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Dear Germany, I love you.

Premiering in Frankfurt on January 17th, “HOPE-The Obama Musical Story” is exactly the way Broadway would prefer American politics played out on television. The musical focuses on the electoral and general elections, in blended English and German, with an international cast and American composer. There’s even a nice Sarah Palin number where she gets her groove on amid a stage of fishnet-wearing go-go girls. Hilarious.

Check out a trailer for the musical below — or visit the official site here.

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  • frank

    this is really sad. obama is an environment and animal hating war monger. please stop idol worshiping him.

  • Thomas in Los Angeles

    Obama = Jihad

    Sarah Palin = America

    Barack Obama does not seem to understand what it means to be American. Barack Obama has devalued the United States dollar, attempted to steal the healthcare industry from the private sector, insulted Israel, turned a blind eye while Iran develops nuclear weapons and thumbs their nose at the United States, and weakened our defenses by threatening our intelligent agencies.

    Sarah Palin understands what it means to be American. Sarah Palin has been out there fighting for the folks with her positive messege of: Liberty, Strong National Defense, Limited Government on the side of the people, American Individualism, and Free Market Solutions to healthcare costs.

    When Barack Obama is forced to resign it will lead the path to a real American Leader : SARAH PALIN For President 2012

    • http://facebook Carrie White Los Angeles author

      You are really ill-informed………….the theatrics have you not the facts…

    • htims

      its people like you that promote hate. you are so ill informed. The Global Financial Crisis casue the US Dollar to weaken and this started during the Bush Administration.

      Looks like all you want is to fight Iran….well guess what that will need money…and where will the bad US economy get it?

      wake up to yourselves…..your just a bunch of racist hick who cannot accept your first African American President so you are trying to find the weakest reasons to knock him off. By the way i am neither black nor an American.

  • Laura in New York

    I hope the playwright, songwright and choreographer are prepared to start now on the Opera–you know, in which little Sarah Palin from Wasilla slays the Monster Crime Machines in Washington DC to save America?


    If you don’t like Obama…don’t vote for him next time around. Instead vote for Sarah so that we can really screw up the country and finally become the faded glory we once were!

  • gin

    More Obama-deification. Is anyone surprised?

    Next time, write a musical for him AFTER he’s actually done something good for the country, thanks.

  • John

    What’s really funny to me is how Sarah P has no problem making fun of herself. Or maybe she doesn’t know she’s doing it LOL?