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Back in November of last year, green-cleaning company Method released an ad in support of the Household Product Labeling Act spoofing “bathroom cleaner” commercials. Called “Shiny Suds”, the ad was meant to show how marketing glosses over the toxic chemicals that are actually present in many household cleaners; something consumers have a right to know about.

Unfortunately, the happy shiny bubbles turn into sexually aggressive ones and Method received a wide range of complaints. “There is nothing hilarious about sexual assault, period,” wrote one commenter on Treehugger. “While I completely agree that chemical residue is something to be concerned about, comparing it to sexual assault (not only comparing it to, but presenting sexual assault as something funny) is reductive, triggering and disgusting.”

“It is unfortunate that they felt they needed to resort to the sexist angle, but I thought the ad was very effective,” wrote another on The Huffington Post.

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Christy

    That was awful.

    • Brady

      Use the loofah

  • Jennifer

    This commercial cracks me up! I think it is sad that it was pulled. But unfortunately that is how it goes. It makes me laugh every time I see it!

  • erin

    I’m with Jennifer on this one. They’re only bubbles people! How many ads have you seen with the supermodel (like Cindy Crawford) walking along eating crappy fast food meat while construction workers tear her clothes off with their mind. This is hilarious harmless and spreading the message. It was PULLED because they don’t want the real message to be heard. The chemical companies are afraid. I’ll be buying METHOD products starting today and encourage you all to do the same.

    Erin Elizabeth

  • odograph

    Wrong, but maybe so weird it makes up for it. Definitely would have blown my mind to see something that strange on TV.

  • bitter old man

    Well, it’s SUPPOSED to be disturbing, isn’t it? That’s kind of the whole point. I don’t really see where it’s “presenting sexual assault as something funny”. But what do I know?

  • herwin

    i dont see anything remotely resembling as sexual assualt, nor do i see anything remotely that i would qualify as funny. its a dumb add, a more serious informative add would be better…

  • Frida

    Um, the negative reactions to this PSA/commercial/what-have-you seem a bit over the top. I agree with Herwin and Bitter Old Man… I see the bit as being more disturbing and humorous–like dark comedy–than upsetting or insulting. I suppose, though, I feel I have a plethora of other more pressing and serious issues–bigger even, than horny Shiny Suds–that I can choose to be offended by. ;)

    Viva la vida!

  • ben


    Im suprised Glenn Inwood and the propaganda factory aren’t on this one. Just like the spin they put out to justify the illegal slaughter of whales in a protected whale sanctuary.

    • Enola Gay

      Good thing theres people out there to try to bring this issue to the light. Glenn Inwood is a nonsense puppet who should be ignored.

  • Sammi

    I am a hard person to make laugh, and I laughed out loud at this, if I am being honest.

    And honestly, I think the ad makes it’s point very clearly about chemical residue. It’s not implying or suggesting anything sublimally, it’s making a very specific point.

    I think campaigning to get this pulled is one of the reasons why so few women now identify with the women’s movement, sadly.

    And I don’t get quite how they make the jump from this to sexual assault. A sexual assault is a far cry from what has happened in this commercial. It is meant to stick in one’s head and repeat. And I think it does that rather well.

  • VeggieTart

    This is a little unnerving. It’s not really sexual assault, but harassment the way they keep catcalling the woman in the shower. I can see why it was pulled.

    • charlotte

      I have to agree with the harassment angle. As someone who has been harassed, I was creeped out. It could have stopped 35-second mark and I would have been amused.

  • E.

    I agree with VeggieTart. The ad doesn’t depict assault, but it is creepy, and I think they could have made their point without having the bubbles harass and leer at her while naked.

  • erin

    I posted it on my facebook page (think you can link to it through my name) I have close to 3,000 friends and countless people all posted (men women, vegans non vegans, health nuts, non health nuts) all saying it was one of thee funniest things they’d ever seen.

    I realize that the ER group has always been of a hard crowd to please but on this one I have to say



    • quiken

      wow erin – you have nearly 3000 friends on face book? wow talk about being popular.

      you are my hero! what a online socialite you are! That must keep you very busy.

      facebook is for losers

      • bitter old man

        Bad troll! Bad, bad! Go back under your bridge.

  • Rad_Rosa89

    Hahaha I’m sorry but that was funny!!!

    • Bannergrammy

      Good for a laugh but *wrong* on so many disturbing levels.

  • Melissact

    LOL, brilliant! Totally get it! And will also share it with my friends who have also banished chemical cleaners from their home. It’s not normal to be in the shower and sneezing and that’s exactly what happened to me for years and I never made the connection about the cleaners I used (everything I use on myself in the shower is 100% natural or organic). The sneezing stopped as soon as I switched to natural cleaners, like Method. This ad is too funny! I’m gonna watch it again.

  • Kristina

    It was really funny… Until the last few seconds, when she actually got in the shower — it kind of crossed the line from funny to disturbing for me there. If they just left that last part out, it would have conveyed the message much clearer without putting people off!

  • Whoever…

    “Sexually Aggressive”?

    Come on!! Seriously?

    Wow… tell me something, isn’t playboy an American magazine? Isn’t that exploiting women (although they do it of their own free will)? Why don’t they put Hugh Hefner out of business then? I mean, compared to this ad playboy is so much more sexually aggressive…

    Bunch of puritans!