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Is the plot line of Avatar a little too close to what’s really happening in China?

Officials there have pulled back screenings of the film, already the largest grossing in Chinese history, because they cite a need to protect local films from the runaway blockbuster. A state-sponsored biography of the Chinese philosopher Confucius is set to run in its place. Woo.

Speculation abounds, however, that the real reason the government acted to limit screenings (the movie is now only showing in 3D on 550 screens vs 4,500 2D screens) is because the themes of the film may lead to civil unrest. Parallels between the film’s militant corporate antagonists and ruthless property developers in China have been drawn; with one journalist for the newspaper China Daily writing, “all the forced removal of old neighborhoods in China makes us the only earthlings today who can really feel the pain of the Na’vi,” the alien group in Avatar that stood up to the greedy corporation from Earth.

Whatever their reasons, Avatar by no means will stop its march toward total worldwide blockbuster domination. As of yesterday, total earnings were over $1.6 billion and counting.

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  • don

    The Na’vi were not aliens. they were the indigenous people.
    Like the rainforests, Hawaii, Mexico anywhere. Now it is lithium they are gonna go after in the Andes. This movie is so timely and to the point.

  • herwin

    and it has hardly have anything to do with removing slums for building skyscrapers.
    if “the chinese” really are that afraid of this movie, they would have pulled it from all their theaters and not only from a limited amount of theaters.
    Its unfounded speculation that fits in the fear for china.

  • Sheila

    It isn’t a very unfounded fear, when Huang Hung herself, of the China Daily, points out the very issue of forced-eviction and destruction of homes!

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