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Leonardo DiCaprio has signed up to narrate a new documentary called Hubble 3D, reports Variety.

The actor is attached to narrate the film which hits theaters on March 19th.

“Leonardo’s exceptional talent as both an actor and communicator will dovetail nicely with this breathtaking film, and we’re looking forward to having him guide us to the edge of the universe and back,” said IMAX head Richard L. Gelfond.

The film features footage shot in space, including imagery from the Orion Nebula and the outer reaches of the solar system filmed through the Hubble Space Telescope. Check out a trailer below:

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    If he dare degrade the Seven Seals, that are the Seven Lampstands before the Throne, I did reveal, I will rip out his heart. For all to see, the Seven Planetary Nebulae, the clouds, are the result of the Churning of the Sea of Milk as a cure for the Asuras that invaded heaven. We include:
    Vishnu, NGC2371 in Gemini, Son of Man
    Indra, Mz3, in the Ant Nebula, Head of Days
    Gaia, NGC6853 in Valpecula the Fox, the Mother principle, Sodium (Salt)
    Garuda, the whole Eagle Nebula
    Mama Demeter, NGC 3606, Dark Nebula, the Mother principle, Mercury
    Athena, the Rotten Egg Nebula, Mother principle, Sulphur
    Shiva, who lay atop the Lagoon Nebula, M8 until risen from the dead in 2007 after Kali handed him the Battenberg Baton, retrieved from the River Eridanus after the War in Heaven. He is the Son of God, Uranus, son of Gaia.

  • bitter old man

    Wow, did you just make all that up? That’s pretty creative. Kinda like the people that made up the whole “Klingon language” thing from a couple of TV shows, tho; a little bit interesting but mostly creepy and a large waste of time. But as long as you’re having fun, good on you! It’s good to have a hobby.

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