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When ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and Nightline cover a story, you know it’s a BIG deal!

Tonight, both programs will show shocking undercover video footage produced by Mercy for Animals that expose the truth behind the dairy industry.

According to, the videos were recorded inside a “huge New York dairy operation where cows never go outside, have the ends of their tails cut off in painful procedures without anesthesia, and are seen being abused.”


“These animals are really treated as little more than milk-producing machines,” said Nathan Runkle, executive director of Mercy for Animals. “The overall environment at this facility was really a culture of cruelty and neglect.”

To check out the full story, visit or tune into ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and Nightline this evening.

  • Kristina

    Although it’s important for this information to get out… I can’t say that I cared for the language in the piece — they were very careful to say things like “animal rights activists feel …” or “what animal rights activists call …” This will inevitably invite people to argue that these are isolated incidents, not standard practice. I’ll have to watch the full piece tonight…

  • Patty

    Factory farmers always insist that they treat their animals “humanely”, but this is just industry propaganda. Animals are abused daily and it’s standard industry procedure to dock tails and castrate without anesthetic to maximize their bottom lines. Corporations rule America and it’s all about profits –whether you’re talking about the environment, health-care, or factory-farming. People need to quit buying products produced by animal cruelty.

    • abacus

      Yes – exactly. It’s all about getting the most product out of something at the lowest price and then selling it for the highest price.

      When it comes to money – nothing else matters. It is a global disgrace across all industries.

  • Anna

    How do we know which farms our milk is comming from and wether or not they are treating these animals humanely?

    Living in New Hampshire I buy Oakhurst milk which comes from Maine. They claim that thier milk is free of growth hormones and that their cows are treated well. The commercials show happy cows on a nice clean farm etc. How does an average comsumer know how true this picture actually is? I depend on the various government inspection agencies to make sure that the foods I buy in the grocery store are good for my family, but more and more I am hearing that they are not. I don’t have time to earn a living, take care of my family AND grow all of our own foods too! What is a Mom to do?

    • herwin

      hello mom, ;-) by defenition all cows in the dairy industry are not treated humanely. there baby calves are taken away which is extremely stressfull for them. cows suffer minor diseases from unnatural food (corn based) milk cows live for about 4 short years and are squezed for their milk and then its slauhgterhouse. cows can reach natural age of more than 20 years..
      and we dont even need cow milk….

    • kristin

      Hi Anna,
      Don’t drink milk (or eat other dairy) and then you will be sure you are not a part of abusing cows. There are many alternatives that are more healthy and cost about the same. And, they taste great. Try some Almond Milk, or Rice milk.