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Kate Moss was spotted on Tuesday decked out in what we can only assume used to be a bobcat — or two, or three. It could also be a snow leopard — but with only 3,000-7,000 left in the wild, there’s no way she’d stoop that low.

Who are we kidding? It’s probably a litter of snow leopards.

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  • Kim

    Where’s a can of red paint when you need it?

  • Chuckjones

    Maybe she could be genitally engineered to grow fur. That would be ok, wouldn’t it?

  • orcalove

    No way is that a Snow Leopard. That is Bobcat fur.
    Here is a link with a jacket like it.
    Sells for about $5,000. What a pathetic waste. Killing animals for fur should be banned.

  • whitney

    Heroin chic was so last season.

  • Adri

    She looks used up and her coat is horrendous.

  • astral

    Now her youth has left her and her lifestyle has taken its toll on her face, she looks no more supermodel than any other peroxided, chain-smoking, going on middle-aged woman from Croydon. Desperate for attention.

    • martin

      MMM WHAT? ENVIE OW YES! Look she is the model with the longest career of the history and u know why? Because she is a Croydon normal and simple girl so fuck up!

      • Dgredy

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA martin you are the biggest idiot in the world you need to noT give your opinion and nobody is envy of kate moss hahahaha omg is too funny … she is just a skinny coke head model who doesnt Care about the suffer of the animals who were killed for her vanity… so i dont know who is a bigger idiot YOU OF HER!!

  • Ryan

    She may very well be the ugliest individual I’ve ever seen

  • ratking

    there is no medicine to cure stupidity! what an ugly furhag!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    She looks horrible and no amount of precious animal fur will ever change that. I agree with the first comment, where is a can of red paint when you need one?

  • Blue

    Personally, I find her coat to look cozy and perfect for a morning walk without makeup. Then again, while I think wearing fur is comfortable and so much warmer than its synthetic counterparts, I also see the cruelty in skinning animals alive (which I am sure was the manner this coat was made). I’ll wear a coat that’s animal fur anyway, perhaps I’m just ambivalent about it.

    To whomever made a remark about red paint should spend some time thinking about what good that does.
    So you’re pissed off that someone wears the skin of another animal and throwing paint on it so it cannot be worn anymore is somehow a solution to your differing opinion? People are going to wear fur, they’re going to eat other animals and wear leather boots and drive around cars whether you like it or not. Live your own life the way you want, but don’t think destroying the property of someone else is the proper or ecologically ‘right’ thing to do.

    in case it wasn’t painfully obvious, body snarking on her appearance has NOTHING to do with making the earth a better place, in fact, your distasteful, hateful criticism is the exact opposite.

    • Frank

      “To whomever made a remark about red paint should spend some time thinking about what good that does….Live your own life the way you want, but don’t think destroying the property of someone else is the proper or ecologically ‘right’ thing to do.”

      I agree with the fact that throwing red paint on her coat is perhaps not the best idea, simply because it may very well lead to the commission of another fur coat! Kate Moss surely has a lot of money to spend on another one if she wanted to.

      However, I completely disagree with your claim that ruining her “property” would be the wrong thing to do. There is a fallacy in your argument. Humans, and all other animals own their own bodies. One cannot take the life of another, without consent, and expect to have a right, ethical or not, to that person/property. People can not be owned. Non-human animals cannot be owned. While I could physically take you captive and make you my slave, it is illegal in the sense that it violates one’s natural right of self-ownership and thus my “property” is not my property and is not protected. Though our legislative society does not recognize the same inalienable rights of non-human animals, these natural rights nevertheless are still present, and still upheld by moral people as well as the entire animal kingdom. All animals have rights-these rights are not given to us by other people/politicians; they are inalienable and axiomatic. Thus there is a fundamental flaw with your argument in that it is NOT HER PROPERTY.

      • herwin

        Throwing Red Paint is a symbolic act ; it stands for the blood of the innocent animals that comes with the fur. You wear the FUR ? Hey, don’t forget the blood .

  • Ecocht Wills

    She’s reached a new low. Disgusting. Those animals killed for their fur so that SHE can adorn her precious body with it and look “fashionable” or “chic.” Her ilk is pathetic.

  • Furhag Killer

    Hello Blue i just joined this group just to tell you you are just as much as a disgrace as Kate Moss is…People THAT know what happens in the process of making that fur coat but still choose to ware it because you think it looks cool how the fuck do you think that bobcat felt when it was being skinned alive? i feel you have no say in this because you my friend are a cunt that deserves to be hung along with all the other furhag bitches…PS along with the first comment about throwing red paint at people that wear fur i agree THE REASONS WHY BLUE IS BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO WEAR OTHER ANIMALS SKIN AND BY THROWING RED PAINT ON IT MAKES IT UNWEARABLE i Love braking into fur shops when there closed and throwing red paint everywhere…i put one out of business doing that so dont tell is “destroying the property of someone else is the proper or ecologically ‘right’ thing to do”” because it IS…In fact everyone that sees people with fur coats on should do it…it would make people stop wearing it Blue do you even know what the red paint it supposed to resemble because people just dont do it to be assholes….in case you didnt know its supposed to resemble THE BLOOD OF THE ANIMAL!!!

    • Whoever…

      Good for you! :)

      We need more people like you on the planet…

      I’m so sick and tired of all the people who say it’s wrong to destroy the ‘property’ of these evil beings but then neglect the suffering these evil beings inflict (directly or indirectly) on non-humans.

      Why should we make excuses for people who ‘manufacture’, sell and buy fur? Why should we treat them with respect? What about the animals who were tortured to death so that these evil beings could make a profit? I say KILL THEM ALL!!

      So, yes I’m all in favor of destroying their ‘property’…

      Someone should do to this kate moss slut (she’s not even good enough to f***) the same thing it was done to the animals she wears!

      This is not about people’s choice, this is about the fact that we don’t have the right to use other species for our purposes… We don’t own the planet!
      Unfortunately, many religions (fake religions) have been one of the main reasons why so many people still think we are special and that animals are here to serve us.


  • http://Facebook Wendy Burrows

    Not so much of the “Dear” – “oi skinny crackhead bitch” will do nicely thank you.
    Well, as to our rocket scientist here, she probably thinks it fell off its previous owners. Like she would care where and how it was derived anyway.
    People who wear fur coats have an allergy to morals and conscience.

  • smarterthankate

    Oh my! She is a very ugly woman, inside and out.

  • VeggieTart

    I have to respectfully disagree with the idea of throwing red paint on someone’s murder coat. It probably won’t get the point across that what she’s doing is wrong; and she probably will go out and buy another coat o’ dead critters. I usually throw nothing more damaging than a little invective. I have snarled less-than-kind words more than once at someone clad in the pelts of numerous murdered animals.

  • Janet

    She is a complete and total idiot. Everyone is aware of the suffering of animals that are skinned as well as that wearing fur is murder. Where is her brain.

  • Ray

    This is an example of fashion at the expense of a live animal. It is based on ignorance regarding the human-animal unwritten contract which is being violated a lot by humans.

  • Carter

    Kate looks HOT in that coat!
    Where can I get one?

    • Dubs

      Agreed,it looks great on her. Why is it that bunny huggers always have to revert to vulgar language ? Perhaps their upbringing and lack of education ? They also always presume that animals are skinned alive ! Hello, do some in depth reseach and you will find that Peta and similar organisations do stoop low enough to have such acts staged in order to gain finance and sympathy from the ignorant.

  • Odie

    I’m going to go for that it is dyed rabbit fur. SOO much cheaper.

  • cool girl

    She is ugly and I feel sorry for those animals which have to be killed to have our way of fashion. If you also are sorry for these animals. Why eat them? I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat them but others do.