanese Government to make all the demands so far. Here is a demand in return,” Senator Brown said.

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  • Josie

    nice to see celebrities helping out a good cause :)

  • Paul Morris

    Hi All, I am a very proud Kiwi, New Zealander am I openly make a commitment to do all I can to raise funds for our Earthrace boat the Ady Gil. We have started a couple of auctions and I am taking bookings for filming divers underwater to raise monies. More plans are developing as we speak. We have to get the Ady Gil rebuilt in fact we really need a few Ady Gil boats to really make a huge impact next season to the japanese fleet. There would be nothing better that I could think of than to see a few Ady Gil boats down there in Antartica making life hard for the whaling fleet. I for one would be keen to aide however I can with this cause and urge everyone to donate and show Japan that we have all had enough.

    Kindest Regards
    Paul Morris
    Dive Planet NZ

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Hi Paul,

    While you’re at it, could you please raise some funds to clean up the oil slick left by Sea Shepherd on the Southern Ocean? These criminals just left the wreck of their ship to sink and spew out its diesel fuel. It is a pristine environment and this act of environmental vandalism can pose a serious threat to the wildlife in the area.

    We must all band together to help protect the environment from such polluters.

    Many thanks.

    • John

      Your a truly ridiculous little person Yoshi. Having Japan or the Whalers complain about oil leaking out of the Ady is like a murderer stabbing someone and complaining about the blood. You sad little person, what are you hoping to accomplish with your foolish posts. Are you trying to stir more support for Sea Shepherd then they already have, are you trying to pick a fight with the rest of the world? What happened last time your people did that? It worked for awhile, but in the end it was your emperor giving General Mac Arthur a blow job on his command ship and that arrogant little Tojo swinging by his neck. Wake up, will you?

    • hehe

      So anyone who reads ecorazzi for any length of time is well aware of your propaganda from the whale killers. either that or you have a family member onboard a vessel. but what you are saying is so false. were you there?
      what do you say about this video????

    • Scott

      If you didn’t read the previous article, all the fuel and oil is already taken out. Thanks

      • Mick

        So SS says. They also said that the AG sank. There are pictures on the ICR website that clearly show that the AG had NOT sank and a oil slick on the water.

    • GrueBlock

      Just an FYI, the Ady Gil ran off of Bio-Diesel fuel.

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  • mick is a tool

    What is really absurd about these ridiculous claims by the Japanese is that on January 5th, the Japanese tanker Hiyo Maru refueled the whaling mother ship Nisshin Maru south of sixty degrees latitude in violation of the Antarctic Treaty that prohibits refueling in the Antarctic Treaty Zone. The refueling took place off Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay only 15 miles from a large Adelie penguin colony.

    It’s pretty funny that some of these comments appear to have very awkward english resembling a japanese vocabulary even spouting the maritime laws that relate to this sort of incident?
    The video clearly shows the Shonan Maru2 on one course that would clear the Ady Gil to its right and then suddenly veering to the right and collecting the Ady Gil amidships! The video from the Japanese ship shows that the captain of the Ady Gil made a last second attempt to get out of the way.

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