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This video leaves very little doubt over who is at fault for the destruction of the Ady Gil. More updates to follow.

  • Rolf Larsen

    Really leaves no doubt of who’s at fault here…

    • whale fat

      yeah the ady gil, exactly what i thought

    • Whale killer

      the plastic boat…….it really does clear it up

    • John Lambert

      Amazing how someone can blame the Japs. The videos clearly show:
      1. A much faster through the water Ady Gill passing very close to and across the bow of another Japanese ship while trailing a rope and then stopping and turning – actions aimed at fouling the Japanese boats rudder of propeller;
      2. THe arrogant ADI Gill crew congratulating themselves on what a great day’s work they had done AND assuming the Shogun Maru II would just pass them by harmlessly – there is no indication they have moved to an alert situation keeping in mind that swells can vary ships direction significantly; and
      3. THat in opposition to Watson’s claims, the Ady Gill is initially idle in the water and then applies full power in the forward direction forcing the Ady Gill further under the Shogun Maru II.

      In summary the ADY GILL crew who were deliberately trying to sabotage the Japanese vessels were too preoccupied in giving themselves high fives etc to stay alert and hence allowed the Shogun Maru II to get too close – and then whowever was at the controls of the ADY GILL made a big mistake in putting power on the drive it forward rather than reverse the ADY GILL. Definitely the ADY Gill’s crew predominantly at fault

      • Emre

        What a strange post. Points 1 and 2 may well be right, but have nothing to do with whether the Japanese purposefully, and illegally rammed the Ady Gil.
        Clearly you disagree with the Sea Shepherds and their tactics. Letting that perspective blind you to what is clearly a brazen act that put lives at risk is just silly, making it hard to take anything you say seriously .
        Personally, I think the Shepherds have a right to try to stop illegal whaling. That doesn’t mean I would condone them sinking a Japanese vessel.

      • Shelly

        A prop line does not sink a boat it stops it’s propeller from working then they have to spend time and money fixing the propeller which is time that they are not killing whales.

      • TheTruth

        You Say “Personally, I think the Shepherds have a right to try to stop illegal whaling.”, but the problem is that Japan isn’t breaking international law. Under the 1986 moratorium whaling for scientific research is allowed. The conditions of what research is are indeed very vague, but that is because without such allowances the 1986 moratorium would never have been signed. For this reason the Japanese are not breaking any laws, and if they were they would have international embargoes put upon them (something they would actually mind). The Sea Shepherds have broken many laws including UNCLOS 101, and all of them should be in jail, it is ridiculous that anyone considers the Sea Shepherds a legitimate operation, they are nothing but uneducated and reckless activists. I am against whaling, but this is not the proper way to resolve such a conflict, this is the IWC’s job.


      • Chronic

        r u serious? u blame the ady gil for tht collision. WOW. Someone needs to get a pair of glasses. CLEARLY the videos all show that the japanese vessel turned IN2 the Ady Gil. Swells in the water would not move a boat of that size so suddenly in tht big of a turn. I believe the act of the japanese was deliberate and i believe tht the japanese did not want to take off 8 ft of the bow of the ady gil but at least enough that it would take the ady gil out of the campaign. I would love to see the legal action taken in this case. Also i do not see any forward propelling of the ady gil in fact i see the ship as idle and tht everyone was on the deck i did not see anyone you said they were all giving each other high fives. what the sea shepherds are dong is a great thing. They are saving a beautiful species of animal the largest in the world, the whale. Innocent whales being killed for their meat. It is heartbreaking to watch them kill whales it is like they have no soul. I would not be able to kill any living thing on this planet even if i wanted to. I do not understand ho you can just simply do it without thinking about what you are doing. You are taking a life. A life that cannot be defended on its own…this is what the sea shepherds do. They take the position to protect the inocent whales tht cannot protect themselves….they are good people. Sea Shepherds, keep up the excellent work!

      • SWO


        The law is a matter of interpretation. As there is no enforcement, any law restricting Japanese whaler actions to research makes the law pretty much meaningless… unless environmentally conscious groups provide that enforcement.

        Anybody who thinks the Japanese whaling operation is purely scientific is naive at best.

        Where governments fail, citizens have a responsibility to take action.

    • Sixik

      You can clearly see that ship charging hard right and it collides with the Ady.
      This isn’t a discussion forum on whether or not we agree with either parties motives.
      Just leave a comment based on the video and leave it at that. Don’t pollute the internet with trash that doesn’t belong. Save it for where it’s supposed to be.

    • Bobby J

      Sorry to say but leaves no doubt, did any one listen to what they were saying.

      1) The ship in the beginning of the video to the right of the Ady Gil is the Bob Barker they were working together that day.

      2) If you actually listen to what they say when they shut the boat down is “We need to conserve fuel there is only a couple thousand liters to go”. For people who have no clue about the boat is or was designed as Earthrace, a boat that broke the record for circling the globe. It burns fuel at a tremendous rate. The ship holds roughly 72,000 liters of fuel, that’s around 19,020 gallons of fuel. He was near empty.

      3) Listen to the footage again you can hear the captian say “The Shonan Marumust be what 6 miles behind us”, to some of the crew. The camera is turned off, and then turned back on as the whaler vessel comes closer again.

      4) The noise heard is the LRAD used to disorientate people is conflict areas.

      5) Other videos shot at a distance show the Japanese ship change direction around 250-300 meters from the Ady Gil.

      6) The Ady Gil was at idle until it tried to back up, watch some of the Japanese footage and you’ll see at the Ady Gil bow the reverse wake start. Than as the pilot of the Ady Gil noticed the immanent collision the boat thrusts. This is an invasive maneuver to avoid collision only at the last minute. The boat will thrust and cut hard right or left depending on orientation to the colliding boat.

      7) Watch footage from the Bob Barker and you will see the Shonan Maru is about to dissect the Ady Gil, but when the boat strikes the Ady Gil sideways this happens from a hard turn.

      8) The Japanese did not stop shooting the water cannons even after impact, and some of the Japanese crew can be seen running to the side of the ship where the collision happened.

      9) The captain of the Ady Gil paid for that boat with his entire life savings. The boat costs $1.5 million to build and just fuel the ship it sips a nice (From American national averages at the pump July 2010) $56,109.00 each time it needs to recharge.

      So watch all the videos closely before people make comments.
      I lived in Japan for 2 years and have the utmost respect for the Japanese people. The men on the Shonan Maru acted how nearly 90% of people do when they are in an engagement. It’s called the hunter hunted mode and when the hunted becomes the hunter the mindset changes. The Shonan Maru went into attack mode and simply could not shut it off.

  • don miguelo

    Look how quickly the Sh**ty Maru stops after the collision with the (very light) Ady Gil. I think that’s veeeeeeerrrryyyy telling (on prior video).

    Where’s the sound? AG’s crew certainly don’t look like they were trying to be antagonizing or nefarious, what with all the casual talking. “No big deal, that giant ship is probably about to come close and then change course as it values our lives, like us theirs, WAIT- OMG Lookout”!

    • Rolf Larsen

      the sound is there, only plays on one speaker tho… they have been working ever since the crash to recover the film from a broken camera.

      • Whale killer

        maybe spend some money on cameras instead of fancy boats that break too easy……did they ever clean up all the chit they littered into the ocean when there boat fell apart?

      • Justin

        It was obviously the Japanese vessel’s fault. The Ady was not even trying to approach the ship. The Japanese ship had plenty of time to turn but instead they decided to plow right into the Ady. It’s obvious from the video!

      • Cindy2239

        I’ve seen several comments talking about the aggression of the Ady earlier, yes, they went infront of the Factory Ship earlier, but at the point and time of the collision you can hear just before it happens the Ady Captain asking them to turn off the engines to conserve fuel. At this point they were not doing anything, but yet the Japanese #2 ship came at the Ady with water cannons going, the L.R.A.D. blowing at them then they intentionaly turned toward them. They took the Ady as a threat only because of its ability to keep up with the factory ship and cause problems for them. Its clear that even from the view of the Japanese footage that the Adys engines were not operating.
        They can not justify this action, and I have also been hearing reports from the Japanese blaming the Ady for turning in front of them, how is this possible when the engines were NOT running?
        And for those of you who may not have heard this story, Do a search on a story about ” The Tokyo Two” its very damaging footage that they had against the Japanese Whaling fleet, there is clear evidence of this NOT being for research, that the Japanese government is using tax dollars to fund the Whaling Operations and this is a clear case of money and greed. It really would be nice if people did their research before posting.
        One last thing, it is NOT uncommon for the Japanese to actually pay people to post in forums like these to make them out to be the victims in all of this and place the blame on the Sea Sheppard crew.

  • kristin


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  • Aloysius

    Already the video has been pulled from here and another link to YouTube.

    • whale fat

      because the video does not support any of the allegations that the japs were in the wrong

      • Dave Head

        You must have awefully slanted eyes not to see what plainly in front of your eyes. 2 out of 3 videos show the jap boat was clearly in the wrong. A NZ maritime inquiry I am sure will come to this conclusion [& they don’t employ wankers like you].

      • brandon

        i agree with dave head 110% the jap boat had o business being that close to a smaller vessel. furthermore you can see from all the camera angles that the sh***ty maru turned into the adi gil and never made any attempt to alter its course. the adi gill was on a direct and deliberite path and in all instances should have had the right of way. F the japanese!

      • animal.lover

        I don’t know how to reply to the statement of “Dave Head” but is the “slanted eyes” comment necessary?

        I know there have been accusations that people who support the SSCS are racist. I don’t know that to be true or not but why do people assume that anyone who does not support the SSCS is Japanese, pro-whaling, and/or working for the ICR? Perhaps some are but there are some who just might disagree with the type of “direct action” the SSCS take. Or maybe they disagree with their interpretation of the law and sometimes violation of the law. For example, flying the Norwegian flag on the new ship, while maybe funny, good for ratings and seemingly innocuous, is a violation of the law (of Norway, of the United Nations and probably whatever country they are registered in) and did nothing to further the purpose of saving whales. I can’t defend this to my kids. It’s a slippery slope.

      • Lochy Jones

        Inteliigent whale fat. Good useful remarks.

  • Michael d'Estries

    I posted another version of the video. Should work.

    • whale fat


    • Whale killer

      blatant pirates!

      • Dave Head

        yep the Japs are pirates.
        Japan’s continued and expanded program of scientific whaling is inconsistent
        with its obligations under the Law of the Sea Convention, the International
        Convention for the Regulation of Whaling Convention, the Convention on the
        Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), and the Convention on Biological Diversity to protect and preserve the marine
        environment, to protect rare and fragile ecosystems and endangered species,
        to prepare environmental impact assessments when changes to the marine environment are likely to be caused by its activities, and to refrain from
        claiming resources under the guise of marine scientific research. This program is not legitimately “scientific” because it has not been
        peer-reviewed and does not have precise quantifiable goals. It is inconsistent with Japan’s obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity because reduces the sustainability of whale species and has
        “adverse impacts on biological diversity.” It is unquestionably an abuse of right because it invokes Article VIII of the Whaling Convention in a manner that certainly was unanticipated by the framers of the Convention and has
        been repeatedly condemned by the majority of the other contracting parties to the Convention.
        Japan’s actions can be challenged by concerned states in the International Court of Justice or through the dispute resolution procedures of the Law of the Sea Convention and the conciliation procedures of the Convention on Biological

    • steph

      Thank you so much, for everything you are doing.

  • Whale killer

    No doubt from that video that the plastic boat was in the wrong……wrong place wrong, wrong time. and looks to me that the claim they were out of gas is another lie. but why would a lie stop the eco terrorists. just like the global warming lie, if the facts don’t match, alter them till they do

    • Dave Head

      whale killer you are, as we say in NZ, a complete tosser. A moving boat [Jap] hits a stationery boat[Ady Gil] as an ex skipper i know whom will be found wrong -the Jap skipper.

      • John

        No Dave, let me tell you what Whale killer is, he is one of many goons hired to sway popular opinion. The only problem is they don’t understand how to go about doing it. All I hear and see from them are denial and blatantly false accusations. They’re lack of dignity and stubborn denial is only digging them a deeper hole in the eyes of the world.


        Don’t feed the trolls. we should save our energy for toyota or whatever that douche’s name is.

      • SWO


        I have 13 years at sea with the US Navy as a surface officer. I agree with you – the SM2 is clearly in the wrong.

        However, Im not naive enough to think that the money of the whaling industry will convict or hold that skipper liable for the incident.

        Sad, but I think unfortunately, true.

    • don

      no friends or do you just hate everybody?

    • bockscar

      good useful comment – much appreciated drone.

  • static

    Still show the Adi Gil accelerating into the path of the Shonan Maru 2.

    What projectile weapon way the guy on the rear holding, Isn’t that like bring a gun to a water fight? 1.42 “sure you don’t want to fire one more”. Now who are the real criminals here?

    • Rolf Larsen

      the “weapon” is a T-shirt launcher….

      • whale fat

        trying to stop whale fishing by shooting t shirts? wtf?

      • static

        So not only are they intentionally harassing legitimate sea going shipping, but they are littering the ocean with rags?

      • Whale killer

        looks like a harpoon launcher to me……i think they are hunting whales on the adygil and killing them…then blaming it on the japs

      • Dave Head

        whale killer I was wrong about you being a complete tosser, you are in fact a complete and utter tosser-it don’t get much worse.

      • Dave Head

        there is sound on the ADY GIL VIDEO and they said nothing about ramming the Jap boat- and you can here the skipper through out it. They had stopped to conserve fuel and were in idle mode [something you would know all about whalekiller. Are you David from Tokyo the 2nd most infamous NZ’dr next to Glen Inwood -maybe you are related or just both paid by the Japanese.

    • Defiant

      No. it clearly does NOT show the AG accelerating;it shows them at station-keeping, and the engines never rev up (clear the crap our of your ears and listen). But why should you care about facts? You’ve clearly had your mind made up already (and probably for you (Glen Beck? Rush Limbaugh?)), OR you’re one of the ICR’s hired internet trolls, so why bother? You’d be infinitely happier going to one of the wingnut forums and just typing “Ditto!” over and over again.

      • Whale killer

        just shoot yourself looser!!!! no one likes you. and if there was sound on this crappy video we could listen to it… but there isn’t so we can’t. maybe the pirates on the adygil were too stoned to turn on the sound

      • Dave Head

        O I like him.
        People like you are just plain sick-maybe you might change your mind if you had a harpoon in your guts and you were hung upside down for 30 minutes to drown. um what a good idea!

      • Defiant

        @ “Whale killer”: 1)There is sound; 2)the word is spelled “loser”; 3) you have NO idea how extremely unlikable I am (or how nasty I get); 4) maybe if you cry a lot more over the coming 2 years, your mommy might buy you a computer with working sound for your 9th birthday. And by the way – you are a lying sack. But youalready knew that.

      • John Lambert

        Defiant – you’re the one that needs to open his eyes – look at the Japanese footage of the collision – the ADY GILL starts its negines to drive it forward about 5 seconds before the collision and appears to be at full power forward at the time of the collision – BIG BIG ERROR by whoever was at the ADY GILL controls. Should have gone for full power in reverse

      • Defiant

        @ John Lambert; the Japanese video is just as damning to the Japanese claims. The AG does NOT apply “full forward” power at the time of the collision. The Ady Gil throws (Okay, USED to throw)quite a rooster tail up abaft the primary hull when under hard acceleration. The video shows a cavitation swell from the screws just abaft the primary hull immediately before impact, which is exactly what you would see from twin screws being started hard in reverse. The wakes you see from the pontoons are shear from the foils on the bottom of the pontoons (the screws are on the primary hull, NOT the pontoons). Any trimaran with screws on its primary hull creates a very distinctive hour-glass shaped wake abaft when under power and going forward, which is not seen at all in any of these videos. Also, the bow wake from the whaler very clearly comes close abeam and then hard fast to the whaler’s starboard hull as he closes the Ady Gil, very clearly indicating a hard turn starboard. I’m guessing that you’ve not seen much actual blue water ship maneuvering and are not familiar with basic hydrodynamics, or you would instantly recognize these things. They just don’t tell you these things on the TV shows, I guess, but now you know a little more than you did a few minutes ago. Whether you choose to use that knowledge or not is your perogative, however.

  • Democrat

    Ok, so I am most of the time a democrat. Especially when it comes to cleaning the Earth. But I also am a law abiding citizen with common sense. I have a boaters license, and it CLEARLY STATES that a smaller vessel MUST yeild to a larger vessel! MUST! That ship was not only going in a straight path, but it was firing cannons, telling them to stop over a loud speaker, AND sounding an alarm. There was nothing wrong with the Adi Gil! They shut it off, that is there stupidity. Large ships don’t turn on a dime, I could have sworn Titanic proved that. It’s like parking your car on a train track right in front of a high speed train, and expecting the train to stop! Terrorism doesn’t solve anything! On top of that, who are you to tell another country what to do????? How would you like it if the Japanese came to your country and told you what you can and can’t do? That caused wars in the past! All I saw in this video were some people who went way overboard with a cause, didn’t think things through, and paid the price!!!

    • tk

      You clearly haven’t seen the video. A straight path? Review it again and come back to make something close to constructive point.

    • Dave Head

      The fact is the Japans whaling program is illegal in many ways. The SSCS is acting under the Un charter for nature i.e:
      These are contained in the UN World Charter for Nature (1982).
      Under the charter individuals singly and collectively have an obligation and duty to safeguard nature against illegal activities:
      S. 21: States and, to the extent they are able, other public authorities, international organizations, individuals, groups and corporations shall:
      (a) Implement the applicable international legal provisions for the conservation of nature, and the protection of the environment;
      • (d) Ensure that activities within their jurisdiction , or control do not cause damage to the natural systems located within other States or in the areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction;
      • (e) Safeguard and conserve nature in areas beyond national jurisdiction.
      • S.24: Each person has a duty to act in accordance with the provisions of the present Charter; acting individually, in association with others or through participation in the political process, each person shall strive to ensure that the objectives and requirements of the present charter are met. “

      Now the fact is that the Japanese boat/ship broke marine rules in that it did not steer away from a stationery boat but in fact changed course towards it -2 out of 3 vidoes clearly show that [unless your eyes are slanted!].
      It is also known that Japan has bloggers that are employed to blog crap wherever they can

      • bob

        Hey Dave what laws are the whalers breaking? Be specific as to what international body has passed the law you will cite. Oh and please make sure it is your research and not rehashed garbage from SSCS or an unenforcable ruling from an impotent Federal Court.

      • Defiant

        @ bob; a “ruling from an impotent Federal Court” is known by the much shorter and easier to spell term “law”. And the international body that passed passed the UN World Charter for Nature is called the “United Nations”, and Japan is a signatory nation on said charter. Your statement implies that laws do not apply to Japan.

      • Linda Kemp

        The Japanese refueled in Antarctic waters, as they do every year – in violation of the Antarctic Treaty to which they are signatories. The Japanese are dishonored in the eyes of the world and Glen Inwood is laughably making it worse for them. Keep going Glen – fine job of proving yourself to be the mendacious idiot the sane world know you to be, and digging a bigger hole for the Japanes Government to climb out of! Pity one can’t get paid as much for telling the truth – I’d be rich. Bows and arrows?!!! What moron dreamed that up – oh Glen. I believe in karma -and you’ll get yours one day!

    • Also a Democrat

      “Large ships don’t turn on a dime, I could have sworn Titanic proved that”

      Democrat, how much do you actually know about whaling ships? The Shonan Maru 2 is a member of the Yushin Maru class of harpoon vessels, ships specifically designed to chase whales, which includes turning sharply. Also, comparing the Shonan Maru 2 to the Titanic is ludicrous.

      Let’s compare:
      Titanic: ~52000 tons, ~270 meters long
      Shonan Maru 2: 491 tons, 52 meters long

      That’s like comparing a compact car to a tractor trailer…pretty useless if you ask me.

    • F

      That’s not an alarm you idiot. That’s a direction oriented audio deterrent (effectively a sonar gun, in layman’s terms a fool like you can understand), aimed directly at the Gil with the soul purpose of being painful and really, really annoying.

    • Col Regs


      please let me know next time you are the water so that I can stay WELL clear.

      If you really do have a boat license, you will be aware of the International Collision Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Col Regs).

      Regardless of if you are in favour of whaling or not. Either way you look at it the Japanese ship is in breach of the Col Regs.

      Size has nothing to do with it.

      Even if believe the Ady Gil was moving (I don’t believe it was) then the Shonan Maru 2 (SM2) breaks 2 rules.

      As the over taking vessel (the SM2 is approaching from the port quarter of the Ady Gil) the SM2 is the Give Way vessel. Doesn’t matter how big your boat, if its sail or power if you are overtaking you give way.

      You might disagree and say the SM2 was actually coming from the side of the Ady Gil, in which case the SM2 is STILL in the wrong. Col Regs dictate that the vessel to starboard is the stand on vessel and vessel to port is the give way vessel.

      There are instances where local by-laws give priority to larger vessels with a restricted ability to maneuver. These are limited to a particular area that will be marked on navigational charts. Typically you will find this in areas such as the approach to Southampton Water in the Solent but not in the open ocean.

      Not sure where you got your boaters license from but I suggest you familiarize yourself with the Col-Regs to avoid any collisions of your own.

    • SWO


      What version of the RoR are you reading?

      By the international RoR the whaling vessel had a duty to avoid the AG, which was DIW at the time, and off the whaler’s starboard bow.

      As for the rest of your argument… its so nonsensical to anybody who has any significant blue water experience that I won’t even bother to comment.

      How much is the ICR paying you?

  • Dylan Reeve

    I’ve updated my earlier split-screen video ( to include this third angle, the new three-way split-screen is here:

    • Dave Head

      Good work Dylan-thanks

  • Mike Head

    Whale killer, i like how you dont let the facts get in the way of a good story, for your side anyway. Why are you supporting a bunch of whalers who are breaking international law by commercially whaling? What is your agenda here anyway?

  • Mike Head

    Democrat, i wouldnt want to take aboat anywhere near you. I think you are making up a bullshit story to try and spin the facts your way. The ady gil was clearly on a different course to the SM2 and were going no where, just idling. The SM2 then changed course to run over the Ady Gil, it is very clear and if youcan not see this then i suggest you dont ever take to the water again. Or for that matter, drive a car, or ride a bike. as for the bullshit claims about terrorism, thowing some rancid butter on the deck of a boat hardly equates to illegally harpooning a protected species. As the japs are not conducting research they must be breaking the IWC laws by commercially whaling.

    • bob

      WOW the IWC can make and pass laws? You are not trying to make up bullshit are you?

      The IWC reccommends things to its member nations, these are not laws and are not binding on the member. Members can file a protest to any action of the IWC and are then exempt from the resolution, hint Japan is not the only nation to protest the 1982 moratorium. The IWC can also pass whatever they want it, has no affect or consequences to non-member states. A non-member state could come to the same area and take every whale that passes in front of their ship, no matter the species. Not illegal.

      For something to be illegal, one there has to be an actual law forbiding the action and two you have to be subject to such law.

      • Defiant

        Japan IS a member of the IWC.

      • Also a Democrat

        “A non-member state could come to the same area and take every whale that passes in front of their ship, no matter the species. Not illegal.”

        Not only is Japan a member of the IWC, but it is also a member of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Japan DID NOT have an accepted quota for any species, let alone these three species of whale, from CITES for 2009, and thus every endangered whale killed was in direct violation to the law. I think that fits your definition of illegal at the bottom of your statement, Bob.

  • Defiant

    “Democrat”‘s writing seems suspiciously similar to Hideyoshi’s. I’m guessing it IS Hideyoshi, just using a different alias. In any case, his knowledge of ship handling is, to be generous, poor. One thing I would like for the ICR apologists and hired bloggers out there to answer is, if the Japanese are not at fault in this case, why have their officials already issued statements that they will refuse to cooperate with New Zealand’s investigation and will not not recognize any of its findings?

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      So wait, now I am secretly Glen Inwood AND this “Democrat” character? Are there any other people you’d like to attribute to me?

      Come come. I don’t have nearly enough time to fulfil all these personas, what with my moon-lighting as the Tooth Fairy…

  • Steve Watkins

    Whoever you are Defiant, you rock!

    • Michael d'Estries


      • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

        Hi Michael,

        I mentioned the issue of racism on this website earlier and I notice that the problem seems to have worsened since then.

        Could you please comment on the matter? I should like to know the administrator’s policy on the matter.


      • Michael d'Estries


        We will not tolerate it. Unfortunately, we’ve been hit by a massive wave of comments that’s been difficult to keep up with in terms of moderation.

        I’ve asked my moderators to step up their diligence in scanning posts for egregious content. Both sides of this issue should remain respectful in their comments so as not to dilute the point they’re attempting to make with insults and cursing.

  • Ross

    I personally know that nothing i do will change these kind of things in the world so normally i dont care, but if anyone can honestly say its the small boats fault from any of the footage you clearly have some mental issues or support illegal fishing and killing whales which is pretty sick if you ask me(im not even an animal supporter, i hunt(deer,moose etc…) but theres far more of them than whales from my understanding.

    Also I like the idea of harpooning that guy above and dangling him 30 ft up until he dies… feel free to post your location for me :)

    • bob

      Deer and Moose murderer!!!! How can you kill those beautiful sentient creatures? I have declared where ever you are a deer and moose sanctuary. Someone should come to your hunts and throw butyric acid at you, throw spike strips in your path to disable your vehicles. If that doesn’t stop you and make you start conforming to my views we’ll have to enter your work place/home with our own agenda. Then we’ll start ramming your vehicles to keep you from slaughtering these majestic animals. I mean if the police are not going to enforce my laws, we will.

      Now how stupid does that sound, compare it to what the SSCS are doing to the Japanese.

      • Also a Democrat

        Bob…your logic here is irrefutably stupid. Neither deer (white-tailed or mule) nor moose are endangered species. Not only that, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that Ross does not kill moose and deer in the hundreds every year. And I highly doubt he hunts them in National Parks or National Wildlife Refuges…the IWC preserve is not just something “made up” by the SSCS.

        Somehow, and I’m not sure how, you managed to give pro-whalers an even worse name than they already had from just this comment alone. Good job.

      • John

        His name isnt really Bob people, its probably Kunio or something. I love the whalers spliced and edited video (the one were the whaler shows his watch) posted all over youtube making it look like they had just been cut off by the Ady. They even added some trendy american music to it, how thoughtful!

  • Pete

    Please note I suspect Bob is a plant – he’s been spouting his drivel in several forum threads.

  • Mick

    Shocking? Not at all. I found it to be rather amusing.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    It seems to me that both sides here are debating a moot point. It is not of significance as to who caused the collision.

    The Ady Gil was engaged in violent acts of terrorism and the Japanese vessels would have been well within their rights to defend themselves from the threat. If the Shonan Maru 2 did in fact cause the collision, such neutralisation of the threat would have been an acceptable act of self defence.

    Ideally, protection of the research team would be the responsibility of the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force. But for reasons unknown, the Japanese Government continues to tolerate acts of violence, piracy and terrorism against its citizens. So it ultimately fell to the research team to defend themselves and this they seem to have done successfully.

    As it is likely that Sea Shepherd will now escalate their violence using the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker, it remains to be seen if the protection of the whaling fleet can be accomplished without a militarisation of the situation.

    • Whale Killer Go Home

      Sea Shepherd have never tried to harm your whale killing bastard relatives.

      Your government has just upped the ante – Japan are the real terrorists and have attempted murder on six people.

      • Abe

        The Sea Shepherds have never tried to harm any whale killing bastards? Double check your facts. They have sunk boats in the past. Whaling is wrong and the Sea Shepherd tactics are wrong. It makes it hard to root for Watson and his crew. The Ady Gil was going to be used to get in front of the Japanese boats. If you antagonize someone long enough they will react. I am happy nobody was killed. I don’t know how much longer it will be before the Watson crew has a casualty. I have how ill-prepared they seem to be on their tv show.

        On an environmental front, they claim they transferred all the fuel and oil off before it sunk. From my experience that would be next to impossible. Watson seems to lie to cover his backside all the time. Another reason it is hard for me to get behind them.

      • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

        Abe, you say whaling is wrong. Why is it wrong?

        Many whale species are not endangered and are in fact abundant, allowing sustainable harvesting. Whale hunts are very closely regulated. Modern hunting methods ensure a prompt death and the animal’s suffering is minimal. Furthermore, whales are free range and do not suffer the cruelties of intensive farming practices. Unlike cows, whales do not pollute like cattle and do not require vast areas of deforestation. They are in fact the green meat. And of course, whaling is legal.

        So pray tell, sir, why is whaling “wrong”?

      • SWO


        Have you ever actually seen how whales are killed? There is nothing quick or humane about it. The process takes from 15 – 30 minutes, and typically results in the whale either drowning in water, or in its own blood. What is your definition of “humane?”

        Second, scientific research (the real kind, with peer review, research design, and reports on outcomes… not the kind the whaling industry does) suggests that whales (and dolphins, which the Japanese fishing industry slaughters wholesale) are highly intelligent, sentient and self aware. Not all animals are (cows, for instance). In my view, these traits are significant, and call for the protection of animals possessing them.

        And whaling is not legal. Research is legal… but again, what the Japanese whalers are doing would not be considered research by most researchers I know… and I know a few.

    • a lee jones

      Say what you like, I am thankful for the ady gil and have sent the organization $100. I will now add them to my list of regular charities…..
      I will not buy honda or toyta, and any other know Japanese product….., as well as any other country slaughtering whales.
      Thank God for “eco-terrorist”, these are men and women that I hold in the highest esteem, they are doing a much more important job of protecting my earth , and are now in my prayers….Thanks guys

    • Defiant


      Who caused the collision is very much of significance. Collisions on the high seas is a very serious matter, as you yourself have stated many times. And I again ask you to explain why the ICR and your government, after having initially demanded an investigation into the collision, have subsequently stated that they will neither cooperate with any investigation nor acknowledge any of its findings.

      I would like to offer you two possible conjectures as to why the Japanese Government has not, to this point, sent any naval vessels to the conflict: First, aggressive military deployments are strictly prohibited by Japan’s current Constitution. Secondly (and I grant you this is purely personal conjecture), I suspect that a Japanese Naval presence in the area would not neccessarily be in the whaler’s best interests. I have many decades worth of experience on the high seas, and I can unequivocally say that, to the man, every Japanese Naval Officer I ever encountered was honorable and held a deep respect for mariners from other countries, ALL international laws (not just a select few that suit their interests)and traditional conventions of operation on the high seas. My experience with Japanese merchant mariners, particularly from the fishing fleet, has unfortunately been very, very different.

      We clearly disagree on the fundamentals of this issue and I have no illusions that either of us will alter the other’s stand or perspective to any degree, or that any particular amity between us might exist. But as your posts do seem to indicate that you are a thoughtful man, I will offer the following for your consideration: I readily admit that I come from a country where racism takes many forms and runs deep through much of its culture. But we are certainly not unique in this regard (the concept of the “Gaijin” comes readily to mind). And contempt for organized crime syndicates of ANY nationality is not a racial issue, but a social and political one. Raising racism as a straw man is little more than intellectual sloth and moral cowardice. I am certain that you are better than that.

      Oh, and thank you for all of the dollars you left for all those teeth many years ago. It was very generous of you….I didn’t think any of them were worth much more than a nickel.

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Defiant, I am glad that you feel the issue of collisions on the high seas to be serious. On this point we are agreed. It follows, then, that you too find Sea Shepherd’s history of intentional ramming abhorrent. You must be sickened by Paul Watson’s proud claim to have rammed more ships than any other mariner. I can thus assume that you agree with me that he and his band of thugs are dangerous criminals who must be shut down and prosecuted.

      Alas, I feel your theory regarding the constitutional restriction on the deployment of the JMSDF for anti-piracy and counter-terrorist operations does not hold water. As you pointed out, Article 9 of our constitution is interpreted as forbidding offensive miliraty actions. However, in this instance, a Japanese naval mission to the Southern Ocean would be purely defensive in nature. Japanese citizens and assets have been under violent attack for years and Japan has a legal duty to protect its citizens and to prevent piracy on the high seas (as per UNCLOS). Perhaps you will agree that it is an outrage that Japan is failing in its duties in this regard.

      I have not made the aquaintance of any Japanese mariners, military or civilian so I cannot comment on such matters. However, I will note that Japan is a nation unique in its regard for the UN and international law. It is an unfortunate unintended consequence of this obedience that has seen it roped into the farce of the IWC, resulting in the nonsense of scientific whaling. Norway and Iceland ignore the moratorium completely and openly conduct commercial whaling, and they receive far less criticism and violence than Japan. Bitterly ironic, you will agree.

      Finally, I did not raise the issue of racism to further my argument. If you read what I said, you will realise this. I raised it as I find it offensive. It is clear that a great many readers of this site are highly influencable and open to manipulation by belligerent rhetoric from the likes of Paul Watson, so it is undesireable to have them exposed to racism ideology on this forum.

      • Defiant

        Hideyoshi, I thank you for your considerate and carefully stated response. We disagree on much, but I respect a well thought statement, even if we are in opposition.

    • georgina0912

      Hideyoshi, can you please be a bit more specific?
      What kind of acts of terrorism was the Ady Gil involved in? AND
      What threat did Ady Gil pose to the whalers that they felt the need to defend themselves?

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Hi georgina0912, Don’t count on a reply from Hideyoshi. When it comes to backing their propaganda, it’s easier for them to just ignore you.


      • Gavin MacQueen

        Was I right? or was I right?

    • Anony Mous

      probably the reason your military doesn’t get involved is because ever since they had those bombs dropped on them, their balls have shrunk and they just can’t hack it. japanese turned into sissies after wwII, fact.

  • Matt

    Thanks for posting this. This, combined with the other videos, paint a very clear picture of this terrorist attack by the Japanese.

    Japanese terrorists must be stopped – for the sake of the whales and, now, for the sake of our fellow men and women.

  • Whale Killer Go Home

    On Youtube, Japanese whale killer apologists are now threatening murder against those who protest the ramming and sinking of the Ady Gil.

  • joe blow

    The Sea Shepard people are just after money. I’m sure Paul Watson gets a HUGE paycheck. Wake up and smell the blubber.

    • truthseeker

      why do people comment about money when they have no idea! Sea Shepherd is a 4 star ratied charity on charity navigator. all their funds are listed publicly. They are a non profit organization. go learn for yourself instead of making things up.

      • wombat

        Uh… do you even know what “non profit organization” means? It’s not actually NON profit- it’s NOT FOR profit. That means that if they earn a profit, they pay themselves bonuses. It’s not that they can’t MAKE a profit, it’s that they can’t SHOW a profit. Go seek THAT truth.

  • Dave

    If the Japanese are breaking international law, let there be a coalition of the willing, let the navies of all the nations be deployed into harms way and once and for all put an end to this evil terrorism.

    Let the UN plan a naval interdiction by their coalition, let the NATO wizards do the strategic/tactical analysis, and let the evil sea dictator terrorists be stopped at any cost. Raise American taxes, deploy both planes of the Belgian air force, anything to stop the terrorists.

    Bottom line– If a handful of leftards getting private donations and shooting butter from plastic trimarans onto the decks of the ‘terrorist vessels’ is the sum total of action the entire world can bother with, I suspect it isn’t the horrible terrible very bad violation of ‘international law’ some claim it to be.

    Perhaps the best thing these dorks could do is sneak into port and paint “Exxon Mobil” onto the side of the whalers’ ships. THAT would make the world hate them, for sure…..

  • Todivine

    ok so i only started watching whale war in season 2.. but i’ll tell u all something personal abou t myself that i dont share with people.. as a child i had to watch a lot of animal cruelty taking place this sounds plain to in average person but in my case it wasnt because what ethey did to ver the animals they did to us… as a child i can still remember a rotwiler the was protecting my sisters and me the man who we will call wolf was bitten in the proses his reaction was to shot the dog.. not once .. not twice.. being a maybe 5 year old kid having to watch this animal chained to a wall not ablt to move or defend hes self in any way and just hearing him scream in pain… being 26 now it still hunts me and anyone who goes up against anyone that cuase suffering and harm to another animal of any kind are comendable in my book… wether they are wrong or right they are human beings and misstakes happen there cause is a good one and i will watch and suport them 500% regardless the out come…

  • Agilbert

    How exactly is intentionally fouling the propellers of another ship any better than refusing to heave to when a smaller, and much more agile ship stops right in front of you? I personally agree that the Japanese are whaling in violation of international agreements against the same. I also agree that whaling should cease. Nevertheless, If you are going to attack another vessel (to whit attempting to disable their ability to move forward) then you better be prepared when another larger vessel takes aggressive actions towards you. If this is war, as the TV show loves to splash across their ads, then man up and soldier, don’t go crying when the other guy wins a round. Figure how not to lose next time.

    And by the way. Stating that a poster’s eyes “must be awful slanted” and throwing around racial epithets such as “Jap” just shows that you are a bunch of bigots, and not the type of people that I want watching over anything, much less something as important as the environment. Qui custodiet custodies?

    • Cindy2239

      The Ady didn’t stop right in front of them.
      The Japanese #2 boat was well behind them, I believe it was something like 6 miles and even far enough that the Ady did not feel threatened. The Ady crew obviously thought that the larger ship would just keep going, but that definately wasn’t the case.
      The Japanese made a VERY serious mistake. I hope there to be serious consequences for their actions and lack of judgement.

  • SouthernFriedScientist

    Oy, everyone seems to be an expert on maritime law and standards of seafaring. This forum must be populated exclusively by ablebodies.

    Smaller ships must yield to larger ships when navigation is limited, such as in a channel. In the open sea it is the responsibility of the ship overtaking to maintain a safe distance from the forward vessel. So the technical fault still goes to the Japanese vessel. However, the gold medal for nautical incompetence once again goes to Sea Shepherd.

    • Abe

      Ablebodies don’t know as much as these people. They are all Unlimited Masters.

  • Charlie

    The Japs should be charged with attempted murder.

  • defff

    ROFL!! Lets see..use a boat with stealth in mind and easily confused with clutter on radar and it gets run over…LOL…lesson learned is, keep your distance or pay the price..and whats with the black outfits.. Jhonny Cash fans? who the heck do they think they are..LOL. 1 down 2 to go…

    • SWO

      First, just because the AG is painted black and has a low profile does not make it “stealth.” The AG likely has a larger radar signature than the RHIBS, which are not stealth.

      Second, the Japanese whaler new precisely where the AG was as evinced by the fact that it closed at a high rate of speed, with LRAD and water cannons trained on the AG, from 6nm astern.

      Regardless of your opinion on the merits of the Sea Sheppard’s tactics, it is hard to defend the actions of the SM2. I think I understand them, but cannot defend them. Frustration and/or profit motive are not excuses for such a blatant attempt to destroy a vessel and kill the crew.

  • Democrat

    It’s obvious that you people will try and make this story make the world feel sad for your terrorsm! Why would the Japanese want to chance throwing a propeller from hitting the ady gil? And as for the UN, IWC, CITES, and any other organization, since when have they EVER been successful at making anybody do anything? If that boat couldn’t move out of the way, then what a waste of 2+ million dollars. My ski boat could’ve moved out of the way! And I drive perfectly! You can easily say that the ady gil moved in front of it. Listen, there is a reason why the majority of people care about the whales, but don’t support this organization! What you do is terrorism. I can’t just take up arms and start shooting up Compton because I don’t like gangs. This is my last post, because there is no talking sense to you! They have no right to ram a japanese boat, that would be considered an act of war if an American vessel had done that! And I don’t know what marine law you are reading, but the smaller vessel is ALWAYS supposed to yeild the larger vessel! I’m done, you can now go back to wrongly interpreting a video and making up laws that are not enforceable, if they were, don’t you think other countries’ military’s would have done something?

  • Sage

    I’ve been researching all the videos I can get my hands on. Reading 100’s of opinions in blog forum on both sides. I consider myself spiritual, a bit of a hippie, but more importantly am known as very analytical with a decent IQ. My opinion is just that and not meant to incite rhetoric nor hate, so here goes. (BTW; I do not hunt nor kill anything by my own hands, ever. I do eat meat).

    From all the angles I’ve viewed, which are all that are available on the web, the Ady Gil, with much arrogance & high-fiving, put itself directly in harms way.

    Now the actual Minke whale facts:

    “It is estimated that there are about almost 800,000 minke whales worldwide.”

    I am not a radical, nor do I promote animal killing, but taking a radicals opinion on the numbers or “near extinction” of the minke whale is just that; a radical opinion.

    This particular case reminds of the story Timothy Treadwell claiming he was the “only one trying to save the grizzlies” when in fact he was ON A GRIZZLY PRESERVE when he was killed!! I was not shocked nor dismayed when he and his g/f were torn apart. No common sense, what do you expect?

    I’m all for preserving all life forms, and actually cry at the site of abused animals (really, I’m very sensitive). But in the very same breath, I eat meat and would presume that many of the people attempting to stop whaling do as well. Whale is the meat Japanese prefer. Point being, what if the very same passion the anti-whalers have was reversed upon our deer hunters…really, I’m not being funny. Think about it…wouldn’t you be pissed because we are like “there are plenty of deer”, it is regulated (though I know it is abused as well) and some Americans prefer deer.

    It’s my opinion, after watching and reading a lot of the information in regard to this particular case, that the anti-whalers come off looking extreme and foolish. While I appreciate the passion to save creatures, putting yourself in harms way then blaming the legal fishermen just makes you look like amateurs at best in regard to your plight.

    And no, I am not a paid blogger. I’ve seen that come up a couple of times when someone makes a valid or sensible point.

    • Gavin MacQueen

      Sage, when you watch the video from the Bob Barker’s POV, the japanese ship is perpendicular with the Ady Gil. If the japanese ship would have kept a straight course, it would have safely cleared the Ady Gil. From the Ady Gil’s POV, the Japanese ship all of a sudden changes it’s course turning hard to starboard and it appeared that they where going to clear the Ady Gil off it’s stern. It wasn’t until the last couple of seconds, and you see this clearly in the vid, that the japanese ship all of a sudden turned hard to port in a deliberate attempt to hit the Ady gil. In other words, it was a “sucker punch” by the japanese whalers. How you can blame the Ady Gil for putting itself directly in harms way is ridiculous notion. You might want to take off your japanese made, rose colored glasses ;)

  • Whoever…

    Many of the anti-SS comments (some of them filled with hatred) only show what kind of people are the ones who defend whalers at all cost.

    People who defend torture and the death of animals are usually the same people who are glad when activists are hurt or killed! This says a lot about your character… evil people who, when your lifestyle and vision of the world are questioned, attack all of those who think outside the box and truly want to change this world into a better place.

    Sooner or later, you’ll realize that the people who you’re defending are the same people who wish to enslave you and have no problem whatsoever killing you or your family in order to carry out their plans. (= create fake terrorism so they can put into practice things like ‘the patriot act’ or make wars, create H1N1 to psychologically ‘force’ people to be massively vaccinated and thus destroy their immune system and carry out population reduction, create financial crises so they can make a huge profit, etc.)

    You obviously don’t understand what I’m writing about because your level of consciousness and awareness are extremely low. Too bad! You’ll soon pay the price for that.

    What really ‘shocks’ me though is that most of you truly think activists are terrorists (you’ve been so well brainwashed by the Illuminati that everything is terrorism to you now – the real terrorists are the bankers, religious and political leaders, CEOs of multinationals and oil companies, owners of pharmaceutical companies, the members of the Bilderberg group, and so on… the same people who are creating terrorism in order to control you with lies; and apparently they’re being very successful!) and that it’s okay to kill them, while at the same time you defend whalers who are nothing but murderers (they have no respect whatsoever for human and non-human life).
    Isn’t that a paradox? Where’s the ‘there is no excuse for violence’ argument now?

    Besides being hypocrites, zombies and liars, your level of evolution is very, very low!!

    Oh, and to everyone else, please just ignore the hideyoshi toyotomi character (who is not even a real japanese citizen – (s)he is a fake) because (s)he is obviously on the payroll of the whaling industry or the Illuminati! People are so oblivious to the ‘real truth’…

    I fear our future will not be a bright one at all if we don’t open our eyes once and for all…

    • Sage

      Your language sounds like you’re the one that is brainwashed. You are apparently projecting, literally. What you accuse others of is the very same sickness you seem to spew.

      Anyone with a decent IQ can recognize others opinions without reverting to third grade name calling. Perhaps you should practice what you preach if you want to make a valid, intelligent point while remaining respectful and respected in the same breath. Your rhetoric voice is off the charts and you’re the one apparently hoping for the worse with your crazy last sentence. Really…listen to yourself.

      btw, only weak minds would allow themselves to be used as cattle for any purpose, be it vaccination, supporting extremists of any kind, or those who think the world is in the most of dire straights.

      Anyway, it seems to me that a lot of the SS stuff is filled with racism as far as I can read, and I’m far from the only one noticing this major fault.

    • Sage

      Also, out of curiosity, do you eat meat? You’re calling whalers “murderers”, but what about the murdering going on here of SO many species in the name of food? And, where do we draw the line at a food source? It has been proven that plants are alive and they feel. In a form of definition, they are alive and they too are being murdered.

      Listen, please understand, I’m not being the devils advocate, I’m simply attempting to understand your position a little better.

      The bigger picture should always be taken into consideration; what is a genuine food source that you wouldn’t kill? What about crabbers, beef, pork; the real question, where should the line be drawn? It’s all a matter of opinion and is completely relative/subjective.

  • Sage

    Mexican Gray Wolves Near Extinction: Will the U.S. Help?

    Do something helpful/meaningful with a species genuinely near the brink.

  • Sage

    Here, please help the people of Haiti. I’m sure two million dollars will go a very long way.

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Sage, alas the people here appear to subscribe to the Paul Watson view of the world where mankind is the enemy and should be exterminated.

      Exterminated with the exception of Paul Watson, of course. He is to remain and enjoy all the new lebensraum in which to live with his enormous ego and sense of self-importance.

      • Sage

        It’s odd, many of the anti-whaler followers prescribe themselves to higher intelligence, yet will not reply to my begging the question; what of their meat preferences. This is not trickery, nor does it prescribe to a radical cause, therefore I suppose they will not follow nor answer me.

        Their radical allegations of the minke whale being on the verge of extinction is well known to be foolish.

        I guess this whole particular group will only condone their position and bare not witness to the truth. Blinded; not a very intelligent position.

        I do find it odd they’d argue, just about, with everyone who opposed their opinion and yet would not answer my simple question.

        I truly believe the Timothy Treadwell comparison must have hit some kind of point. As well as the meat preference point. Again, my position and questions are meant to promote thinking in a logical, honest perspective. Not an irrational radical, seemingly brainwashed perspective.

        I’m honestly shocked that persons prescribe to this nonsense.

  • bockscar

    Nice post Sage. Talk about superiority complex. you keep blabber mouthing about no one answering your question? Perhaps the question is so dumb it doesnt need an answer? some people eat meat, others do not. Who cares, why is that relevant? I don’t eat whale meant or dolphin meat. Happy?

    You, ddpalmer and hideyoshi are a triple propaganda puppet show.

    BTW stop posting stuff about haiti – yes, we know its a huge disaster and will deal with that accordingly in our own way. Thanks in advance for keeping it real.

    • Sage

      All I’ve done is kept it real. Save Haiti or is that cause not radical enough? No one to brainwash the tiny puppets? Yup, I’m superior, no doubt there!


  • Paul Reading

    “I have a boaters license, and it CLEARLY STATES that a smaller vessel MUST yeild to a larger vessel! MUST!”

    I don’t know if you were issued this licence by Toytown, but I have to tell you that there are no such requirements at all. All navigation (other than internal waters) are governed by international treaty know as the COLREGS.

    It lays down very strict procedures as to which vessel is stand on and which one has a duty to alter course and crucial to this is that the size of the vessel does not enter the equation. As a very simple example almost everything has to give way to a sailing vessel, including a supertanker. (This is an over simplification as the rules are complex and there are exceptions which determine the pecking order).

    I presume that your “Boaters licence” is issued by an inland authority who have stupidly ignored the COLREGS, trying to get yachtsment to understand two sets of conflicting rules is madness, it would put you in danger as you have no idea what another vessel is likely to do should you be sailing at sea.

  • Paul Reading

    “I have a boaters license, and it CLEARLY STATES that a smaller vessel MUST yeild to a larger vessel! MUST!”

    I don’t know if you were issued this licence by Toytown, but I have to tell you that there are no such requirements at all. All navigation (other than internal waters) are governed by international treaty know as the COLREGS.

    It lays down very strict procedures as to which vessel is stand on and which one has a duty to alter course and crucial to this is that the size of the vessel does not enter the equation. As a very simple example almost everything has to give way to a sailing vessel, including a supertanker. (This is an over simplification as the rules are complex and there are exceptions which determine the pecking order).

    I presume that your “Boaters licence” is issued by an inland authority who have stupidly ignored the COLREGS, trying to get yachtsment to understand two sets of conflicting rules is madness, it would put you in danger as you have no idea what another vessel is likely to do should you be sailing at sea.

  • Paul Reading
  • Happy

    Comic Relief, now everyone smile…it’s a skiing chihuahua!!

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  • wombat

    How come this “conclusive” video doesn’t show an actual collision?

  • Danilo Bingham

    The japanese are hunting whales for “scientific purposes,” so they can study them, and when the whales will no more to swim in the seas, the japanese will be the first to produce and export mechanical robot whales, and in their cartoons too.
    Remember, this is “prophetic word!”

  • Debbie

    It was clear that the Adi Gil was not going anywhere near the Japanese ship and were almost out of fuel. Thank the Goddess that no one on the Adi was killed as a result of being rammed on purpose by the whalers plain and simple. Anyone that does not see clearly in any of the videos, they turned directly towards the Adi with every intention of hitting and sinking the boat. I am just glad that this year, Sea Shepherds chased them out of there and they were 800 whales short of there quota, however I will not see it as complete defeat of them until not one of these beautiful creatures is killed!!!

    Hopefully, this was the end of whaling and next year there will be none. But if there is, I know the Sea Shepherds will be out there to keep these beautiful animals alive!!