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No More Naked Gardening For Catherine Zeta-Jones

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catherine zeta-jonesKnown as much for her perennial beauty as for her notable turns on the silver screen in critically acclaimed movies such as Traffic and Chicago, Catherine Zeta-Jones casually mentioned to David Letterman on a recent TV appearance that she can no longer skip through the daisies au naturel. Apparently, life in tropical Bermuda – where she, Michael Douglas and their two children Dylan and Carys have lived for over 6 years – was so laid back and insulated from the prying lenses of paparazzi that she was able to enter her garden sporting nothing but her birthday suit.

Sadly, things are a lot different for her and her two equally enthusiastic nature-loving children now that the whole brood has relocated to New York City. Citing career demands and Zeta-Jones’ new role in the Broadway play A Little Night Music, there will be no more clothing-free carpe diem jaunts in the garden – at least for the next two years while they call the Big Apple their home.

While one might imagine that hubby Michael Douglas is frustrated about his family’s new modesty requirements, according to one sourcetheir move to the big city has actually been a bigger source friction between him and his wife. As it turns out, Douglas prefers the solace of the slower-paced and very private lifestyle that Bermuda offered them, plus their children miss having access to the beach on a daily basis.

Hopefully with a little time, they’ll all make a smooth transition — as for their children, Zeta-Jones revealed on the David Letterman Show that upon moving to their new city digs, “They were like naked, opening the back door. So was I, just running out naked into the garden.” Apparently old habits die hard?!? Realizing that New York City isn’t the best place to become one with nature – at least without covering up a bit — she added, “It’s really hard to do that in Central Park.”

via Monsters and Critics
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