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Singer Lady Gaga is joining other celebrities is using her fame to raise money and support for the survivors of last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Her January 24th Monster Ball concert in New York City will donate all proceeds from both ticket and merchandise sales to relief organizations — as well as any merchandise purchased on her website that day.  In addition, she’s also created a special edition t-shirt that will send all proceeds from its sale to various organizations on the ground in Haiti.

“Haiti’s still suffering,” the singer said recently, “and I was thinking earlier, because I was in New York during 9/11 and I always felt, the level of disaster isn’t in the neighborhood of what is happening in Haiti, but I just remember feeling nobody really understood. And I worry that young people don’t know enough about what’s going on there.”

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  • Rad_Rosa89

    I love love love Lady GaGa and when I heard she was doing this I was just amazed! She has such a big heart!!

  • R

    I love how its supposed to be a shirt for the benefit of Haiti but the main central image is of Lady Gaga. Way to go.

  • Wendy

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her image being on the shirt. READ the words around her image and acknowledge the fact of where the proceeds are going. Is it so difficult to just say “Way to go!” and maybe “Thank you for doing so much to help!” instead of always finding something to criticize?
    She is such a big name performer, I can’t even imagine how much the proceeds of that particular day is going to help the people of Haiti. Be grateful, for Pete’s sake! Not critical!!
    Read it! It says ALL PROCEEDS of that day! That will be pretty huge!



  • Denise

    No kidding, no one is gonna buy a shirt with an image of some sick people in haiti , lady gaga is selling shirts and the proceeds go to haiti , oviously ppl like lady gaga , so stfu , and gtfo

    Lady gaga amazes me , she is unlike any preformer. her voice is great , and her image is amazing :)
    Every one donate a little money to haiti and it will make a difference

  • Ruben

    I think that the idea is great, but you think she was convinced to do it because of her good heart? Or because it’s a good public relations stunt?
    I find it despicable that her face is on it, with her name repeated a few times.
    you might say that “There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her image being on the shirt. READ the words around the image”, but that’s what it’s all about the isn’t it? Getting her face spread as wide as humanly possible with the excuse of charity, so that her next single will hit twice as hard… And the word around the image, have you noticed that half of them are her name?

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  • Matthew Jinkin

    Regardless of whether Gaga is doing this out of the goodness of her own heart, or for the economic gain… I still want one of these shirts! They look cool :)