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Dr. Mehmet Oz recently appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the safety of our food supply.

In the interview, Dr. Oz says:

“The government now says you should not have more than a can of tuna fish a week. That’s a government recommendation. The reason for that is that expensive good stuff, the chunky white stuff, the albacore tuna? That has so much mercury in it now that you can’t eat a can without exposing yourself to more than what we allow weekly…It causes headaches, it slows down your thought process.”

Here at the Razz, we hate the fact that huge corporations are poisoning our environment and our food supply. Can I get an amen? That’s why we’re all about local and organic plant-based goodness!

To learn more about this important issue, tune into The Dr. Oz Show this afternoon.

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  • got mercury

    An easy way to estimate your mercury exposure from eating seafood is to check out the free online mercury calculator at Based on the current U.S. EPA and FDA guidelines, the mercury calculator is an excellent way to know your potential mercury exposure risk. You can also use the free mobile mercury calculator for cell phone browsers

  • Josie Smith


    I missed your show today. I did notice that the topic today is on mercury poisoning in relation to food.
    How about mercury poisoning from dental work?
    I had a root canal August 2006 and got mercury poisoning from it. I had Hair Mineral Analysis, blood tests, Urinary Porphyrin and Toxic Metal Urine tests.
    I am having a hard time getting medical help with this because I discovered while researching mercury poisoning, is that there is controversy surrounding this.
    I am resorting to “alternative help” which is costly.
    My story is long and it’s quite a battle that I am fighting.
    I live in Canada and wondering if the battle is just as bad in the US?

    Thanks for listening

    Josie Smith
    Markham, Ontario Canada

    • Try something new

      Amalgam, 50% mercury is cheap and easy for dentists to use. They will use it until the public outcry is loud enough and not a day before.
      Dr.Oz got the ball rolling, help him out, spread the information (not really news) and talk about it.

  • Nancy

    What is crazy is the tuna producers do not have to disclose this on their product. But, for example, so many things you buy now have to come with a warning label if it was produced in a facility that also produces peanut products. A small percentage of the population is allergic to peanuts but everyone can suffer from heavy metal exposure. I’m not belittling peanut allergies it’s just that everyone is at risk to the mercury exposure.