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On Sunday, a lab-hound mix that escaped from the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation (LBWF) in Los Angeles was shot to death after attacking a miniature potbellied pig.

The owners of the ranch where the incident occurred claim the dog attacked their pig, Gerty.  The dog refused to release its grip after warning shots were fired, forcing the ranch owners to shoot the attacker.  The dog died but the potbellied pig is expected to make a full recovery.  Criminal charges will not be filed against Gerty’s owners.

TMZ reports that Linda Blair is preparing a statement regarding the attack.

The actress, best known for her role in the Exorcist, established LBWF in 2003.  The non-profit organization located in Toluca Lake, CA is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected animals in the Los Angeles area.

[UPDATE] Linda Blair’s WorldHeart Foundation is under criminal investigation, according to TMZ. The L.A. County Animal Care and Control launched the investigation after a dog escaped from Blair’s shelter to a nearby ranch and attacked a pet pig. Blair contends that the dog was a lab/hound mix. The ranch owner disagrees, saying the animal was a pit bull. The Exocist star is upset about the dog’s death and has offered to pay the rancher for Gerty’s medical bills.

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  • Mary

    For heaven’s sake! A dog got out and exhibited instinctual predatory behavior. The dog is dead, the pig is OK, yet a criminal investigation is needed? The rancher had the right to kill the dog to save his pig. Linda has offered to pay medical expenses. So why does this warrant a criminal investigation? Accidents happen! Or is it because the dog resembled what someone thinks may be a pit bull? Lab mixes very often resemble so-called ‘pit bulls’, which aren’t even a breed but a category of several dog breeds. Are there any other criminal cases that are in progress that could be addressed instead?