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Bestselling author and locavore star Michael Pollan recently sat down with Time magazine to answer some questions about food, the environment and health.

Pollan’s latest book, Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, is billed as a simple and sensible set of memorable rules for eating wisely, many drawn from a variety of ethnic or cultural traditions.

During the interview, Michael is asked if he’s a vegetarian and, if not, than why. Here’s what Pollan had to say:

I still eat meat, I’m a carnivore, but I eat a lot less meat. I’ve spent so much time on feedlots and confinement hog operations that I can’t in good conscious, and with good appetite, eat industrial feedlot meat. So I eat meat from small farms, meat I get at the farmers market, grass fed beef. And when you eat meat that way, it’s a little harder to find and it costs more money, so with the result that you don’t end up eating meat everyday. To reduce your meat consumption by 20 percent is the equivalent of trading in your gas-guzzling sedan for a Prius. So I’m all in favor of incremental steps in this matter. I have enormous respect for vegetarians and vegans because they’ve thought through the consequences of their food choices, but I think they’re good reasons to eat meat — good environmental reasons.”

We’re all for an individual’s right to make his or her own food choices, but good environmental reasons? Yikes! We don’t see it!

Check out the video below and leave a comment with your thoughts about the interview!

  • Melody

    hmmmm…I think what he has to say is interesting. I kinda have to agree with his point on animals being at farms, that there is a cycle between the animals and the crops keeping one another alive. However, I’m still not going to eat meat as my personal choice.

  • m4rk0

    I think his good environmental reason for eating meat is that he likes the way it tastes.

  • Alejandra

    Yes French people do obsess about food, a lot of French people eat way too much of bad stuff, they are fat, they have cancers and heart diseases, French women are about as obsessed about dieting as North American. What is this “French Paradox” myth all about?
    It’s bad enough to hear Pollan say that eating meat makes environmental sense…
    His books are a waste of paper and his interviews are a waste of fresh air.

  • Stephanie

    I can’t stand it when people refer to themselves as “carnivores”. We are not sharks, alligators, or tigers. I don’t know one true “carnivore human” that eats nothing but meat. Anyone who calls themself a carnviroe should try eating nothing but meat/fish/eggs and no vegetables/ fruits/ grains for a couple weeks and see what happens to their health. I’m sure they would die within a month from a kidney or colon problem. I’m a proud herbivore. :)