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Good news for all the green Apple fans out there: The slick-looking new tablet device called the iPad carries some quality environmental credentials.

While the keynote is still going on, we managed to spy a shot that shows off the “Environmental Checklist” of the device. Staying true to Apple’s mission to make a “greener” computing device, the iPad is free of arsenic, mercury, BFR, and PVC. The checklist also states that the device is “highly recyclable” — so we imagine most of the chassis must be made of aluminum.

More updates to follow — but what do you think of the new device?

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  • Jimmy Burnett

    If the iPad sells at the right prices I might actually look into buying one of these. I’d pay $500 for a model that supports flash, silverlight and lets me watch Hulu!

  • m

    Forget the new iPad! Check out these new iGlasses! They are hot!

  • ipad screen protector

    I want one! Once you’ve mastered the touch keyboard and had exposure to a touch screen, plus the difference in weight compared to a conventional laptop, you won’t want to go back to the old technology.

    How many people out there have a touch phone and how many, when they move onto a laptop or conventional mobile phone touch the screen without thinking and nothing happens. Its so natural to go in this direction! No moving parts to worry about and the Apple operating system as well! What more could you want?