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If you came out of the movie Avatar wishing that your next destination was some lush green forest instead of a busy city street, you may have what some are calling “the Avatar blues”.

No seriously — it’s become such a phenomenon that on a forum dedicated to the movie, more than 1,000 comments have been posted on the topic. “After I watched Avatar at the first time, I truly felt depressed as I ‘wake’ up in this world again,” wrote one user. “So after few days, I went to cinema and watched it again for the second time to relieve the depression and hopeless feeling. Now I listen to the soundtrack and share my views in this forum. It really helps.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize that other people actually felt this way,” said another commenter.”I felt so immersed in the movie that when it ended, it was like waking up from the perfect dream. It was somewhat depressing to return to reality, away from a world full of wondrous things. To me, that is why Avatar is my favorite film of all-time now. It made me feel what no film has made me feel before.”

CNN interviewed a psychiatrist that says Avatar represents a new step in virtual worlds that forces us to examine our own more closely. “It has taken the best of our technology to create this virtual world and real life will never be as utopian as it seems onscreen, said Dr. Stephan Quentzel. “It makes real life seem more imperfect.”

If there’s an upside to those feeling bummed out there’s no such thing as the planet Pandora, it’s that there are ways on planet Earth to capture that beauty — and experience it for real.

“I’ve pretty much already canceled a trip years in the making to go to a little island in the Caribbean with the money from my next tour overseas and am already planning a trip to a tropical rain forest, I’m in the research stages now,” said one forum member named Duke. “My own little way of coping, a little sad yes, but I simply don’t care, the world of Avatar has changed my mind to some things. I used to think beauty was laying on a beach watching girls in bikinis (although still pretty nice), now I want to see more of my world and the beauty within it. I consider it a blessing.”

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  • Rad_Rosa89

    Maybe this movie will make more people realize that what we have on Earth is amazing and we should respect it more.

  • Dookie butt

    Man, screw that noise! i like the decaying, rusting planet we call earth. screw the Navi.

  • Liberal Douches

    Do the ‘Tards have any idea what nature is truly like? Nature is BRUTAL. Nature PREYS on one another. Nature STRUGGLES for survival.

    Have you ever watched a predator kill and rip apart a prey animal? From the insects preying on each other in “horrific” ways to the fish in the sea hunting smaller fish to lions ripping apart “gentle vegetarians”. There is a natural order. Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. The earth before or after mankind is a brutal place of desperately hard living and struggle for survival. Disasters, extinctions. The strong survive, the weak perish.

    Have you ever witness the destructive power of nature to unleash hell on earth? Have you ever seen a pack of killer whales tear into some seals and watch the sea turn red with their blood and guts as they frantically leap out of the water? Have you seen a pack of wolves tear down a caribou or moose? Have you seen animals eating other animals while they are still alive?


    Of course there is natural beauty on earth and elsewhere. There is also natural savagery. Deal with it, or do the proper Darwinian thing so that maybe you will reincarnate in your fictional fantasy land.

    More proof that movies are highly effective propaganda tools for the morons amongst us. People are becoming more and more susceptible to it. Obama is a prime example. Careful stage craft. Fake Styrofoam “Greek God” columns, “God-Like” reverb carefully mixed into the PA system.

    What you people need is a good kick in the ass. Go join the military and get the crap dogged out of you. That’s what you need. On second thought, scratch that. We don’t need our military any more screwed up by the Libtards amongst us.

    • Jeremy

      I feel sorry for you man, if that’s all you see in the world.

    • eddy

      Pathetic…..a lost life…. You are the saddest creature I have ever “met”……. I truly feel “sorry” for you… Open your eyes…just for a minute….

    • JPW

      I totally 100% agree with this comment.
      Get over it people nature is cruel, there is no pandora.
      Wake up smell the coffee and get back to work.Stop wasting time porting stupid messages on here. (and that includes me)

    • RPaz

      Wow. Are you for real? I call a fake post – how many kinds of stupid does one have to be to feel this way? You are THAT afraid of nature, and then you suggest the military? Your words reek with fear, ignorance and hatred.

      I did five years in the military with a focus in wilderness survival. Did you know you don’t need technology to sleep outdoors comfortably in -10 C? (that 14? F in case you never learned the internationally accepted measurement of temperature), all you need is a buffalo skin.. Unfortunately, assholes like you raped my mother earth of most of its buffalo for personal gains. Where are those personal gains now?

      This movie isn’t “human advancement vs. nature” it’s not “Americans (supreme race) vs. Savages” I beleive the lessen being taught in this movie is “morality vs. greed”

      HOw can you be argue against Obama using technology and artistic design in his speaches and then also argue on the side of disconnecting from nature?? You make a hypocrite of yourself and for that reason your entire post is (I’ll use a small word for you to understand) moot.

      You should be ashamed of yourself – and I bet you eat plenty of animals – only yer prolly too afraid/ignorant to go kill it and butcher yourself.

      • RPaz

        I’m shocked and apalled anyone would wave the flag of greed so enthusiastically.

    • exGOPer

      Frigg’n Rightwingnut teabagg’n Morons…You people just don’t get it do you…
      We the people want to live in a civilized world…on a planet that is not being strip mined to enrich the few…now go watch Avatar again and give its message some thought…I know that is a tuff thing for a Prager, Rush, Sean oatmeal mush for brains thinker like you…

    • Schelmy

      ACK! LOL Were you trying to shock us? Did you forget some of us HAVE lived and LOST loved ones to and through the awesome power of nature AND military ventures?

      How did you miss the creatures that were living on that planet? How did you miss the fact that, if you weren’t prepared, they would eat you alive and not necessarily fast? Did you not get it that the military struggled in that wilderness due to the power of those creatures and power of nature in that strange planet? That, instead of having to go back to their planet defeated, could have stayed on Pandora if they had only went there peacefully? Maybe the human race would have had a better chance with a different attitude. Maybe we still will.

      What you are referring to, “Nature is BRUTAL. Nature PREYS on one another. Nature STRUGGLES for survival.” , that is called the CYCLE OF LIFE and plain old living. It is all a matter of how you look at it and the emotions/experiences that color your glasses. Did you somehow miss that in the movie or think we missed it, the awesome power of nature?

      The movie was about being a part of that cycle, embracing it, and respecting the life around you (respecting the life you had to take to survive, to live). Taking what you need to live and giving back to the planet you took from. Not wiping out every creature that makes us nervous and, instead, building the life on this world that we do have, instead of killing it.

      Don’t be afraid. I think it will be ok. We all can get this right. We need everyone, including you, to make it happen. People are only sad to be separated from the cycle. They crave to be a part of the earth. Go outside. Take off your shoes. Lay in the grass (go find it, if there’s none near you)…don’t be afraid of stubbing your toe or getting pricked or stung. Stick your nose right down in the dirt and take a big breath. Plant something in some dirt and watch it grow. You are still a part of her. Life is so fast now a days, we all forget to stop to remember that we are still hers.

      *gathers up my little girl and heads out to take my own advice*

      *sends you love courage and patience* (things I often need sent to me <3)


  • Wendy Zajac

    Wow. Some of you people have anger coming out of you sideways. You find it necessary to bash those of us who wish for a more peaceful, healthy world. Did you lack the needed nurturing in your childhood? There is absolutely nothing wrong with wishing for a perfect world. It makes it more likely that people will strive for it.
    And if you look back at the movie, Avatar, there was a “balance” shown in it by glimpses of species fighting each other.
    We, as humans, have completely disrupted the balance of our world. We have destroyed and taken from our planet with no concern of keeping a balance of any kind. We seem to have developed a mindset of taking without thought of giving back.
    No, I know. Not all are like that. There are many who believe when you harvest, you replant (whether that be actually plants/trees, or giving and receiving love, etc.) but way too many believe in taking and hoarding because we think we are the end-all species. We have broken the trust of the planet by dropping the ball at being it’s caretaker.
    Your anger cannot put out the fires of desires for a better world to live in. Try as you might, you will only get sympathy from those of us who believe there is something better.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Amazon in Peru, the Guiana Shield in Suriname and Guyana, the rainforests of Borneo, as well as wildlife viewing in Kenya and Botswana–while the depiction in Pandora is lovely, it’s all based on what we have here on our Earth. We’ve inherited a paradise of beauty, wonder, and awe. The problem is that all of this is that so few of us recognize it. And now all of this is threatened by us, by our actions. Notice the world around you, and do something to save it!

    • eddy

      jeremy, I couldn’t agree more. What the film showed is the most beautifull scenery ………… on earth (to some extent) …..It is about f…g time that people start realizing how beautifull “our” planet is and forget the US$ signs ….for once. I live in Brazil and the beauty I see day in day out is just mind blowing…… People wake up…!!!!!

  • Wally

    i was a little sad throwing my glasses in the box. i wanted to stay for awhile and check out a place that is unlike anywhere else on earth.

    Regardless what all these crazy “realists” say or wish, there will be more people responding this way..and of course, shaming people and telling then to growup always works. well maybe not, but it sure makes the critics feel superior and better about themselves.

    i cant get over all the hate spewing people over this subject. its strange.

  • krissy

    these idiots dont have eyes.

  • Arri

    Avatar may be the best example so far, but it’s certainly not the first. For example Star Wars affected a bunch of folks when it came out too. A lot of us would’ve rather been in that universe than this one. We visited several times.
    Nothing’s really changed except for the lack of effort to get on with life, collecting the experiences you have, and adding them to the richness of your tapestry.
    Seems that any movie that draws repeat viewers (Titanic, Star Wars, Avatar, many others) has some degree of this depression revealing phenomena. The movies don’t cause the depression. It was there beforehand.
    Avatar brings you to a vivid world. The filmmakers have light to paint with and paint they did. Our world is not so vivid in the same ways. So yeah there’s large contrast in how Pandora looks compared to my Earth.
    But that’s okay. It was fun to visit Pandora. I’m going back too. Experience that place again and it becomes more real and less fantastic. The jonzing to go there wanes.

  • Republichrite

    Are you sure this isn’t an Onion article?

    • come si come ca

      Back to important issues…

      THe IWC allows scientific whaling (which we know is all BS) and Japan exploits and absuses that (no one can argue against that.) So the IWC needs some reform too.

      Now, the fact Japan spends so much money on a dead industry in which there is no demand for whale meat is beyong me. Especially since theres so much what meat in the deep freeze. (Reports of it being peddled to schools, nursing homes and dog food have surfaced). This is an absolute national disgrace.

      Not to mention their tactics and environmental crimes (factory ship, refuelling, dumping of waste etc) in and around Anatartica.

      The the ICR / PR machine keeps repeating the same things…”Research”,”Cultural Tradition”,”Same as killing cows”,”Depleting fish stocks”,”Minke’s inhibit recovery of larger whales”… Truly a propaganda machine hard at work.

      Im sure their citizens woudl agree – theres more important domestic issues that could do with those funds? Suicide rates, uemployment problems etc etc.

  • Jellykka

    Believe it or not, the Avatar blues have now been animated.

    It’s a virtual reality recreation of people who found virtual reality preferable to actual reality. Go watch it and blow your mind.

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  • Tesla

    When I look at the responses to this topic, I find myself feeling sorry for those of you who choose to fight with each other. I myself know the feeling of Avatar blues as I felt it momentarily after seeing the movie. I even wish that the earth was like that instead of the dull and dreary place it is, but I also know that no amount of arguing can restore all of the world’s natural wonders to us. Am I angry at humanity for destroying nature? No, however I am annoyed by it but I know that we cannot change the past. Given the chance, though, I would choose to stay in this world since I know that I would not be able to survive in the world of Pandora.

    In the end, please remember that Pandora does not exist(at least it doesn’t according to my current knowledge) and that Avatar was just a movie. You can feel sad about how our world has turned out but if you want to fight, please try to do it reasonably. Statements such as “get a life” does not support an argument and thus makes you seem inferior in your point of view. Other statements like “it is your fault that earth is like this” just show that you have formed an irrational hate as you seem to jump to conclusions.

  • Jonathan

    Don’t forget there are incredibly wild creatures on Pandora that will rip your face off given the opportunity. Choose to ignore reality at your own peril.

    If it makes you feel any better there once was a place called EDEN. We’re always trying to make it back there and that’s where the longing comes from.

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  • tom

    I work with a landscaper to make virtual worlds for people to walk and interact in, in Second Life. In the last few months I have had sooo many people come to me requesting an avatar-inspired world be made for them to explore.

    I personally think this impulse isnt “escapism” or hopeless naievety, or any of the plethora of put downs mentioned throughout this thread. Yearning for something beautiful and utopian and dreaming of something beyond our daily experience is painful but wonderful too. It’s an energy that can drive us. There is nothing at all wrong with dreaming a beautiful dream.

    I love that people are feeling this restlessness, and I love that feeling in myself too. It hurts to know there is something that can never be fully realised in this world, but it is a reminder that we humans have the capacity to perceive something higher and more profound than our mundane daily existece.

    The people whoe come to me in Second Life to have me work with them to create an avatar inspired world for them to walk through and explore are not hopeless washouts. They are smart, sensitive souls, and often very successful in a worldly sense (if you care about such things), who simply want to visit their dream from time to time, to keep that wondrous feeling alive.