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Ever since the Sea Shepherd Ady Gil was sunk some two weeks ago after a collision with a Japanese whaling vessel, the talk has turned to funding and building a successor. We already know that it will be expensive — and that words like “bigger, better, faster” have been thrown around — but what exactly would such a revised ship look like?

Our curiosity got the better of us, so we contacted the one guy who probably knows better than anyone else: Captain Pete Bethune, the creator and owner of the original Ady Gil.

“In some respects the Ady Gil was a few metres short,” he wrote to us from aboard the Sea Shepherd Bob Barker. “The best is a self contained campaign vessel with greater range, an 8m rib for skirmishes and boarding, crew of 10-12 (includes video, photographer, ops manager, skipper, 2IC, engineer, and 5 crew). it would allow us to run campaigns and promotions anywhere in world, with a large enough team to be self sufficient. I reckon 30-33m vessel. Probably a wave piercing catamaran, or tri hull but with living space over outriggers. Still be really efficient and cost effective compared with the likes of Steve Irwin and Bob Barker. But big enough to be unsupported. Down here for example, we needed to meet up with larger vessel every 3 weeks for fuel and supplies.”

He added, however, that it will be up to others to make those decisions — so whether or not the Sea Shepherd pursue the cost to build such a ship is out of his hands.

In my opinion, it makes perfect sense for Paul Watson and Co. to move ahead with a new version of the ship. Even though the costs would be high, the press coverage gained would be even greater. And no offense to either the MV Bob Barker or MV Steve Irwin, but the Ady Gil 2 would be a sexy, sleek vessel that would draw large crowds and provide opportunities to educate people on the Sea Shepherd’s current campaigns. The returns, I feel, would be much greater than the initial investment.

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  • ddpalmer

    So the Ady Gil needed to refuel every 3 weeks and was in the Antarctic ocean for over 3 weeks, therefore it refueled at least once. But The SSCS contends that refueling in the Antarctic Ocean is illegal. I wonder how that works?

    • Robert P. Costello

      This article is about the design of the next ADY GIL. Why must you (fruitlessly) criticise SSCS about refuelling???

      This pretty much tells everyone your hidden agenda is to repeatedly attack SSCS no matter what.

      • Pat

        Robert, why do you dodge the facts and go straight to character assassination?
        Is it because you know SSCS has just told another lie or broken another law?

      • nick finlay

        they probably refuled the ady gil outside the antartic whale sanctuary unlike the nisshin maru and the oriental bluebird.

      • Matty

        The Ady Gil was refueled above 60 degrees south and outside of the treaty zone.

        Unlike the whalers who were caught 15 miles from a penguin colony.

    • sea shepherd supporter

      I think they put barrels of fuel onboard one of the rubber boats and transported it to the Ady Gil.

      That’s the only way I can think of… I guess we’ll gonna have to wait and see on Whale Wars….

      • Robert P. Costello

        Man, there are more narrow minded twits aroud than I thought.

        @PAT: Tell me how that was a character assasination? SSCS haven’t broke any laws or told any lies. What gives with your empty assault?

    • Pete Bethune

      we never refuelled in since leaving Hobart. We just travelled slowly, and at slow speed you can travel much further than only 3 weeks. The plan was to refuel from steve irwin at 60 deg which is out of antarcitca treaty zone. we had just enough fuel to get back there when rammed.

      • Anthony Figueroa

        Pete bethune i dont believe that in all the chances in the world you would just write on this website.

    • rodbig

      if you research it, the ady gil ran on biodiesel, not a fuel that could run one of the larger vessels. the way the ady gil would refuel is to have the crane of the bob barker or steve irwin lower a fuel tank onto the back-end of the ady gil, and the refueling would be a completely self-sufficient operation of the crew of the ady gil contained within the vessel. the refueling they condemn, and the refueling the japanese are doing, involve stretching fuel lines across the water, like you do to your car at the gas pumps. except those lines are a lot larger and get stretched through the waters of the southern ocean. so imagine the one or two drops that just happen to spill out of the nozzle when you are putting gas in your car and multiply that by the larger diameter of the refueling lines used by big ships, and you actually do start talking about a possibility for a substantial if not localized leak of fuel into the ocean.

  • bitter old man

    It works by the Ady Gil leaving the 60º S perimeter, refuelling from the Steve Irwin at 56º S latitude and then reentering the 60º S perimeter. Something similar to how SR-71’s refuelled prior to entering hostile airspace, made a run, then refuelled again outside of the incursion area. That’s how you keep high speed assets in an area for periods extending beyond their basic range. They’re not exactly on position the whole time, but they’re not gone for long enough to make a tactical difference.

    The Japanese poachers simply ignore the 60º S perimeter. Much like they ignore everything else that dosen’t suit them. And why are you defending a group that put so many American fishermen out of business? Why do you hate America?

  • Erik

    when do we see any stopping of whaling? So far all we see is a bunch of mouthy, lying, vigilantes engaging and attempting to disable a SECURITY ship? and the whaling fleet is hundreds of miles away, as is the irwin? Well donr klowns, useless as ever BEFORE wasting cash on a useless toy, back to just as useless now that your toy has been neutralized. In your fancy math, how many whales did you save during this period of activism?

    A better question to be asked is WHY supporters of watson hate America, and the rest of the CIVILIZED world. In the REAL world, one uses the laws and courts to gain redress, One does not go out and attack others doing what is not liked, acting as judge, jury, and executioner. Based on what statutes? Buying into watson kool-aid laced “announcements” one would think that they are in national waters( have any of those nations appointed watson as law enforcement? does watson represent that nation?) no, the terrorist supporters are PROUD to claim watson, just as many muslims are PROUD to claim al queda for being out there DOING SOMETHING.

    • Whoever…

      The real terrorist threat does not come from al queda but from within your own country (that is if you’re an American):

    • Alex Jarvis

      I cant believe people like this. Whales are one of the coolest animals in the world and these people are risking their lives to save them. I just watch the newest episode and i didnt see your pussy ass on any of those ships so BACK OFF!!! These people kick ass and deserve the support of the world…

      Alex Jarvis
      Rome New York

  • Brian

    @ddpalmer – “bitter old man” is correct. It also worked because this is (was) a small vessel and it was refueled by hand from inside the boat., it wasn’t done by dragging large fuel hoses between two vessels with the chance of rupture to the hoses and causing a massive leak into the ocean. That is why that rule exists – just in case a “fuel hose” were to break. In the case of refueling a small vessel, that possibility is eliminated. But SSCS did their refueling north of 60 degrees South, and were in compliance to International Laws, in any event. Watson isn’t going to do anything that stupid, especially with a 3rd party independent film crew hanging out on his boat.

    @Erik – The Al Queda argument is absurd. There is a huge difference between groups who have the intent of taking life, and those with the intent of protecting life. Besides, if you want to use such analogies, you could also point out that the people who rebelled against England during the early American Revolution and who were led by George Washington were also terrorist. At least England thought so at the time, that is what they were classified as after all. There wasn’t exactly any court that they could have gone to in order to win their fight. I’m really tired of hearing people compare a group of pro-life activist to groups that kill people, or steal from people. It just shows how stupid some people are.

    Kia Kaha, Kia Toa!

    • bitter old man

      Also, Watson isn’t fighting against America – he’s fighting against Japanese criminals. But if Erik’s allegiance is for Japan instead of America, I’ll be happy to buy him a plane ticket from Oklahoma (or whatever little town he’s in that only has Fox Talk Radio) to Tokyo, so he can be with his America-hating friends in the Yakuza.

      Oh, and also try sending the same sentence ” …In the REAL world, one uses the laws and courts to gain redress, One does not go out and attack others doing what is not liked, acting as judge, jury, and executioner… ” to Dick Cheney or G.W. Bush and see how they respond to you. But be quick…the Emperor is waiting for another boy like you to hold aloft the banner of the Rising Sun (and you know what happens to boys who Fail their Emperor).

    • ddpalmer

      First it isn’t illegal to refuel above 60 degrees. Also where is the proof the Japanese don’t go below 60 degrees before refueling?

      Second where did this knowledge of how and where the Ady Gil refuel come from?

      Third if refuel was illegal the method wouldn’t matter, refueling is refueling.

      • kyle russel

        Pete Bethune if you read

      • ddpalmer

        Learn to read kyle. Pete Bethune’s comment is time stamped January 19, 2010 at 12:14 pm. My comment is time stamped January 18, 2010 at 5:35 pm. My post is almost 20 hours before his. That would make it impossible for me to have read it.

        Nice try better luck next time.

    • Abe

      I have seen these ass clowns f-up about everything they try. How would they all become professional mariners and not screw up refueling. It does not matter where they do it, I’ll bet they screw something up and spill. It would probably take them a couple of tries to boil water without a major screw up.

    • Enforce Ban on Whaling!

      I’m thinking “Erik” is actually a representative of the japanese whaling industry!

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    How grotesque.

    Sea Shepherd playing their dangerous little stunts in the Southern Ocean and bringing in the big bucks at the expense of Greenpeace who are ironically the only people with the potential to affect Japanese whaling policy.

    Then they spend the huge amounts of the donated money on these silly toys that are to be used for the commission of serious criminal acts of terrorism. Which, mind you, can only harden the resolve of the Japanese people to exercise their legal right to sustainably harvest oceanic resources on the high seas.

    Is there any limit to Paul Watson’s ruthless self-promotion?

    • bitter old man

      Post adolescent boys at their keyboards pretending to be Shogun and questioning the limits of someone else’s self-promotion? You’ve already been exposed as a fraud on many different levels; you don’t have any room to criticize anyone else’s motives or lack of honesty. Now run along and write some nice sociopathology for your John Galt Society newsletter.

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Pray tell, upon which levels was I exposed as a fraud? I must have missed it.

      Also, why do you continue to post three or more posts at a time and under different aliases? It is an annoying and pointless practice. Please, desist.

      • Richard Grey Peters

        The Japanese are not feeding the world with their whaling enterprise. They are not even feeding Japan. They are simply feeding a few elite that are prepared to pay high prices for a bit of nostalgia and tantilising their tastebuds with a few bits of greasy , mercury tainted slabs of meat.

      • ddpalmer

        Sorry you are wrong.

        Whale meat is sold in most regular grocery stores. It is not restricted to a few elite that are prepared to pay high prices.

        And the Minke whales from the Southern Ocean have some of the lowest levels of mercury of any seafood.

        Also you need to brush up on the SSCS playbook. Paul Watson claims that people in Japan don’t to eat whale meat and that the price has been going down.

    • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

      Apologies all. I concede defeat.

      I am paid by Glenn Inwood and the Omeka Public Relations company.

      In other words, I defend whaling at all costs (much like a defence lawyer for a guilty murderer).

      I trawl around the net day after day posting counters to everything I read. La Times, Ecorazzi etc etc.

      My real name is Tim Robert Samson. I’m not even Japanese, but I found that Hideyoshi Toyotomi was a brave Japanese warrior that died in Osaka 1598.

      I secretly support SSCS, but hey – cash in the pocket can change anything.

      I suspect ddPalmer is on the payroll as well.

    • Brian

      Are you serious? Where is Greenpeace these days anyway? It looks to me that they are too busy climbing and damaging national monuments (for ruthless self promotion) to even realize there is a whaling problem in the Southern Whale Sanctuary. Send the Arctic Sunrise back into action and show some effort or just shut-up!

      I’m all for Greenpeace and SSCS – as long as either group makes an effort. They have different methodologies, which I think is great…it shows there are more ways than one to put pressure to a government and demand action. But, unless they show up to the fight, they’ll not be very effective.

      I wish both groups would just realize that each has their supporters and donors, both groups will be effective – if they show up. They don’t have to like each other in order to work together. Despite the methods, both want the same end result. But again, Greenpeace isn’t going to get anything done by blogging about it.

      “Which, mind you, can only harden the resolve of the Japanese people to exercise their legal right to sustainably harvest oceanic resources on the high seas.”

      It’s a fine argument, but Greenpeace never forced ICR to take a loss into the millions. SSCS on the other hand has done so, and they’ll continue to do so as long as this conflict continues. My grandfather was in a fight with the Japanese once. They didn’t win that fight by taking pictures of them. Resolve fails when the economical loss is too substantial to continue. Businesses fail when they don’t make money.

  • whiplash

    Remember when the Australian customs and fisheries vessel went down there to ‘monitor’ the whale slaughter? Remember how they discovered

    Japan was taking pregant whales, baby whales (calves) etc etc?

    Their response was to get good data a range of ages and sexes was needed in their study.

    Just like the banners they hold up “We’re examining the stomach contents”, “We’re doing research”

    What about the study that found they hasd been harpooning Blue, Sperm and Humpback whales…

    Brutal lying savages. Boycott Japan

  • jones

    The Japanese cull is in breach of several international laws and treaties, including the Antarctic Treaty System and the Convention on
    International Trade in Endangered Species.

    They must stop or be taken to court and face huge humiliation. Up to you Nippon

    Rewritten maritime safety and environmental laws threaten to rule Nisshin Maru out of Antarctic operations within a few years!

    “Japanese taxpayers money is being squandered on life-support for a whaling programme that produces virtually nothing of value,”

    “With well over 9,000 minke whales killed in 22 years and no useful data produced, Japan’s so-called ‘research’ in the Antarctic is an international embarrassment.”

    • ddpalmer

      The whale hunting by Japan, Iceland and Norway (Why do most people act like only Japan is whaling?) are legal by all international treaties/laws/agreements.

      They have all been whaling for the 25 years since the IWC moratorium was implemented and none of them have been taken to an appropriate court yet.

      The new regulations that have been suggested would not affect the Japanese for two reasons. One, they only apply to newly constructed ships, existing vessel only have to ‘try’ and meet the new regulations. Two, if the suggestions are implemented they are just that suggestions that each individual country can decide to require for their vessel or not require.

      • bitter old man

        Over 80% of the whales taken in the last 20 years were taken by Japan. Over 96% of the meat from ALL whales taken has ended up in Japan. Only 5% of the Japanese population has ever even TASTED whale meat.

        So, it’s a luxury commodity; and since Japan is responsible for most of the whaling activities, either directly or by receipt of the end-products, Japan is going to receive most of the scrutiny and criticism.

        But you still haven’t answered, why are you supporting the Japanese fisheries so much? Why DO you hate American fishermen and America so much?

      • Pringles on ice

        Well said bitter old man.

        SS IS against Iceland and Norway as well. Check your history and you will find several European whaling ships have been scuttled over the years.

        Japan is the engine room for global whaling. Iceland and Norway export whale meat to her. Seems you post without thinking or doing research. We are all getting tired of it DDPalmer.

      • ddpalmer

        The SSCS hasn’t done anything related to Norway or Iceland in years.

        Whale meat is no more a luxury commodity than any other meat source in Japan. It is sold in regular grocery stores to the general public.

        “But you still haven’t answered, why are you supporting the Japanese fisheries so much? Why DO you hate American fishermen and America so much?”

        Well I probably hadn’t answered that since I don’t remember you ever asking before. But to answer now.I don’t support the Japanese fisheries I oppose the vigilante actions of the SSCS. I don’t hate American fisherman in fact I had American caught fish for dinner tonight. And why does supporting Japans legal right to hunt whales show a hatred of America? I think supporting legal fishing is a very American thing to do.

  • Bundle of kent

    It is a national disgrace that Japan foists meat that is basically toxic waste on its own populace in the form of school lunches and meals

    at public facilities such as old age homes and hospitals as a means of subsidizing its national policy on whaling. This is nothing less

    than a repeat of the Minamata disaster perpetrated by Chisso chemical and abetted by the national bureaucracy in Japan.

  • dogs out

    There is nothing cultural about steel spring loaded harpoons. What if a country had a custom of eating people? Should we respect their culture??

    • Gavin MacQueen

      LOL…or how about allowing America to bring back the old west and massacre some Indians

  • bockscar

    - How is it they constantly change their “story”. First it was scientific whaling, then they admitted it is sold at markets for food. Then they say that whales eat into valuable fish stocks, now they are saying the minke whales prevent the recovery of larger whales because they eat too much krill. Like WTF?

    It’s ICR propaganda out of control.

  • hermin

    Why keep arguing with a paid blogger whose only job is to write nonsense.

    To hire fake paid bloggers or fake paid customers is nothing new for japanese companies, one classic example is mcdonalds who hires 1000+ customers to line up at the opening of a new branch in Tokyo :

    Brutal dolphin & whale killers all in the name of tradition. Well it was tradition to hang african american slaves upside down outside if they misbehaved right?! Well countries move on and progress – except for JAPAN

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    If you insist on reposting this inane nonsense at every turn, please do it in one post using only one alias. Cluttering this forum with multiple re-posts acheives nothing.

    If you believe your cause to be a noble and righteous one, then surely you needn’t resort to some tomfoolery. Simply state your opinion clearly and concisely and rebut those that are contrary.

    Good lad.

    • rick douglass

      I’m sure these brave heroic whale hunters sit around when they get back to Japan and carry on about how brave they are with their high tech

      weapons and ships as they are harrassed by terrorists. It really makes me laugh.

      Hideoyoshi – someone slip something into your drink?

    • bitter old man

      We’re all just following your precedent, Tim.

      Good lad.

  • Matt

    “Whale species which in some cases are nearing pest levels” .

    It seems like a PR propaganda exercise with Glen Inwood from Omeka Public Relations hands all over it. The truth is that industrial whaling (unlike the “Americans whaling off Alaska” who are traditional Inuit bowhead hunters) is an abhorrent practice. The Japanese are trespassing in the Southern Ocean and needlessly slaughtering old and ancient creatures that can live for up to a couple hundred years old, and for what? The truth is that Japanese whaling is morally repugnant just as taking money to be a PR representative for the same also is. Shame, shame, shame on these enemies of the planet. I congratulate the crew of the Sea Shepherd for defending these magnificent and wonderful creatures, and spit on the like of Richard Long, Glen Inwood and the whole of the Japanese fleet.

  • hail

    The only terrorists in the Southern Ocean are the Japanese whalers who are raping and pilliaging and spilling the blood of the great whales. The only liars in the Southern Ocean are the Japanese whalers who in desperation paint the word ” research ” in big bold letters on the sides of their ships, hoping against hope that the stupid white southern men will actually believe it. This is akin to the nazis installing the sign ” arebeit macht frei” … (work will set you free)on top of the entrance to their concentration camps

    • ddpalmer

      No it is akin to painting a Red Cross on ambulances.

      All you people who are paid by the SSCS to post here should really try posting some facts. And using multiple names to make it look like there are a lot of you isn’t working.

      • bitter old man

        General Custer got a little huffy when he was outnumbered too. But it was also his own fault.

        Hoka Hay!

      • abacus


        DdPalmers last stand? Ha ha.
        Well said bitter old man.

        At least he’s going down fighting. I’d even throw you a life line if you were on a sinking ship. Sad that the Japanese wouldn’t. In fact, they would probably circle back and machine gun you in the watwer. Typical cowardly acts!

        Reminds me of 1940’s. The almighty empire reduced to rubble.

        I guess if you keep pumping out propaganda, eventually you believe it right DDPalmer? Taking a leaf out of Hitlers book?

  • Robert P. Costello

    Geez guys.

    Hideoyoshi (real name Tim?): You complain that people aren’t posting facts and proper arguments etc – and yet (hyprocritally_ you go around saying how the SSCS are scum bag terrorist criminals polluting the oceans and should be dispatched by torpedoes. That’s tomfoolery.

    I mean what kind of emotional charged statements are they? What sort of reaction are you expecting from those ridiculous comments. You are the one that needs to exercise some restraint from posting deliberate provoking statements.

    DDPalmer: Red Cross, Ambulance? WTF? And no as far as I know, people arent being paid here by SS. Why would we need to be paid by SS to realise what the Whalers are doing is a terrible thing?

    By the sounds of it, Hideoyoshi is on the ICR payroll. And possibly you might be too. But these are alegations. It wouldnt suprise me though, as the ICR is capable of anything.

    • ddpalmer

      You have a mighty big ego there. You believe that you are so much smarter than regular people that you can’t believe that anyone would disagree with you unless they were being paid.

      But you don’t believe that the SSCS who claim to be willing to die for the whales wouldn’t be willing to pay people to post for the whales?

      The ambulance comment was in response to another poster. The Red Cross designates a vehicle as a medical vehicle which by the Geneva convention means you don’t fire at it. The research on the side of the Japanese ships designate the vessels as research rather than commercial.

      • bitter old man

        Then why are they registered as commercial vessels?

      • ernie


        painting research on the side of a ship makes it ok to commerically whale in disguise.

        May as well have painted red crosses on all the tanks on the western front too!

        scum bag

      • ddpalmer

        There are only two registration classes. Commercial vessels and pleasure/private vessels. That would be why they are registered as commercial.

        Painting Red Crosses on tanks is a violation of the Geneva convention.

        No, IWC Article VIII makes it OK for them to do research whaling. Painting research on the side of the ships is to help slow people figure it out.

      • Bundle of kent

        Wow someone is sharp as a tack.

        Thanks for pointing that out DDPalmer. Whatever they are regisitered as, the fact remains that they are in contempt of a Australian Federal Court order and the whale harvest is illegal. Those ships are killing whales in a whale sanctuary illegally. The IWC issues the research permits, and Japan buys votes so the whole thing is rigged.

      • Mick

        Bundle of Kent,

        For the millionth time,court orders from the Australian Federal Court only applies to Australians. Australian law does not apply to the ICR’s operations in the Southern Ocean. The only legal authority, at this time, that matters is the IWC. The ICR’s scientific research is legal and is allowed under IWC regulations. Until the IWC regulations are changed, scientific whaling is and will remain, legal.

      • Potty Scotty

        Yah, ‘course its legal in the eyes of the cetacean exterminators. It was perfectly legal to butcher other humans during the war times.

        In other words, the Japanese make their own rules, laws and basically do what the please.

      • Mick

        Potty Scotty,

        No it’s legal in the eyes of the law. Listen people, no matter how much you don’t want to agree, no matter how much you don’t like it; scientific whaling in the Southern Ocean IS legal. That’s a fact. And it will remain legal until the IWC regulations are changed or an appropriate legal authority rules that it is illegal. Until that time it is legal. End of story.

  • ddpalmer

    So many small minded people, so little time.

    References to things that happened 65-70 years ago will not change the laws, especially when you get the historical facts wrong.

    Calling people names who happen to have different opinions than you will not get the laws changed, but it does show you realize you have few facts on your side.

    Copy and pasting the same things over and over under multiple names in multiple places will not change the laws, but it does cause you to be ignored by people who are willing to think and research topics for themselves.

    So keep up your current tactics and the whales will keep being hunted. Or attempt to engage in an actual discussion of the issues and you might be able to actually change the minds of some people.

    • bitter old man

      Well, it’s pretty obvious that no discussion is going to change your mind:

      Anything that you disagree with is a “lie”;

      If more than one person is disagreeing with you, it can only be because that one person is doing so under multiple identities (because there’s no possible way that anyone in their right mind could possibly disagree with you);

      References to a nation’s long history of violating international law, and unabashed contempt for the rest of the world is irrelevant;

      Carefully parsing and/or otherwise altering any “evidence” you present makes it fact; any part of laws, documents, etc., that don’t support your point are either irrelevant, don’t exist or are “lies”;

      Refusing to recognize a law means that it doesn’t apply to you, so you therefore can’t be inviolation of that law (which means that we’d better empty out all of our prisons, since nobody has apparently ever violated any laws);

      Anybody that argues contrary to your position has a small mind.

      So in the end, you’re correct; none of this bickering will stop whaling. Which is why there is a group of “extremists” attempting to directly intervene and stop the whale hunt. And until Japan either agrees to go into an international court AND abide by it’s findings (I’m not going to hold my breath), or they decide that it’s just not profiable enough, this kind of thing will just keep going on and on and on.

      And as they say, arguing with idiots makes you an idiot. So I guess my IQ has been lowered to about 6 by all of this. That’s OK though; now I can join the Republican Party!

    • dogs out

      First, who is calling people names?

      Second, I havent heard a good point yet as to why the Japanese should be left along to slaughter whales in the Whale sanctuary.

      • Mick

        Because it’s legal.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        “Because it’s legal”

        Spoken like a true bureaucrat.

      • Mick

        Gavin MacQueen,

        “Spoken like a true bureaucrat”

        Where you trying to make some kind of point?

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Mick, I guess it just went right over your head. Maybe if you look up the word “bureaucrat”, you might be able to figure it out.

  • ddpalmer

    Please don’t project yourself onto me.

    A properly referenced fact that I disagree with is still a fact and not lie, although some people seem to believe otherwise.

    When 6 or 7 people post the exact same thing word for word over and over on multiple different websites under different names either they are sheep just repeating what they are told or it is one or two people spamming and trolling to make it look like there are more anti-whalers than there are. I know there are lots of people that disagree with me and some of them have even stated their opinion in a way that I understand and respect. But a whole group of people that have EXACTLY the same opinions about every topic down to using exactly the same words to explain there opinions is just a little fishy.

    If you want I can show you where just about every country has incidents in their history where they violate international law and shown unabashed contempt for the rest of the world. So yes it is irrelevant unless you can show me that the current people of Japan are mental clones of their grandparents.

    I don’t parse or alter evidence. I don’t see the point in posting a whole 10 or 20 page document when only a few sentences apply. If you think I have done this then call me on the specific case and we can discuss it, but making a blanket statement and showing no basis doesn’t do any good.

    International treaties aren’t laws and the issues I believe you are referring to specifically say that if a member objects to some specific topic that they are exempt from it. If you have a problem with that then get your government to change the words they agreed to when they signed the treaty. People in prison have been convicted by a court system of breaking a law so why would they be released?

    Japan has never been taken to the appropriate court to rule on the disputes. Not because they haven’t consented but because no other country is willing to bring the case. So again convince your government that they should file the case and the courts will resolve the issues.

    And more insults, name calling and ad hominem attacks. About what I expect. But maybe some people who lurk here will see both sides and do some independent research and come to their own opinion and not willingly swallow everything they read at the SSCS website.

    • Enola Gay

      Hi DDPalmer,
      Hows it going?

      Man, your fingers must be getting sore from the constant steady flow of top quality posts. I’m glad you have a strong opinion in favour of the Japanese whaling industry (shall we call it a dying industry?). That’s fine. But you don’t need to stuff it down our throats.

      That’s fine if the Japanese don’t want to respect another nations laws or territorial claims. Sending a huge fleet complete with spotter vessels, security ships, harpoon vessels, refuelling tanker, supply vessel and lastly the death start of the ocean seems to be a complete snub at everything ocean conservation stands for. Marching down there like a naval fleet harvesting whales from a sanctuary – is a complete disgrace for Japan.

      • ddpalmer

        Hi enolagay,
        Hows it going with you.

        No I know how to type properly, so my fingers are just fine, but thanks for the concern.

        If you have any facts you want to discuss be sure and let me know. Until then have a great day.

      • poacher

        Well guys, whether or not it is legal doesnt matter.

        It is wrong on so many levels.

        I’d call them poaching whales. Fin whales are still threatened. Minke whales are ‘vulnerable’ and don’t tell me there is 800,000 of them. That is a gross over estimate. No one really knows how many there are.

        The southern ocean whale sanctuary is a place where whales can be left alone from humans and get their populations back up to healthy levels. The Japanese have no right to be there slaughtering whales. If a group of nations agree to conserve something and declare an area a santuary, you think Japan would respect that.

        If Japan declared areas blue Fin tuna sanctuaries around Japan, and other countries went and fished in it – do you think Japan would sit back and watch?

  • ddpalmer

    Sorry Matty you are wrong. You don’t even read the posts from your fellow anti-whaler and the Ady Gil’s captain Pete Bethune. Who said they never refueled the Ady Gil. It sank before it needed refueling.

    I guess you were listening to the other anti-whaler, Paul Watson who said if you don’t know a fact just make it up.

    You also have your incidents mixed up. The incident near the penguin colony was when the Nisshin Maru had a fire. It had nothing to do with refueling. The refueling incident involved Greenpeace and there is conflicting evidence as to the exact location.

    • Sherwood Forrest


      Do you work for the ICR? or Glenn Innwood?

      Sure sounds like it.

      • don miguelo

        No No No, I’m totally, irreversibly CONVINCED now that these pro-whaling arguments are really the way to go! All this well-thought out, persuasive, and strategic posting on their part has really made me laugh at my naive, passionate ways! What a moron I was to just “know” that trying to save whales was the right thing to do! I should have based it on the cold, hard, irrefutable FACTS from their earlier posts, not what I felt inside (or saw on other “neutral” sites). Wow and us anti-whalers are such a selfish, terrorist, clueless, rascist, ineffective, kool-aid drinking wavehugging bunch. Sheesh!

        Thank you sooooooooo much for coming here and spending your valueable time to educate me on the the real letter of the law and the loopholes that aren’t really loopholes that allow whaling– like Research, and the World Treaties that some countries are not technically a part of, and how overfishing isn’t that bad, and how it’s not the whale-killing commercial interest whalers who are breaking any laws at all, but the scary radicals that throw butter bombs (OH NOOO!!!)! Now I get it!

        Thanks so much for making it all so clear for me, the stupid nature lover that doesn’t get laws (even the ones that seem to be in my favor) or rationalize the killing of amazing animals (that are probably endangered) like you have done. You truly are the superior (yet not egocentric!) posters here and reeeaallly know what you’re talking about, we’re lucky to even be allowed to see your majestic words! Because if you win the posts war, everyone will happily become whale killers; that’s a great idea!

        *Crosses fingers with high hopes*

      • ddpalmer

        No and No.

      • CrazyHorseRides

        Why? Because he’s informed about the issues?

      • Gavin MacQueen

        “No and No”

        Then I guess that can mean only one thing…ddpalmer is a moron.

        ddpalmer, you might want to take the moron test just to be sure,

      • ddpalmer

        Gavin, could you make a post that makes sense? You really need to read every three or four times before you post so you can stop making a fool of yourself.

        Sherwood Forrest asked me if I worked for the ICR or Glenn Innwood. I answered no to both questions. And somehow that leads you to ‘moron’?

        What was your result when you took the test.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        lol, WOW! you really are a moron! My comment was very simple. Maybe YOU need to read posts 3 or four times before posting.

        What I was trying to convey in that post was simply this; if you don’t work for “ICR” or “Glenn Innwood” then that leaves only one option…you must be a “Moron”. Think about it!

        And talk about NOT making any sense, maybe you need to start proof reading your posts three or four times before hitting that ‘Submit’ button.

        ddpalmer: “You really need to read every three or four times before you post so you can stop making a fool of yourself.”

        “…need to read every three or four times” ???

        I believe you meant to say, ” read every POST three or four times” That’s a key word you left out there, Killer.

    • ddpalmer

      Oh sorry Gavin. I guess you never left a word out of a post before, especially when it wasn’t in your native language.

      I also thought you were better than to believe that anyone who doesn’t believe just like you do must either be paid or be a moron. I would assume that believing like that leads to a pretty miserable existence.

      Along with your continuing problems figuring out how to post properly, I think you might have you finger pointing the wrong way when you use the word moron.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        ddpalmer, there you go again…projecting yourself on to other people.

        ddpalmer’s witty slam of the day…

        “Along with your continuing problems figuring out how to post properly, I think you might have you finger pointing the wrong way when you use the word moron.”

  • ddpalmer

    It wasn’t a witty comment and it wasn’t projecting myself onto other people.

    It was me pointing out that you, who seems to be have a lot of trouble simply posting to a message board, calls other people morons because they don’t agree with him. And I then indicated that maybe you are the moron.

    Now if you are done with the name calling and want to discuss why the SSCS wants to name a boat after a man who is proud of hiring prostitutes and objectifies women by paying them to dance around topless at his diner parties, or even some other topic related to the SSCS and their ships. Otherwise you can go back to your usual activity of playing with yourself.

  • Gavin MacQueen

    I’ll explain once again! I was having trouble posting on here because of programming bugs on this site. There are about 2 posts that I submitted that never rendered. I’ve explained this, yet you still want to try to antagonize by implying that the posting problems are due to my incompetents.

    This sophomoric, Juvenal comment is why people on here put you Sage in the same category.

    Sage: “Oh…and Gavin, you can pull Bucky’s rod from your mouth…”

    ddpalmer: “Otherwise you can go back to your usual activity of playing with yourself.”

  • ddpalmer

    First you have double posted twice over a few days and no one else seems to have a problem.

    Second since you decided that juvenile attacks on grammar where appropriate.

    Gavin MacQueen: “Juvenal comment is why people on here put you Sage in the same category.”

    “…Juvenal comment is why people on here put you Sage in the same category.” ???

    I believe you meant to say, ” …JuvenILE comment is why people on here put you AND Sage in the same category. That’s a key word you left out there and a misspelling, Killer. Unless for some reason you were referring to the ancient Roman poet.

    And lastly I don’t understand the problem you have with my closing statement? I was tired of you trying to talk about anything but the topic of this article, so I suggested that if that is what you were going to continue to do, like you have at other times, that you could do it by yourself because I was done with it. What’s your problem with that? Are you just overly sensitive when people won’t put up with your tactics of changing the topic?

  • Gavin MacQueen

    The word “juvenal” was chosen by an auto-correct feature. It’s possible that while I was typing I left out a letter, or missed typed, and the auto-correct feature assumed that I was trying to type the word, “Juvenal”

    Not only do I have to look for my own typos, but I have to look for words that the auto-correct feature changed to words I didn’t intend. Don’t tell me that you have never had this happen to you.

    We got of the beat and path because we started debating and critiquing on each others debating style.

  • ddpalmer

    Juvenal is a word, it is a persons name. So why would auto correct chose a persons name over a real word?

    Some of my shipmates who have been having fun following these discussions, told me that my post about playing is an American euphemism for something different. I still have problems with some idioms and euphemisms.

    They did wonder why the SSCS would consider spending upwards of $5 million to build a replacement for the Ady Gil. You could buy 2 ice-rated coast guard type cruisers with upgraded electronics and engines for that much. With speeds around 30 knots they would be able to outpace the whalers but the crew accomodations would be better, the range would be better the safety would be better and they would have 2 more ships rather than 1. The Ady Gil type design is ‘neato’ looking but it is totally wrong for operations in the Antarctic. The only reasons we could think of is that first they want a new fancy toy and second they are trying to save whales they are trying to maximize their donations by building a tourist attraction rather than an efficient vessel.

    • Gavin MacQueen

      Why? Don’t ask me. When I incorrectly write the word misspelled as “juvemal” I get a red underline. When I right click on the misspelled word, one of the choices it gives me is “Juvenal”. You can check this out for yourself Mr. Argumentum ad hominem.

      Nice try! Better luck next time!

      • Erik

        sorry pookie, the suggestions come from your OWN dictionary.. check out the “ADD TO DICTIONARY” menu item. If you don’t recognize the proper spelling and meaning of the words you use, I suggest getting out a REAL dictionary, or even using an online one. Yes, you DID mis-spell juvenile, and you simply rely on others to ensure you’re correct, much like your “debating” style on this topic. So move along lil doggie…go back to being a watson lemming…

    • From MN, with hope…

      The SSCS spent $1.5 million on the Ady Gil, not $5 million. They spent $5 million on buying and refurbishing the Bob Barker. The Ady Gil was valued at $2-5 million, varying on the currency per country.

  • Blue Devil

    Thats it I’m buying an old warship and sending the whaling fleet to the ocean floor

  • timber wolf

    the ady gil two needs to be 2 to 3 times bigger in every way more engines everything but liquid cooled its the arctic after all plus like the size gives the living space they want and more area that would be unused for more fuel same exact shape though for the ship just bigger

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  • mace

    it seems that at this point the smartest thing to do is build a 21’st century maratime defense ship.