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Back in late 2007, the producers of FOX’s hit television show 24 announced that they were introducing a new villain to the plot line: carbon emissions. The behind-the-scene changes were intended to take television production in a more sustainable direction — as well as making the show the first-ever carbon-neutral television series. For last year’s Season 7, the show was successful in reducing its carbon footprint by more than 43%. For Season 8, Kiefer Sutherland says they’re on track to continue much of the same.

“When we started around season four, the goal was to be able to make 24 and not leave a carbon footprint,” Sutherland told the Mother Nature Network. “I don’t know if that’s possible because we have to drive to work, but all of the trucks we’re using are hybrids. We’re not using gas fuels and there are a lot of things being done within the office and the production building as well. We’ve made a marked improvement from where we were in season one.”

For Season 8, we expect the producers went with many of the same improvements from the previous year. Besides switching incandescent lighting for compact fluorescent lighting and turning off all electrical equipment when not in use, the production also used biodiesel to power generators and production vehicles;  renewable power resources (wind, hydroelectric and solar) when purchasing electricity; incorporated fuel-efficient and low-emission hybrid vehicles into the production fleet (which saved 1,300 gallons of gas); and distributed all its scripts, schedules and other memos electronically.

Great to see Fox continuing with their commitment to sustainable filmmaking!

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  • S Night

    The more I learn about Kiefer the more I like him. I’ve been reading the “Living Dangerously” biography by Christopher heard and I think it’s awesome. It makes Kiefer seem like such a funny and honest person. The planet needs to be saved and I think Kiefer is definitely the man for the job.

  • Nicole D

    Awesome to know my fav show is also green! Go Kiefer I love you!