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While presenting during this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, Paul McCartney apparently did a bit of sly promoting of his new animal-rights film, Glass Walls. According to various sources, the legendary musician placed a copy of each DVD, produced by PETA, into the gift bags of presenters and nominees.

As the contents of those bags is something that generally takes months to put together, we’re not sure if McCartney had the Globes’ permission or not.

What we do know is that Glass Walls isn’t some glossy overview of the meat industry — but rather a behind the scenes look at how animals are killed and processed. McCartney, who narrates the film, believes it’s the only real way to inspire people to think about where their food comes from and reduce their consumption of meat. “I’ve often said, ‘If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.'”

“Animals raised on modern factory farms and killed in slaughterhouses endure almost unimaginable suffering,” he added. “I hope that once you see the routine cruelty involved in raising, transporting, and killing animals for food, you’ll join the millions of people who have decided to leave meat off their plates – for good.”

It’s worth noting that PETA now has a 3D version of Glass Walls available — though I can’t tell a difference; and frankly, watching animals suffer in 2D is enough for me. (Back to drawer with my leftover Avatar glasses!)

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  • herwin

    good guy, good heart. :-)

  • virginia

    I’m so so grateful for Paul to all the things he does, not only in music…all should be vegetarians, iam so what are you waiting?
    good job Paul! it’s an honor

  • Mark Hawthorne

    I can imagine Sir Paul casually wandering by the gift-bag table, secretly dropping a copy of his DVD into each bag. I mean, who’s going to stop him? Clever lad.

  • Leonardo Mattar Monteiro

    Of course only Macca could do that in such a fine shape & class . The Beatles unforgettable legacy kept alive by their best composer / musician. Way to go , Mac (=

  • VeggieTart

    Ooh, sneaky. I like it.

  • sharon

    Very disappointed that Sir Paul McCartney is allowing himself to be dooped by PETA!!! I say THE word Sir with huge distain.
    Before anyone promotes this organization how about doing your homework first. PETA says they are here for the welfare of animals when instead they’re using the plight of animals to pad their pockets with millions per year non of which is used for the health and welfare of the animals they claim to protect. Instead PETA’S record of killing animals of ALL shapes & sizes is ASTRONOMICAL.
    I can hardly wait for the day that Ingrid Newkirks will comes to pass and her feet are used for umbrella stands so I and others can piss in them.
    Pamela Anderson who claims to love animals is in the process of destroying wildlife habitat on Vancouver Island building her new swanky resort. Yeah Anderson you love animals if you did you would have bought the land and had it set aside and preserved it for the animals. None of which are the two footed kind.
    PETA is a joke and those who support this organization are their clowns.
    Wake up and smell the blood on PETA’S HANDS.

    • Mirror

      you must have invested a lot of money in the meat and/or hunting industry. Basically another heartless person trying desperately to defame PETA and Pamela Anderson’s good deeds. Do you own a KFC franchise also?

  • Adri

    Nicely done, Paul!

  • Adri

    BTW, Ecorazzi fans, that same Center for Consumer Freedom shill has been copying and pasting that identical message on boards all over the web. Please ignore “her.”

  • jan

    I am NOT Sharon.. but I agree with her.. PETA employees were ON TRIAL for KILLING and DUMPING innocent cats and dogs. THEY LIED to the shelter employees even going as far as saying “oh these will be EASY to find homes for”.. and then KILLED them before they even left the parking lot.. Ironically they unceremoniously dumped the dead bodies in a Piggly Wiggly dumpster.. perhaps they found some sick message in doing this.. PETA KILLS over 90 percent of the animals it takes in.. EVERY YEAR..Ingrid Newkirk founder of PETA takes DRUGS that are tested on animals.. what a damn hypocrite…
    Friends Don’t let Friends Donate to PETA.. just to let them KILL more animals

  • Adri

    Nothing says credibility like all caps.

  • Rad_Rosa89

    How awesome!!
    Time to get the message out there!!

  • Bencat1000

    Paul McCartney: you are a true friend of animals. We love your music and we love your committed and compassionate life. The world is better because of people like you.

  • DogLover

    It’s amazing to see how many naive people are duped by PETA. I lived close to this organization’s headquarters. They have no interest in saving animals. Their interest is in making money. Last year less than 4% of the animals they took in were adopted out. The other 96% were killed. Some of these animals were from military personnel who were being sent overseas and asked PETA to find a home for them. Isn’t that nice. These people are defending out country and PETA is taking their animals directly out to their killing vans and killing them immediately. Paul McCartney is an idiot.

  • Chastity

    I am an abolitionist vegan and I find PETA and other welfarist organizations (i.e. HSUS) to be a huge disgrace for the billions of nonhuman animals who die for our food, breeding operations, clothing, household products, cosmetics and entertainment. However, Sir Paul is a lovely sneaky man for doing what he did. My only minor plea was that he should promote veganism instead of vegetarianism.

    The World is Vegan! If you want it.

    • Mirror

      Those billions of non-humans are exactly why PETA is working day and night for to get meat-eaters to consider veganism or at least vegetarianism, so that hopefully the non-human concentration camps will eventually collapse. I don’t understand why a vegan like you is trying to defame the most effective organisation that could throw really painful punches at the meat/dairy/egg industries. Unless of course you’re a meat-eater disguising as a vegan so that you’d be more effective at trying to confuse other vegans about PETA. You say that you are a vegan but you sound 100% like all the other anti-vegetarian/anti-vegan that I have came across the internet. Are you lying to us or if you’re not then you have bought the lies of anti-vegans out there who are constantly trying to defame PETA.