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Because honestly, we haven’t a single idea…

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  • Adri

    I hope someone contacts her publicist or agent and hears back that she wore fake fur. It looks like it could be fake, so I’m hopeful.

    Ecorazzi, could you ask her rep, please?

    • Kay

      It is fake fur but her outfit is just plain weird. She looks likes part faux fur creature and part bird…LOL

      • Dgredy

        HAHA thats funny but even fake fur looks taky!

  • tiph

    she said on her twitter it was faux fur

  • frank

    it is faux fur. several news sites are running this story. it is made of wool.

  • deena

    Celebs should wear a button that says ‘faux’ so we won’t wonder bad things about them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell in a photo.

  • VeggieTart

    Whatever it is, it’s sure fugly.

  • jean

    I think she looks great.
    Amazing coat, she looks wrappedly sexy.

  • Foodeater

    Uh, wool is not fake.

    • frank

      as someone with a moral opposition to wearing wool, i agree with you. aside from the exploitation, the wool industry is full of abuse, negligence, cruelty, pain, and murder similar to the fur industry. while the production of fur is far more cruel, wool is not far behind. if you don’t believe me, please research it and see for yourself.

      • Foodeater

        I do believe you, that’s why I pointed out that even if it is wool, it’s still “real” and still revolting and made of abused animals.

      • frank

        She is wearing Uggs (which is pretty much impossible to see in this picture) which are made from the skin of a sheep-which really is fur. It’s shocking that some people are so disgusted by others wearing the skin of certain animals and then completely overlook other types of fur/skin. I agree, this whole outfit is disgusting. I think Jessica has a lot of potential to become more conscious of animal abuse in all it’s magnitude; hopefully she sees the errors in her fashion choices and decides to go cruelty-free next time she gets dressed.

      • Rob
  • butterflyboots

    I think she looks great

  • birdgherl

    Um, the skirt is made of something animal.

    • Bencat1000

      the skirt looks like bird feathers…what is it?

  • georgina0912

    Not my style of clothing and the skirt looks fuzzy…still she does not look pretty in those clothes.

  • steph

    I agree that WOOL is not “faux”….wool is fur from a real animal.

    But anyway you cut it, even if it was fake fur….it is a ridiculous and ugly outfit. Blech!

  • Chastity

    Fur is wool is leather is silk is down. They’re all very cruel. Even faux fur is cruel because it is made of dogs and cats and is intentionally mislabeled.

  • Celebs

    Jessica has wear upper, all the celebroty wear something which attract to everyone and people will foolow them. Every thing they wear become fashion.

  • Candice

    Faux fur is not cruel because it is faux, if your fur lining feels like something you would want to pet, you had better check it out more closely, look to the base to see it it is fabric, look at the ends of the hair, anything that comes to a fine taper could be fur, put a pin through it, it will feel easy like going through cloth or resistant like going through..leather, yes real fur can be labeled incorrectly as faux, so watch out!

  • Chastity

    I would not even take that chance. And I used to LOVE faux fur.

    All sorts of things can be done to make it appear to be faux–it can be dyed, braided, shaved down, etc. Besides, why even spend all that time looking for a product that is seemingly harmless when you can get rid of it all together? An outfit is already an advertisement in itself and every time you wear it, you endorse an industry that thrives off of the exploitation of nonhuman animals, which then produces a demand for it.

    Another thing, I don’t see why everyone is so up and arms about fur when leather, silk, wool and feathers all also products from the same amount of cruelty involved. Even then, animal textiles makes up one part of animal exploitation. There’s breeding, food, experimentation and entertainment involving animals that we must entirely reject from our lives.

  • Albino Fan

    Wow! You can’t wear wool because of it abusing animals? Get a sodding life! What are you suggesting she wears that is warm? Are you going to tell a Native American Indian that he can’t wear animal skin, or a Innuit that he has to wear fake stuff~? Where are they going to get plastic? Can blades of grass meshed together provide warmth? isn’t the use of vegetation ‘cruel’ to the vegetation?

    • hk

      I hate when people use the, “isn’t killing insert random vegetable here cruelty,” argument. I don’t need to say much more because you already did a splendid job of making yourself seem silly & uninformed.

      As a citizen of an industrialized country, Jessica Alba has the choice to wear cruelty-free clothing. The peoples you mentioned, still making a living from the land, don’t have the option to buy a fur coat from the mall OR to order a faux leather costume from some vegan specialty website. So that argument is debunked as well.

      The point is, YOU, yes, you, have the responsibility of choice. Do you support cruelty or not?

    • Candice

      It’s sad that the only time the average North American will consider the conditions or rights of an aboriginal is when they are talking about fur. Ya they have the right to wear fur, HOW ABOUT SOME CLEAN WATER?