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Avatar Blues: Some People Bummed Gorgeous Alien World Doesn't Exist

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pandora, avatar

If you came out of the movie Avatar wishing that your next destination was some lush green forest instead of a busy city street, you may have what some are calling “the Avatar blues”.

No seriously — it’s become such a phenomenon that on a forum dedicated to the movie, more than 1,000 comments have been posted on the topic. “After I watched Avatar at the first time, I truly felt depressed as I ‘wake’ up in this world again,” wrote one user. “So after few days, I went to cinema and watched it again for the second time to relieve the depression and hopeless feeling. Now I listen to the soundtrack and share my views in this forum. It really helps.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize that other people actually felt this way,” said another commenter.”I felt so immersed in the movie that when it ended, it was like waking up from the perfect dream. It was somewhat depressing to return to reality, away from a world full of wondrous things. To me, that is why Avatar is my favorite film of all-time now. It made me feel what no film has made me feel before.”

CNN interviewed a psychiatrist that says Avatar represents a new step in virtual worlds that forces us to examine our own more closely. “It has taken the best of our technology to create this virtual world and real life will never be as utopian as it seems onscreen, said Dr. Stephan Quentzel. “It makes real life seem more imperfect.”

If there’s an upside to those feeling bummed out there’s no such thing as the planet Pandora, it’s that there are ways on planet Earth to capture that beauty — and experience it for real.

“I’ve pretty much already canceled a trip years in the making to go to a little island in the Caribbean with the money from my next tour overseas and am already planning a trip to a tropical rain forest, I’m in the research stages now,” said one forum member named Duke. “My own little way of coping, a little sad yes, but I simply don’t care, the world of Avatar has changed my mind to some things. I used to think beauty was laying on a beach watching girls in bikinis (although still pretty nice), now I want to see more of my world and the beauty within it. I consider it a blessing.”

pandora, avatar, tree

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