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kelly osbourne25-year-old Kelly Osbourne, born into rock music royalty and a life of celebrity decadence and convenience, is re-evaluating her role as a conscientious consumer and green minded citizen with her recent declaration that she is not only eschewing bottled water but also trying her hand at composting kitchen scraps. Attributing her fresh new eco-commitment to good old fashioned guilt and a desire to take charge of her carbon footprint, the newly svelte singer and reality television personality announced her new lifestyle change on – where else? – Twitter, which means that she now officially has her fans to keep her accountable.

While some may scoff at Osbourne’s seemingly light green approach at helping Mother Nature, shifting from the bottle to the tap makes a marked difference in terms of preserving resources and reducing the volume of waste that could potentially end up in a landfill. As it stands, though the majority of most plastic water bottles sold in the United States are made of fully recyclable PET plastic, the Food & Water Watch says that 86% of the empties are chucked annually, which is the equivalent of approximately 47 million gallons of oil and 1.5 million tons of plastic landfill waste.

As for Ozzy’s daughter’s composting aspirations, diverting organic waste from the garbage pail into a proper composting bin is a simple yet effective way to reduce household garbage output. The EPA estimates that 23% of annual household trash is actually of organic origin and if it were composted rather than tossed, less landfill methane would be released into the atmosphere. Additionally, taking the effort to convert the matter into a rich gardening material is not only cost-effective, it also happens to naturally remediate contaminated soil and reduce the need to water or fertilize plants as frequently. It may seem like a drop in the bucket, but Ms. Osbourne’s new eco-attitude could potentially lead to greater, greener things. Everybody raise a glass of tap water to cheer her on!

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  • Remy C.

    A long cry from a girl who just a few years ago ran out of a green benefit she walked into by mistake screaming: “Who gives a f*** about the environment!”