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as“Whenever I find a recipe that calls for a butter substitute, I always use Earth Balance! I’ve experimented with a lot of brands, and this one is my hands-down favorite! You can get it in tubs or sticks… just like real butter. It’s so versatile and you can get it at most supermarkets and health food stores.”

- Alicia Silverstone chatting about Earth Balance on Hey look, one of our favorites celebs is talking about one of our favorite products! We love that! Wanna know what else Alicia thinks is groovy? Visit and get connected!

  • Livin Veg

    I too love earth balance, but I’ve been trying to find a substitute that doesn’t use palm oil. The palm industry is big right now in contributing to deforestation – rainforests especially. Anyone know of any great vegan butters that don’t use palm oil?

    • Catharine

      depends what you want to use it for. For cooking Coconut oil is one of the healthiest choices

  • Sonia

    I was gonna make a comment about the same thing. I’ve been more conscious about palm oil products too.
    There’s a brand called Spectrum that doesn’t use palm oil, but it’s texture is weird and it doesn’t melt well. Other than that I haven’t found others. Anyone else?

  • don miguelo

    Earth balance is the best of the butter analogues, I concur.
    (Smart Balance a close 2nd.) It has great taste, texture, natural melting skills and “cookability”. I’ll have to check this Palm oil thing. Oh and it melts if you don’t refridgerate it.

  • Robert Scott

    Earth Balance’s Buttery Spread, used by many vegans and dairy free people, has palm oil. Palm oil is used as oil and can be harvested in many rainforests. Many acres of land are destoyed during the harvesting of this oil and is the single greatest threat facing orangutans today.

    • herwin

      +1. i really avoid palm oil, its a rainforest killer..

  • Winmac

    I’m quite surprised to see such accusations on palm oil when you don’t even know the truth and make judgements based on some anti-palm campaign blogs. Oil palm plantations are developed on a legitimate agricultural lands. It is the country’s right to plant whatever they want on their land for the economic benefits of their people and country. Malaysia is a great role model for this where poverty is eradicated and managed to reduce the impact of the current global economic crisis. Malaysia and Indonesia has more than 50% of their land under forest as compared to countries that planted soy, rapeseed, etc. Not to mention that palm oil has more environmental benefits as compared to other crop.

    Nutritionally, scientific research has confirmed that it has equal benefits to consuming olive oil. It does not contain trans-fat which is available in rapeseed, and soyoil. It has tocotrienols (Google it up and see what it does) and tocopherols and also carotenes for than carrots! if you’re really looking for the real truth on palm oil rather than just jump to baseless accusations made by ‘Orang Utan saviour’ from a country that doesn’t even have orangutan (yes, you Robert), than please visit or See the other (true) side of the story and be the better judge.

    • Cathryn

      So you work for a palm oil company, huh?

  • Winmac

    Sorry, but if you think that my comments are bias, then look up World Growth is a UN body. so, they are the closest thing to being neutral.

    • Susan Labandibar

      I have been to Indonesia and worked with Orangutan Foundation International. I can assure you that rain forests are being destroyed by palm oil and orangutans are being killed. The UN Environmental Programme says that if nothing is done, orangutans may be extinct in the wild by 2022.
      I am a vegan and I stopped eating Earth Balance as soon as I found out about it. I’ve also been in contact with Earth Balance. The only type of Earth Balance that is made with palm oil that is NOT destroying the rain forest is the organic one.
      I switched to Willow Run soybean margarine.

  • herwin

    by the way, in some vegan bakery cookbooks vegan butter is commonly used for recipes and sometimes explicitly “earth balance” is recommended. but theres no need realy, because butter is mostly oil (and its the oil thats the essential part for the baking recipe) so vegan butter can be easily and without no problem (and cheaper) be replaced with any vegetable oil of your chocihe for any baking recipe.
    other vegan bakery cooking books do exactly this in their recipes, no vegan butter but simply oil.

  • VeggieTart

    I love Earth Balance spread for my potatoes and the buttery sticks for baking. It’s just awesome stuff.

  • don miguelo

    I thought this article has a pretty good summary and it has helpful, inherent links.

    PS – If someone doesn’t eat butter or butter-like products, what are they labelled?!

  • Lea6125

    Winmac – how very wrong you are…